SDEtv / Manic Street Preachers: Everything Must Go 20 unboxing

The Manic Street Preachers 1996 album Everything Must Go is 20 years old today! No better time to take a look at Sony’s new 20th anniversary super deluxe edition box set of the album (out today), via this unboxing video.





  1. Elvis Impersonator: Blackpool Pier
  2. A Design for Life
  3. Kevin Carter
  4. Enola/Alone
  5. Everything Must Go
  6. Small Black Flowers That Grow In The Sky
  7. The Girl Who Wanted To Be God
  8. Removables
  9. Australia
  10. Interiors (Song For Willem De Kooning)
  11. Further Away
  12. No Surface All Feeling
  13. Mr Carbohydrate
  14. Dead Passive
  15. Dead Trees And Traffic Islands
  16. A Design For Life (Stealth Sonic Orchestra Version)
  17. A Design For Life (Stealth Sonic Orchestra Instrumental Version)
  18. Bright Eyes (Live)
  19. A Design For Life (Live)
  20. Black Garden


  1. Hanging On
  2. No One Knows What It’s Like To Be Me
  3. Everything Must Go (The Chemical Brothers Remix)
  4. Everything Must Go (Stealth Sonic Orchestra Remix)
  5. Everything Must Go (Stealth Sonic Orchestra Soundtrack)
  6. Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head (Live Acoustic Version)
  7. Horses Under Starlight (Instrumental)
  8. Sepia
  9. First Republic
  10. Kevin Carter (Busts Loose) (Remixed By Jon Carter)
  11. Kevin Carter (Stealth Sonic Orchestra Remix)
  12. Kevin Carter (Stealth Sonic Orchestra Soundtrack)
  13. Everything Must Go (Acoustic Version)
  14. Velocity Girl
  15. Take The Skinheads Bowling
  16. Can’t Take My Eyes Off You
  17. Australia (Lionrock Remix)


Duration 01:38:00

  1. A Design for Life (Stealth Sonic Orchestra Remix) (Live)
  2. Everything Must Go (Live)
  3. Enola/Alone (Live)
  4. Faster (Live)
  5. Kevin Carter (Live)
  6. La Tristessa (Scream To Sigh) (Live)
  7. Removables (Live)
  8. Roses In The Hospital (Live)
  9. Elvis Impersonator: Blackpool Pier (Live)
  10. The Girl Who Wanted To Be God (Live)
  11. Motown Junk (Live)
  12. Motorcycle Emptiness (Live)
  13. No Surface All Feeling (Live)
  14. This Is Yesterday (Live)
  15. Small Black Flowers That Grow In The Sky (Live)
  16. Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head (Live Acoustic Version)
  17. Yes (Live) Explicit
  18. Australia (Live)
  19. Stay Beautiful (Live)
  20. A Design for Life (Live)
  21. You Love Us (Live)


Duration 01:18:00


  1. A Design for Life
  2. Everything Must Go
  3. Kevin Carter
  4. Australia


  1. Elvis Impersonator: Blackpool Pier
  2. A Design for Life
  3. Kevin Carter
  4. Enola/Alone
  5. Everything Must Go
  6. Small Black Flowers That Grow In The Sky


  1. The Girl Who Wanted To Be God
  2. Removables
  3. Australia
  4. Interiors (Song For Willem De Kooning)
  5. Further Away
  6. No Surface All Feeling


2CD Deluxe Edition

CD 1: Everything Must Go remastered

  1. Elvis Impersonator: Blackpool Pier
  2. A Design for Life
  3. Kevin Carter
  4. Enola/Alone
  5. Everything Must Go
  6. Small Black Flowers That Grow In The Sky
  7. The Girl Who Wanted To Be God
  8. Removables
  9. Australia
  10. Interiors (Song For Willem De Kooning)
  11. Further Away
  12. No Surface All Feeling


  1. Everything Must Go
  2. Enola/Alone
  3. Faster
  4. Kevin Carter
  5. La Tristessa (Scream To Sigh)
  6. Removables
  7. Roses In The Hospital
  8. Elvis Impersonator: Blackpool Pier
  9. The Girl Who Wanted To Be God
  10. Motown Junk
  11. Motorcycle Emptiness
  12. No Surface All Feeling
  13. This Is Yesterday
  14. Small Black Flowers That Grow In The Sky
  15. Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head (Acoustic)
  16. Yes Explicit
  17. Australia
  18. Stay Beautiful
  19. A Design for Life
  20. You Love Us



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[…] anniversary editions of The Holy Bible and Everything Must Go were CD-sized multi-disc packages, while 10 years on, both albums were reissued again in 12-inch […]

Chris Brown

Can I be the pedant who points out there were two CDs and a cassette format of every single, so a total of 28 B-sides? I notice the dub mix of ‘Faster’ is missing because it was already released on Holy Bible 20.

I actually sort of like the LP cover as a sort of twist on the original, but the inner sleeve seems a poor choice – if you’re going to have it plain white, you could at least use a softer one that’s less likely to scratch, surely? And as an overall package at that sort of premium pricing, not to include the material from the previous box seems like sharp practice, even if most potential buyers have probably already got it. I never seriously considered buying it anyway but I feel even more vindicated now.
It’s like a box for the sake of a box.


You are getting mixed up as it was the vocal mix of Faster which was on the Design For Life single not the dub. I have both those Design For Life singles but browsing through discogs i came across another single which has a special version of Everything Must Go on it which has the cat no Epic ‎– 663070 9. Does anybody know if this actually is a different version or not ?

David M

Oh dear. I pre-ordered this from Amazon UK (to Canada) and decided a few days ago to cancel before Paul’s video. Only really want the Nynex show (I was there). However it shipped before I could get around to cancelling!

David M

And the Forever Delayed fans forum is reporting shoddy transfers and out of sync video on the DVDs. Will see about sending my copy straight back. Maybe everybody should do the same? This seems in no way to be “Super deluxe” and the covers of the LP and CD are an insult.

Mark Reed

The 12″ LP sleeve… a 10″ x 10″ photo of an original album surrounded by a one inch border… is cheap and insulting.


One of the shoddiest box sets I’ve ever seen!
Considering any rabid fan already has the fantastic 10th anniversary edition,I’m predicting this retails for less than £20 in the near future.

Paul stamper

Got my singed edition yesterday but bot the DVDs had come lose and were sliding around in the box, both the foam circles had come off, bit disappointing but the DVDs seem to play ok despite lots of scratches on them :(


If i bought a box set that cost £50 and it contained DVD’s or CD’s in it that were scratched i would be sending it back whether they played or not.


“Got my singed edition yesterday….”

What?! It’s burned as well?!?


Paul stamper

Opps daft spill chucker!


I picked up the signed edition of the box set from the site, however, yet to give it a listen to. I can see the idea behind the photo of the artwork for the vinyl cover- fits in with the whole polaroid obsession of Nicky Wire and the individual shots on the original cover. The white inner cover seems poor, especially for the price. My biggest gripe has to be non existent audio for the Nynex gig. Record companies are trying to stop downloading of content but when you pay this price for something, I personally feel well within my rights to do so!

Paul Kent

I’m glad I decided not to order it now.


Doesn’t look very impressive at all. But big profit margin no doubt for the label.

I might buy the vinyl, which will inevitably come out separately, provided that they package that with the cover as intended not a photo of the cover!

Nick Roberts

Is this being re-released as a non-deluxe vinyl as well?


A shame the poster that came with the original vinyl is only reproduced as a photo in the booklet


I cancelled my order when I realised the concert audio was missing – shall look out for the two cd version cheap – already have the orig , 10th anniversary and a vinyl copy to keep me going as well as all the cd singles – couldn’t fathom why they they didn’t include the live audio other than a very cynical attempt to get fans to buy both – don’t think the original cd is brick walled IMO – stills sounds good to me

Phil Wilson

All my discs were still attached to the foam, but all were badly scratched and marked. This was a signed one from the website. I also bought an unsigned one, exactly the same problem, all discs have scuffs and scratches on them. Have a replacement for one coming from Amazon tomorrow so we’ll see how that is. Very disappointing when a premium set is in this condition. The Holy Bible discs were in a similar condition as they all came out of their holders en route, but this time, as I said, all were still in place, so must have been a problem during manufacture/production.


thanks for this Paul. hmm, the LP looks a bit disappointing. wish the sleeve was like the original.
kinda glad I didn’t pre-order now. would’ve been real disappointed with that (inner sleeve would have been better in blue too) also the live cd should have been included in the box … saw the 2 London gigs this week. 20 year old (gig)/memories come rushing back ;)

andrew R

Rubbish cancelled my order.£50 for a poor box, poor facsimile cover, floydian cd holders.
Blackwood boys should know better about VFM!!

Just Played

Vinyl mastering is very good. Unfortunately, packaged in a rough, plain card inner sleeve and it has lots of light marks. My first copy is noisy, presumably as a consequence. Hope to get a quiet one.
Three out of four discs bouncing around in mine and the foam mount for one had come clean off in transit. A little more care needed.


I actually think the box is great. No gimmicks, no pointless tat, and the documentary is excellent. Ok, the Nynex audio would have been nice, but my signed version makes up for the omission.


The original CD was brick-walled because of the loudness war in the mastering. What about this new remastered version? Anyone has listened to it?

Martyn Alner

Got my Signed one today, a lovely package. Lots to listed to over the weekend.


I am quite happy with the 3 Disc 10th Anniversary Special Edition released in 2006. Not keen on forking out money for a large box, a large Booklet (not even a hardback book) an extra DVD and a Vinyl LP I will probably only play the once as I prefer to listen to CDs.

Sean Lawler

I agree Paul the boxset is a little disappointing, particularly the concert audio omission, to say the least but I suppose if you were lucky enough to get a signed set off their website it’s ok