SDEtv / Donna Summer: Encore unboxed

Career-spanning 33CD box set is out today

SDE lifts the lid on Encore, the brand new Donna Summer 33CD box set. Watch the SDEtv unboxing video…

Encore is limited to 1500 copies worldwide and is out now.

Single CD- sized replica mini-sleeve wallet

1 Lady Of The Night
2 Born To Die
3 Friends
4 Domino
5 The Hostage
6 Wounded
7 Little Miss Fit
8 Let’s Work Together Now
9 Sing Along (Sad Song)

Single CD-sized replica mini-sleeve wallet

1 Love To Love You Baby
2 Full Of Emptiness
3 Need-A-Man Blues
4 Whispering Waves
5 Pandora’s Box
6 Full Of Emptiness (Reprise)

Single CD-sized replica mini-sleeve wallet

1 Try Me, I Know We Can Make It
2 Prelude To Love
3 Could It Be Magic
4 Wasted
5 Come With Me

Single CD-sized replica mini-sleeve wallet

1 Spring Affair
2 Summer Fever
3 Autumn Changes
4 Winter Melody
5 Spring Reprise

Single CD-sized replica mini-sleeve wallet

1 I Remember Yesterday
2 Love’s Unkind
3 Back In Love Again
4 I Remember Yesterday (Reprise)
5 Black Lady
6 Take Me
7 Can’t We Just Sit Down (And Talk It Over)
8 I Feel Love

Gatefold CD-sized replica mini-sleeve wallet

1 Once Upon A Time
2 Faster And Faster To Nowhere
3 Fairy Tale High
4 Say Something Nice
5 Now I Need You
6 Working The Midnight Shift
7 Queen For A Day

1 If You Got It Flaunt It
2 A Man Like You
3 Sweet Romance
4 (Theme) Once Upon A Time
5 Dance Into My Life
6 Rumour Has It
7 I Love You
8 Happily Ever After
9 (Theme) Once Upon A Time

Double- Gatefold CD-sized replica mini-sleeve wallet

1 Once Upon A Time (Recorded live Universal Amphitheater, Los Angeles, California)
2 Fairy Tale High (Recorded live Universal Amphitheater, Los Angeles, California)
3 Faster And Faster To Nowhere (Recorded live Universal Amphitheater, Los Angeles, California)
4 Spring Affair (Recorded live Universal Amphitheater, Los Angeles, California)
5 Rumour Has It (Recorded live Universal Amphitheater, Los Angeles, California)
6 I Love You (Recorded live Universal Amphitheater, Los Angeles, California)
7 Only One Man (Recorded live Universal Amphitheater, Los Angeles, California)
8 I Remember Yesterday (Recorded live Universal Amphitheater, Los Angeles, California)
9 Love’s Unkind (Recorded live Universal Amphitheater, Los Angeles, California)
10 My Man Medley: The Man I Love/I Got It Bad And That Ain’t Good/Some Of These Days (Recorded live Universal Amphitheater, Los Angeles, California)
11 The Way We Were (Recorded live Universal Amphitheater, Los Angeles, California)
12 Mimi’s Song (Recorded live Universal Summer Amphitheater, Los Angeles, California)

1 Try Me, I Know We Can Make It (Recorded live Universal Amphitheater, Los Angeles, California)
2 Love To Love You Baby (Recorded live Universal Amphitheater, Los Angeles, California)
3 Feel Love (Recorded live Universal Amphitheater, Los Angeles, California)
4 Last Dance (Recorded live Universal Amphitheater, Los Angeles, California)
5 MacArthur Park Suite: MacArthur Park/One Of A Kind/Heaven Knows (with Brooklyn Dreams)/MacArthur Park (reprise)

CD10 & 11: BAD GIRLS
Gatefold CD-sized replica mini-sleeve wallet

1 Hot Stuff
2 Bad Girls
3 Love Will Always Find You
4 Walk Away
5 Dim All The Lights
6 Journey To The Centre Of Your Heart
7 One Night In A Lifetime
8 Can’t Get To Sleep At Night

1 On My Honor
2 There Will Always Be A You
3 All Through The Night
4 My Baby Understands
5 Our Love
6 Lucky
7 Sunset People

Gatefold CD-sized replica mini-sleeve wallet

1 On The Radio
2 Love To Love You Baby
3 Try Me, I Know We Can Make It
4 Feel Love
5 Our Love
6 I Remember Yesterday
7 I Love You
8  Heaven Knows (Donna Summer/Brooklyn Dreams)
9 Last Dance

1 MacArthur Park
2 Hot Stuff
3 Bad Girls
4 Dim All The Lights
5 Sunset People
6 No More Tears (Enough Is Enough) (Donna Summer/Barbra Streisand)
7 On The Radio (Long Version)

Single CD- sized replica mini-sleeve wallet

1 The Wanderer
2 Looking Up
3 Breakdown
4 Grand Illusion
5 Running For Cover
6 Cold Love
7 Who Do You Think You’re Foolin’
8 Nightlife
9 Stop Me
10 I Believe In Jesus

Single CD- sized replica mini-sleeve wallet

1 Love Is In Control (Finger On The
2 Mystery Of Love
3 The Woman In Me
4 State Of Independence
5 Livin’ In America
6 Protection
7 (If It) Hurts Just A Little
8 Love Is Just A Breath Away
9 Lush Life

Single CD-sized replica mini- sleeve wallet

1 She Works Hard For The Money
2 Stop Look And Listen
3 He’s A Rebel
4 Woman
5 Unconditional Love
6 Love Has A Mind Of Its Own
7 Tokyo
8 People, People
9 (I Do Believe) I Fell In Love

Single CD-sized replica mini-sleeve wallet

1 Supernatural Love
2 It’s Not The Way
3 There Goes My Baby
4 Suzanna
5 Cats Without Claws
6 Oh Billy, Please
7 Eyes
8 Maybe It’s Over
9 I’m Free
10 Forgive Me

Single CD- sized replica mini-sleeve wallet

1 All Systems Go
2 Bad Reputation
3 Love Shock
4 Jeremy
5 Only The Fool Survives (Duet with
Mickey Thomas)
6 Dinner With Gershwin
7 Fascination
8 Voices Cryin’ Out
9 Thinkin’ Bout My Baby

Single CD-sized replica mini-sleeve wallet

1I Don’t Wanna Get Hurt
2 When Love Takes Over You
3 This Time I Know It’s For Real
4 The Only One
5 In Another Place And Time
6 Sentimental
7 Whatever Your Heart Desires
8 Breakaway
9 If It Makes You Feel Good
10 Love’s About To Change My Heart

Single CD- sized replica mini-sleeve wallet

1 Get Ethnic
2 Body Talk
3 Work That Magic
4 When Love Cries
5 Heaven’s Just A Whisper Away
6 Cry Of A Waking Heart
7 Friends Unknown
8 Fred Astaire
9 Say A Little Prayer
10 Mistaken Identity
11 What Is It You Want
12 Let There Be Peace

Single CD- sized replica mini-sleeve wallet

1 White Christmas
2 The Christmas Song
3 O Come All Ye Faithful
4 Christmas Is Here
5 Christmas Medley: What Child Is
This/Do You Hear What I Hear/Joy To
The World
6 I’ll Be Home For Christmas
7 Christmas Spirit
8 Breath Of Heaven
9 O Holy Night
10 Lamb Of God

CD22 & 23: I’M A RAINBOW
Gatefold CD-sized replica mini-sleeve wallet

1  I Believe (In You) (Donna Summer duet with Joe ‘Bean’ Esposito)
2 True Love Survives
3 You To Me
4 Sweet Emotion
5 Leave Me Alone
6 Melanie
7 Back Where You Belong
8 People Talk
9 To Turn The Stone

1 Brooklyn
2 I’m A Rainbow
3 Donna Walk On (Keep On Movin’)
4 Don’t Cry For Me Argentina
5 A Runner With The Pack
6 Highway Runner
7 Romeo
8 End Of The Week
9 I Need Time

Single CD-sized replica mini- sleeve wallet

1 MacArthur Park
2 This Time I Know It’s For Real
3 I Feel Love
4 On The Radio
5 No More Tears (Enough Is Enough) (Donna Summer featuring Tina Arena)
6 Dim All The Lights
7 She Works Hard For The Money
8 Bad Girls
9 Hot Stuff
10 My Life
11 Last Dance
12 Love Is The Healer
13 I Will Go WIth You (Con Te Partiró)

Single CD-sized replica mini-sleeve wallet

1 Stamp Your Feet
2 Mr. Music
3  Crayons (Donna Summer featuring Ziggy Marley)
4 The Queen Is Back
5 Fame (The Game)
6 Sand On My Feet
7 Drivin’ Down Brazil
8 I’m A Fire
9 Slide Over Backwards
10 Science Of Love
11 Be Myself Again
12 Bring Down The Reign
13 It’s Only Love


Gatefold CD-sized wallet

1 Denver Dream
2 Something’s In The Wind
3 Love To Love You Baby [Single Edit]
4 Winter Melody [Single Version]
5 I Feel Love [Edit]
6 Theme From The Deep (Down, Deep
Inside) – Album Version
7 Rumour Has It [Single Version]
8 I Love You [Single Version]
9 Once Upon A Time [7″ Single Version]
10 Heaven Knows (Donna Summer/Brooklyn Dreams)
11 MacArthur Park [Single Version]
12 Hot Stuff [Single Version]
13 Bad Girls [Single Version/Edited]
14 Dim All The Lights [7″ Single Version]
15 Walk Away [Single Version]
16 Sunset People
17 Who Do You Think You’re Foolin’ (Edit)
18 Cold Love (Edit)
19 Love Is In Control (Finger On The Trigger) (7” Version)
20 State Of Independence (7” Version)

1 She Works Hard For The Money [Edited
Single Version]
2  Unconditional Love [Edit] (Donna Summer with Musical Youth)
3 Stop, Look & Listen [7″ Single Version]
4 Love Has A Mind Of Its Own [7″ Single Version]
5 Eyes (7” Remix Edit)
6 All Systems Go (Edit)
7 Dinner With Gershwin (Edit)
8  Only The Fool Survives (Edit) (Donna Summer duet with Mickey Thomas)
9 This Time I Know It’s For Real (7″ Mix)
10 I Don’t Wanna Get Hurt (7″ Remix)
11 Love’s About To Change My Heart (PWL 7″ Mix)
12 Breakaway (Power Radio Mix)
13 When Love Takes Over You (Dave Ford 7″)
14 State Of Independence [New Bass Mix Edit]
15 Breakaway (Remix Edit)
16 When Love Cries (Single Version Remix)
17 Stamp Your Feet (Jason Nevins Radio Mix)
18 Fame (The Game) (Dave Audé Radio)
19 I Feel Love [Almighty Radio Edit]

Gatefold CD-sized wallet

1 Love To Love You Baby (Come Dancing Version)
2 Could It Be Magic [12″ Single Version]
3 I Feel Love [Special Disco Version]
4 Theme From The Deep (Down, Deep Inside) [12″ Disco Version]
5 Hot Stuff [12″ Version]
6 Dim All The Lights [12″ Version]
7 On The Radio [Long Version]
8 Love Is In Control (Finger On The Trigger) (Dance Remix)
9 She Works Hard For The Money [12″ Single Remix)
10 Eyes (Extended Mix)
11 I’m Free (Extended Mix)

1 All Systems Go (Extended Remix)
2 Dinner With Gershwin (Extended Version)
3 This Time I Know It’s For Real (Extended Remix)
4 I Don’t Wanna Get Hurt (Phil Harding 12″ Version)
5 Love’s About To Change My Heart (Extended Remix)
6 When Love Takes Over You (Pete Hammond Original 12” Mix)
7 Work That Magic (ISA Extended Remix)
8 I’m A Fire (Craig C’s Burning Club Mix)
9 Stamp Your Feet (Jason Nevins Extended Mix)
10 Fame (The Game) (Dave Audé Club)

CD30 & 31: REMIXES
Gatefold CD-sized wallet

1 I Feel Love [Patrick Cowley Mega Mix]
2 Love’s About To Change My Heart [Clivillés & Cole 12” Mix]
3 I Don’t Wanna Get Hurt [Pete Hammond Original 12″ Version]
4 When Love Takes Over You [Dave Ford Extended Remix]
5 Breakaway [Extended Power Mix]
6 State Of Independence [12″ Millennium Mix with Martin Luther King]
7 Breakaway [Remix – Full Version]
8 Work That Magic [ISA Full Length Remix]
9 I Feel Love (Masters At Work 86th Street Mix)

1 I Feel Love (Rollo/Sister Bliss Monster Mix)
2 State Of Independence [Creation Mix – Edit]
3 Love Is The Healer (Eric Kupper’s I Feel Healed 7” Mix)
4 I Feel Love (Qattara 2004 Remix)
5 Working The Midnight Shift (Holy Ghost! Remix)
6 MacArthur Park (Laidback Luke Remix)
7 Hot Stuff (Frankie Knuckles & Eric Kupper As Director’s Cut Signature Mix)
8 Bad Girls (Gigamesh Remix)
9 Dim All The Lights (Duke Dumont Remix)
10 Love To Love You Baby (Giorgio Moroder Feat. Chris Cox Remix)
11 I Feel Love (Almighty Mix)
12 Sunset People (Hot Chip Dub Edit)

Gatefold CD-sized wallet

1 Wasserman (Aquarius) – [from “Haare” 1968 German Cast Version]
2 Oh, Segne Gott Mein’ Seel/Bless The Lord (from German Cast Recording of ‘Godspell’)
3 Virgin Mary
4 Theme From “The Deep” (Down, Deep Inside) (A Love Song)
5 With Your Love
6 Sometimes Like Butterflies
7 Face The Music
8 Tearin’ Down The Walls
9 La Vie En Rose [Album Version]
10 Any Way At All
11 Melody Of Love (Wanna Be Loved) (West End 7” Radio Mix)
12  Does He Love You? (Liza Minnelli and Donna Summer)
13 Whenever There Is Love (from “Daylight”) (Soundtrack Version) (Bruce Roberts and Donna Summer)
14 I Will Go With You (Con Te Partiró)
15 You’re So Beautiful (Tony Moran Radio Edit)
16 I Got Your Love (Radio Edit)
17 To Paris With Love (Mendy Radio Edit)
18  La Dolce Vita (Donna Summer & Giorgio Moroder)

1 Je T’Aime (Moi Non Plus)
2  Something’s Missing (In My Life) (Paul Jabara feat Special Guest Donna Summer)
3 With Your Love
4 Last Dance
5 Carry On (Outta Control Extended) (Donna Summer & Giorgio Moroder)
6 That’s The Way (Almighty Radio Edit)
7 Dream-A-Lot’s Theme (I Will Live For Love) (Moroder/Cox 12″ Extended Remix)
8 Power Of Love (Hani’s Mixshow Edit)
9 Last Dance (Masters At Work Remix-Short Version)
10 My Life [Junior Vasquez Private Collection Mix-Long Edit]


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Mike Williams

I have had this set for a while. I ordered it both from the UK & US Amazons, and the less expensive UK version arrived first, so I was able to cancel my US order. The thing I hate most about this otherwise impressive set is the failure to include “spines” on the single CDs. The spines are so beautiful on all of the double-CDs, that it further aggravates me (I even wished they would have paired up the singles into double-sets so they can all have these spines.) I intended to remove them from the less-than ideal box foam storage slots & put them in my bookcase CD collection. Where are the damn spines! Also, I don’t see the need to continually box CD sets in 12×12 LP packaging.


Thank you Paul. But I think most people (like myself) will only check on top for the “latest” update instead of looking through all the comments down below or read through everything again.


Hi Paul, my comments aren’t exactly the same. They addressed different issues people mentioned on the 2 Donna posts.


@Dennis Alexis Hellström (April 12, 2020 at 05:04)/@David (June 13, 2020 at 10:49)
Non-Studio Album Singles & Extended Mixes, CD1 is different to CD2: my copy is correct!
@David (June 13, 2020 at 10:49)
Once Upon A Time, CD1 is different to CD2 & both included: my copy is correct!
@Chus (May 11, 2020 at 14:54)
Live And More, CD1 is different to CD2 (is not Remixes CD1 nor CD2): my copy is correct!
@Damphi (March 31, 2020 at 11:03)/@Simon Broch (March 31, 2020 at 13:08)
For checking the above mentioned CD’s I noticed the discs are containing CD-TEXT informations, not sure whether that could be causing problem on some other players.

Are there any more issues I need to know & to check (so I’ll know my copy is fine)? I don’t have time to all CD’s at the moment. If there is a replacement programme I hope Paul you will keep us posted.

I pre-ordered mine with Grooves-Inc or Grooves.land on 25-03-2020 as most sites were more expensive with their price was €178,09 (+€8,95 for using PayPal) = €187,04 still very good deal. And it was already in stock (green light). 17-04-2020 writing them as there was still no dispatch notice. They replied that there had been an error. But it was sold out. I pre-ordered it & it was stated in-stock (green light). Okay, it could happen. They promised me re-ordering from supplier(s). 08-05-2020 once again no updates/dispatch notice. They replied that it is still unavailable. They placed orders with more distributors. 16-05-2020 I checked their site, this time item is green lighted again (4-8 workdays in stock). I emailed them directly. Same story currently not available. Backorders. But none of the distributors can supply them (while on the site the item price was over €230 & green lighted). 28-05-2020 I checked jpc.de they still had 1 left. I emailed grooves asked them to buy from jpc.de to honour my pre-order. They ignored me. I then open dispute with PayPal. I was just afraid they kept me on a line & no chance they are going to honour my €178 order while the selling pricd is more than €258 at this moment. Still with PayPal involved they still sold me the same story, no updates, not telling me where the suppliers were from (UK, FR, DE, etc). So I’ll know when perhaps lockdowns will be over. Finally I saw & bought it from Amazon.fr for €199,46 (incl. €5 shipping) on 10-06-2020. Received it on 12-06-2020. Then PayPal refund completed in a few days from Grooves.land. Never again with this dishonest seller. But many times in the past, no problem. Big amount/value order I will choose for the more trusted sellers.


Well I bit the bullet as this looked so special and ordered from Amazon Japan (I’m in U.K.) as even with shipping it wasn’t too bad a price.

Unfortunately my copy has the issue with Disc 1 & 2 of the Non Album singles being the same.

Which is bad enough, but also there is only one disc for Once Upon A Time included….

I’ve emailed Amazon Japan so we’ll see what happens. Not holding out much hope though. If not I guess I’ll have to email Demon and see if they can help.


Is it only me who has CD9 (Live & More Disc 2) mispressed? The content of that disc is the Remixes (CD30). I informed Amazon.de and they offered me 8 Euro refund but what I want is a replacement disc? Is there any way to contact Demon Music and prove their mistake and ask for a replacement? It reminds me of the mess with the Dead or Alive Box Set…

[…] This may not last long, but it’s a tremendous price for the recent Donna Summer box set – €145 is roughly £128 on Amazon Germany compared to £170 in the UK. This is a limited edition of 1500 units. Watch the SDEtv unboxing video. […]

I haven’t read about anyone else having this issue, so maybe it’s just an error with my copy.
But the 2 CD’s in the ”Non-Studio Album Singles & Extended Mixes” have the exact same content. They both include the songs from CD 2, while the songs supposed to be on CD 1 are nowhere to be found. But the discs still look different, CD 1 and CD 2 is printed on them, so there must have been an error at the factory.

I contacted Amazon and they are sending me a replacement of the box set. Hopefully that will do the trick. I also e-mailed Demon Music about it, so they know that this has happened.


Took mine out of quarantine today & it is lush! @Dennis Alexis Hellström Luckily my ”Non-Studio Album Singles & Extended Mixes” discs are correct. Im glad yours will be taken care of.


Does anyone know who curated/ remastered this box set?

Auntie Sabrina

Audio Generator – David Bentley
Coordinator – Michael Neidus
Executive Producer – The Estate Of Donna Summer
Liner Notes, Interviewer – Christian John Wikane
Remastered By – Phil Kinrade

From Discogs.com


The extended dance remix of Supernatural Love is also missing


Receives yesterday … First I was so happy but i’ve discovered that some cd’s are not compatible with my any of my Cd players … Rejected for “unknown format” also song stopped suddenly then disc is rejected… Even my old cdr still worked fine … I started to listen all the disc in order and after 6 discs problems appeared on 4 till now … Any body have same problems ?

Simon Broch

I have also experienced issues. I have been copying the CDs onto my Bluesound Vault as this is my preferred way of listening to my music collection. Most of the CDs copy fine, but the Vault isn’t picking up certain of the ‘extra’ discs track titles… In addition it claims that Cd 1 of Once Upon A Time is a vinyl transfer!!!

Massimiliano (Bologna, Italy)

Received it today (Italy) from Amazon.co.uk. Outer Amazon box partly damaged, but the inner box has worked well and the set was intact. It really looks amazing. I am not an expert about Donna’s 12″ s versions, alternate mixes etc, and so this is more than enough for me. In the future, I would welcome SDEs of the Casablanca albums, filled with extended and alternate versions, B sides and so on.
Tonight I will start listening and checking for issues… so far the first CD plays well.
Thank you Paul for your excellent work. It really is appreciated.
Stay safe, all of you reading.

Jonathan Riley

I got mine in the USA from amazon.co.uk today. Shipped UPS. Just opened it this evening and this in my opinion has to be the box set of the year. The presentation is just so nicely put together. haven’t listened to it yet and even though the price is a lot with all that is going on in the world i don’t see it dropping any

Gary Hunter

The set doesn’t appeal to me, however, they have done a really good job, nicely presented.

Alan Mitchell

Donna Summer? 30 plus cds? Who’d have thought it. Nearly as prolific as Prince! (although the numerous (and rather soul-destroying) variations of Computer Blue could probably fill five cds by themself) ;)

So how come she manages to get 30’odd cds? Anyone care to enlighten me on her career?

Al (who now has the hands of an elderly washwoman).

Norn Cutson

Gorgeous, gorgeous packaging and design!
I especially love the way the titles are handled on the inner sleeves!

Still, I can’t imagine who can afford to spend money on anything but food & housing anymore.


Amazon.co.uk have just informed my that the pre-order lowest price guarantee on the Donna Summer order, which was placed minutes after Paul’s post, saved me a whopping 0.01£
Sometimes pre-ordering does reward you.

Just not this time.
The work to process this refund from amazon’s part and my credit card company far surpasses the amount but it’s the gesture that counts. Why can’t they credit it on my user account?


I ordered my copy from Zoom UK. Their price was the same as Amazon UK’s, 169.99 £, which is good compared to others, but you even get 10 % off your first order when you sign up for Zoom’s newsletter. P&P to Europe was only 1.99 £, so the total cost was only 152.99 £.

Unfortunately it now seems to be sold out on their site, but maybe they’ll get more. Worth keeping an eye on.


Those who have received in the US, from Amazon UK. Is it shipped in the original shipping box within another box? I was charged 3 days ago & still waiting for it to ship. Sorry Paul I cant watch the video ’til I open mine…LOL

Wm H

@cdmaniac mine came via DHL and it has a sturdy outer box to protect it inside the flimsy Amazon packaging.


My box arrived in US on Monday. Also packed in a sturdy box inside. Delivered via DHL.
Amazon box of course crushed due to only having paper packaging inside.
At least the box set arrived with no damage.

Johnny Spasm

I’d love it if the last 8 discs were issued by themselves.


I just ordered my copy from importcds.It will be shipped next Friday April 3.Can’t wait!! This box set looks amazing.

Bruce Padgett

My copy is also preparing for shipment to the USA. Fingers crossed the package isn’t damaged and automatically returned like the one which had the Tears For Fears SFTBC box set. Ouch.

Larry Davis

Yeah Bruce, my TFF box was damaged & returned before it arrived…shipper was ASDI (no clue who they are) and when I click on the order, it says in bold letters “Can’t Be Delivered”…but it was redispatched on March 19 and Amazon UK says it’s to arrive on April 8…hope the Donna box is both delivered & undamaged… wonder which will arrive first?? Says Donna is to arrive April 11…fingers crossed…

Bruce Padgett

I was never given the option of redelivery, alas. DHL was the carrier. During an online chat Amazon UK informed me that due to the pandemic, they were reprioritizing deliveries and therefore could not refill physical media orders which had been damaged.
Glad your TFF is on the way. Maybe another pressing after the crisis perhaps? In the meantime, you stay safe and enjoy Roland, Curt, and Donna.


Hey Larry, my Donna Summer box is on the way from Amazon UK. Same for my TFF box of SFTBC. Hopefully no damage. Problem is that it is all shipped to my office in NYC and with the coronavirus, I’m working from home in NJ!! Utter torture that my box sets are being delivered into the world’s epicenter of corona. I’m not driving into that virus trap to pick up my boxes. I have plenty at home so I am uploading everything into iTunes for my Sonos. I now hit the limit of songs on Sonos!! I had no idea there was a limit. Does anyone know a work-around? This is very disappointing.

Larry Davis

Well, my payment was collected on the box but still not dispatched…hope I don’t get screwed out of this box with the new restriction…I did preorder it when it was first announced from Amazon UK…if I do & money refunded, I will chalk it up and reorder from Amazon US cuz this box looks nice…simple in design but very effective & attractive… inside sliding out, book sitting on top of thick foam & 4 pockets of CD stacks, gatefolds when original albums were double LPs…I kinda wish the double CDs were singles with enough space for it all, with remaining freed 8 discs filled with missing stuff, BUT aesthetically, I can see why they did it the way they did…the pluses outweigh the minuses by a lot…thanks for that video Paul…looks very much worth the money…


Thank you so very much for this video, Paul! As I live in Canada, I still have to wait till late next week for my box set to arrive. As most of us are locked away in our homes, watching the unhappy news of the world, your video was a huge bright spot in an otherwise sad and crappy day. Video looked great and I’m so grateful for the time you took and the detail you captured. I can’t tell you how happy this made me! Cheers mate!


Got mine today, its lovely. I love the box, can’t wait to read the book. We’ll done all involved.

Frank B

Can’t wait to get mine!!!


Very sad loss to the music industry. She had just returned to the recording studio with David Foster at the helm when she died.


Very nice! I already own all of her albums, including some of the Japanese SHM CDs and the post-Casablanca box set – which is enough for me. So, no double dip this time.

Valentin Gallego

Hi, I made my order on January 27 (2 copies) one of them to give it away. Tuesday comes to Spain. Thanks Paul for the video, thanks

mino Gagliardi

Why not a normal cd boxset? It’s too big

Steven Roberts

It did occur to me watching the video that this might have been better presented as a longbox like the Dylan or Elvis box sets – not crazy about having to lift out CDs out of the box to get to the CD I actually want to play.


Hi. Not for me though this is a nice set for sure . Paul did cds all arrive blemish free ? Just out of curiosity !

Pierre P.

Thanks Paul, super video. Ordered from Amazon.UK and should arrived in Canada on 30 march.

Steven Roberts

I didn’t think Amazon were currently shipping internationally?


There are other places to buy the set that ship to the U.S, and at a reasonable price. Try cd imports.


you are lucky now its bloked order for canada with the corona virus all amazon now blok music order so sad.

Derek Langsford

I have just a couple of best ofs (The Journey and Dance Collection) and had convinced myself that I wouldn’t listen to this set if I got it. It’s way more Donna than I need. But the unboxing video started to lure me in. But I really must resist…… The Amazon UK price is attractive for outside the EU (£170 – £35 VAT = £135+£3.08 postage) but then I saw the “This item does not ship to the United States. Learn more.”

Seems like Amazon UK are not allowing some discounted items to ship to the US. This is the first boxed set that I’ve seen with that restriction. I am not going to pay £228 to get it from Amazon US. The restriction makes the decision for me (£138.08 v. approximately £232). Makes me think they are curtailing the ability of US buyers to get items more cheaply from Amazon UK than Amazon US or reducing their postage losses on heavier items. It will hurt when a box I really want is subject to this restriction.

As I wrote above, this is more Donna than I need ……….really.


I’m in the US and pre-ordered this from Amazon UK before they offered it anywhere else, and they haven’t cancelled it yet, but they haven’t shipped it either. Do we think they’re likely to do so?

Wm H

I’m from the USA, my pre-order shipped yesterday.


You should be fine. If you have online banking, check and see if there’s an entry for amazon.uk. They’re probably preparing your order and you’ll get an email soon. I didn’t receive my “shipped” email until early this morning, and I ordered the box set the day it went on sale.

Bryan Greiner

Same here. I checked the order status and it’s still active and unshipped. The only note I see is on the original listing of, “Currently unavailable for delivery to your region due to high demand. We are working to resume delivery as soon as possible.”

Derek Langsford

All items in my basket are not available to be shipped to the USA from Amazon UK right now: “Currently unavailable for delivery to your region due to high demand. We are working to resume delivery as soon as possible.”

So I assume this is all Coronavirus related and things will get back to normal when we emerge from the current situation.


thanks for your message i gave same problem for amazon uk and amazon fr its really the conora virus the problem hope soon are back normal for amazon its sound really with just amazon this problem .


Well, they charged me for it on 25 March but haven’t shipped it yet. Something else I preordered was charged on 27 March and shipped today, so I don’t know what’s going on. I get that it’s not the most important thing in the world, but a little more transparency would be nice.


Thanks Paul. That was interesting. Mine has been dispatched. I bought the Dead Or Alive from the Demon as well. Which was fine after they replaced the discs. The Donna Summer box looks OK. The artwork on the covers looks a little dull. The smh cd’s from Japan & the Donna boxset from 2014 look a lot better. The albums however with Moroder are top shelf which is why I bought this.

I hope if Demon release any more Donna Summer they will include the version of MacArthur Park without the suite. It was released in Germany on 12″ at the time. Plus some of the other Casablanca mixes that are not included here. And the Unconditional Love 12″. Thank you.


Wow im not watching that video! Waiting for my copy shipped yesterday bur the thumbnail is very promising. Hiw amazing would it be if it was glittery or glossy Monet-like particles on front?


my copy is arriving today! :-) Summer arriving early ;-)


Thanks Paul, great video, I can’t wait to receive my copy!


the design is really nice! There are some odds and ends that are still missing though.
the content that is presented also is not always correct – here are some observations:
Here are my observations:
The 7” Single Versions CD 1: Winter Melody, Once Upon A Time and Sunset People are new edits from the recent Ultimate Collection, LTLY is the first released 3:20 demo version from before the album version was recorded

The 7” Single Versions CD 2: Stop Look And Listen – this is obscure – they included a single edit that was only ever released in Holland on the 12″ of People People – it is unlike the Remixed Edit from the UK/Europe or the album edit from the US.

The 12” Single Versions CD 1: Love To Love You Baby (Come Dancing Version) – is a new recreation that comes fairly close but has some wrong edits in the last part of the song, Could It Be Magic (12″ Single Version) – is the regular album version with Prelude To Love before, Hot Stuff is the regular US 12″ Version that is faded at 6:40 – not the longer UK 12″ mix, SWHFTM – this is the 6:01 Special Club mix – not the long version that runs 6:15 – it ommits a additional instrumental part with horns before the last chrorous repeats

The Remixes CD 1: State Of Independence (12″ Millenium Mix) – This is a pleasent suprise – i don’t think this version was released before – longer than the millenium mix from the MCD, IFL (MAW 86th street mix) – is the 6 min version from the MCD

The Remixes CD 2: IFL (Rollo & Sister Bliss Mix) – the 6 min version from the MCD, State Of Independence (Creation Mix Edit) – the regular mix with an early fade out, Working The Midnight Shift (Holy Ghost Remix) – no Donna Vocals

Non-Studio Album Singles + Extended Mixes CD 1: Does He Love You? – album version

Non-Studio Album Singles + Extended Mixes CD 2: With Your Love – the full length extended version, My Life (Junior Vasquez Private Collection Mix – Long Edit) – this runs 6:16 and is differently edited/has different ellements than the 7:20 version that was leaked before.


U know Someone once swore blind to me that Stop Look And Listen was only ever an LP Version and had never been tweaked once.
I thought differently.
There’s still nothing very new about this set though.