SDEtv: Adam and the Ants: Kings of the Wild Frontier super deluxe edition


SDE takes an exclusive look at the forthcoming Adam and the Ants Kings of the Wild Frontier super deluxe edition box set, via this unboxing video, ahead of its release on Friday 20 May 2016.

Kings of the Wild Frontier is reissued on 20 May 2016.


Disc One (CD)

  • 1. Dog Eat Dog 3.09
  • 2. Antmusic 3.36
  • 3. Feed Me To The Lions 3.01
  • 4. Los Rancheros 3.29
  • 5. Ants Invasion 3.20
  • 6. Killer In The Home 4.21
  • 7. Kings Of The Wild Frontier 3.55
  • 8. The Magnificent Five 3.06
  • 9. Don’t Be Square Be There 3.31
  • 10. Jolly Roger 2.09
  • 11. Making History 2.57
  • 12. The Human Beings 4.31
  • 13. Press Darlings (B Side) 4.11
  • 14. Physical (You’re So) (B Side) 4.26
  • 15. Fall In (B Side) 2.08
  • 16. Don’t Be Square (Be There) (KPM Studio Demo)* 4.23
  • 17. The Human Beings (KPM Studio Demo)* 4.56
  • 18. Los Rancheros (KPM Studio Demo)* 3.33
  • 19. Making History (KPM Studio Demo)* 3.44

All tracks fully remastered by Adam Ant & Walter Coelho
*tracks 16-19 previously unreleased

Disc Two (CD)

Adam & The Ants Live in Chicago 1981*

  • 1. The Human Beings [live] 3.35
  • 2. Dog Eat Dog [live] 3.14
  • 3. The Magnificent Five [live] 3.03
  • 4. Don’t Be Square Be There [live] 3.20
  • 5. Los Rancheros 3.33
  • 6. Ants Invasion [live] 3.12
  • 7. Killer In The Home [live] 4.15
  • 8. Cleopatra [live] 2.54
  • 9. Press Darlings [live] 3.47
  • 10. Kick! [live] 1.55
  • 11. Antmusic [live] 3.14
  • 12. Beat My Guest [live] 3.04
  • 13. Jolly Roger [live] 2.11
  • 14. Zerox [live] 3.11
  • 15. Car Trouble [live] 3.21
  • 16. Kings Of The Wild Frontier [live] 4.33
  • 17. Physical (You’re So) [live] 5.22
  • 18. A.N.T.S. 3.30
  • 19. Antmusic (Rough Cut)** 3.24
  • 20. Don’t Be Square Be There (Rough Cut)** 3.52

all tracks mastered by Adam Ant & Walter Coelho
*tracks 1-17 previously unissued on CD
**tracks 19 and 20 previously unreleased

Disc Three (DVD)

The Videos

  • • Kings Of The Wild Frontier
  • • Dog Eat Dog
  • • Antmusic

Adam & The Ants Live

  • • Physical (You’re So) Live In Manchester
  • • Dog Eat Dog

Adam & The Ants at the BBC

  • • Dog Eat Dog Top Of The Pops October 16th 1980
  • • Ants Invasion & Killer In The Home Old Grey Whistle Test January 1981
  • • Antmusic Top Of The Pops December 1980
  • • Dog Eat Dog Top Of The Pops October 30th 1980

Adam & The Ants Live In Tokyo 1981

  • • The Magnificent Five
  • • Antmusic
  • • Don’t Be Square (Be There)
  • • Ants Invasion
  • • Killer In The Home
  • • Never Trust A Man (With Egg On His Face)
  • • Kick!
  • • Press Darlings
  • • Christian D’or
  • • Los Rancheros
  • • Cartrouble
  • • Dog Eat Dog
  • • Kings Of The Wild Frontier
  • • Physical (You’re So)

ANT INVASION: a documentary of the first Adam & The Ants US tour 1981


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[…] Merrick Hughes made his name working with big name acts such as Adam and the Ants (he produced Kings Of The Wild Frontier, as well as being the drummer!) and Tears For Fears (worked on all three albums issued in the […]

[…] all know that Adam Ant has come through dark times, but last year he helped to curate a wonderful super deluxe edition of Kings Of The Wild Frontier and criticisms above not withstanding, he was on top form last night. The tour continues tonight […]

John Spasm

My wife got me this for Valentine’s Day. I clearly have the greatest spouse on the planet.


Really good box set with a lot of nice printed extras. There is a bit of damage to some of the stuff within the box (not caused by transit). Any idea of who I could contact at the label? Thanks.


You can see yourself in both sides. How much more gold can it be, and the answer is none.


Just received the superdeluxe edition from JPC Germany.
When I opened the box I was looking at a big FSK 12 rating logo on the front cover of the box but luckily this turned out to be an easy-to-remove sticker. Wish they’d done the same for the BBFC 12 logo in the lower right corner but that one’s printed :(

Tony Poolan

Got the deluxe edition 2CD version yesterday. Great remaster really is. But where are all of the deals on the Superdeluxeeditions box. I am struggling to justify £75? Will there be anything coming on that front?

Paul English

Got to say that this a very impressive looking set. T-Rex’s The Slider was pretty great too. Unfortunately I paid close to full price on that one (there was a later bargain) so will keep an eye on the Adam Ant price.

Paul English

Talking of “sparkly”, the first pressing of Stereolab’s Emperor Tomato Ketchup was on glittery gold vinyl. The CD sounds much better.


Did anyone else cringe when Paul just threw all the stuff back into the box and managed to leave one of the leaflets stick out of the box just before putting the vinyl on top of it and finishing it off by putting the lid back on?
And please don’t put your fingers on the grooves.
I’d expected you to be more careful with your deluxe editions Paul.

Randy Metro

A “well worn” album jacket, dog eared inner sleeve, & vinyl with finger prints is a much loved and listened to album.
….. and then there is my cat, who decided to use my record album spines as his scratching post one day while I was at work. Kitty was declawed shortly after that.


I’m hoping the declawing bit is some sort of joke.


Question – Is the Gold vinyl plain or ‘sparkly’ ? I had Ian Dury’s New Boots & Panties on sparkly gold vinyl way way back (about 1980) and the sound was not great, a bit crackly in parts – presumably due to the sparkly inclusions. Just interested to know.


I wonder how many other number one million-selling albums had a video still as their cover shot? Its a great album, and this set looks great. A touch too much gold though, I would have preferred silver.

Simon F

Fantastic set and great video as well. Oh boy do I want one of these. I did pre-order but then realised that I have got no more storage space for it or any other 12″x12″ sets so had to cancel. Aggggghhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!


Get an extension built so you can “future proof.” ;-)


Looks amazing! Thanks for the video!


Cool box set video, Paul !
Thanks for doing it. Love Adam & The Ants. ‘Kings of the Wild Frontier’ was my fave album of theirs. Love the gold metallic finish on the box and all of the exclusive contents in it. Adam’s input really shows. I do think that for the money Sony is charging for this anniversary box set they could’ve afforded to insert protective inner sleeves for the gold CD’s/DVD to protect them each time they’re removed from the cardboard sleeves. Keep up the great work and lets see more SDE videos.


If I just want the CDs and DVD, the box set is the only way?

What do you (you being anyone out there) think the chances of this DVD being released on it’s own are?


I’d guess chances for an edition without the vinyl and without the paper goods is very high if the box sells out, which I’m sure it will. We may have to wait a year or two but I am hopeful a small CD- sized slipcase version will happen.


Looks fabulous. I feel like the non-Metallica-fans on the Metallica article comments, in that I wish I liked this album enough to pony up for this box because it looks like a really stunning package. Well done.

Adam shaw

Thanks for the video Paul , I’m now £70 lighter !

Darren Vickers

Nice unboxing review, but the most important thing you should be doing for vinyl re-issues is the source material, original analog or digital remasters.
No use loooking very pretty if the final sounds shit.


Sound is clear, tight and expansive. No sign of brick walling.

Chris Squires

I feel genuinely sorry for my children and all that come after. Clicking a button to follow a twitter feed of some talentless wannabee is in no way the same as sending off a stamped addressed envelope in 1979 to join the KTB fanclub or writing to Mike Oldfield c/o Virgin records at Portobello Road or wherever they were back then. What they have taken the time to reproduce is the effort it took to belong. When you sent off and something flumped onto your doormat two weeks later it truly meant something. T”internet will NEVER replace that feeling of adulation and belonging. getting a letter from someone who was part of ELO and a facsimile of a letter from Jeff.

Lovely Box set, well worth a couple of first class stamps on an SAE (or £70 in todays money). I am 13 all over again. Can’t wait for this to thwump on my doormat.


I want to hear some comments on the remastered sound quality, and if it’s been brickwalled at all.

Gary Hunter

A great video Paul and this looks like a decent presentation, plenty of content so they have put a lot of thought into what they were including.


Another very informative video Paul, thanks. Is there any reason or are you aware comments are disabled on youtube for the video. Also I keep meaning to ask what is the intro music in the video please. Not sure if this has been asked before, if so i missed the answer. Cheers, Col.


I actually really like the intro music you use and wondered where i could get it. However, Artists should let you use their tunes as you are promoting their products.


Paul, thanks so much for posting this video! The packaging is fantastic. Love the over-the-top gold box, the gatefold LP sleeve, and the optical disc sleeves that are reproductions of the original 7″ singles. That is really a lot of gold … foil? And it’s on all surfaces of the box. Wow. I wonder if it will be prone to tarnishing/fading like I’ve seen with similar silver packaging (ie, Queen’s The Game).

I’m super excited to get my copy – just takes some extra time for the Amazon UK shipment to arrive in the US!


Received mine today. It really is amazing. Happy to answer questions.


Unboxing looks great. Thanks for this Paul.
Ordered on Amazon when it was £119 in the hope that it would settle to a more reasonable price.

One thing though – all the sound is coming out of one speaker. I was worried that there was something wrong with my system at first :-)

Just thought I would mention it in case you didn’t know…


Thanks Paul for the unboxing. mine due Friday! Looks Great.

mikey roberts

Bravo Paul – thanks for that. I was sitting on the fence on this one but I think I might just now bow to the inevitable.

BTW – in 1981 my mother would not let the 12 year old me join the Adam and the Ants fanclub as they were apparently ‘too rough’. And yet she had no problem with me joining Cell Mates – official fan club of those clean cut kids Soft Cell…

Rob Puricelli

P.S. I’ve shaken Paul’s hand and can vouch for their normality ;-) LOL

Rob Puricelli

Thanks for this, Paul! I managed to find this for £59.99 at What Records and am even more excited about its arrival since seeing your video. As an 11 year old, impressionable boy, this album was the first pop album I fully attached to, after being weaned on my parents record collection and the usual TV fodder. Adam was my first musical hero and for a few years, I was utterly obsessed. This will complement my original copy of the album (with original booklet!) and I am sure memories of those days will come flooding back :-)

Ben in Colorado

Excellent video Paul. Looks like a fantastic set, and I just might have to pick it up. Keep up the good work.

DJ Control

Not that I needed further convincing to order this set however the SDE unboxing video has reassured me about the quality and THE GOLD! This week I’m changing my Twitter handle to Juanito The Bandito…


I have to look away when you put your whole giant hand in the record-sleeve and the envelope. I’d be scared to make creases/folds :D


Paul – do you know if the Live in Tokyo DVD and the Ants Invasion are just the videos that I can view for free on YouTube ? Thanks