Neil Young’s After The Gold Rush 50th anniversary set unboxed

Watch the unboxing video

SDEtv unboxes the 50th anniversary vinyl box set of Neil Young‘s 1970 album After The Gold Rush. This box has stoked some controversy due to its ludicrously high price.

After The Gold Rush 50th anniversary vinyl (and CD) box sets are out now.

1. Tell Me Why
2. After The Gold Rush
3. Only Love Can Break Your Heart
4. Southern Man
5. ‘Till The Morning Comes
6. Oh, Lonesome me
7. Don’t Let It Bring You Down
8. Birds
9. When You Dance I Can Really Love
10. I Believe In You
11. Cripple Creek Ferry
12. [Break]
13. Wonderin’
14. Wonderin’ (previously unreleased)*

*This unreleased version was recorded on 5 August 1969 at Sunset Sound in Hollywood, CA.


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The Warner store in Canada is selling this for about 66 GBP. That’s still a lot but not as stratospheric as the UK price.


Unnecessary box that takes up the space of four albums and costs the same as four albums, too.

I bought some shiny foil Smashing Pumpkins (CD) reissues some years ago and the foil is super delicate. Hope this box is more robust given that it’s 6 times the price.


Very nice unboxing video, Paul. The silver foil definitely gives “After the Gold Rush” a luxurious appearance.

What I don’t understand is why a beautiful album jacket had to be placed in a lift-top box that replicates the album jacket inside? The lyric poster and 45 RPM record could have fit comfortably inside the gatefold jacket, and the lithograph could have been placed on the front of the album protected by shrink-wrap (as I’ve seen other records packaged like this). If the record company and NY did away with the box, it would have cut costs for the record company and extra expense for NY’s fans.

Mike Ruggieri

Thanks for the unboxing video!


Nice unboxing, Paul. The silver foil does add a nice luxury appearance to “After the Gold Rush.” But, it seems to me that the lithograph, lyric poster, and the 45 RPM double single could have easily been included inside the gatefold album sleeve, eliminating the need for an expensive (and unnecessary) outer box.

Dan Glaser

Just an aside to this great album, but something that I couldn’t help immediately noticing when I first bought the vinyl way back when it came out in 1970.
As a young school kid, I was really into my music. I would pore for ages over the beautiful 12″ cover, imagining not just how the music might have come about, and (amongst other things), just how the cover might have been realised too. It seemed (to me anyway) that Neil Young was actually carrying what looked like a dear little old lady in a papoose on his back, rather like a devoted new father might carry his young child. Once spotted, I could never shake that image from my mind. An unfortunate (or deliberate) result of strange timing by the photographer. I wonder if your other readers had noticed this too and thought something similar.
Great unboxing video by the way.

Greg Helgeson

This album is one of his best…I went back and forth telling myself I would not buy this set due to (as Paul notes) the significant over pricing. The irresponsible side of the brain won out. Have to say this is really nicely done. Haven’t attempted to play it yet but I really am impressed with the presentation and quality, glad I bought it. The “thickness”/metallic gloss of the album cover/box and single really stand out. Extra outtakes would have been nice but this really is unique.


Neil Parnell
John MC cann

Google Neil young after the gold Rush album cover location,,,guy goes to new York and forensically tracks down the exact location of picture,, it’s not as easy as he thought, as there has been fake bricks added to picture look it up very good read!


“He’s releasing box sets every 5 minutes” – priceless!

It is a lovely looking release, but yes, the price is ludicrous.


How does the LP sound vs previous 180g versions? Any difference, remastering, remixing?

Paul Wren

Silver foil printed, i.e. black ink on silver foil covered paper/card.

Paul Wren

If it doesn’t sell due to the high price then it will be heavily discounted later 0n – patience people!

Larry Davis

Yep, BIG Neil Young fan…would I buy this?? Not at that price but it looks sweet…would be better if the CD was thrown in the box as well…his recent boxes, like “Way Down In The Rust Bucket” & about-to-be-released “Young Shakespeare” have both vinyl & CD together (and DVD) in the deluxe box, so why not this?? I have the 50th CD which is fine by me…looking forward to the Harvest 50th sets, whatever they are…as for the upcoming Archives activity, holy smokes, I’ll be buying all of it over time…and I know now to sell my old Arc/Weld 3CD set…and I know where to get Archives 1 for a (somewhat) decent price, and I may just get the DVD version cuz the uploaded stuff got moved to the Archives website…I’m catching up now and got late to the hardcore Neil Archives party…lastly, I have the Retail version of Archives 2, where to buy the big book?? It was said to be able to buy separately…thing is…where?? Thanks again for the heads up!!!


Why sell Arc/Weld? What am I missing?

Larry Davis

Why sell the original Arc/Weld?? Because it will be included/remastered/repackaged in one of the upcoming Archive ORS boxes…hate the original longbox/3 jewelcase packaging!! I love & prefer Neil’s redone thinner cardboard mini-LP packaging’s, like his current Archive releases, such as the 50th After The Gold Rush…that’s why…

Alan Blevin

Neil said last year you would be able to buy the book separately.When asked about it last month he said “they are thinking about it”.Your guess.
And for those enquires below you had to be a patron level subscriber to get invited to the zoom meeting and I understand not even all of those people received the invite.

Andy Haines

Way too expensive! Nearly £100 for one album and a 7″ single!! If it was printed on silver plated stock and signed by Neil……. possibly.

Arthur O'Brien

Thanks for this. You actually convinced me to buy it. Much cheaper here in the US than in the UK (see above), so less to complain about from my POV.

Daniel Whiteley

It’s a great album… but the price it ridiculous. It kind of falls between two stools… If it was priced at £55.99 I think it would be fair [Break it down as: £32 (LP), £11.99 (7″) £12 (box ‘n’ bits)….Or £149.99 if the gatefold inner was on heavy matt stock card and hand signed by the great man himself (beat-up signed LPs seem to sell for around the £150 mark, so why not a lavish audiophile deluxe anniversary edition?). But £90-100?? That’s £40 for the shrink wrapping!!!!

Stan Stanton

Thanks for that,Paul.Possibly my favourite album of all time so I can’t say I’m not tempted. Shame it’s so ridiculously priced, especially when compared with the new retail archives set which is one of the best deals ever!

Donal Murphy

Thanks for the unboxing video Paul, i was very curios as i had read about the design concept, but would only fork out for a sub£40 price tag

Alan Blevin

Just when you think you are being overwhelmed by new Neil Young archival releases he had a zoom meeting yesterday with some subscribers to his site and the rest of 2021 looks like this
-2 Original Release Series box sets covering the Reprise albums from reactor to Weld/Arc.Coming in May and August.Biggest interest here is an expanded 2 disc version of Ragged Glory which will be available separately.
-6 Official Bootleg Series concert releases starting with Carnegie Hall 1971 which comes out on 27 August(pushed back from May).These May come out close to simultaneously
-3 Archives Series releases.Toast (Crazy Horse studio album from 2001) and CD/vinyl/bluray of Alchemy (Crazy Horse on Psychedelic Pill tour ) and Noise And Flowers (2014 tour with Promise Of The Real)
Even bigger news was confirmation of details for Archives Volume 3 box coming out early next year.It will go up to 1990 (so including Freedom but stopping before Ragged Glory sessions).It will be a lot bigger than the previous 2 volumes.I’m guessing around 18 cds.There will also be a bluray version although whether that means full bluray for the audio or just including blurays of the films he has said would be included in the box(Odeon/Budokan,Human Highway,Boarding House,Rust Never Sleeps,Animated Trans,Berlin Trans,Solo Trans,Rusted Out Garage) is uncertain.Start saving!
Also a 50th anniversary edition of Harvest but hard to get excited about this with the precedent of After The Gold Rush.
What a mega time to be a Neil Young fan


Wow, how did those attending find out about the Zoom meeting?! I’m a subscriber but didn’t spot that one. That would have been quite something.

Arthur O'Brien

Same here. I’m guessing you needed to have upgraded your membership to the “Patron” level to be a part of that. Kicking myself HARD for not upgrading when I first heard about it.


Very nice! Can’t wait to get it when the price goes down to $50 on Amazon.

Miguel Rocha

Brilliant album, no doubt. I just hope fans don’t bite, thus helping set the tone for future deluxe prices. Somewhat concerning, that.

Ray Culkin

Totally agree with all comments. I love this album but not at this price. Nice to see the unboxing.


I can see picking this up… after a few months and a significant price drop. I love Neil but this is not value for money.

David M

The market will decide the final selling price.


Great to get a proper look at this, thanks!

Crazy that it costs the same as the Rust Bucket deluxe (inc 4 LPs, 2 CDs & 1 DVD), but that packaging does look very very nice. Great album, obviously.

I’m really looking forward to his new bootleg series next… and fingers crossed for a slice of Toast one of these days. It’s a good time to be a Neil fan.

Mike M

Great unboxing Paul and totally agree with your comments, boxset very well done the presentation is lovely but yeah it’s ludicrously overpriced. £40-45 I would probably bite the bullet then again I might not have too. O may win the competition, first come first served you say, hehe


Great to see this!
Thanks Paul!!