SDEtv / Full House: The Very Best Of Madness / pop-up vinyl unboxed!

SDE opens up the new four-LP ‘pop-up’ vinyl edition of Full House: The Very Best Of Madness. Watch the unboxing video…

Full House: The Very Best Of Madness is out now.

Full House: The Very Best Of Madness 

01. The Prince
02. One Step Beyond
03. My Girl
04. Bed And Breakfast Man
05. Night Boat To Cairo
06. Madness
07. Baggy Trousers
08. Embarrassment
09. The Return Of The Los Palmas 7
10. Grey Day
11. Shut Up
12. It Must Be Love
13. Cardiac Arrest
14. House Of Fun
15. Driving In My Car
16. Our House
17. Tomorrow’s (Just Another Day)
18. Wings Of A Dove
19. The Sun And The Rain
20. Michael Caine
21. One Better Day
22. Uncle Sam
23. Yesterday’s Men
24. (Waiting For) The Ghost Train
25. Sarah’s Song
26. Lovestruck
27. Johnny The Horse
28. Drip Fed Fred
29. Simple Equation
30. Girl Why Don’t You
31. NW5
32. Dust Devil
33. Forever Young
34. Sugar And Spice
35. My Girl 2
36. Never Knew Your Name
37. How Can I Tell You?
38. Misery
39. La Luna
40. Mr. Apples
41. Can’t Touch Us Now
42. Another Version Of Me


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Peter Muscutt

How many people will purchase two copies though, one to keep in the record box/on the shelf to play and another to have permanently ‘popped up’ (oo-er missus) as a display piece!


Like something designed for a five year old.

David McIntyre

Thats in the xmas stocking. Great for the car. I do have to say that I rate the Liberty of Norton Folgate as a Madness classic, right up there with their earlier material from the early 1980’s

Marshall Gooch

Call me old school but I’ll stick with Complete Madness (“as seen on TV”). That’s a tight 16 track LP that, although it uses shortened versions of some songs, is indeed “all killer, no filler.”


More of a slightly-stick-out than a pop-up

Paul E.

More of an “Our house, in the middle of our gatefold” actually.

Mark Jensen

Thanks for the video. I think the packaging is pretty cool, and I would have bought this, if only it included their version of “Sweetest Girl”. Perhaps it is silly, but I love it, and I’ve purchased too many Madness “best of” collections that don’t include this track and it is frustrating, so I’ve vowed not to buy another unless it is on there.

andrew R

ps Thank goodness for Paul’s site as i would have probably bought sight unseen and regretted it!

andrew R

Actually thought this would be a very interesting piece of cover art.
It left me rather underwhelmed ! No sale sorry .


Give Madness their Brit Award! Unbelievable that such an iconic band with so much sold 45s in the 80s have not been awarded yet! I am a big Madness follower for years, collecting madness releases from all over the world. Will wait until price drops sometime. Thanks for the video.


Perhaps the Brits can award Depeche Mode at the same time.


After track 25 not much of a greatest hits !

Chris Squires

That’s harsh :-) . There are 1000s of artists who would give their right leg for Madness’s back catalogue of hits. How many would run out of “hits” way before getting to 25.
Anyway, this is a “best of” not a greatest hits and what counts as a hit in the last 15 years as the charts have died a death and it’s all pretty much meaningless now. Their last album was a cracker and as good as much of their early stuff (although different).
It would be as easy to say about any greatest hits package that “Not much of a greatest hits after track 3”.

Or did I miss the intended humour?


Most musicians would die to have a greatest hits with ONE track on it!

Marcel Rijs

I have to say this looks very disappointing for a pop-up. They should have studied Michael Jackson’s amazing pop-up cd edition of ‘Dangerous’… now that was truly a work of art!

Chris Squires

I must admit, I was slightly disappointed, not in the record itself as it is superb and exactly how “best ofs” can and should be done. It is the actual package overall that disappoints. I genuinely do not like more than one record per sleeve. I cite Wingspan as my previous experience of 4 slabs of vinyl crammed into two slots. I don’t even like three into two, such as Japan – Quiet Life. I like it like Robbie Williams did Rudebox or The Game of Thrones season six soundtrack. Make it three panels for three LPs and anything above that should be in a box or large sleeve like most others seem to do (Pure McCartney or Before the Dawn). I put all my vinyl into Mobile Fidelity inners and it’s a tight fit with 4 sleeves into 2 slots

The pop-up is nice but slightly underwhelming with only two sections however it is still imaginative and at around the £40 mark (and less if you snagged one during the Am.De 3 für 2, about £29 if you priced the other two items right).

So it’s an 9 out of 10 for me. Very, very good, just a bit more effort on the actual cover configuration.