SDEtv / Depeche Mode: Construction Time Again & Some Great Reward

Sit back and check out the most recent Depeche Mode 12″ Singles box sets – Construction Time Again and Some Great Reward – as SDE unboxes each package which contain six vinyl records apiece.

The Construction Time Again and Some Great Reward box sets are out now.

Compare prices and pre-order

Depeche Mode

Construction Time Again - The 12 inch Singles


Compare prices and pre-order

Depeche Mode

Some Great Reward - The 12-inch Singles


Construction Time Again | The 12” Singles

Get The Balance Right! (12BONG 2)

A Get The Balance Right! (Combination Mix)
B The Great Outdoors!
C Tora! Tora! Tora! (Live)

Get The Balance Right! (L12BONG 2)

A Get The Balance Right! (Original Mix)
B My Secret Garden (Live)
B See You (Live)
B Satellite (Live)
B Tora! Tora! Tora! (Live)

Everything Counts (12BONG 3)

A Everything Counts (In Larger Amounts)
B Work Hard (East End Remix)

Everything Counts (L12BONG 3)

A Everything Counts (Original 7” Mix)
B New Life (Live)
B Boys Say Go! (Live)
B Nothing To Fear (Live)
B The Meaning Of Love (Live)

Love In Itself (12BONG 4)

A Love In Itself•3
B Fools (Bigger)
B Love In Itself•4

Love In Itself (L12BONG 4)

A Love In Itself•2
B Just Can’t Get Enough (Live)
B A Photograph Of You (Live)
B Shout (Live)
B Photographic (Live)

Some Great Reward | The 12” Singles

People Are People (12BONG 5)

A People Are People (Different Mix)
B In Your Memory (Slik Mix)

People Are People (L12BONG 5)

A People Are People (On-U Sound Remix By Adrian Sherwood)
B People Are People (Original 7” Version)
B In Your Memory (Original 7” Version)

 Master And Servant (12BONG 6)

A Master And Servant (Slavery Whip Mix)
B (Set Me Free) Remotivate Me (Release Mix)
C Master And Servant (Voxless)

Master And Servant (L12BONG 6)

A Master And Servant (An On-U Sound Science Fiction Dance Hall Classic Re-Remixed By Adrian Sherwood)
B Are People People? (Re-Remixed By Adrian Sherwood)
B (Set Me Free) Remotivate Me (7” Mix)

 Blasphemous Rumours (12BONG 7)

A Blasphemous Rumours
B Somebody (Live)
B Two Minute Warning (Live)
B Ice Machine (Live)
B Everything Counts (Live)

Blasphemous Rumours (L12BONG 7)

A Somebody (Remix)
AA Everything Counts (Live)
AA Blasphemous Rumours (Single Version)
AA Told You So (Live)



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[…] quality of the sleeve reproduction was amazing on the last two sets, in particular (check out the unboxing video […]


Buy the originals .
Sony milking it.

Andrew Robinson

Interesting to see “Are People People?” on this, as it was missing from a lot of the CD reissues, presumably due to very heavy sampling of Ministry’s “Abortive” and “When I woke up this morning” by the Citadels. Perhaps some of the high price is going to licencing? Maybe they will bung Cameo a few quid and get that hard to find “Strangelove (Freshground Mix)” promo in the next pair of boxes?

Sadly the US only”Master and Servant (Black and Blue Mix)” is omitted – I hope this doesn’t set a precedent that we’ll lose all the other US only mixes, although given the fact that the band hate “It’s Called a Heart” I doubt they will devote a disc to the US Emotion mixes, and the subtle differences between “Flexible (Deportation Mix)” and “Flexible (Pre-Deportation Mix)” might not matter to a large number of people.

As for Violator having 9 discs, if they follow the pattern of two 7″s being turned into a new 12″ (which I like, as I bought all original 12s first time round) then there’s a third Personal Jesus to add to that one, which would be a great place to put the long lost Francois Kevorkian “Personal Jesus (Kazan Cathedral Mix)”.

Charlie D

Supa-Supa-Supa DEE JAY
I can’t say I was that excited over the freshground mix
but what about that (“is it a bootleg or is it official?”) 12″ white label for “Deaths Door”?
It had 4 or so mixes, I remember seeing some suspicious white labels at Record Runner in NYC oh so very long ago. They had Mute catalog number but run-out groove etchings that suggested they were bootlegs.

Andrew Robinson

Good point, there was also Bogus Brothers “Violation 15” that was similarly borderline official, The “Nothing (Zip hop mix)” 12″ and all those Ivan Ivan Route 66/Behind the Wheel megamixes that were US only… it would be great if the Shep Pettibone Dub of Behind the Wheel finally got a proper release too.

Maybe a good approach would be to have a box set of all the US only stuff, and if that sold well (I expect it would do, loads of fans are not buying these ones because they already have it all), and if that works then there’s scope for all the promo only club mixes from the Ultra era onwards to get a vinyl box set or two.


Don’t forget the SLOW MIX of Its Called A Heart!

Andrew Robinson

I assume they won’t forget the Slow mix, and of course the Fly on the Windscreen (Death Mix) on the other side that lots of fans preferred… but but does present an interesting packaging question, as this was originally a gatefold packaged with the first 12″. For the box they could give it it’s own cover, just give us the double and omit the normal 12″ artwork, or (worst of all) do exact replicas of both, making us pay for 2 copies of the same piece of vinyl.

Kevin Galliford

If you work it out that each 12” costs £12.50, the “”Violator” box will cost £112.50 for the 9 12”’s it should contain & that is obscene. Yes, no doubt they will be nice but £112.50 worth of nice?. No way is / would it be worth that. Bear in mind that back in the day, a 12” was £2.99 in the UK & yes these are well done & yes there’s Inflation but come on, someone is taking the piss! The grabbing hands really are grabbing all they can! I’ve got the majority of the CD singles from 1990 – 1997 & they will do for me.


The Daniel Barrasi, the guy that has been doing tbe audio on these defends the price by comparing them to mint second hand copies on Discogs. Which are between £12 – £15.
And I think song just looks at the price of 12” vinyl ignoring the number of tracks.
I think they should keep the prices of the big box sets well under £99
The first 2 are available from zoom.co.uk for £37.80 with their 10% first order discount.
I’m waiting/hoping for these two to drop in price too.

Dean O

Grabbing Hands is right! – I know vinyl is nice to look at, but really….and this material has been kicking around and they’ve been re-re-re-selling it for 35/40 years, an easier thing to do when the current music industry is so sad and pathetic.

I’ve been around buying Depeche since ’82 (not a fan of very much post Violator) and own all of the 7″/12″, cd singles, cd single box sets, etc. and am amazed at how much people are willing to pay for these ‘re issued’ – there isn’t anything different here at all. I don’t have a lot of interest in a ‘box’.

After buying all these formats and then finally getting to the 2 disc cd/dvd releases only to find the ‘extra’ tracks shoved off onto the arse end of a dvd (where they’re virtually inaccessible to me…should have just been at the end of the cd – not as if there wasn’t enough room) I started getting ticked off.

The record company/companies involved are being very stingy with this material because they know there is a large fan base around and a lot of money to be made. They’re not out to give fans a ‘break’ of any kind….for example Yazoo – another remaster of albums that just had that treatment in 2008/not much difference in sound quality from In Your Room. Instead of offering an album of the BBC sessions and tacking on Get Set/Detectives, etc. they use it as an opportunity to re-sell the 2 original albums and tack an odd/haphazard choice of remixes and thus make 4X what they would have on a BBC album/cd….reselling the same thing over and over and over for 35+ years?

I saw the unboxing video, and yes I can admit it’s beautiful but to pay these exorbitant prices is just asking to be taken advantage of. I also realize if I don’t want it/don’t buy it.

My vinyl all sit on the same record shelves they did all those years ago. When the cd format came in I didn’t go apes**t and sell my vinyl because it was yesterday’s format – over the years I’ve been able to get such a charge out of going into second hand vinyl shops and getting benefit of people who did exactly that.


Doesn’t look like there’s any exclusive tracks, just replicas…
Not really needed from my personal point of view – I bought the singles boxsets almost 20 years ago, CD of course. Nice for vinyl enthusiasts though.
Ah! But I WOULD like to get a singles boxset containing all the singles from Violator onwards (even though I have the original CD and 12″ singles anyway! But yeah a boxset would be cool!) =o)


Hopefully they would consider issuing the 12″ boxsets content/mastering in cd format.

I’ve been a DM fan for 35 odd years, these are nice reissues and all, I do like vinyl but that aside.. I simply cannot justify/commit to this kind of ongoing expense for vinyl (for the coming few years as it seems). Not less important, it is a matter of storage space.

Probably I am not alone in this position, and hopefully Sony/Mute/DM will consider a cd equivalent as well. Small cardboard boxes containing the separate singles in cardsleeves would be ideal and should not be too costly. No need for bigger boxes / jewel cases such as the old DMBX single box sets.

I have no doubt these will sell (at least) as good as these vinyl 12″ boxes.

Kevin Galliford

I agree. If the record label does the same for CD’s that would be great. Some of the artwork is fantastic & I never bought everything 1st time around, like the Quad final mix of “Enjoy the silence”. PSB are another group who have the back catalogue to do something like this if anyone at EMI is reading this.


BOX SETS 7,8 & 9?


Shocking pricing again.


If you feel these were shocking prices, hold on until “Violator” box is released. It should contain nine 12″. Enjoy the Silence had a 12, L12 and XL12 releases.

Lee Carson

I know £75 seems a lot but this is for 6 singles which when broken down looks not that bad


once again, another fabricated 12 inch version.

blasphemous rumors was ONLY a 12″,
there was never a limited edition.

so they took the 7 inch EP, and copied that:

A 1. Blasphemous Rumours Single Version 5:06
2. Told You So Live 1984-09-29 Empire Theatre, Liverpool, UK 4:54
B 1. Somebody Remix 4:19
2. Everything Counts Live 1984-09-29 Empire Theatre, Liverpool, UK 5:52



I don’t see the problem with making it a 12″? Surely the 7″ technically isn’t long enough to accommodate 11 minutes per side?


Yep I like that idea

Lee Carson

There was also a standard 2 track 7″ single. It had a black cover


the 7″ EP is different.


If I’m not wrong I suppose two or three years ago Sony Music and Mute Records made a deal about Depeche Mode back catalogue reissue programe and the starting point was the 3-DVDs release which includes all the primo videos ever made. At the time I thought the plan was to put out deluxe boxes of each album as many do nowadays. As time went by nothing happened and not a word was said anymore. From last year on 12″ boxes has been released and to me It doesn’t mean too much ‘couse I think vynil time have passed. But the thing is:


I wander if someone knows something… …

Lee Carson

Isn’t this the “reissue programme”?

Gary Smith

I keep hoping for a price reduction as they have done with the first 2 boxes (some sellers anyway) but nothing as of yet.

Lee Carson

Blasphemous Rumours/ Somebody was a Double A side in case Blasphemous Rumours was banned by Radio 1

Paul Foster

Hi Paul , See You from the broken frame box is a mono recording. How do we “make some noise “about this to get a replacement pressed??


really? I haven’t heard this mentioned anywhere. and didn’t hear it myself, but doesn’t mean much as my speakers are really close together.

Paul Foster

Listening on headphones was how I discovered it.


Such a sweet set.


Do the boxes have details printed on the spines?


Can anyone tell me please –
the downloads that accompany these sets – are they hi-res (higher than CD files) and do the have the correct artwork attached to each file (rather than the box set cover)


Paul, I agree, i have all 4 sets, so I’m here for the long run, the latest 2 box sets are far more interesting than the first 2, in terms of content.
I’m really exciting for the next batch, Black Celebration is my favourite album, with the album run to Songs of Faith and Devotion being so strong.
The question is, where will they go up to with these? Will they go up to Spirit? With all 3 Spirit 12 inch singles still readily available I don’t see much excitement for this, in fact, I’d probably be happy for them to stop at Exciter, maybe Playing the Angel.


Just release an empty box for spirit and Delta Machine so I can put mine in :)

Paul Foster

That’s a brilliant idea.

Paul Foster

Rumours are that they will stop at Delta Machine but there’s a long way to go yet . Hoping they do a special box with the reinterpreted enjoy the silence remixes personal Jesus 2011, everything counts (live)