SDEtv / Keith Richards: Talk is Cheap

Keith Richards‘ debut solo album Talk is Cheap has just been reissued as a 30th anniversary deluxe edition. Check out this SDEtv unboxing video for a close-up view of this set and you can decide for yourself if it’s worth shelling out around £100 for the hefty package.

Talk is Cheap is out now.


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[…] Mega deal on last year’s Keith Richards box. This is a 2LP+2CD+2 x 7″ single set. Watch the SDE unboxing video. […]

Mickey P.

“How I Wish” could have been a Stones classic. Open G tuning, grooves the whole time.

Interesting note…..any of you own “Steels Wheels” from the Rolling Stones? Look at the writing credits for “Almost Here You Sigh.” They include Steve Jordan. It’s because the tune was an outtake from the “Talk Is Cheap” recording sessions. I am glad it was saved for the Stones because it’s one of their most underrated ballads.

Sherry T

I was disappointed with the quality, and, most of all, the quality of the bonus tracks. I have a TV interview with Keith and Bob Coburn that took place soon after the album came out. Keith said that the band cut over 40 songs for the album. He was working on the last one with Steve Jordan, when Keith turned to Steve and said, “Man, we’ve written more than 40 tracks, I don’t know what else to write about.” Steve turned to Keef and said, “When in doubt, write about Mick.” And that’s how “You Don’t Move Me” came about…….the very last track written and recorded for “Talk Is Cheap.” If Keef and Steve were able to come up with a song of that quality after having already completed over 40 tracks, I have to believe there were better songs than the 6 that were put on the bonus disc still hanging around the vault. Moreover, there should’ve been more than 6 songs put on the bonus disc. At least 12 to 15. Again, Keith said these tunes were not just written but committed to tape. And if they needed to touch up some of the leftovers, they could’ve easily done it in a studio. I did very much enjoy the sonic upgrade of the CD. It sounds wonderful. But this bonus disc…….very much like the bonus discs on the deluxe editions of the Rolling Stones albums. Not enough songs – especially for Some Girls. I have probably 24 other Some Girls outtakes that are release quality from those sessions that Mick chose to keep in the vaults. I mean, that situation was so pathetic that they tried to fool Stones fans into believing that “We Had It All” was a Some Girls outtake (it was an Emotional Rescue leftover) and that their great cover of “Tallahassee Lasse” was recorded during the Some Girls sessions as well (it was actually recorded at RCA Studios in L.A. after the Some Girls tour). They laid down a number of tracks during that time that have never seen the light of day. This was before they started recording Emotional Rescue.


Just listened to the 2 CD version. I think this album is even better than I remembered. The bonus tracks are pretty cool, especially “My Babe.” Keith sounds like he is having fun. Wish the Stones would play “Take It So Hard” – seems tailor-made for them. As for Robert’s assessment of “Talk Is Cheap” below, perhaps we are listening to different albums? And “faux-funk bass runs?” I’m assuming that line is targeting “Big Enough.” Bootsy Collins is “faux-funk?” C’mon, man!?


I’ve listened to the remastered CD version of this, and my thoughts now are pretty much what they were when ‘Talk is Cheap’ first came out. The first three tracks should have been part of a Stones album, along with a few of the better numbers off of ‘Steel Wheels’ and some acoustic numbers. More than anything else, what Keith and the Stones really needed back then was a producer and engineer that could capture the raw essence of the band while avoiding the cliches/trappings of late ’80s production – cavernous drum sounds, gratuitous backing vocals, fake soul, faux-funk bass runs, and all the other crud that tainted so many releases then and make them at best only semi-listenable now. Unless it was someone like Bobby Keys or Nicky Hopkins, Keith never really needed anything more than a basic rhythm section to accompany him: bass, drums and not much else. It would have been nice to hear the tracks stripped of overdubs.


Rip off pure and simple.

Tom Walsh

Hi Paul, as I was watching you take out all the gubbins from the middle(posters/lanyards/lyrics etc) I began to wonder where and who physically puts these together. I would love to see you make a video interview manufacturers : a sort of behind the scenes in the factory. As long as it doesn’t turn out that they are made by child labour in Cambodia or something,!!

Hendrik Graedtke

Ist doch alles scheisse.
Für eine LP mit ein paar jam Songs und das gleiche nochmal auf CD, 2 Poster und noch ein bisschen Schnulli dazu 100€. Geht’s noch.
Nicht falsch verstehen. Ich bin seit 1973 Stones Fan und Keith ist mein Held.
Aber seit Jahren lassen die sich immer was neues einfallen, um mit dem dem zigsten live Mitschnitt und wieder einer neuen Best of Zusammenstellung den Fans das Geld aus der Tasche zu ziehen.
Die sollen mal wieder ins Studio, wie andere Rockband und mal wieder was eigenes, neues auf die Beine stellen.
In diesem Sinne, let’s Rock

Little Helper

Rough google-translation of Hendriks message:
It’s all shit.
For a LP with a few jam songs and the same again on CD, 2 posters and a little Schnulli to 100 €. Are you crazy.
Do not get me wrong. I’ve been Stones fan since 1973 and Keith is my hero.
But for years they always come up with something new to pull the money out of their pockets with the zillion live recordings and again a new Best of compilation.
They’re supposed to be back in the studio, like other rock band and again something new to put on their feet.
In that sense, let’s rock

Paul Austin

no marbles, no sale :-).

Seriously I have loved this record since it came out. But this is a bit pricey for what it offers.


2 CD version is enough for me!

thomas solimine

Fleece the fan. Keith must need more money. Is this release to fund Mick’s heart surgery? What a joke. $125 for a few bonus tracks.

Andrew Newbury

First Stones related super deluxe item where I’ve taken a pass. Everything you need is on the two CD version. The six bonus tracks on the second CD are fine, but mainly just jams.

Charging about £600 for a signed version is just shocking.


Seems a rip-off to me. All of that music will fit on a single CD!


Great video! The product looks really nice. Physically this is one of the better box sets I have seen. Too bad there is very little value as it only has 6 bonus tracks. I won’t get this unless there is some kind of mega sale/Deal Alert and even then I may not get it. But it’s Keith Richards, he’ll sell this out without a problem.

Jarmo Keranen

New name for the super deluxe edition should be Talk Is Not Cheap!

Chris Squires

“Whether the audio justifies such an expensive, luxury presentation”

There are hundred’s of albums I would like to see done well, sadly this isn’t one of them, but it does look nice. Irrespective of the quality of the music there just isn’t enough of it to go ’round.

I hope those who get it enjoy it though, as it looks great.


I think, that this box set is very cheap if you compare it with other. One of the few where you think, really only 120bugs for such a great set?


The deluxe edition looks like a nice package for collectors. I like the 2 cd set, too, which I’ll be opting for just because of the substantially lower cost.


Great video Paul!

I got the super deluxe version and I absolutely love the physical product created. Great quality. Regarding the audio, I don’t understand why this, and the Stones proper albums, all seem to be remastered for the IPOD community.

Quite shrill and loud. I’m no audiophile by any stretch. But whatever subtlety the original recordings possessed were pretty much wiped out on the remaster.

Shamelessly quoting one of their last compilations….. GRRRRRR>>>>

Jim Vandegrift

Thanks for this. Couldn’t afford this but got the 2 CD set. Very good remastering of a great Lp.