SDEtv looks back / David Bowie: Station to Station ‘ultimate fan experience’ box

Watch the unboxing video of the 2010 box set

For a change of pace, SDE looks back at a classic box set from the past. Here we feature EMI’s 2010 box set of David Bowie‘s 1976 album Station to Station. Long out-of-print, this set is a nine-disc, 5CD+DVD+3LP package. Watch the unboxing video to explore the contents…

This Station to Station box set is out of print, along with the three-CD edition. However the 2016 remaster is available on CD and vinyl, as is the Who Can I Be Now? [1974-1976] box set.

Unusually, the booklet in the big box includes full lyrics (click image to enlarge)

Station to Station box set contents

CD 1: Station to Station 2010 analogue transfer

1. Station to Station
2. Golden Years
3. Word on a Wing
4. TVC 15
5. Stay
6. Wild Is the Wind

CD 2: Station to Station 1985 CD master

CD 3: Station to Station single edits five track EP

Golden Years
TVC 15
Word on a Wing
Station to Station

CD 4 & 5: Live Nassau Coliseum ’76

1. Station to Station
2. Suffragette City
3. Fame
4. Word on a Wing
5. Stay
6. Waiting for the Man
7. Queen Bitch

1. Life on Mars?
2. Five Years
3. Panic in Detroit
4. Changes (with band intro)
5. TVC 15
6. Diamond Dogs
7. Rebel Rebel
8. The Jean Genie


Station to Station (original analogue master, 96 kHz/24 bit LPCM stereo)
Station to Station (new Harry Maslin mix, 96 kHz/24 bit DTS 5.1 surround sound mix)
Station to Station (new Harry Maslin mix, 48 kHz/24 bit Dolby Digital 5.1 AC3 surround sound mix)
Station to Station (new Harry Maslin mix, 48 kHz/24 bit LPCM stereo)

LP 1: heavyweight 12″ of Station to Station from the original stereo analogue master in replica sleeve

LP 2 & 3: heavyweight 12″s of Live Nassau Coliseum ’76 in gatefold sleeve


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[…] super deluxe edition – or make that ‘Ultimate Fan Experience’ – box set (watch the SDEtv unboxing video) and also as a three-CD deluxe package (with the Nassau ’76 concert on CDs two and […]


I remember buying this box set. Great set but let down by the fact it didn’t include the uncut “panic in detroit”.
If i were to offer advice to anybody buying the boxset in 2020, i would advise not to buy a sealed box, due to the number of sets that were internally damaged during transit. At least if you buy an “opened” box, you can view the extent of the damage inside. I had to return 2 boxes, due to large splits in the sleeves on the vinyl.

Colin T

I have this box too. The lack of anything on the box spine irritates me every time I look at it. I am glad it was mentioned, as it cries out for the red typeset.

Jeff Rougvie

A 5.1 mix of this should be amazing. It is not. In fact; without digging it out, is it indeed 5.1? IIRC, the Ziggy SACD was only a high res stereo version of a new mix, not a 5.1.

Dave H

Sorry to correct you on this but Ziggy was released on SACD with a 5.1 surround mix. I have it in front of me.

It was one of three SACD releases along with Scary Monsters and Let’s Dance. These two were stereo only but Ziggy was a hybrid Stereo/Multi-channel mix by Ken Scott.


Frank Moriarty

I just happened to have this set out last week, so quite timely to see it turn up here. One thing I’d never noticed before is that the lid’s interior foam padding seems – intentionally or not – to mimic the texture of the album cover photograph! Apologies if that was already mentioned – too many comments to read them all :-)


I have a sealed copy for sale………:-)

Mark Porter

One other detail is the on this limited release the boxes are numbered. If you look at the back of the ticket repro in the box you have your unique number. Mine is 5740

Jim May-Mileski

Good to know. I always heard they were and knew mine was legit! Thanks
Do you also know how many were printed?
Thanks Jim in The Beautiful Cascade Mountains

Dave H

This is the only David Bowie release where the 5.1 mix is only available as part of the box set. Young Americans was released as a CD plus DVD package and everything else has been released separately.

1973 Ziggy Stardust (SACD)
1974 David Live (DVD Audio)
1975 Young Americans (CD/DVD)
1978 Station To Station (CD/DVD Box Set)
1978 Stage (DVD Audio)
2002 Heathen (SACD)

It’ll be nice to hear another album with a surround mix. Let’s hope Tony Visconti is working on a 40th Anniversary edition of Scary Monsters with a 5.1 mix.

Paul H

Great idea this Paul.

I look forward to what you bring us in the forthcoming weeks.

David M

Thanks for that. I ordered from Popmarket when it was on offer, I think I never got the cancellation notice, so am still waiting for it about 8 years later!

3 disc version will have to suffice, I did put the Ryko version and the RCA one in the same box to make my own 5 disc version.

Florentino Stabile

Thanks, Paul for keeping us occupied in this crazy world full of other preoccupations and worries.
Yes, this is one of my faves. I have the 3-Cd verson but boy… if I would have the money or a bank of my own I would definitely take the plunge for this one. David Bowie was at his peak with this album and he’s had a tremendous career with a catalog and diverse styles and personas to match. The Thin White Duke was my all time fave.
God bless and be well,


I have this box, bought it two years ago at 99€ on Discogs. I lost it in a flood last year, water does not fair well with cardboard and paper. Everything got ruined by the paper and cardboard which literally melt with everything i’ the box.
Anyway, I remember being disappointed by the 5.1 mix. Nothing ever happens in the rear speakers, and the rest of the mix is no better, to my hears, than the stereo mixes available on the Cds. What I really miss are the vinyls. They were top quality and the sound was a revelation in its precision and power. All in all a very good looking box but a “meh” content for me

Jim May-Mileski

Oh something must be wrong. The mix is fantastic in surround. From the train starting up and taking off as it moves from rear left all the way around to a beautiful wall of sound punching from all directions.


A real shame they didn’t release the 5.1 mix separately. Another missed opportunity from the companies.
The title track is one of the holy three (in my opinion) from Bowie:
1. Heroes
2. Station to station
3. Ashes to ashes


What a great idea Paul, paying attention to an older SDE. I’m curious which ones you will pick next. I have to admit, I watched the unboxing video with some jealousy as I failed to buy the SDE at the time. I went for the 3cd version. The extra content didn’t speak to me and to be honest, it still doesn’t but of course as a collector I want the box now because it is ultra rare.

Purely looking at the content, if you bought the Who Can I Be Now box, you got 2 versions of the Station To Station album, plus all 5 edits, plus the Nassau concert so no one is missing out on the content. The only thing that could have been of great interest is the 5.1 mix but I have read multiple times it is a really bad mix so I’m not too bummed about not having it. I have to say that after collecting 5.1 mixes over the last 3 years, there is a huge difference between a good 5.1 mix and a bad one. When you have a bad one, you basically don’t hear it is a 5.1 mix. They should rate these mixes so you know what you are buying.

Thanks Paul, great video.

Jim May-Mileski

Yeah I’ve heard that it was bad mixes. I wish people could come over. I have many 5.1 mixes. This isn’t the best,but it stands up.


Hi Paul i bought this box for 120 euros when it was issued and was very happy with it. I get immediatly that the inside foam of the box was a reminder of the cover. Today s’ prices are too much. Your video is great too.

Matt Piper

Hi Paul. Thanks for the unboxing which was a bitter-sweet experience for me; I bought it when it came out but had to send it back to Amazon as all of the LP sleeves were split at the top due to the vinyl moving around within during handling. I didn’t re order as I guessed the next one would be just the same. Shame. I really wanted the 5.1 mix and was lucky to pick up the promo CDs and DVD on eBay for a good price. Personally, I really like the 5.1 mix by Maslin. Sure, there’s not much going on in the rears but having all the action at the front suits me. In fact, it’s one of the 5.1 mixes I play the most but that might also be because it’s such a wonderful LP.

Can I ask a favour of you? I see that you’ve taken a shot of the lyrics from the box booklet. I’ve been trying to get hold of the text in the booklet which I recall talks about the 5.1 mix and the way it was created. Any chance of taking a shot of that page too? If you can, that would be great.

Thanks and best to all.



Great video Paul. As Station To Station is my all time favourite Bowie album, I well remember taking a good long, hard look at this box when it was first released and thinking “Do I really need six ever so slightly different versions of the same album? No.” All came right in the end however with the best parts of this set included in the Who Can I Be Now? box so worth the wait!
Can I suggest Whitesnake’s magnificent Box Of Snakes (the really big SDE version) as a future unboxing video.


Highest price for the ‘super deluxe’ box version ever achieved on Discogs is £160. Those Amazon prices are way off the mark…


Great archive idea Paul, it would be good to see some of the boxsets contents I missed out on when money was in short supply and SDE’s were thin on the ground

Tim Weldon

Okay this is a random question: what’s the general opinion on how box sets like this should be stored – flat on top of each other or standing like vinyl records? Yeah I know, I’m bored!


Hey Tim,

as this particular one includes vinyl records i suppose it should be stored standing.

As for 12×12″-boxes that only contain optical discs like e.g. the first editions of “Crossroads” by Eric Clapton or “Remastered” by Led Zeppelin i think that whatever suits your storage space best is fine.

Just make sure that there aren’t too many of these lying above each other because then there is a good chance that those at the bottom will suffer from the weight pushing on them.

David Wishart

I’d enjoy more videos like these. I’m curious about what you have in your collection.

Steve W

Missed this at the time (I imagine I decided that I couldn’t afford it). Of course watching this I now want it desperately.

Richard Harris

Paul on your commentary going through the booklet you mention “lyrics” as though they’re part of this edition’s booklet. I’ve got the 1990 EMI version, the 3-CD 2010 small box and the versions in “Who Can I Be Now?” but I’ve never seen any version with lyrics printed in them. Some of the words have eluded me over the years!


To me, this is a prime example of how not to release music. Endless repeats of the same material in slightly different forms, price pushed up by vinyl that many of us don’t want, and no access to the 5.1 at a reasonable price. I passed at the time. I’d still like the 5.1, though don’t expect to ever hear it. The live show has thankfully appeared elsewhere since, making me all the more glad I skipped this.


It’s probably the Bowie album I’ve played more than any other and I’m happy with the CD I’ve had for the past 25+ years. Far too much repetition and Bowie live holds no interest whatsoever.

Dave Moore

I’m sadly missing this SDE, although recently grabbed the 3CD set for a tenner.

Thanks for a great trip back through the archives and love the site, even more so when I’m stuck inside.

Hope everyone is keeping well.


Philip John Birtwistle

Not the greatest Bowie fan, but would have loved the 5.1 mix at a sensible price!!


I have this box set. I can attest that the 5.1 mix is, unfortunately, not all that great. :/ A sensible price would have to be set quite low.


Amazing all those extra discs repeating the album and not one single outtake/demo/alternate mix! Hopefully if they do a Bowie ’75/’76 “years” boxset in 2025, we’ll get whatever was left on the cutting room floor and bits and bobs he was working on for his aborted Man Who Fell To Earth soundtrack.


Not a bad track on this. Paul, I remember downloading the uncut live “Panic In Detroit” from the included concert from somewhere, burning it, a placing it in the box. Do you know if this has ever been physically released?


There is a Panic In Detroit live on Re:Call 2. Runs at 5:49. The same?


No. It’s 13 minutes long!



Fascinating Paul. I remember buying the 1990 , I think, reissue with the 2 live tracks on & I remember the next reissue had nothing extra! Looking forward to what you do next, maybe one of the Suede boxes or the Mode “ Sounds of the Universe”big box perhaps. Anyway, keep going, love this site!!!!!


Isn’t it incredible that such a popular & creative artist released an album with only 6 songs on? Amazing, almost punk in attitude, before punk! That’s my take. It’s a very good album with some possibly career best songs: The title track, “Stay” & “Wild is the wind” namely. I highly recommend cranking up your stereo on “Station to station” on the recent “Blackout” CD issue. Phenomenal sound quality. My Wife was about at the time & her response to that “Noise” was not very polite but to me it’s audio heaven. A corker & no mistake!


Popular artists releasing an album with only 6 songs, or even less, in the 70’s? Quick and non exhaustive check in my collection :

Kraftwerk – Autobahn 1974
Kraftwerk – Die Mensch-Maschine 1977
Pink Floyd – Atom Heart Mother 1970
Pink Floyd – Meddle 1971
Pink Floyd – Wish You Were Here 1975
Pink Floyd – Animals 1977
Donna Summer – Love To Love You Baby 1975
Donna Summer – A Love Trilogy 1976
Donna Summer – Four Seasons Of Love 1976
Yes – The Yes Album 1971
Yes – Close To The Edge 1972
Yes – Tales From Topographic Oceans 1973
Yes – Relayer 1974
Isaac Hayes ‎- To Be Continued 1970
Isaac Hayes – Joy 1973
Isaac Hayes – New Horizon 1977
Isaac Hayes – For The Sake Of Love 1978
King Crimson – Lizard 1970
King Crimson – Islands 1971
King Crimson ‎– Larks’ Tongues In Aspic 1973
King Crimson – Red 1974


I stand corrected bertielgo. I only have the Kraftwerk albums from your list & forgot about those.


Sorry, Eric, but the number of songs on a vinyl lp in the 1970s hasn’t got anything to do with “punk attitude”.

For instance “Never Mind The Bollocks, Here’s The Sex Pistols” had 11 tracks, the first three records by Wire had 21, 15 and 17 tracks aso asf.

I guess what you were trying to point out was the short length of many punk tracks.


I own the 3CD set, bought around 2015/16. I was sure that the Maslin mix from the ’74-’76 box was originally featured here, but no. Why Harry Maslin made a remix of the album in 2010 and then it didn’t make the cut for this super deluxe edition?

Paul English

A nice set that I have stored behind other box sets on a shelf.
It was a Pop Market deal back in 2011.

The RCA CD was a nice touch. The live concert sounds more tolerable on the vinyl.
Agree re the annoying white spine.
Great to see and look forward to more.


Any chance of them reissuing the all analog LP? It’s a shame they didn’t include it in the Who Can I Be Now box…


Didn’t buy this at the time.
Much as I love Station to Station I wasn’t sure if I needed all the content. When I started watching the video I started to feel that I perhaps I had made the wrong decision. However, by the time I reached the end I realised that I didn’t really need it (especially when you see the current prices).

I’m very pleased to have the Harry Maslin mix from the ‘Who Can I be Now’ box. I enjoy it much more than the original mix (something I could never imagine me saying about an album I know and love so much).

The last thing I wanted to say was that many artists would love to have a single album in their career that is as good/iconic/influential as Station to Station – somehow Bowie managed to achieve this multiple times:
– Hunky Dory
– Ziggy Stardust (not an album I rate as one of his best but I know I am in the minority)
– Young Americans
– Station to Station
– Low
– Heroes
– Scary Monsters

I won’t list any of his later albums as that would cause too much debate :-)

Thanks for the video Paul – great to see what I missed.


I treasure this box set. While the reissue of the Nassau show is MUCH better, its the all analog pressing of Station to Station that makes this set irreplaceable.

Wayne C

I really enjoy watching all of the SDE unboxing videos, very entertaining and informative they are to!. I was wondering out of interest Paul, have you ever counted all of you collection of vinyl / box sets and the like and what was your first purchase?. Mine was “Heart of Glass” on 45!. Thanks Wayne


As the proud owner of a mint condition box set (I take great care of it), I am in hindsight glad I bought it when it came out! This is a 1st class SDE; my only negative comment would be the unnecessary thickness of the box…

Very enjoyable too is the 5-track “David Bowie Vs KCRW ‎– Golden Years” single released the same year to celebrate the re-issue of the album, and featuring five versions of the track: the single version followed by four remixes, done by four DJs from Los Angeles public radio station KCRW. One one those single I couldn’t resist buying both the CD and the 12″; the artwork matching the box set being greatly responsible ;-)

Tim Barton

I agree about the box size. For me, also the only gripe. Something along the lines of the Universal 12X12 boxes would have been better, but as for the contents, bandit’s the best of the Bowie reissues by far.

Ian Harris

One other thing I liked about this box set was the way the foam liner on the inside of the lid seemed to hint at the walls of the room on the album sleeve.

I don’t know if that was deliberate but I’ve always assumed it was.


Yes, I wondered why you didn’t comment on it as I thought it looked really cool. Presumably the reason the box is so thick !


I got the 3 cd box at the time. As others have said, the transfer of the album is beautiful… the compression on the live discs is grating. But I still was amazed by the concert itself, having never heard it before.
The big box still seems poor value to me.
But what of that remixed version on the dvd. I guess that came out on the 2016 box, but is it of any interest?

Derek Langsford

Having moved from the UK to US and found how American’s butcher British place names (War-chester-shire being a favo(u)rite), it is fun to hear Brits mispronounce North American names.

Nassau in the Bahamas is pronounced “Nass-awe.”

Thanks for keeping SDE going during these very strange times.


Having moved from France to the Netherlands in the mid 90’s to work for the design department of a multinational corporation with 35 different nationalities, I realized how beautiful it is to hear so many accents when people all use English as a business language – allowing them to work together even when coming from over the world.

Al C.

Mr. Langsford – as a local who has visited the Coliseum in question numerous times, I was going to make my own attempt at a phonetic spelling. I was thinking along the lines of “Naa-Saw”, with the first syllable being as nasal as possible (to the point of being grating to British ears, I’m sure!)
Mr. Sinclair – love your website. Check it nearly every day. Keep up the good work. Cheers!

Matthew Grice

Hi Paul, I remember buying this for £85 from Hmv. Those were the days! Still ruing the day I cancelled my Five Years vinyl box set on pre-order though……

Mad Earwig

One of my favourite Bowie albums (along with Low and Heroes) the title track is one I will stop what I am doing and just turn it up and listen.

While I do not pretend to understand some of the religious undertones of the lyrics, it is the song construction that just intrigues me, the lyrics, the percussion, the chord changes and the way it is put together still resonate every time I play it. (I think I will go play it again)

Also love ‘Wild Is The Wind’ and ‘Word On A Wing’ both beautifully timeless.

I have the 2010 3 CD set as I wanted the live double that came with it, which was then duplicated in the box set but my love of the album prevents me from selling the duplication.

Mark Jensen

The 2010 3cd box can still be found for less than $30 used and is by far the current cheapest way to get a decently mastered cd version of this album. The live cds are horribly compressed, but the main album sounds very nice – it’s really too bad they didn’t just use this version for the 2016 box.

eric slangen

I bought this when it came out and glad I did.
One of my best boxes. Wish they did every album this way.

Mr X

Btw, did anyone else see townsend music’s poor excuse for an April Fool?

The Bowie covers LP?

Chris Lancaster

Do you mean the ‘Under the Covers’ LP? If so, that’s not an April Fool; it’s been out on CD for a while.

Steve Williams

No that was real, along with a GnR version of the same. There’s a ton of Bowie live and demo stuff on that website.


Did you mean the new clear double vinyl “Under The Covers” release? That came out on CD this time last year.

Mr X

Those prices for the deluxe set are insane!
(Glad I got it as a leaving present from a previous job!)

Mark G

I thought it ironic that the “Single Edits” CD didn’t include “Wild is the Wind” which was a UK hit single, some time after the fact. OK, it wasn’t edited from the original, but still.