SDEtv / Lou Reed: The RCA and Arista Album Collection / unboxing video


SDE unboxes Sony’s Lou Reed The RCA & Arista Album Collection, a 17CD collection which was released last Friday.

This set contains 16 albums on CD and is presented in a large format, 12″ x 12″ deluxe box which includes, book, poster, etc. But, hey, rather than reading this, check out the video below!

This box is out now. A six-LP vinyl edition of The RCA & Arista Album Collection will be issued on 18 November.



  • 1. Lou Reed (April 1972)
  • 2. Transformer (November 1972)
  • 3. Berlin (July 1973)
  • 4. Rock n Roll Animal (live – February 1974)
  • 5. Sally Can’t Dance (August 1974)
  • 6. Metal Machine Music (July 1975)
  • 7. Coney Island Baby (December 1975)
  • 8. Rock and Roll Heart (October 1976)
  • 9. Street Hassle (February 1978)
  • 10. Lou Reed Live  Take No Prisoners (2 CDs – November 1978)
  • 11. The Bells (April 1979)
  • 12. Growing Up in Public (April 1980)
  • 13. The Blue Mask (February 1982)
  • 14. Legendary Hearts (March 1983)
  • 15. New Sensations (April 1984)
  • 16. Mistrial (June 1986)

Disc: 1
1. I Can’t Stand It
2. Going Down
3. Walk and Talk It
4. Lisa Says
5. Berlin
6. I Love You
7. Wild Child
8. Love Makes You Feel
9. Ride Into the Sun
10. Ocean

Disc: 2
1. Vicious
2. Andy’s Chest
3. Perfect Day
4. Hangin’ ‘Round
5. Walk On the Wild Side
6. Make Up
7. Satellite of Love
8. Wagon Wheel
9. New York Telephone Conversation
10. I’m So Free
11. Goodnight Ladies

Disc: 3
1. Berlin
2. Lady Day
3. Men of Good Fortune
4. Caroline Says I
5. How Do You Think It Feels
6. Oh Jim
7. Caroline Says II
8. The Kids
9. The Bed
10. Sad Song

Disc: 4
1. Intro / Sweet Jane
2. Heroin
3. White Light / White Heat
4. Lady Day
5. Rock ‘N’ Roll

Disc: 5
1. Ride Sally Ride
2. Animal Language
3. Baby Face
4. N.Y. Stars
5. Kill Your Sons
6. Ennui
7. Sally Can’t Dance
8. Billy

Disc: 6
1. Metal Machine Music, Pt. 1
2. Metal Machine Music, Pt. 2
3. Metal Machine Music, Pt. 3
4. Metal Machine Music, Pt. 4

Disc: 7
1. Crazy Feeling
2. Charley’s Girl
3. She’s My Best Friend
4. Kicks
5. A Gift
6. Ooohhh Baby
7. Nobody’s Business
8. Coney Island Baby

Disc: 8
1. I Believe In Love
2. Banging On My Drum
3. Follow the Leader
4. You Wear It So Well
5. Ladies Pay
6. Rock and Roll Heart
7. Chooser and the Chosen One
8. Senselessly Cruel
9. Claim to Fame
10. Vicious Circle
11. A Sheltered Life
12. Temporary Thing

Disc: 9
1. Gimmie Some Good Times
2. Dirt
3. Street Hassle
4. I Wanna Be Black
5. Real Good Time Together
6. Shooting Star
7. Leave Me Alone
8. Wait

Disc: 10
1. Sweet Jane
2. I Wanna Be Black
3. Satellite of Love
4. Pale Blue Eyes
5. Berlin
6. I’m Waiting for the Man

Disc: 11
1. Coney Island Baby
2. Street Hassle
3. Walk On the Wild Side
4. Leave Me Alone

Disc: 12
1. Stupid Man
2. Disco Mystic
3. I Want to Boogie with You
4. With You
5. Looking for Love
6. City Lights
7. All Through the Night
8. Families
9. The Bells

Disc: 13
1. How Do You Speak to an Angel
2. My Old Man
3. Keep Away
4. Growing Up In Public
5. Standing On Ceremony
6. So Alone
7. Love Is Here to Stay
8. The Power of Positive Drinking
9. Smiles
10. Think It Over
11. Teach the Gifted Children

Disc: 14
1. My House
2. Women
3. Underneath the Bottle
4. The Gun
5. The Blue Mask
6. Average Guy
7. The Heroine
8. Waves of Fear
9. The Day John Kennedy Died
10. Heavenly Arms

Disc: 15
1. Legendary Hearts
2. Don’t Talk to Me About Work
3. Make Up Mind
4. Martial Law
5. The Last Shot
6. Turn Out the Light
7. Pow Wow
8. Betrayed
9. Bottoming Out
10. Home of the Brave
11. Rooftop Garden

Disc: 16
1. I Love You, Suzanne
2. Endlessly Jealous
3. My Red Joystick
4. Turn to Me
5. New Sensations
6. Doin’ the Things That We Want To
7. What Becomes a Legend Most
8. Fly Into the Sun
9. My Friend George
10. High In the City
11. The Great Defender (Down at the Arcade)

Disc: 17
1. Mistrial
2. No Money Down
3. Outside
4. Don’t Hurt a Woman
5. Video Violence
6. Spit It Out
7. The Original Wrapper
8. Mama’s Got a Lover
9. I Remember You
10. Tell It to Your Heart


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Bought it then: like a collection of refined coffee capsules – rough but delicious!

[…] Save about £35 on UK price. This set contains newly remastered versions of Transformer (1972); Berlin (1973); Rock ‘n’ Roll Animal (1974); Coney Island Baby (1976); Street Hassle (1978) and The Blue Mask from 1982. Watch an SDE unboxing here. […]

Marc G

Heads up for all UK folks: Quobuz has the whole thing in Hi-Res for just £8.39 at the moment!


they forgot to include “lou reed live” LP ?
you know the one with the grey cover,sort of “rock n roll animal part two”
…that’s a BIG omission


TAKE NO PRISONERS make it better!

mitchell feldstein

as a lou reed “lifer” i bought the box preordered from amazon USA $100.
i think the package it self is nice.the book is well done as is the presentation of the cd’s themselves.the poster and the prints of old concert photos are not that great.
i was under the impression the prints were going to be of lou’s photo’s for some reason.
i am slowly working my way through the cd’s. lou reed-the 1st record sounds really sweet.this is a record that i think will be realized to to be a failure at all.i have also listened to berlin,coney island baby,and street hassle,and sally can’t dance.
they all sound great to my ears.i play back on a good system and when using headphones also good ones.my equipment would be considered budget audiiphile grade.
i have heard all this music before and have everything he ever released.so far the remastering sounds present and rich.street hassle which i have on vinyl along with a old CD sounds stunning.i am looking forward to A/Bing some more vinyl with the newly remastered CD’s especially “the bells” and “growing up in public”.also hoping for a bit of a miracle and that the remastering helps me finally crack the code on “mistrial” one of two lou releases i really don’t like the other being “the raven”


Thanks for sharing my link here Paul. Here is an unboxing of the Verve’s A Storm In Heaven I did https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o4MwyviN6DU. And this one is for the Free vinyl box https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JP5Bk3caeWY, in case anyone is interested. Happy weekend everyone!

Randy Metro

Paul, nice video. About a year ago, I purchased the whole Original Albums series boxes of Lou’s catalog; otherwise this would have been on my Christmas list. That book looks great.

Those backing sheets on the outsides of box sets are an annoyance to me. Some can be quickly attached to the inside of the top lid (Bowie Next Day Extra box). Some people have been trimming (sacrilegious to me) the edges and then inserting into the box or the lid. With the Grace Jones Warm Leatherette CD box, I xeroxed the back sheet and trimmed it for the inside of the box and stuck the original factory sheet in with some misc collectibles. That isn’t possible with the 12 x 12 boxes. But CDs in a 12 x 12 do step up the quality of box sets.

What do you do with them? Suggestions?

Randy Metro

Yes, please share. It’s a hobby** not a contest.

**It’s more like an addiction for me!!!!


Hello Paul. If you go on youtube and type “Lou Reed Unboxing” it’ll show up. So far there’s only yours and mine covering Lou. My youtube “name” is SonicSongs1138. Yes, superstar youtubers. I don’t know how they do it! I know it doesn’t apply to this section but, do you have any news regarding the individual releases of the Floyd Early Years box? I know they’ll come out 2017 and that the bonus discs Continu/ation will be exclusive to the box. Do you know anything else? Price? Thank you.


My box arived yesterday straight from the UK. I found that a lot of these bigger releases, I end up paying less in £, than buying them in Germany.
I saved almost €50 buying The Beatles Stereo vinyl box om amazon.uk. Have not listen to the CD’s yet. But, very happy with the overall presentation of this box. Hey Paul, I uploaded an unboxing video on youtube about the same time you had yours up. Although, I can’t compete with the numbers of your viewers. In fact, my viewing is more like a disaster. Hahaha! Cheers and thanks for this cool site of yours!

Andy P

PS Thanks for the video, I’m now closer to coming off the fence on this one. Would appreciate a few more comments on the sound of the newly remastered discs.


Not sure if the Canadian dollar exchange rate on the widget is up to date – 117.95 Canadian dollars converts to approx £73, not £68 as listed. Maybe it can’t keep up with the fall in
sterling :(


… and what happened to Lou Reed Live (the one with the silver cover)?


According to Rolling Stone:
“There are also two live albums omitted from the new box set, because Reed didn’t consider them part of his catalog proper: the 1984 import Live in Italy, a ferocious outing with the late guitarist Robert Quine; and the 1975 label cash-grab Lou Reed Live.”


How do they sound? is the big question…


That’s the ONLY question. I bought the box, listened so far to Berlin, Transformer and Coney Island Baby. They sound fantastic to me.


I’ve listened to Berlin and Street Hassle so far. A/B’d them against my old CD’s. The new masters sound amazing!