SDEtv / Jethro Tull: Aqualung four-disc 40th anniversary ‘adapted’ edition


Check out this video of the recently issued Jethro Tull Aqualung ‘adapted’ edition. This set is a great value repackage of the expensive 2011 40th anniversary box set.

As you can see the label have done a great job of repurposing all the text and images from the original package.

This new 2CD+2DVD edition of Aqualung is out now.


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Whodathunkit. We’re all united here that the Tull deluxe reissues — no vinyl, no trinkets, no box even, minimal video, and not even the original mixes! — have been terrific and that we’re actually thinking of upgrading TAAB which is already in this format but isn’t quite uniform because it’s only 2 disk not 4. If we’re in THAT space, we’re hooked. Now that’s success. Congratulations, Ian, Steve and your team, for making 40 year old recordings matter again.

Paul Kent

I also got mine last week and, just like the rest of these sets, it looks and sounds wonderful. It goes to show that high quality deluxe editions, with a wealth of content, can be made available at affordable prices when you leave out the vinyl, repro memorabilia and the ubiquitous – and completely superfluous – “tote bag”! Let’s hope they do continue right through to “Roots To Branches”.


Got mine last week. VERY pleased.
I agree that Blu-Ray would be far preferred to DVD’s as the hi-res media…but that’s quibbling.
So happy to hear “Stand Up” is next up. Next to “Aqualung” that’s the LP in their discography most in need of a SW remix.
Would be nice if “This Was” & “Benefit” would be re-done in this fashion. The “TAAB” release, with it’s mastering problems similar to those that plagued “Aqualung” would be a nice re-do as well.
Might as well get ’em all right & uniform. ;-)


Love the speedy approach taken with this video!

Colin H

Can anyone give an idea of whether the sound really is distinctly ‘better’ than the original version/packaging of this set? (Personally, I don’t have access to 5.1 etc so I’m just talking about the stereo mixes.)

As to the question of adding video to future Stand Up and/or Benefit repackagings, the former would be a wonderful opportunity to license in the many 1969-70 French TV appearances, and the Swedish TV ‘To Be Sad Is A Mad Way To Be’/’Back To The Family’ would make perfect sense as well (as would the two half-hour Swedish radio concerts, from one of which the above two TV tracks derive). The Carnegie Hall live recording, featured on the original deluxe Stand Up release really belongs to the Benefit era, but at the time the Stand Up deluxe edition was released I suspect no one involved expected it to become an album by album series.

In an ideal world, they would licence in the 1970 Tanglewood concert from Wolfgang’s Vault for a Benefit add-on DVD, or the Beat Club live performances of ‘With You There To Help Me’/’By Kind Permission Of’ (both available on an official concert collection of German TV appearances), adding the Beat Club version of ‘Witches Promise’ (unavailable elsewhere).

The trouble is, these box sets – while fantastic in terms of booklets, mixing and the wealth of relevant unreleased/non LP audio content – have been lean on DVD video content, only going with what is already owned by Chrysalis (as was), or the band, hence only one or two snippets of DVD video per release.

I suspect that Jethro Tull fans in general are relaxed about this, but the big test will come with the eventual ‘Songs From The Wood’ deluxe edition. I have a feeling that most fans will EXPECT this to come with the so-far-unreleased BBC TV ‘Sight & Sound In Concert’ from 1977.


I’ve got to be honest – I want all the Tull albums up to and including Roots and Branches in this format.

And at risk of being redundant and taking things off-topic – THIS IS WHAT SHOULD NE HAPPENING TO BOWIE’S ALBUMS.

Tull are doing it right here, a high watermark, imo.


No no no, I don’t want to see this video! One of the joys of the JT reissues is opening the book and exploring them for yourself. They’re always sooooooo good.

This fills in the gap as far as I’m concerned. I’m not going to buy the Stand Up or Benefit repackaging (Benefit’s coming, right?) just for the book. Let’s see something new in both of those — for instance a fourth disk DVD of live footage/promos for Stand Up. Benefit will be more of a challenge.

But most of all. ROLL ON “Heavy Horses” — perhaps my favorite Tull album. This is going to be fantastic in 5.1.

Stuart T

This is currently available for £19.59 on Music Magpie but they are currently having a ‘20% off everything’ promotion until midnight Monday 2nd May, making the actual price £15.67 – cheaper than the cheapest current amazon site and no postage to pay either! You just need to enter a promotion code ‘MAYDAY20’ – 20% off offer ends today though.


Aqualung and Minstrel are my first 2 Tull classics in this format. I would have preferred the blu-ray to DVD but in a blind test could I tell the difference? I’ll never know; I’ll just enjoy what I have. The prior blu-ray was glitchy, and those glitches have been corrected per SW, so this is the best it’s ever been.


Hi. Question about the price comparison tool. I was to understand this tool was going to update prices live. If so why are prices higher when you go to the site? I assume that I got the info wrong? This is not a complaint just a confused enquiry


Ah thanks for that Paul. Handy to know and keep in mind. Wasn’t aware of that


Where to download that price comparison tool?

Pete F

Very nice set indeed. I received my copy last week from Amazon .ca (CAN$34)


I’d like to see an SE of Anderson’s quite brilliant Walk Into Light – An unjustly neglected amalgam of synth-pop and folk. Any Tull experts able to say what extra there would be to be added?


Appreciate the video Paul, thanks! I think this Tull series is the best value for reissuing new mixes (2.0 & 5.1), while providing great liner notes and plenty of discs. My only complaint would be that these sets should use a Blu-ray instead of 2 DVDs, only because I’d rather have the higher resolution audio formats. Looking forward to Tull’s “Stand Up” later this year too. :-)


I own many ‘hi-res’ music Blurays and DVDs. I have never noticed any difference in reproduction quality.

Julian H

DVD-A or normal DVD-V?


I wish this were under $20 at Amazon USA. It’s over $30 now.

Michel D.

In the latest Steven Wilson’s newsletter, he said that Stand Up is the next one to be released in that format and should be out by the end of the year.


I would really like Heavy Horses to be given this deluxe and 5.1 treatment.

Bryan K.

11/18! Finally announced.


Quality package that puts the vastly overpriced previous edition to shame, especially considering the multiple glitches that made it through quality control.

DJ Berexa

I’d love to see him reissue Songs From The Wood. I think that’s one of Tull’s best and an underated album. DJ Berexa Pgh PA


Agreed – love SFTW!