David Bowies 1976 greatest hits CHANGESONBOWIE was reissued on vinyl and CD last week. SDE takes at look at the two new editions in this video…

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David Bowie

ChangesOneBowie [VINYL]


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David Bowie

changesonebowie - CD


Side 1
Space Oddity
John, I’m Only Dancing
Ziggy Stardust
Suffragette City
The Jean Genie

Side 2
Diamond Dogs
Rebel Rebel
Young Americans
Golden Years



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Billy Dojcak

I got the jewel box version. Hate how the adhesive from the security sticker mostly stays on the box. I can always put the guts in a new box. And I lost out and got the black lp version. Haven’t played it yet, but I have played the new cd a few times. IMHO, it doesn’t sound much better than the RCA cd. A little louder perhaps.


is it me or is parlophone’s quality control gone downhill, the latest changesonebowie sleeve is so thin, I would have preferred a thicker card, some of my original versions have got thicker card than this latest version. and the quality of pictures on the latest 40th anniversary discs are really poor, the vinyl also seems to have got a lot thinner as well

[…] Parlophone’s reissue of David Bowie‘s CHANGESONEBOWIE is new at number 17. One wonders how much their ploy of issuing this on ‘random’ vinyl (black and clear) helped increase sales. It also came out on CD too, although curiously in the USA that is packaged in a jewel case, whereas in the UK/Europe it comes as a little gatefold card wallet. If you want a close look at the vinyl, check out this SDEtv ‘unboxing’ video. […]


I was having a giggle thinking how unfortunate it would be if you were after a black one and frustratingly you kept on getting clear ones :-)

I think I must be one of the few who wanted a black ‘Blackstar’, rather than a clear one (and guess what, I got one!) The record wasn’t called ‘Clearstar’ after all!


My copy showed up today and indeed it was on black vinyl! Bollocks.


@Lucas – interesting PoV,
But one I personally disagree with…
I actually think this is the best vinyl Bowie compilation that has been produced (although that is probably partially nostalgia speaking as this was one of the first Bowie albums I really listened t0) – the main thing being that every track on it is a gem. As much as I like Bowie – he did have some… shall we say… ‘less good’ patches.
Yes, you can find the occasional copy in secondhand shops but trying to find one in good condition is difficult (I live in London, believe me I have looked!).
So I think that this represents a good opportunity to have a mint copy of a great compilation. And it’s a GREAT cover!

Incidentally, I did manage to buy a copy last year that looked to be in great condition but actually it suffered from the old vinyl issue of looking great but actually having a lot of surface noise…

Rick R

The ‘BOWIE’ RCA logo was presumably inspired by the similar-looking GRACE logo on the unofficial (and rather good) CHANGESTHREE album. It all comes round.

David M

A completely pointless reissue.


@David M: Why?


I’ll give you the answer, if David M doesn’t mind.

Because it’s a compilation from the 70s, it features songs that are included in other countless Bowie compilations released in the last 40 years. If you look on the flea market you can easily find an original copy on vinyl or of early CD releases. So why bother? Oh wait, because there’s the clear vinyl option, you can’t really miss out.

David M



Great video. How does the sound quality of the new release compare to your classic vinyl version?


I was really disappointed with the quality of the CD digipack. It says 40th anniversary on a sticker, but the digipack gives a cheap impression, sub-par quality. No inner sleeve for the CD, digipack is very thin quality. At full price it feels like a rip off. Even bootleg digipacks usually are of higer quality than this. I think people who still buy CD’s mostly are collectors and I think we should expect higher quality releases. ChangesOneBowie on CD is as far from Super Deluxe Edition as you can get.


Totally agree and stopped even considering buying it after seeing this thin, cheapo, minimum cost packaging instore. Check out online how much it costs to get basic digipack CDs like this manufactured from a reputable pressing company. It costs peanuts. Budget manufacturing should result in a budget retail price. This should be £5 in the UK.

Ron de Joode

It looks like that there are more clear vinyls rather than black ones. Created hype works (again).


received the vinyl from bowie’s store…. and got really lucky when opening, it was the clear one…. happy chap


This is the first unboxing video I’ve watched. Before I knew it was Paul S. I just thought how appropriate for the unboxer to have a British accent. :4)


I got a clear one. I’m glad, I really only bought it for a clear one. I guess a 50/50 chance was worthwhile in my mind. I’ll give my original to my son after all my Dad originally gave me five dollars to buy it in the late 70’s.


Lucky Me – I got 2 sent from Amazon US and got 2 Clear Vinyls :-)

Now I need to get the CD.


Oh, what a shame you didn’t get the clear vinyl… how can you live with that?

Chris Hanington

Hello Paul
For us Bowie collector’s, I think it would be worth while setting up some sort of website to swap clear for black and black for clear vinyl releases. I realize that most people would want the clear version however, if your a collector and want both, and purchased both and end up with 2 the same, I’m confident you wouldn’t be alone! Something to think about! I’ve ordered mine from Amazon (Canada) and won’t be getting it until tomorrow…we will have to wait and see which version I get.
All the best.


The original cover was definitely NOT sepia. The new version perfectly replicates the original color (or rather, shades of grey) wise.

I won’t be buying this. Frankly I think it’s a complete and utter waste of time and effort.


Great vid. Thanks Paul.


You can use the iPhone torchlight to find a clear one, put your light beneath the cover and the clear one produce a little light on the other side, the black vinyl doesn’t


Wow – great idea! I don’t have an iPhone, but I keep a super hi intensity LED flashlight in my car (for nighttime emergencies). Gonna bring it Bowie LP shopping with me, as I’m only interested in a clear one.

Peter Yarrow

Really enjoying these unboxing videos


I’m assuming then that the cover is a scan of an original rather than a re-creation? They could have got the original photo and cropped it less to give more “sides” to it in order to fit the digipac without having to remove the bottom. As a scan they wouldn’t be able to do that.


Yes, all the Bowie vinyl reissues are obviously scanned from the originals. As a matter of fact I’m quite shocked how poor they look compared to the originals. In this case they could have easily recreated the sleeve using the original photo to achieve a better look …

Michel D.

So I suppose the digipack version is from the UK?


Nah I don’t see the point in getting it really, especially on CD. So Paul does yours has the sax version of John. I’m only Dancing?


Only managed to snag a black version but I’m not really bothered.
However I did manage to get a gold version of the LP in my Superdeluxe edition of Kings of the Wild Frontier…. oh, wait….


I went to my local major(!) store on Saturday and they had like five or six copies. One was open, and it happened to be a clear vinyl one. Lucky me!

Alan Jones

Sorry you didn’t get a clear version. I managed to get one from my local store on Saturday. They only had one open copy for on display purposes which was black plus four unopened copies. I explained I was after the clear version and they kindly opened one which was also black but the next was clear so happy days. One of the benefits of going to your local independent!


Managed to get the clear vinyl version in Freebird Records, Dublin at the weekend.
They were all sealed so I had a 50/50 chance and got lucky!!


Very nice video… Too bad you couldn’t showcase the clear vinyl though.


It is clear, rather than black – what much else is there to show?

Simon Westbrook

comparing your cd digipak and vinyl cover, there seems to be more of a cmyk ‘colour’ in the cd image than the vinyl, could be down to type of paper, ink etc i guess. just an observation.x


I agree Gary, that logo design is nice. A shame ‘they’ didn’t do it for the 2012 40 year re-release release (I can’t check that as I’m at work, it isn’t!)


I reside in the US and I bought the CD version which happens to be in a jewel case as opposed to a digipak. Also the disc is more florescent orange than actual ‘RCA orange’.


I like how they put Bowie’s name in the same style as the RCA logo on the label. I noticed that immediately and wondered if you were going to mention it, which you did.

It immediately brought to mind the early “McFarlane” baseball player figures, where at the time they did not have a license from Major League Baseball so they couldn’t use team names or logos – so what they did was they replaced the team names on the front of the uniforms with the player’s names, but in the same style (font) and color scheme as the team logos. Brilliant!