Rolling Stones: The Studio Albums Vinyl Collection 1971-2016 video preview

Check out the video below which shows a finished copy of the forthcoming Rolling Stones Studio Albums Vinyl Collection 1971-2016 box set on display, in the Rolling Stones ‘pop-up shop’ in London’s Selfridges.

Sadly, the pop-up shop closes today, so no point in trying to pop down there now, but it’s definitely interesting to see this box up close.

A couple of things to note. First off, the box set is the type with a ‘drawer’ which slides into the outer slipcase. The drawer appears to be laid on its side in the rotating display at Selfridges, but you will see the die-cut ‘lips’ motif is part of the design. The outer box has lenticular ‘lips’ on the front and stylised album titles on the back, with 15 different colour variants of the ‘lips’ design (representing each of the 15 albums) on the spine.

Don’t forget, this is a 20LP box set with everything half-speed remastered and each album comes with a download card for “HD digital redemption” of the catalogue. The original packaging has been replicated, so Some Girls includes the 20 cut-outs on the cover, the sleeve of Sticky Fingers features a working zip and Exile On Main Street comes with a set of 12 original postcard inserts.

The Studio Albums Vinyl Collection 1971-2006 is released on 15 June 2018. 

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The Rolling Stones

The Rolling Stones: Studio Albums Vinyl Collection 1971 - 2016 [VINYL]


‘The Studio Albums Vinyl Collection 1971-2016’

  • Sticky Fingers (1971)
    • LP sleeve presented as Andy Warhol’s original design complete with working zip and hidden image beneath
  • Exile On Main St (1972) (2LP)
    • 2LP in original style gatefold sleeve complete with inner-bags and set of 12 perforated postcards
  • Goats Head Soup (1973)
    • LP in gatefold sleeve with two inserts
  • It’s Only Rock’n’Roll (1974)
    • LP with original heavyweight inner sleeve
  • Black And Blue (1976)
    • LP in gatefold sleeve with original inner bag and lyric sheet
  • Some Girls (1978)
    • LP housed in replica design including 20 cut-outs on the cover
  • Emotional Rescue (1980)
    • LP with original sized poster
  • Tattoo You (1981)
    • LP with original heavyweight inner sleeve
  • Undercover (1983)
    • LP with original heavyweight inner sleeve and lyric sheet
  • Dirty Work (1986)
    • LP with original heavyweight inner sleeve, red shrink wrapping and bespoke sticker
  • Steel Wheels (1989)
    • LP complete with original inner sleeve and sales insert
  • Voodoo Lounge (1994) (2LP)
    • 2LP gatefold sleeve with original lyric inners
  • Bridges To Babylon (1997) (2LP)
    • 2LP with original lyric inners
  • A Bigger Bang (2005) (2LP)
    • 2LP gatefold sleeve with original lyric inners
  • Blue & Lonesome (2016) (2LP)
    • 2LP gatefold sleeve with original inners


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Has anybody seen the unboxing video by the Stones on youtube? Here the link – https://youtu.be/l2JOpdqPKDY
Kind of upsetting to see how Jagger and Richards went about the whole thing. Specially Mick throwing the vinyl around, as it wasn’t a big deal. I know, probably just to be funny and sort of “rebelious”, as we’ve kmown the Stones for all these years, but still – Not everybody has €400 to throw around Sir Mick and you should respect your work and the faithfulness of your fans. It was a bad choice and ill behaviour.


Amazon.com honoured my order at the $179 price which with shipping and customs came to $224
That converts to roughly £168 , they then gave me £28 credit so,it works out at £140 so pretty happy.
In saying that £140 is more like the price we should be paying and not the exorbitant prices they are charging these days.


Would have been nice to have a book of photos/recording notes as well as a disc of B-sides. That’s why I didn’t buy the Harrison vinyl set. PASS!


The Rolling Stones like your video as well (see their Instagram)

Joao paiva

Is there any plans to sell them separetely later on?


Does the Stones’ “Undercover” come with the peel-off stickers on the cover in this box set, and does “Some Girls” feature the pictures of the lady movie stars visible through the die-cuts like the original, original album before RS was legally challenged to remove those images and replace with flat colored squares? Otherwise a marvelous looking box set :-) Thanks, Paul, for posting the video teaser preview!


Pre ordered mine from the sound of vinyl £333.00 with the 10% discount for first time orders, have them on cd but not on vinyl so this is a nice buy for me


Stones in MONO rules….


i can’t believe as a display that they’ve not got the spines facing the right way. Display person I’m guessing has never seen a record before! ;0)

Paul Wren

I wonder who has got copy no. 1? This will drop in price as the months go by. This is a real quandary for many of us who already own original vinyl copies as the sound quality on this box set should be absolutely the very best. I guess it comes down to the quality of individuals hi-fi systems and whether they can extract this extra sound quality. Nicely presented box set by the way.

Tomasz Stachurski

Funny to hear The Last Time with Brian Jones playing the main lick when marketing 1971-2016 era box.

Paul E.

Me thinks they (the Stones) thought long and hard about a song/theme that best soundtracked this final remastering of their catalog. In that sense, “The Last Time” is truly accurate.


Currently – amazon.com.au AUD799 (GBP453) v amazon.co.uk AU578 (GBP327) promised price delivered #the last purchase

Might have to migrate from Australia to UK/Europe


Nice to see this – thanks.

Touching to see the Rolling Stones did an in memory dedication to their longtime co-author/collaborator Richard Havers. He died at 66 from cancer near the beginning of this year. A charming and knowledgeable man.



Alan Wilson

Interesting number of digits in the Limited Edition number, that would indicate a minimum run of 10,000 of these sets.


On the box itself (not the flyer shown in the video) it was clearly stamped as 37/5000.

Alan Wilson

Good spot Seanski, I missed that.

Chris S

IMO It should have been split up into two boxes: “Rolling in the The 70’s” and “Stones 80’s & Beyond” sets


I just hope Amazon honour my original order price of £167 which includes shipping and import fees otherwise as much as I want this I will not being paying over £300 for it.


With the exception of Sticky Fingers (Their masterpiece) and Time Waits for No One on It’s Only Rock & Roll…everything else is disposable.


If you consider Exile On Main Street as “disposable”, you aren’t much of a fan of The Rolling Stones, or rock ‘n roll in general.

Warren Saunders

I think calling Exile on Main Street “disposable” is a little disingenuous, by which I mean astonishingly wrong! I’ll also fly the flag for a whole lot of these albums which are well due a reappraisal (Black and Blue for example). Nice looking set though, wish I’d got in on the early Amazon pricing assuming it’s held.


Seems like there wasn’t really much point in posting. Anyone who thinks Exile and Some Girls are ‘disposable’ clearly isn’t a fan!


Looks nice and I suppose it would go with my 63 to 70 boxset but nearly £400…. ouch!!