SDEtv / Bruce Springsteen: The Album Collection Vol. 2 / unboxing video

SDE takes a look at the new Bruce Springsteen vinyl box set, The Album Collection Vol. 2 with this unboxing video.

The Album Collection Vol. 2 is out now.

Albums included:

Tunnel of Love (1987)* (2 LP)
Human Touch (1992)* (2 LP)
Lucky Town (1992) (1 LP)
In Concert / MTV Plugged (1993) (2 LP)
The Ghost of Tom Joad (1995) (1 LP)
* expanded across two LPs to maximize audio quality

12” EPs included:

Chimes of Freedom (1988) (1 EP)
Blood Brothers (1996)** (1 EP)
** first-ever vinyl release

Tunnel of Love (1987)* (2 LP)

Side 1
1. Ain’t Got You
2. Tougher Than the Rest
3. All That Heaven Will Allow

Side: 2
1. Spare Parts
2. Cautious Man
3. Walk Like A Man

Side: 3
1. Tunnel of Love
2. Two Faces
3. Brilliant Disguise

Side: 4
1. One Step Up
2. When You’re Alone
3. Valentine’s Day

Human Touch (1992)* (2 LP)

Side: 5
1. Human Touch
2. Soul Driver
3. 57 Channels (And Nothin’ On)

Side: 6
1. Cross My Heart
2. Gloria’s Eyes
3. With Every Wish
4. Roll of the Dice

Side: 7
1. Real World
2. All Or Nothin’ At All
3. Man’s Job

Side: 8
1. I Wish I Were Blind
2. The Long Goodbye
3. Real Man
4. Pony Boy

Lucky Town (1992) (1 LP)

Side: 9
1. Better Days
2. Lucky Town
3. Local Hero
4. If I Should Fall Behind
5. Leap Of Faith

Side: 10
1. The Big Muddy
2. Living Proof
3. Book Of Dreams
4. Souls Of The Departed
5. My Beautiful Reward

In Concert / MTV Plugged (1993) (2 LP)

Side: 11
1. Red Headed Woman
2. Better Days
3. Atlantic City
4. Darkness On the Edge of Town

Side: 12
1. Man’s Job
2. Human Touch
3. Lucky Town

Side: 13
1. I Wish I Were Blind
2. Thunder Road
3. Light of Day

Side: 14
1. If I Should Fall Behind
2. Living Proof
3. My Beautiful Reward

The Ghost of Tom Joad (1995) (1 LP)

Side: 15
1. The Ghost of Tom Joad
2. Straight Time
3. Highway 29
4. Youngstown
5. Sinaloa Cowboys
6. The Line

Side: 16
1. Balboa Park
2. Dry Lightning
3. The New Timer
4. Across The Border
5. Galveston Bay
6. My Best Was Never Good Enough

Chimes of Freedom (1988) (1 EP)

Side: 17
1. Tougher Than The Rest
2. Be True

Side: 18
1. Chimes of Freedom
2. Born to Run

Blood Brothers (1996)** (1 EP)

Side: 19
1. Blood Brothers
2. High Hopes

Side: 20
1. Murder Incorporated
2. Secret Garden
3. Without You


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P Chang

Paul, do you know if there are plans to release the Blood Brothers EP individually ?


Paul, FYI. Amazon Canada just marked down Volume 2 down to $96 CDN from $154 CDN. Unbelievable price.

Judy D.

I won’t buy the box because I prefer the individual CD’s to be stored in plastic jewel cases. If I choose to buy any remastered discs, it won’t be until they are individually released. Honestly, I don’t know how much they are going to be able to better the sound quality. The original Tunnel Of Love sounds amazing to me. It was the CD’s from 1973-1984 that needed the remastering treatment. Especially the first two records and The River.


The major problems (and solutions) with Human Touch/Lucky Town:

1) There was a five year gap between Tunnel Of Love and Human Touch/Lucky Town. It killed Bruce’s commercial momentum. Putting the E Street on hiatus didn’t help either, but he had to do it for personal reasons beyond the need to work with other musicians (read his autobiography).

2) A 12 song CD of previously unreleased studio outtakes should’ve been released in 1989 to keep Bruce’s name in the commercial spotlight while he was making Human Touch. Some outtakes from the Tracks box set should’ve been included like “Routlette,” “This Hard Land,” “My Love Will Not Let You Down,” etc.

3) There are several outtakes from the Human Touch sessions that are VASTLY superior to songs on the actual album. This would have been my track listing for the record (in no particular order:

Roll Of The Dice
Gloria’s Eyes
All Or Nothin’ At All
The Long Goodbye
Human Touch
57 Channels
Leavin’ Train (outtake)
Seven Angels (outtake)
Goin’ Cali (outtake)
Trouble In Paradise (outtake)
Sad Eyes (outtake)
My Lover Man (outtake)
Trouble River (outtake)
Secret Garden (outtake – yes, originally written and recorded for the album)
All The Way Home (outtake – yes, originally written and recorded for the album)

4) Human Touch should’ve been released in June 1991. It was finished in early 1991. Again, to keep Bruce’s name in the commercial spotlight.

5) The writing of “Living Proof” which led to the recording of Lucky Town should have led to a decision to not tour behind Human Touch. Because Lucky Town ended up with a bunch of great songs.

6) The outtake “Happy” from the Lucky Town sessions, one of Bruce’s finest songs from the period, should’ve been added to Lucky Town.

7) Lucky Town should’ve been released in March 1992. Then a tour to support both records.

I strongly feel that both records would’ve sold a lot more copies if my suggestions would’ve happened. Not near the level of his classics, but a lot more than they ended up selling.


I bought the cd box set. don’t care about vinyl


I will also wait for a non-Japanese CD box set of Vol. 2 for less cost, but more particularly because I would prefer that the Springsteen Vol. 2 match the Vol. 1 of the CD box set I already have. I must agree that aside from ‘Tunnel of Love’, the cover art for the remaining albums in the box set are awful. Also, IMO, if the album contains 2 records it should be in a gate-fold jacket, not squeezed together in a single sleeve.


They have to release a cd version of this. Its ridiculous. I only have one Bruce Springsteen LP in my collection and that’s just a sampler.


Amazon UK have the cd box on their site too with a release date of 6th July and a price of …………£180!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Most likely the Japan-import, hence the price…


Great video, you give a really clear idea of what’s inside…for better (lovely book, spot-varnishing) and worse (those blemishes on the sleeves, the lack of protective inners on the albums). This was probably my favourite era of Springsteen; Tunnel Of Love was one of the first albums I bought on CD straight away.

I agree that there’s a classic single album within Human Touch/Lucky Town, but they’re still fascinating documents of a trouble creative process (the latter was a quickly recorded by-product of slogging through trying to finish the former, apparently) so I try not to be too down on them. Yes the sleeves aren’t great, but I wouldn’t say they’re among the very worst of all-time as others say!

Personally, I am only interested in a CD edition, but it’s eye-opening to see what labels think they can charge for a boxset with some dodgy quality control, flawed design aspects and a bit of gimmicky packaging.

Ken Moore

US Amazon now has a listing for the CD edition. Releases July 6th.

CJ Feeney

At $168.75 before shipping it’s more expensive than buying the CD Japan set. £180.67 on the amazon UK site. I suspect they are prices for importing from Japan.

CJ Feeney

And thanks for the video, Paul. it confirms that I was right not to buy it. The book is nice, but lacking in substantial content. A bit overpriced given the quality.

The Golden Age Of ---- --'-

The CD box set will be available in the US & Europe in July it says in my crystal ball. No really I’ve heard from a source who gets thee things right

Larry Davis

Just saw this thing at my local Newbury Comics for $299!! Picked it up…dang that thing is HEAVY…worth the money?? Not THAT much!! Just scored a deal on eBay…the Midnight Oil “Full Tank”, slightly used, $85US!! Seller had 2, I bought one and the other went fast…and on Discogs, I saw the other for more but a great price… And saw the 2CD expanded reissue of Aussie band Pseudo Echo’s killer “Love An Adventure” listed out on 5/25 at $17US…want it but wait for a price drop…as for Bruce, will wait for a CD box of Vol. 2…

Larry Davis

“Overflow Tank”… the other Midnight Oil set…


Hey Paul, how do you feel about inviting SDE readers to submit unboxing videos for items that, for whatever reason, you’re unable to feature in the videos? Just a thought…


I wish that there would be a CD-Boxset with these albums. There is only a Japanese Boxset and that one is to expensive !

Bruce Padgett

Thank, thank you for saving me over $200. First no CD set, now this? Bruce seriously needs to exercise better control of his product line.

The Golden Age Of ---- --'-

Marked covers, ‘dished’ vinyl. Hmm, I’m really looking forward to my box arriving! I’ve ordered from Amazon Spain, best price, if there is anything slightly wrong with anything the box is going back.

I have to say that Vol.1 was/is a great set, nice flat, quiet vinyl and superb sound quality. Not sure where Vol.1 was pressed but GZ Media dosen’t have a good reputation. Like I said if it’s crap it goes back.


MPO in France did the finest box


First box not finest


They should have learned with the first box set that the albums should be sealed individually. Two or three of my ‘Volume 1’ LPs had scuffed covers. Sealing them would prevent scuffing and possibly seem splits. I am hoping ‘Tracks’ will be a future release.

Philip Cohen

No CD edition in the UK or U.S.A., then no sale. Having fans pay an extortionate price for a Japanese CD edition will not make Springsteen or Sony Music any richer.


The LPs appear as GZ Media pressings which leads to at (least in my BoxSet Copy) poor quality results: 3 of the 10 Discs are badly dished, ToL ist full of dirt.
The fact that apart from the two 12“ EPs all Vinyl does not come in antistatic innersleeves is poor and disappointing!
My box set will be returned.

Kevin Galliford

GOTJ is one of my favorite albums but I won’t be buying this. However; for anyone who has not read his autobiography, I highly recommend it! One of the best ever written, for me & even better, It’s not ghostwritten either!


The cover of “Lucky Town” not very original too. Look at the cover of “Live/1975–85″….


“Human Touch” and “Lucky Town” have the worst sleeves in the history of popular music; they’re even worse than anything by either Ohio Players or Geto Boys.

Randy Metro

Love them or hate them, the worst sleeve belongs to the Village People’s Renaissance.

Thanks to Paul. I always love your unboxing videos. Are those little metal catch thingies on the box real, or only made to look real?