SDEtv / Brett Anderson: Collected Solo Work / vinyl and CD sets unboxed

SDE unboxes both the CD and vinyl sets of the Collected Solo Work release from Suede frontman Brett Anderson. These are released tomorrow. Watch the video below

Please note: Signed sets sold out long ago

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Brett Anderson

Collected Solo Work - 5CD+DVD

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  • 1. Love Is Dead
  • 2. One Lazy Morning
  • 3. Dust And Rain
  • 4. Intimacy
  • 5. To The Winter
  • 6. Scorpio Rising
  • 7. The Infinite Kiss
  • 8. Colour Of The Night
  • 9. The More We Possess The Less We Own Of Ourselves
  • 10. Ebony
  • 11. Song For My Father

Bonus tracks:

  • 12. Clowns [first version]
  • 13. We Can Be Anyone
  • 14. Mother Night
  • 15. Elegant
  • 16. Love Is Dead [live at Bush Hall]
    17. Clowns [live at Bush Hall]



  • 1. A Different Place
  • 2. The Empress
  • 3. Clowns
  • 4. Chinese Whispers
  • 5. Blessed
  • 6. Funeral Mantra
  • 7. Back To You
  • 8. Knife Edge
  • 9. P. Marius
  • 10. Symmetry

Bonus tracks:

  • 11. Love Is Dead [acoustic]
  • 12. Song For My Father [acoustic]
  • 13. Back To You [acoustic]
  • 14. Ebony [acoustic]
  • 15. The Infinite Kiss [acoustic] Live at the Union Chapel, July 2007
  • 16. Love Is Dead
  • 17. Song For My Father
  • 18. Clowns
  • 19. To The Winter
  • 20. Back To You



  • 1. Hymn
  • 2. Wheatfields
  • 3. The Hunted
  • 4. Frozen Roads
  • 5. Summer
  • 6. Pretty Widows
  • 7. The Swans
  • 8. Ashes Of Us
  • 9. Scarecrows And Lilacs
  • 10. Julian’s Eyes
  • 11. Leave Me Sleeping

Bonus tracks:

  • 12. With You Within You
  • 13. Forest Lullaby*



  • 1. Unsung
  • 2. Brittle Heart
  • 3. Crash About To Happen
  • 4. I Count The Times
  • 5. The Exiles
  • 6. This Must Be Where It Ends
  • 7. Actors
  • 8. In The House Of Numbers
  • 9. Thin Men Dancing
  • 10. Possession

Bonus tracks:

  • 11. Unstoppable
  • 12. Savage Dance
  • 13. Isolation*
  • 13. Brittle Heart [radio edit]
  • 14. Brittle Heart [instrumental]


LIVE 2010/2011

Koko, 12 October 2011

  • 1. Unsung
  • 2. Wheatfields
  • 3. The Exiles
  • 4. Actors
  • 5. Ashes Of Us
  • 6. The Hunted
  • 7. Julian’s Eyes
  • 8. Thin Men Dancing
  • 9. Possession
  • 10. In The House Of Numbers
  • 11. The Swans
  • 12. Brittle Heart

Encore: Lido, Berlin, 1 February 2010

  • 13. Scarecrows & Lilacs
  • 14. Frozen Roads
  • 15. Leave Me Sleeping
  • 16. Chinese Whispers
  • 17. A Different Place
  • 18. Funeral Mantra


Brett Anderson talks to Luke Turner about the writing and recording of the albums



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This way of doing so-called Box Sets is not what genuine fans want. For one, these digi-books are not box sets. Box Sets need to actually be in a box, and have a lid. Why couldn’t they have presented the set like the recent The Verve deluxe re-issues of ‘A Storm in Heaven’ and ‘A Northern Soul’ for instance? Both of these had a beautiful thick card outer box with lid, with inner book, and with each disc in an individual card slipcase. Much better, and so much easier to keep them mint condition, and most importantly, to get easy access to a specific disc, rather than the stupid cheap bendy plastic lugs and stacking of discs Edsel have cleverly decided to use for the BA set. And they call the BA set a Deluxe Edition!? Having cheap bendy plastic lugs which snap off so easily aren’t Deluxe in my opinion. Buyers of physical media want packaging that lasts, not cheap plastic crap which snaps and breaks if you ever-so slightly put the disc back wrong, and stacking of discs which means discs are often scratched and marked. Almost as stupid a manufacturing decision as the moron who decided it was a clever idea to invent Blu-Ray eco-cases – Yes, because movie collectors were crying out (Not!) for large holes in the front and back of cases meaning discs and/or artwork is easily damaged!


Looks like the signed vinyl boxes are available from Amazon UK again. Maybe some pre-orders failed to pay (card expired, insufficient funds etc).


the fixing system for the CD’s is a mess. I had a very hard time removing the CD’s without bending them. I actually put them back loose in the set.


Are the vinyl numbered?


Got mine this morning and it is not numbered.

Got the one with signed photo, the cover art work on an LP sized card.

Signature is not exactly that big!!!


Do you get downloads with the vinyl?


I’ve ordered the cd set despite having the lot, but from watching the video I’m a little disappointed that it’s using the same weird cd holder idea as the Coming Up reissue.


What happens to the bonus tracks, the live album and the DVD with the vinyl set?


You are rather heavy handed when it comes to putting discs in the case so no wonder the clip snapped. I also notice that you put your fingers on discs when you handle them, including the vinyl LPS. I would hate you anywhere near my music collection as my CDs and records would end up covered in scratches and fingermarks. LOL


The marmalade thing has been proven to be false. I for one would not be stupid enough to try it so if you do then you are just as daft as though that tried. It was a ploy to sell CDs when they first arrived on the market saying they could not be damaged in anyway when in fact they can.

Phil Wilson

Just received mine from Amazon, I have managed to get the discs out easily (more than I did with the coming up box) but every single disc is scuffed / scratched. Do they use them as Frisbees before boxing them? Luckily Amazon will have a replacement with me tomorrow but why is no care taken in placing the discs into the box sets?

claudio oliveira

…no promo videos?!?

Chris Brown

I did enjoy the action replay.

I also enjoyed the fact that if you watch directly on YouTube, the sidebar includes a lot of videos of somebody called Brett Anderson unboxing model aeroplanes. I’m guessing it’s not the same guy though.


Both versions are very nice presentations, I like how they used the cover art of each album on respective discs for the CDs. I’m only concerned about those clips that hold the discs, looks like something bound to break, sooner or later.

The vinyl box is really tempting, though I don’t know how many times I’d play the first three albums. I guess I will wait for the inevitable standalone releases to grab ‘Black Rainbows’, which is my favourite out of his solos, on par with Suede stuff IMHO.


That action-replay is the funniest bit of vid I’ve seen all year. The portentous music only makes it moreso!

You’re a gifted unboxer Paul.


I wouldn’t mind seeing something similar done with Bernard Butler’s two solo records/b-sides.


Good call, that would be superb. They could include the Trans stuff in a cd set which as far as I’m aware was only released on record and download.


Paul, does the LP set have any indication that it’s a signed copy (sticker) on the outer wrap ? Managed to grab a copy but giving it away as a pressie & don’t want to have to open to double check.

Peter Yarrow

I ordered the signed version of the vinyl set but there’s no indication without unwrapping it that it’s signed … I was hoping I’d get the downloads through Amazon but no sign of those. I shall have to take the plunge and unseal the box