Sneak Peek: Peter Jackson on The Beatles ‘Get Back’

Film director Peter Jackson has offered fans a teaser of the delayed Beatles film The Beatles: Get Back.

The film is the previously announced reworking of 1970’s Let It Be and is delayed due to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. Jackson reveals that they are about “halfway through” the edit, which has involved going through 56 hours of unseen footage.

The director stresses in the introduction that this is neither a trailer nor a completed sequence from the film, but rather something to give us a flavour of what to expect. As you will see, there is plenty of larking around, which is in line with the promise of a less depressing cut of Michael Lindsay-Hogg’s original film. Jackson has already said that while there is obviously drama, the footage has “none of the discord this project has long been associated with”.

The film is expected to be released in cinemas in August next year. Watch the sneak peak video below, and leave a comment on SDE with your thoughts.

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Get Back: The Beatles



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Tim K

This sneak preview looks and sounds fantastic, and the footage seems to show a happy crew at work. The restoration work is incredible, having compared this to the “Get Back” video that was released in 2001 to accompany the “Let It Be…Naked” release.
I know some die hard fans are worried about an Apple whitewash with the new film, changing the “most miserable sessions on earth” (as described by John Lennon) into a fun frolic in the studio, but the key to all this will be the final edit of the new film.
However, we should remember the following : Glyn Johns’ recollection of the sessions was that there was much humour in evidence, especially Lennon who was hilarious (Lennon christened Glyn as “Glynnis” as can often be heard when listening to the Nagra tapes); The Beatles themselves deemed the recordings as substandard as evidenced by 2 mixes from Glyn Johns himself and a third (and most contentious) mix by Phil Spector; The Beatles indifference and disappointment with the whole project which resulted in them going back into the studio to record what became “Abbey Road”.
I also think that, if you want to check out the “vibe” of the Get Back sessions for yourself, listen to all the Nagra film tapes. What is very apparent from these tapes is that the group assembled at Twickenham with the idea of rehearsing new songs for a show and that, at the end of that show, they would possibly announce to the world that they had now broken up; the problem was that there was much dissension within the group regarding where the show itself would take place. Also, fuelled by Michael Lindsay-Hogg’s constant questioning about the venue (as he obviously had to plan for the filming), the need to make a decision about the show heightened internal tensions between the band members. As a result, the Twickenham sessions became fraught with tension, a lack of enthusiasm and a loss of direction which was unusual in any Beatles project. We all know that George brought the whole thing to a head when he quit the band just over a week after the sessions had started. And so the misery ended as, by the time The Beatles reconvened at the Apple studios, they knew they were no longer doing a “show”, had a group of songs that were now being recorded on multitrack and had the addition of Billy Preston to enable them to more fully realize the songs at hand. With a firm aim for the project now agreed, the sessions at Apple became more focussed and the tensions between them subsided. As they say in football, it was a game of two halves : Twickenham was full of uncertainty, tension and a lack of a team effort, whilst at Apple there was a much better all round performance.
I expect there to be very little of Twickenham sessions to make the final edit, although there are genuine alternate takes of Get Back and Two Of Us which exist from this time and which would be good to hear. Mostly, I suspect, we will see the Apple studio sessions. As a die hard fan, however the new film is edited, it would be a real surprise if we were treated to several more hours of additional footage as extras on the blu ray release but wouldn’t that be a great reward for us fans to enjoy ! Maybe there might be a final twist whereby Disney replace Peter Jackson at the last minute and bring in Steven Spielberg to present the “happy ET version” of Get Back, and maybe McCartney will lodge a protest that will go unheard !


Looks fantastic, but too good to be true? I just read this from The Guardian film critic:
“More startlingly, Jackson will reportedly use the transformative digital techniques that he applied to his first world war film They Shall Not Grow Old.”
This worries me. Anybody else heard any details about this?


i don’t care about a happy version of let it be, just keep giles martin away from the sound and stick to the original intention of releasing a cleaned up version of the original film.


Way back in his first movie, Bad Taste, Peter Jackson asserted his love for The Beatles by having their cut-outs in his Derek character’s van.

It was a funny touch, with the cut-outs at the sitting level, so it looked like they were driving the van, but Derek was actually standing and driving it, with another windshield at his eye-level.

It must be a dream come true for Jackson to work on a Beatles project.

Richard Stephen Pievaitis

Just a quick non relevant message to thank Paul for this wonderful site and to everyone who contributes here. This has been a completely horrible year with you know what plus now mutations, possible police lockdown of London, no deal brexit or not, food shortages and for goodness sake, another run on frigging toilet rolls !?!?!
Thanks for some lovely music related content and humorous messages etc that makes the day worth living.
I know a lot of people are really suffering out here via illnesses, bankruptcy and debt so this site might seem superfluous to many of the UK population but with losing my father in law to aggressive cancer back in May and a funeral of only 6 of us allowed and many others I know being very ill , not through the virus but other things. Then my own recent diagnosis of early onset Parkinson’s Disease it’s been a right shitter of a year, excuse the language there.
But I love most genres of music and playing my albums, now I have more time to spare, has really helped each day to pass with a certain lightness.
So thanks everyone. We all might not agree on certain points, good. But I have enjoyed the informative and often funny comments here as a distraction from the strangeness outside my front door.
Sheer madness now prevails, but I can look forward to going out to finally buying a coloured red or white vinyl version of Station To Station. If any real shops are still left open out there ?!?!I
I have never, ever owned this myself on vinyl. Love it though, I got the 3 disc cd boxed version a few years back.
So thanks and all of you have a safe and merry Xmas, if you are able to ??
PS not bought any new albums this year but added 140 more vinyl lps to my collection and loving every one of em.

John MC cann

That’s a tough break Richard!
Thinking about you as I sit in my east Glasgow headquarters,hope things get a bit better next year ,love john

Hi Richard, I obviously do not know you but I send you all my thoughts to you and your family. Let music wrap us warm this winter. And wish you a much better year in 2021.

Mark Phillips

Wow! From this footage Ringo really is the living embodiment of the late Barry Wom!

Mike M

Sneaky peek looks superb, gotta say they don’t strike me as a band on the verge of splitting up?


The montage was great. If the film will be as good I can’t wait to see it. It is my understanding that Paul McCartney has come up with a marketing campaign for the ultimate release on Blu-ray. He plans on issuing 56 different colored Blu-ray cases and adding one hour of raw footage to each Blu-ray of the film. Fans will not be able to order any specific color, it will be random. McCartney calculates that each fan will need to purchase 1.3 million copies in order to guarantee that the fan will receive all 56 hours of raw footage and the 56 different colored cases.


At least it will get to number one…

Tom from FIN

Whoa! Material base whopping “56 hours”.

Paul Wren

I didn’t know what to expect – this is fascinating, engrossing stuff that looks and feels like it was filmed yesterday. They look so young, don’t they?

Jarmo Keranen

When you’re under 30, you probably look young. If i’m still alive in 2023, i can sing When I’m 64 or should i say Now I’m 64!


Fantastic. Best thing since Anthology.


Lovely , brought a smile to my face….looking forward to the finished article .

Merry Christmas to Paul and all the SDE community .


What an absolutely thrill!


Will there be any cinemas left in august?


Probably not. I used to think 1984 was in the past, but it’s starting to look like the future…


If you are serious, then, “Yes, due to the law of supply and demand, as long as people want to go to theaters, they will exist. Also, there is a relief package for theaters that was just approved by the U.S. government, and the vaccine might be getting to regular citizens during the summer.

August looks good (but not great).


It’s going to be one helluva Fab4 2021! What with this and the accompanying Let It Be box set plus the All Things Must Pass and John Lennon Plastic Ono Band expanded editions…….bring it on!


And as for George’s slippers/boots……….wow

John MC cann

Yeah killer boots man!
Name that film!

Dave H

Wow. Absolutely fabulous. We are in for something truly spectacular next August. A film or two, a boxed SDE, a book and who knows what else. A mug, poster and a calendar!

Another wave of Beatlemania is on the horizon, which is a hell of a lot better than another wave of Coronavirus. After all of the doom and gloom on the news tonight they should have just cut to this, played it in its entirity and said here is a proper Christmas present for everyone from The Beatles – SMILE!

Paul Thomas

Peter et al

Many thanks for sharing this – good to finally get some positive news in 2020 – bit like London Bus though – you wait endlessly wait for one to come and now we get two – news on Get Back and McCartney 3.

Mike Thorn

Had me smiling throughout :-)


It looks great, but apparently we have lots of mugging to the camera to look forward to!


So Ringo invented the blast beat. That’s that debate settled.


Just go ahead and release the entire 56 hours of footage. That would make me delirious!

Dan T.

Oh nice. Film footage looks crystal clear. Great work. Looking forward to it. Thanks, Peter!


I know it’s wrong to wish your life away,………………but.


Bloody hell that’s more like it.

Here comes the Sun.

Thank’s for some great news.

Take my money now please.


I enjoyed the preview, but it will be interesting to see what story the finished film tells and how it does so.
Five minutes of larking about is fine for a teaser (driven along as it is by the wonderful Get Back). A full-length documentary will obviously need a far more substantial narrative.
I’m keeping my fingers crossed. I’ve only ever seen the briefest of clips of the original. Let’s hope the finished new film is a fair summing up of whatever’s on the tapes. If the original was too focused on the squabbling then by all means show a more balanced view if the footage justifies it, but I certainly don’t want to watch a whitewashed PR puff piece if everything wasn’t all sunshine in the session.

Paul Murphy

Yes. Even in the clip, John’s hollow eyes remind us what he was on at the time. They started recording it [the song ‘Get Back’] on 21st Jan, only 7 days after John gave the notorious CBC interview. The fact that they still made great music in their darkest times shows just how great the four of them were. Hopefully we will get some more ‘teasers/patience rewards’ as the months pass. I will be doubling up on the facemasks from now until release.

Jeff D

WOW!!! Great footage…..cant wait to see the full film!!! Nice to see Linda in a few scenes as well as a very young Heather I believe…thanks for sharing Paul and a very MERRY CHRISTMAS to you and your family; as well as all the fans of SDE!!!!

Christopher Merritt

WOW! Amazing – brought a huge smile to my face. I’ve been excitedly waiting for this since it was announced…


I’m up to watching all 56 hours!

Joe Donato

Wow! After all these years of being shown all of the negativity of the original Let It Be film, this looks wonderful, positive, and happy. I can’t wait to see this. Hopefully, we will be allowed to watch it in a packed theatre with other Beatles fans. Merry Christmas and Happy 2021 to you Paul, and fellow SDE visitors!

Tom m hans

I never knew John could be funny. Made my day. Thank you!

Norrie MacLean

Wow just wow.

Bob McCartney

Made me smile. The camera loved The Beatles.
A bright spot for some of the darkness of the moment.
I am on here every day as well. Thanks for the superb work and trying to figure out how you do it without cloning yourself.
Merry Christmas to All!


Fantastic ! This has indeed brought a smile on my face.

Richard S

Well done New Zealand!

Sascha H.

I´m loving it !

george glazener

Fantastic Teaser..!!! Love it..!! Can’t wait for the final movie. Leave it to the great Peter Jackson to give us this early Christmas Present. As far as positive/negative, I think Hogg’s vision in 1969 clearly was to create a sense of theatrical tragi-drama instead of a comedic romp like “A Hard Day’s Night”. Thus he focused on the heavy drama and long intense passages he saw thru the lens. That’s why the original film took on this aura of being such a drag to many. The music was brilliant as always, but Hogg apparently just preferred to present them in a deeply serious way. Certainly those sessions had plenty of both going on – arguments, disagreements, boredom, balanced with moments of silliness, genuine camaraderie, laughter, and inspired creativity. As others have said here, the footage can be
selectively edited to achieve whatever goal the director wishes it to, so I’m glad PJ has chosen to present the happier side of things along with some of the more serious and dramatic moments. I hope the inevitable SDE DVDs will contain hours upon hours of this material for us to wander through. A 4 or 5 hr bonus disc simply won’t be sufficient. 50 hrs would be best. Cheers and Happy Christmas to all..!!


I’m still hopeful that there will be an updated Let It Be album to compliment the film.

Chris Squires

As a very minor Beatles appreciator…

That looks like fun was had, but the thing that stands out for me having never seen the original film either is “Me and my shadow….”

Is there a shot of John that doesn’t have a sullen, sulky Yoko Ono an arm’s grab away.

I know someone who knows about this stuff could say “it wasn’t like that” or “it was actually John’s fault” or “Linda was there just as much” and I don’t know squat, and you’d be right. It’s just the impression that this 4 minute section gives to the uninitiated at first glance.

I will watch again to see if I am getting the wrong vibe. John does seem to be having fun, but Yoko doesn’t.

David M

Yoko is seen smiling at one point. She had just had a miscarriage a few weeks earlier so she may not have been in the best humour of her life.

Chris Squires

Ah, well there you go.
Thank you David.
Facts over feelings every single time.


Seeing Yoko seated directly behind or next to John in the studio makes my blood boil, even if I like her as an artist.
How could she do that? SHE WASN’T IN THE BAND. Her presence must have been totally destabilising for the others. Imagine how everyone would have had to accommodate her. John was incredibly selfish to allow that to happen.

Ian Murphy

Bloody hell, that cheered me up! Some sunlight on the darkest day of the year

andrew r

The original was released as they were breaking up
So it had an agenda to make the end of The Beatles
look as miserable as possible . This film has the opposite
Job . To assert Paul M’s narrative that it wasn’t his fault
they broke up and they were having a jolly old time up until the end . The only people who know are the four and two have already left the building . Still something to look forward to for 2021 on leper island .


Well, three – Yoko was there, and we know how important John’s legacy is to her, and we know she and Olivia have as much say in the final product as Paul and Ringo, so it can’t be too much just Paul’s story. But we do know it’s going to be very different than Let It Be, and that’s probably a good thing (though I hope the original movie finds a release somewhere also).

The film quality looks outstanding, though. Very much looking forward to it.


I can’t believe that 99 per cent of this footage is unreleased! The only bit I’ve seen before is Ringo walking past the camera as if he’s trying to get out of shot sort of thing. Was looking forward but can’t wait now! Unbelievable!! I know an editor can edit anything to show how he’d want it but who knew there was this much larking about?? Hopefully the finished film will be a balance between that and the moodiness!

The Golden Age Of The Phonograph

Against all the odds of a ruinous 2020 Peter Jackson (who to movie direction is what The Beatles were to music IMHO) and his team are putting together something truly wonderful for Beatles fans to look forward to in 2021.

Thank you for posting this Paul. It was a treat to watch and like others I had a big smile on my face watching and listening to it. It both looks and sounds great!

Is Peter Jackson presenting a glossed over image of the events during the original filming? Well the same can be said of the opposite side presented with the original film. When P. J.’s ‘Get Back’ is released those who wish to can watch both versions and draw their own conclusions on the wall.

I amongst probably everyone else who is a Beatles fan have been looking forward to the release of this film since Peter Jackson was appointed Director of the Project.

Watching this has reminded me of just who The Beatles were as human beings, not perfect, far from it but the greatest group of musicians that has existed. That is a fact. Other opinions may differ and those who have those opinions are welcome to have them.

Once again thank you Paul, this is a great boost to myself and no doubt others in another week of negative news. Thank whatever deity that turns you for music!

I wish a very Merry Chrimbo to everyone that visits S.D.E. and to you Paul and all that you love and those unarmed ones who help you with this site.
Also I hope 2021 brings better times for everyone on this Third Rock From The Sun.


Question is, knowing Peter Jackson is editing this, will there be a 60 hour extended edition version coming later on.

Richard Fisher

I DO hope so!

Darren Vickers

Thats really funny

george glazener

There better be..!!! Bring it on..!!
By fall of 2021, with Covid eradicated, we’ll all be dancing in the streets again and throwing money around like there’s no tomorrow…!!


There had better be…


I hope so, I’d buy it.


Wonderful to see that the Beatles actually still had some fun during the recording. That was great to watch and has me very much looking forward to the new film. Although I liked the original Let it Be it painted a picture that was not the complete picture based on these few minutes of the film. It will nice to rewrite history a bit to more accurately reflect the Beatles at this period.
The picture quality seems to be more vibrant as well. The versions of the Let it Be movie I have seen all have a grey washed-out quality. I do hope we get an actual deluxe set of the album as well but I have not heard a confirmation that one is in the works.

Craig Hedges

Christmas has come early. Looks incredible but why have we been denied seeing this for so long.
Most interesting bit is John and George play fighting.

Tony Sandell

Just one word…….wonderful!

Stephen Hance

Lovely. A perfect 5 minute pick-me-up for these dark days.

Bruce Marsh

Can’t wait. What a brilliant teaser of joyful film and music. Inspired choice to get Peter Jackson to do this. I love the original and saw a poor copy on YouTube the other day and still really enjoyed it. I’m hoping for Jackson’s new version and Lindsay-Hogg’s original version to be included in high definition along with lots of CDs of outtakes. Come on Paul, Ringo, Yoko and Olivia we need this stuff to cheer us up!

David Ryan

At last, something to look forward to in 2021. Happy Christmas Paul. Thanks for doing such a great job in 2020.


Looks amazing, they appear to be having a great time…..maybe the sessions dragged on to long and that’s the version we have been fed over the years ! Something to look forward to in 2021 :)


Peter Jackson says he hopes it put a smile on our faces…I was grinning from ear to ear. Totally puts a different slant on the original Let It Be film. They look like they were having great fun. Looking forward to next year now.