SDEtv / Frankie Goes To Hollywood: Pleasuredome ‘art of the album’

Frankie Goes To Hollywood‘s 1984 debut album Welcome to the Pleasuredome is reissued this week by BMG, on both vinyl LP and CD. These special editions are dubbed ‘art of the album’ and contain new notes. The CD also comes packaged as a casebound book. SDE takes a look at both formats in this unboxing video…

Welcome to the Pleasuredome is reissued on 27 October 2017.

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Frankie Goes to Hollywood

Welcome to the Pleasuredome - 2LP vinyl


Compare prices and pre-order

Frankie Goes to Hollywood

Welcome to the Pleasuredome - CD edition


LP – 180g Double Vinyl LP & Booklet


  1. well…
  2. The World Is My Oyster
  3. snatch of fury (stay)
  4. Welcome To The Pleasuredome


  1. Relax (come fighting)
  2. War (…and hide)
  3. Two Tribes (for the victims of ravishment)


  1. Ferry (Go)
  2. Born To Run
  3. San Jose (The Way)
  4. Wish (The Lads Were Here)
  5. Ballad Of 32


  1. Krisco Kisses
  2. Black Night White Light
  3. The Only Star In Heaven
  4. The Power Of Love
  5. Bang

CD – in Deluxe Hardback Cover & 28-page Booklet

  1. The World Is My Oyster
  2. including well… and snatch of fury (stay))
  3. Welcome To The Pleasuredome
  4. Relax (come fighting)
  5. War (…and hide)
  6. Two Tribes
  7. for the victims of ravishment
  8. Ferry (Go)
  9. Born To Run
  10. San Jose (The Way)
  11. Wish (The Lads Were Here)
  12. including The Ballad Of 32
  13. Krisco Kisses
  14. Black Night White Light
  15. The Only Star In Heaven
  16. The Power Of Love
  17. bang



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Paul Rymer

Looks like A Secret Wish by Propaganda is getting similar treatment.

Douglas Bailey

Quick follow-up: TT-DR Offline 1.4 (the only version I can find) says the 1984 CD has DR 12, while the 2017 CD has DR 15. Obviously there’s more to the listening experience than just dynamics, but I’m still struck by how unusual it is to get a remaster that’s *more* dynamic than the 1980s original release.


Thanks for your comments.


I appreciate your comments as well. I just received the CD book bound format yesterday and indeed, the packaging is very nice. I was afraid however that the audio on my disc was in error. Mine sounds muddy and muffled. I compared this new disc’s “San Jose” to the original ZTT/Island disc and to the Salvo reissue, and both of those sound much brighter and sharper and with more separation. The high end is almost completely gone on this new version and it sounds distractingly muffled. I wondered if I got a defective disc or if this mastering was intentional and deemed an improvement over the previous versions. I’m curious if your disc (and others who purchased it) sounds muffled as well..? (I haven’t compared each track, but chose San Jose, as I figured it’s minimal instrumentation might reveal more in terms of the new mastering. And it did).

Douglas Bailey

This release is a new master of the album (or, at least, it’s not the same master as the 1985 ZTT/Island CD, the 2009 ZTT Japan/Third-Ear CD, or the 2010 ZTT/Salvo CD, the three that I had for comparison). There are no mastering credits, as has been true of every release I’ve ever seen.

Surprisingly, and pleasingly, the 2017 CD is the most dynamic version of the four, with lots of headroom for peaks; it’s less compressed even than the 1985 disc. I don’t have a tool for generating DR numbers, but where the 1984 CD has average RMS level -14.2 dB and peak 0.0 dB, the 2017 disc has average RMS level -18.5 dB and peak -0.2 dB. (I don’t include the 2009 or 2010 CDs, which are both wildly-overcompressed hot messes.)

No loudness war here! Excellent stuff, and a re-issue that’s actually worth buying for an improvement in the sound of the album itself.


The packaging of the cd looks great. I wish more record companies would do this. A casebound book is more solid than a digipack. I think that I am going to purchase this one, although I have this album already on cd.

The cd that I have is the “misprint” from 1985 :


I just checked out this album on discogs. Is this cd version the same as the 2010 Remaster ?


If only they would do a 5.1 mix

Steven Roberts

There was a 5.1 SACD done a few years back of the hits – Rage Hard: The Sonic Collection. Not the full Pleasuredome album, but still….


Pointless reissue series, obviously invented by some corporate suits who have no interest in music outside of their 9 to 5 job.


Well.. the record is perfection.

Ant that print.. is POS !

David M

Isn’t the album just a case of 4 brilliant singles and a bunch of hastily recorded filler?

Martyn Alner

Not really – although there is some ‘crud’ in there, and probably too many covers, there are highlights such as ‘only Star in Heaven’ and ‘Black night White light’ which are fab.

Single album probably would have been better than double when it was originally conceived, but hey this is Frankie – always go large!

Chris Squires

What wouldn’t just about any artist give for that on an album? It may be true, to a certain extent but as a singular artistic creation it IS a brilliant album and bar a very few in the history of time MOST albums are just that, 1 or 2 (not 4) brilliant / decent singles and the rest not quite there. Particularly if you are not a mega-fan of that artist or group and haven’t devoured the whole album….

To me the most truthful, yet derogatory statement one can make about Welcome to the Pleasuredome is that it could have been a Monster single album.

I have been having a Frankie Weekend and watched their 2004 (?) performance for the Prince’s Trust which was part of a Trevor Horn spectacular and their set was utterly awesome with Ryan Molloy replacing Holly. The driving bass was sensational. If they had toured like this it would have been a “must see”. As part of the same show the Buggles rendition of “Video Killed the Radio Star” bought tears to my eyes. It was perfect. Particularly using the original backing singers.

If you haven’t seen it, it’s very worth it.

David Cornyn

Look, I quite like the album – who doesn’t? But there’s flogging a dead horse and then there’s Welcome to the Pleasuredome reissues. Unbelievable.


as a collector, i’m getting it for the book.

already have the cd multiple times.



What is the point of this release? All you get is a couple of added sheets of paper extra – WOW!


Pointless. Not what any FGTH collector wants.


The CD is pretty cool, actually. For someone like me who doesn’t care at all for this band the lack of extra material is not bothering, and it might be a valid option to get a classic 80s album in a nicely designed packaging. Also the cover print is a great idea, every vinyl LP should come with one, so you can have it framed without having to buy a spare copy of the album, or giving up to the actual sleeve. Are there already other releases planned in this “art of the album” series?

Andrew Robinson

With the double CD 25th anniversary version still available on Amazon for just 34p more, this starts to look a lot like a rip-off. It’s telling that BMG failed to deliver anything at all to people who were promised an ‘access pass’ as part of the deal, and deleted the whole comments page there!


Seems Pledge can do as they like on some releases. Oh, it’s not relevant so we think we will remove it now! This release is just another ZTT masterstroke! This really did not need releasing again, and I am a massive FGTH fan!!


Don’t think ZTT had much to do with this.

Besides, I’m still holding out for a remaster of the original cd version.

Carl Homes

I remember back in the day i had to buy this on vinyl because i didn’t have enough pocket money for the cd as it was twice as much. Now 30 odd years later it seems the roles have reversed and the cd has become the poor mans choice!.

How times have changed.
(I still don’t have enough pocket money though)

Chris Marsh

Nice to know that ‘the poor man’s choice’ is vastly superior in sound quality :-)


I don’t know when this first came out on CD, but if it was 1984 CD players were hideously expensive then, never mind CDs. I bought this on vinyl because I couldn’t afford the player, not the CD! I never did get around to buying the CD until the Salvo 2 disc version this century, even though I bought my first CD player in 1985…


That made me chuckle. I doubt they were much cheaper in 85 than in 84. How much did you pay ?

elliott buckingham

ill stick with my white vinyl version that was cheaper than this without the booklet. is it another remaster or a previous version