SDEtv / Lloyd Cole in New York: unboxed

Lloyd Cole in New York: Collected Recordings 1988-1996 is Lloyd Cole‘s new six-CD solo box set and it’s released today. SDE takes the lid off the set and has a good look around via this unboxing video. Take a look…

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Lloyd Cole

Lloyd Cole in New York - 6CD box


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Lloyd Cole and the Commotions

The 2015 Lloyd Cole and the Commotions box



Lloyd Cole in New York: Collected Recordings 1988-1996

CD 1 – Lloyd Cole

1. Don’t look back
2. What do you know about love?
3. No blue skies
4. Loveless
5. Sweetheart
6. To the church
7. Downtown
8. A long way down
9. Ice cream girl
10. Undressed
11. I hate to see you doing baby that Stuff
12. Waterline
13. Mercy Killing

CD 2 – Don’t Get Weird On Me, Babe

1. Butterfly
2. There for her
3. Margo’s waltz
4. Half of everything
5. Man Enough
6. What he doesn’t know
7. Tell your sister
8. Weeping wine
9. To the lions
10. Pay for it
11. The one you never had
12. She’s a girl and I’m a man

CD 3 – Bad Vibes

1. Morning is broken
2. So you’d like to save the world
3. Holier than thou
4. Love you so what
5. Wild mushrooms
6. My Way To You
7. Too much of a good thing
8. Fall Together
9. Mister wrong
10. Seen the Future
11. Can’t get arrested

CD 4 – Love Story

1. Trigger happy
2. Sentimental fool
3. I didn’t know that you cared
4. Love ruins everything
5. Baby
6. Be there
7. Unhappy song
8. Like lovers do
9. Happy for you
10. Traffic
11. Let’s Get Lost
12. For crying out loud

CD 5 – Smile If You Want To (unreleased album)

1. Old enough to know better
2. Memphis
3. Love like this can’t last
4. No more love songs
5. Man on the verge*
6. Santa cruz
7. Alright people
8. You’re a big girl now
9. Another lover
10. 39 down
11. Went to woodstock
12. I’m gone

bonus tracks
13. Fool you are (demo)
14. Weakness

*Previously unreleased

CD 6 – Demos ’89-’94 (all previously unreleased)

1. A long way down
2. Sweetheart
3. Ice cream girl
4. Wild orphan
5. Loveless
6. What do you know about love?
7. Know you too well
8. The witching hour
9. The english weather
10. I confess
11. To the lions
12. The ship song (Nick Cave cover)
13. Pay for it
14. Weeping wine
15. The one you never had
16. Weird on Me
17. Casanova smith
18. Cold empty room
19. Everyday
20. She Loves You


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russell finch

Of the four previously released discs, it appears that one (Don’t Get Weird) has had the tiniest of EQ and level tweaks, and the other three are identical to the old discs. So If you already have those albums, Mr Cole is asking you to pay £42 for the two “bonus” discs and the box/book/poster etc. I bought a FLAC download of the whole box for £12.49 (Juno download) and feel a little hard done by, thank god I didn’t shell out £42.

Like the Commotions box, a whole lot more effort seems to have gone into the packaging, book etc than getting the discs right. A shame that Mr Cole holds the view that 25 year old CD masters can’t really be improved upon. The first 2 albums especially have always sounded a bit thin and brittle, and Bad Vibes was mastered too loud. They could have put together a great sounding box, but once again the opportunity has been missed.

Matt Thurston

So wish this box set was being released on vinyl!! Love all four of these records, especially the first two, and I badly want to read the book, but no interest in buying any more CDs. Any chance this gets a vinyl release later, or even just the albums as standalone vinyl re-releases?


I would buy this on vinyl. I already have the cd’s


The book made it for me. Interesting to read the background to the albums as I only dipped in and out of Lloyds’ first few solo albums at the time, so wasn’t reading interviews etc.
Superb package and the cds sound great.


Great box set. I’ve always admired LC and his post commotions output is highly underrated. I hope this release brings a long overdue appreciation.

I worked in a record shop in the midlands when the first solo album was released. I was playing it in store whilst helping a very nice late middle aged lady. She had bought a classical cassette which had broke and wanted to buy a replacement. I replaced it for free as we could send the faulty copy back to the distributor for a refund. She was very appreciative and asked “is this Lloyd Cole you’re listening to?” Turned out she lived next to his family in Derbyshire I think and knew them very well. A week later she came back into the shop and showed me some really nice family photos with a smiling Lloyd in them. Then she gave me a photo to keep which was a picture of Lloyd on stage. On the back was a message from his mum, thanking me for being so nice to her neighbour and for supporting her son! Lovely!


As Paul says… lovely story indeed.
As I think I already said I met Lloyd once (on the tube as he was returning from a session recording the Mainstream album) sat next to him and even though he was clearly shattered he was very chatty and friendly.

On the subject of the box:
It’s nicely put together, as with all the stuff Lloyd oversees (Cleaning out Ashtrays, the Commotions box etc) but I don’t find it quite as engaging overall as the Commotions set. I found each subsequent album to be less interesting. The eponymous album and Dont get Weird are both excellent (and up there with the Commotions work), Bad Vibes I’m starting to get more into (I bought it at the time but didn’t play it much) but Love Story and the unreleased album I found pretty forgettable. It pains me to say it as a love Lloyd’s work generally). Again I bought Love Story at the time but I think I only played it once.
I’ll give them a bit more time…


Nice one Brian :-)


Good work Paul! Love your videos. Tempted to buy this one since I listened to Lloyd Cole intensely during the 90’s. Interviewed him once as well, very nice guy. Don’t get weird on me babe is an excellent album, one of my all time favs, and both Bad vibes and Love story are underrated.


another good unboxing video, thanks.
just a short note…
this new cd cover of “lloyd cole” – X is indeed a facsimile of the original vinyl cover.


Received my box set a week or so ago (early since I ordered from Lloyd, I guess). It’s a really nice release that compliments COTA and The Commotions box sets perfectly. I appreciate that fact that Lloyd takes such care with these releases. I’d love for him to do something similar with some archival gig recordings…both with The Commotions and “solo.”

Eric – The spines of the CD sleeves do have text on them.


Thanks, @Tracey!


For the plastic sleeves Google ‘Jazz loft cd sleeves’.


Just a little off topic question for you Paul (Sorry about that).
Regarding the plastic sleeves, that you use for your CDs… Could you provide a link where I could buy these, or something similar?
I like the fact, that they apparently can hold the artwork as well as the CD.

Nice video by the way…


WAAAAY too early to speculate, but it would be cool if a similar box or boxes were planned for his subsequent ’00’s material (especially since I’ve yet to pick up physical copies of any of them) and perhaps even a reconfiguration of ‘Cleaning Out The Ashtrays’ to match. Probably wouldn’t have the economics behind it to justify it, but a boy can dream…

elliott buckingham

i remember tomorrows world saying you could smear them with jam and they would still play they lied. my laptop wont entertain a cd with a fingerprint on it


I was watching with the sound down….did I miss you mentioning if the card sleeves had proper spines with the text on them, or if they are just plain?

Must say that despite owning the original albums on CD, this is now hugely tempting. I appreciate how they’ve made every attempt to match up the dimensions of this box with the Commotions set, and also reproduced the original disc art, right down to the labels.


Received mine today , excellent set , paid £37 for mine from Amazon preorder, going to see Lloyd live at the aquarium in Lowestoft 26th of march


Looks nice. I will certainly buy it. I have the same 2 CD promo of “Don’t Get Weird…” as shown.except both discs are intact and it’s autographed.


In 30 years of buying CDs I’m pretty sure I’ve never damaged them with finger prints:)
Love the packaging of this box, looks great, I think it’s pretty good value. Haven’t checked the remastering yet.


Please, please, please stop putting your fingers on the discs (SCREAM!). It makes me cringe to think of them new with fingermarks on them. LOL. As a collector you should know that CDs and records should be handled by the edges and not by the playing surfaces. Otherwise a good review of what looks a really nice box set.


Oooh! Not a good attitude.


Francis, I can actually understand why Paul would be annoyed with your comment. You made basically the same comment in the Brett Anderson unboxing post only about 40mins earlier. You just have to bear in mind that different people handle their CD’s/DVD’S/Vinyl in different ways.


Cool video! I received my copy today. A nicely packaged set that compliments the Commotions box but once again, the postcards and poster are superfluous.