SDEtv / OMD: The Punishment Of Luxury

Check out this SDEtv unboxing video of the four-disc super deluxe edition of OMD‘s new album The Punishment of Luxury...

The Punishment Of Luxury is out now.

CD 1 – The Punishment of Luxury

1 The Punishment of Luxury
2 isotype
3 Robot Man
4 What Have We Done
5 Precision & Decay
6 As We Open, So We Close
7 Type Eats Art
8 Kiss Kiss Kiss Bang Bang Bang
9 One More Time
10 La Mitrailleuse
11 Ghost Star
12 The View from Here

CD 2 – demos

1 Isotype – V1.1 15/02/16
2 Delta (The Punishment of Luxury) – 15/06/10
3 Robot Man – 27/01/15
4 Precision & Decay – 30/03/16
5 Bomber (One More Time) – 16/10/15
6 A Fallen Angel (“What Have We Done”) – V1.4 07/11/16
7 Art Eats Art – V1.3 18/05/15
8 Broken (As We Open, So We Close) – 04/10/16
9 Isotype – V1.7 23/02/16
10 Kiss Kiss Kiss Bang Bang Bang – 25/02/15
11 The View from Here – V1.3 23/01/15


1 The Making of The Punishment of Luxury
2 The Punishment of Luxury – Track by Track
3 Isotype – Track by Track
4 Robot Man – Track by Track
5 What Have We Done – Track by Track
6 As We Open, so We Close – Track by Track
7 Art Eats Art – Track by Track
8 Kiss Kiss – Bang Bang Bang Bang – Track by Track
9 One More Time – Track by Track
10 La Mitrailleuse – Track by Track
11 Ghost Star – Track by Track
12 The View from Here – Track by Track
13 La Mitrailleuse
14 Isotype (Official Music Video)

Red vinyl LP  – The Punishment of Luxury

1 The Punishment of Luxury
2 isotype
3 Robot Man
4 What Have We Done
5 Precision & Decay
6 As We Open, So We Close
7 Type Eats Art
8 Kiss Kiss Kiss Bang Bang Bang
9 One More Time
10 La Mitrailleuse
11 Ghost Star
12 The View from Here


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[…] a great little release, which works well as a companion to the Punishment of Luxury box set (nothing on the box is duplicated here). How SDE wishes other artists would do this kind of […]


So if I order from Amazon UK I will get a numbered copy?


Will get the deluxe 2 disc edition, but glad I did not bite the bullet on the SDE as I just don’t think the album is that good. Having listened through twice now on Spotify (sorry…..) I have to say it not grabbing me anywhere near as much as English Electric. But I am still happy they are back being successful again. The world is a better place with OMD in it. I just wish they would sound a little more analogue…..


My Sentiment exactly. Most of the new stuff sounds as cold and clear as Kraftwerk.


Nice unboxing video, thanks! For what its worth, I actually like vinyl/CD deluxe editions because I enjoy music in both formats.

Having passed on the Pledge Music release due to shipping cost to the USA, I am severely tempted by the current availability elsewhere. Amazon UK is up to over £71 which makes this roughly $88 shipped to the USA. JPC comes in the cheapest at about $76 shipped which is a nice improvement and certainly within an amount I’m comfortable with paying for well done super deluxe editions. However, what little I’m seeing out there about the DVD states it is PAL. All I’d really be getting extra in this deluxe edition over and above what I can find easily and cheaply is the bonus CD, a useless DVD and a decent book that I might read once.

After much thought, I am disappointed to say that for this set, I’m out.


That’s odd that other people who bought through Pledge Music have a book that isn’t numbered. I ordered it from them and mine is numbered.


Bravo Paul E. I’m new to this site but love the back and forth because I learn something new every time I come here. I thoroughly enjoy it and hope it never ends. Many thanks to everyone who comes here and offers up something. Cheers!


Thanks Paul for producing and sharing this video.

I have a pretty thorough OMD collection but have not spent the money on their recent deluxe editions. I agree they have done a great job with their recent album campaigns in terms of packaging/singles/etc. I bought the CD+DVD for this album and am liking the album. The DVD didn’t play in my US blu-ray player due to region coding which surprised me. I didn’t notice anything about that on Pledge but didn’t look to confirm that ahead of time either. I have ordered the two 12″s that have come out so far and will order the third but am disappointing they didn’t release CD singles this time around. Was nice that the 12″ orders included a digital download. Hoping to see them on tour in Seattle.

Daniel (from Adelaide)

Mine came in about two weeks ago – to Australia. Lovely item, and I was surprised at the contents and presentation. Plus the signed insert, always a bonus. If people don’t have it yet, then they should just go and get it.


Folks, why do you even come to this site when almost everyone has something to complain about? The Price is too high, I don’t want Vinyl, I don’t want a CD, I don’t Need the live recording, I hate the book, I hate the cover, I hate myself, I’m not going to pay for THAT and neither for this, it’s not 5.1, who Needs a 7″ single, who Needs a badge, what happened to the rare promo Remix of the third single that was only available in Iceland and Nigeria, I don’t want a download, I want a download, I want my MTV, I want candy.
Folks, stop complaining and whining just because one Little facet of a much larger product isn’t exactly the way you wanted it to be. That’s life, get over it. Complain about the Pollution, complain about the Brexit, complain about the important things. If you don’t like a certain release just don’t buy it. If you like it, buy it. It’s that easy!
Thank you for listening.

Paul E.

That’s an easy one: see Paul Sinclair’s update on Debbie Gibson’s new release. Sometimes comments/criticisms are taken seriously and releases are all the better for it. It’s also great to see what might be missing, to pursue a song absent from my collection, and to take advantage of the knowledge offered by this site’s readers. If it’s annoying to you…my comment probably won’t prove very therapeutic.

Chris Marsh

“Folks, why do you even come to this site when almost everyone has something to complain about? ”

Possibly because we’re not all puppies who lap up everything with a huge, grateful grin. If we don’t like an aspect of a release, there may well be many others who dislike that aspect. If we want an item but choose to not buy it because of that one aspect (in my case, a doubling of the price to include a medium I would never use), making mention of that fact is the only way that the producers can be made aware. Futile? Almost certainly but still…..

OK. So you don’t like us complaining. Fine. Don’t read it. It’s that easy.

Paul E.

If OMD released this excellent “album” in a 2 CD Deluxe Edition with the second disc inclusive of the demos I would have bought that and gladly paid double the price of the regular CD version. They/OMD + the label are only shorting themselves (although your video certainly makes me question my decision to boycott the vinyl bundling). As I’ve said before, this approach with music is NO different than forcing people to buy the DVD + Blu Ray combos of movies AND that’s already been passed along to 4K Ultra HD + Blu Ray bundles. I’m not speaking to added content like documentaries, trailers, etc. – quite literally the same content on both formats and housed in the same package – it’s nonsense. Blu Ray fans aren’t ever going to play the DVD and the same logic applies to 4K fans with Blu Rays.

James Lee

Nice one Chris! I do like my poppadom though! Great and accurate video Paul. I think this is an excellent set from one of my favourite bands. They are great live though the ticket prices for the current tour are a bit steep. I too spotted the irony but this is a box set to enjoy and good value and as you say Paul put together with care. Keep the videos coming.

Chris Marsh

For the life of me, I can’t understand why they mix CD and Vinyl. The vinyl fiends will surely not wish to lower themselves to listen to a mere CD (surely?) and (as a CD lover) I will NEVER pay for any set that contains an expensive poppadum.



yes, exactly!


Demand & supply.

Kai Karkkainen

I also have this deluxe box set and it really is worth having. However, I’m a little sceptical of there being only 3000 copies made: I bought mine through PledgeMusic, it isn’t numbered and according to comments on the PledgeMusic web site the same issue affects other pledgers as well. Maybe 3000 box sets are numbered and another 3000 haven’t been numbered? Other than that, no complaints from me whatsoever.

Michael G

3000 is not really a limited edition and if their is unnumbered signed editions being distributed, then again its not really limited.
Whoever you bought it from should really declare if this is limited numbered or not(6000?) Who knows certainly not fans!


I got in touch with Pledge Music about this. Their reply is that the UK box sets were numbered but not the European box sets due to a manufacturing error. I guess they mean UK customers and outside of the UK customers as I very much doubt that there were 2 separate manufacturing locations. So kind of funny and they also gave me an ‘available’ number out of 3000 in case I wanted to write the number myself !!!


Very happy with this box set although I paid a lot more for it on Pledge than I would have paid on Amazon Germany for instance (about 30 euros difference incl. shipping costs).
What’s strange is that my copy is signed but not numbered although I purchased it directly from Pledge Music.


In Germany we couldn’t pledge it because record Company didn’t want that. So we did get that boxset much cheaper.
Btw, Amazon.de isn’t always cheaper than Amazon.uk, in most cases it’s more expensive; sometimes you even can get CDs cheaper from UK incl p&p than from Germany with free delivery…

Martyn Alner

You appear to be in Mono on the video! Is there a Stereo SDE of your video coming? :)


No 5.1, not watching! ;)


Will it come with a plush book of musings and a DVD of your practice runs ?


The outtakes are download only.

Barrie Sillars

Paul, you probably have been asked this many times before, but why is there such a disparity in prices from the different Amazon outlets. Here, we have a price differential from £49 to £58, so why can Amazon Germany sell this for £9 cheaper than the UK?


Is it something to do with VAT maybe?

Steve W

That is a really nice set. I’d be tempted if it was just a bit cheaper as I have already got the standard cd version.

Andy Scoffin

Purchased this Album on yellow vinyl and the CD / DVD signed issue so passed on this nice presentation set. Price wise I note the yellow vinyl in the UK is the cheapest but this book version is the dearest on ordering links. I Cant understand that.

Mike shaw

I have this delux box set and agree with you Paul
it is really well put together and at £55 + pp good value I think,
I’ve paid a lot more for box set and nowhere near as good as this one.
The album is ok topical omd sound.
Exclusive red vinyl, demo disc, signed, DVD, cd, all presented in a 12×12 hardback book
With outer sleeve.
Happy with mine


Paul, any thought about the release of the year announced yesterday, the new Bob Dylan Bootleg Series with a superb boxset that includes 9 discs along the infamous gospel years?

Mike the Fish

Mixed feelings about this album. I like the nods to Kraftwerk and love Paul Humphreys not being afraid to make good use of the stereo field. Not into some of the lyrics, and strangely enjoyed hearing the album more the first time than the second time I dipped in. The enveloping sound is crying out for 5.1, and Paul’s mixing seems to give all the moving parts of the ‘speakers a good workout!


This thing is gorgeous! I was surprised at the heft when I got mine.
Came perfectly from Germany to California.