SDEtv / Black Sabbath: The Ten Year War / 8LP vinyl set video unboxing

Lavish limited edition Black Sabbath vinyl set, unboxed

This Friday, BMG issue a new limited edition Black Sabbath vinyl box set called The Ten Year War which features the first eight Sabbath albums pressed on coloured vinyl and re-mastered from the original tapes (by Andy Pearce). The hefty (and pricey) set also includes two two rare seven-inch singles, a crucifix-shaped USB stick with high-res audio of the eight albums and various printed material. Watch the SDE unboxing video of The Ten Year War below:

Albums in the box

Coloured vinyl pressings of:

  • MASTER OF REALITY (including original fold-out colour poster)
  • VOL. 4


Two seven-inch singles

  • Evil Woman (Don’t Play Your Games With Me)/Black Sabbath (Japanese version)
  • Paranoid/The Wizard (Chilean version)


  • Crucifix shaped Black Sabbath USB stick, exclusive to this box set, with MQA high definition audio of the first eight Black Sabbath albums.
  • The Ten Year War brochure, reproduced from the original publication.
  • Hardback book, featuring accolades from the cream of rock royalty, coupled with official and candid iconic photography of the band during their 1970s tours, recording sessions and photo-shoots.
  • Tenth Anniversary World Tour 1978 Official Programme
  • Reprinted tour poster from the 1972 Seattle Centre Arena show.

Box set cover art has been created by globally renowned street artist Shepard Fairey

All box sets are individually numbered


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[…] vinyl and a book, posters and merchandise. This hefty set (not dissimilar to the Black Sabbath Ten Year War package ) features the band’s first four studio albums, released between 1981 and 1985 along with […]

[…] box set. Audio is remastered by Andy Pearce and this box – clearly designed as a companion to the Ten Year War set – includes a booklet with new sleeve […]


hmm, this one here is sealed: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xeYUgOwkmvY
am also missing the cover art print he has inside the box (as soon as he opens it) and the back cover flyer with the limited edition numbering stamp, looks like Amazon.fr did ship me a copy that was returned by a previous buyer. Guess I will live with it since it is not available anywhere else now at that price point.


I received my box today from Amazon.fr, the box was not sealed and has some weird Amazon bar-code stickers on the front of the box (like how they slap them on their “warehouse” items) and are not coming off easily. Was the box and the records inside supposed to be sealed? Thanks!


I got my limited box from the UK distributor Music Glue. Some inner sleeves has a lot of bends, others cuts. One cover, Sabbath Bloody Sabbath, has also a cut. I complained and got the answer that the profile holder was informed and will decide soon how to handle the exchange…. meanwhile I will wait and listen to the music.

Mark W

Oli, let us know how you get on. I’ve just ordered from Music Glue, so I’ll see what condition it turns up in.


Can confirm some quality control issues as my set didn’t come with a USB at all. We’ll see how BMG and Amazon Fr respond but it may have to go back unfortunately.


Yup. It has the chain but where the cut out was for the crucifix USB, nothing :(


Received my box this morning. It kind of appeared to me that the crucifix usb was short of a cover for the business end. Re ran Paul’s video but couldn’t tell if they was a cover. Can anyone clarify pleas? Thanks.


Thanks Paul, saves me sending a complaining email ;-)


There are rumours that some albums of The box have wrong labels. Seems that somebody used the wrong ones. Can anybody confirm this.


Heinz, shipping costs with fnac are 8.23 Euros to Germany.


Thank you very much Tobias;
that’s great, ordered!!
Vielen Dank!

darren vickers

Just bought from Amazon UK at 168GBP hipping to New Zealand.
Paul, any information on the remastering ? analog all the way or Digital ?


Saw your unboxing video and this convinced me to buy it, after the last box set was pretty poor imho. So I ordered luckily at fnac for a great price yesterday… and today it´s already here. Unbelieveable shipment in one day from France to Germany and this set is really gorgeous!
The strange MQA files are shown as “simple” FLAC on my computer and jRivers plays them without problems (although MQA is not supported by jRiver).
Thanks for the great video Paul, this release otherwise had slipped my mind.


Hi Tobias,
could you please inform me about the shipping costs
with fnac for this set?

Peter Muscutt

Not a Black Sabbath fan but those splatter vinyls are gorgeous, they’re kind of like the effect on the ‘Stranger Things Vol. 1 & 2’ soundtrack box set…

Rick Marino

Already bought the 1st 8 albums on colored vinyl separately from Rhino in August 2016 in the U.S.

andrew R

Isn’t colour of font on Reality wrong? That is the american cover .The uk version was dark purple? Or am i mistaken?


Mistaken as far as I know/remember. I have an early UK 2nd pressing (laminated and embossed carton sleeve and poster but Vertigo spaceship labels) and the colouring is the same as in Paul’s unboxing video. Looks like a very nice replica of the original (apart from the splatter vinyl…)


Already have the purple and black boxset from 2012 which also includes Live at Last, Evil Woman/Wicked World 7″ and a hardback book of the collected tour programmes. So not really thinking of this but would be interested in how this compares to the new boxset.


Oh, and no photo insert in “Vol. 4”. Bizarre that they left it out when the did the first two albums as gate-folds and even did the embossed cover on “Master Of Reality” (plus the poster)!


Are there any CD box sets of the original albums that have a better remastering job than the Black Box released in 2004?


Too bad it’s not all-analog, then it would have been perfect! An opportunity missed…

Steven Roberts

Looks nice…not sure about that MQA malarkey on the USB, however.

Think I need a deal alert to convince me to spring for this, Paul :)


Not available here in the U.S., but I’d already bought 7 of the 8 2016 Rhino U.S. coloured vinyl LP’s anyway. These look way nicer tho. Oh well…
Have to question – the USB stick only has hi-res in the controversial (and not widely accommodated as of this writing) MQA format?


Sony are getting behind the MQA format as their soon to be released latest Walkman will support it. Guess that might be the connection.


my first job I worked in a metals company based in Witton Birmingham near to the Aston Villa football club, which sold aluminium the guy who worked the section used scrap metal to make Iron Crosses for his brothers band, his name was Paul Osborne he was making the crosses for Ozzy and his band


Top notch record album box set all around, Paul !
Other bands should follow Black Sabbath’s high mark with this set whether it’s for CD or record.
As for the flash drive I would prefer high quality Mp3’s or FLAC files vs. what’s included here.
Congrats to BMG all around good job on the set !


Yes really great box. Paul you did not mention the 4 page photo booklet in the gatefold sleeve of Volume IV. Won’t be buying this however; I’ll stick with the equally excellent Complete 70’s Replica CD Collection which features the same eight albums.


Hi guys … been following the site for a while..I’m 3000 vinyl strong with 2x technics mk5 gold ltd edn + theorns belt driven deck..anyway I was in on the first round of this with the ltd fairly print etc pre order ltd to 1000….it see the QA with these is pretty poor..noisey vinyl, typos and misprints on certain vinyl/artwork.. here’s a link to the pledge music site ..it’s seems from the thread that early adopters are experiencing really poor support alsobdirect from BMG….having said that with this round is from mainstream retailers so returns etc are less hassle…I’m gutted and not sure what to do with mine..cheers all



One of the comments mentions:

“replacement for the vinyl’s/defective items is not currently possible as they are being re-manufactured to fulfil orders since the initial run was sent out”

Hopefully these, given they are now are on Amazon, are part of these potential reprints? Might be legit given that Pledge haven’t fulfilled some of their orders judging by that thread. Fingers crossed.


Hi Paul
Vol. 4 with no booklet ?


No, I have the box and can confirm that Vol.4 has the booklet (glued in, like the original). Paul just didn’t notice or didn’t show it.

Paul Wren

Polylined sleeves: I believe that these replicate what was issued originally at the time, ie where no polylined sleeves were originally issued then they have done the same in this box set. Possibly a bit strange to be pedantic about this given that there was no splatter vinyl back then either.
If this was my box set, I would buy some specialist polyliner sleeves to put inside these paper only sleeves. Great video, by the way.


The only quibble as I’ve mentioned before is the quality of the outer box isn’t as good as the Queen set. I’d have happily paid a bit more for a better box.

Also, the sleeve finish on ‘Never Say Die’ isn’t the same as the original which was laminated, and what a shame they couldn’t give us another 7″ of ‘Evil Woman’ b/w ‘Wicked World’ which did come with the last vinyl box set, although I accept it’s been provided in digital form on the crucifix USB.

Still a worthwhile purchase though.


just to say that the reason for some of the inner sleeves being poly-lined and some not is that they are recreating the original issues – ie the spiral Vertigo sleeves would have been poly-lined but the printed ones and the later die-cut paper ones weren’t.

Larry Davis

You can also buy spare polylined sleeved in bundles if you wish…


I have this box and it’s a beauty.

Henrik Tronstad

Ia there an unboxing video for Bowie Five years box? Please do one!


I still have these on vinyl from the 70’s. I would like a remastered non-loudness CD box with these albums in. hint, hint record companies

Larry Davis

There was one that came out on Warner/Rhino, like, what, 10 years ago?? All 8 albums, nice big black box, box felt like velvet, discs are digipacks…this BMG (I guess BMG bought the Vertigo catalogue or the Sabbath catalogue from Universal UK/Europe) vinyl set looks QUITE nice and cool, love the splatter vinyl designs and attention to detail…if I come across a spare windfall later on, I will prob buy this thing, not now tho…this thing looks prob as heavy as the George Harrison vinyl box…

David Cornyn

I’ve got it and it’s fantastic. Seriously, having bought plenty of crap box sets, this one is well worth the money and will only go up in price. The vinyl looks fantastic and all the booklets and posters are high quality. The crucifix is solid metal and quite weighty – and I really like it, too. It’s a no-brainer – if you are a fan, this is a must buy.

Tom of FIN

I’m a fan and a vinylist too, but that content does not make any sense to acquire, unless is a completist or a die-hard fan. Only nice to have items. No value added but aesthetics to handle, especially if one. Haven’t checked yet, if these re-mastered vinyls are digitalised in Web streaming. Only a matter of time.

Tidal has all the BS albums, incl. Dio and Gillan era, with the best possible streaming quality available globally, hi-res audio up to 24-bit/192 kHz. The best Tony Martin era album Headless Cross still missing though and also in Spotify. In Tidal audio is even better than CD with compatible hardware, but Masters-service is available in desktop so far, not in mobile listening.


It’s certainly sexy. I’m not a particularly a Sabbath fan but WOW! Beautiful! Thanks for the video Paul!


This is the best box set out there and Paul yes your right it’s bloody heavy


Not a Black Sabbath fan at all and so I will not buy this. But it is really a very nice box set. That’s how all box sets should be done…

Celtic Bob

Any idea if they plan to do a Black vinyl edition?


Hey ! now that would be more fitting don’t t ya think ?

Larry Davis

Did BMG buy the Sabbath catalogue?? Thought it was on Warners…or is that just US/North America??


I believe this is a EU only release. I tried to buy it when it first came out on Pledge Music but they wouldn’t ship to the US due to licensing agreements.


Yep – I used your Amazon.fr link and ordered the box from there :-)