SDEtv / Paul McCartney limited edition coloured vinyl pressings ‘unboxed’

After the worst marketing campaign in history, Capitol Records’ ‘limited edition’ coloured vinyl pressings of eight of Paul McCartney‘s studio albums are here. SDE takes a closely look at all of them, via this unboxing video…

These are out now. You can order coloured vinyl pressings via sites like The Sound Of Vinyl and uDiscoverMusic. Links to the black vinyl versions of these 2017 reissues are below.

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Paul McCartney

McCartney - black vinyl


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Paul McCartney Linda McCartney

Ram - black vinyl


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Paul McCartney Wings

Band On The Run - black vinyl


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Venus and Mars - black vinyl


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Wings at the Speed of Sound - black vinyl


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Paul McCartney

McCartney II - black vinyl


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Paul McCartney

Tug Of War - black vinyl


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Paul McCartney

Pipes of Peace - black vinyl



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Are these available again
According to the Universal website they are on 5 to 7 days delivery ?


Yip, all in stock


Seems that several of the McCartney box sets reduced on Amazon.com. Ram as cheap as I’ve seen at $65. McCartney and Band on The Run $43.


For American Paul McCartney fans, the Tug of War SDE is now $40 on Amazon.

BTW, I unboxed FITD yesterday, what a total mess!! Took me 2 hrs to get it right. Downloaded all the tracks and they are wav files. Uploaded it in iTunes and if it’s’ a wav file then you cannot add the artwork in itunes. A pet peeve of mine. Each of my songs in iTunes (33K and going) MUST have artwork. So decided to screw it and convert them to AAC files and add the artwork.
Then I was going to burn the download only tracks on a disc. Well, they are wav files so each file is very big, you can’t burn them all on one disc. So I had to split it over 2 discs. Then I got confused, there were 17 download only tracks in stead of 16. Where did that extra track come from? Turns out, when you download disc 2, the download version comes with 10 tracks but there are only 9 tracks on the cd!! Great you get an extra track but they really couldn’t have printed that on CD2? The track is “The Lovers That Never Were (Geoff Emerick Mix)”.
Anyway, my blood pressure got up as this mess was unfolding. It could have been so much better. All the books that come with this box, what a waste of my money. And the music is average, very average. The duets with Costello are brilliant though. Beautiful songs and harmonies. Too little too late.

Paul Wren

Regarding the new reissue sleeve colours being “different” to original release sleeves, I have plenty of examples of original issue sleeves by various artists over the decades varying between first pressings, second pressings and so on. It’s just the way the industry has operated over the years and maybe using different printing companies from time to time.

DJ Berexa

I ordered and received “Venus and Mars ” the Red/Yellow version . I checked everywhere trying to find out the pressing quantities of the Paul McCartney Coloured Vinyl series . I emailed Universal twice . The first response was the shipping status. The second response was ” Sorry we have no information “. HUH ? Do you have this classified information available ?

Andrew B

Paul, as you like unboxing videos, are you going to do a Xmas unwrapping one for Xmas day at Sinclair Towers? You know I’m joking, right?


Spot on Paul.


I was really hacked off with the green vinyl Ram. They’ve gone to the trouble of matching the others up to the artwork and the promo material showed it to be yellow. The whole point of this set is the colour. Very sloppy quality control in my opinion.
I emailed the webstore about the issue and they asked for pictures, then sent me an apology and a refund for that disc.


2017 is the year of silence for MPL. Remember FITD ? :)

hendry doran

Totally agree Paul


Paul, why the printed inner sleeve for RAM wasn’t shown in the video?
Special thanks for comparisons with previous vinyl releases of albums.


It’s not a simple lyrics sheet. It also features two photos of Paul and Linda on the other side.


Thanks for the video, Paul ! I would like to know how the soundquality is of these coloured vinyl pressings. Have you had the time to listen to these records ?

I hope that there will be an unboxing video for the Japanese cd replicas. I am very interested in those cd’s.

Jeff G.

Thanks for the video. The only one I was tempted by initially was the Ram “yellow” vinyl, but I feel content to pass that one up now.

Kevin M

The Ram “yellow” ( ie Exorcist vomit green) vinyl is hysterically bad and should be in a skip. Reminds me of the recent £22 HMV exclusive Iggy Pop The Idiot “silver” vinyl which is actually dull grey, the greyest of grey. And has a pressing fault on the final track, on mine and others I’ve read about.

Band on the Run looks nice. Tug of War would have been nice if it was the original album mix. I don’t mind the remix but the original should have been used this time.

Useful video, cheers.

hendry doran

Many thanks Paul for posting the video. I’ve got to decide now whether to open these and put the vinyl in a poly lined cover or just keep them sealed.
It was annoying to find initially that HMV were listing these and then HMV found out that they were not. Then Amazon France listed one or two for a day or so and then did not.
I bought the bundle from uDiscover only to find they omitted to send one of the albums (McCartney). Worried that it might be out of stock before I got the missing album I ordered another copy which arrived safely. Udiscover did then send me the copy they had initially failed to send and on arrival it had a 4″ split along the back gatefold. Credit to them they refunded a few quid more than my initial buying price and allowed me to keep the damaged album


and as always prices in UK are the highest…

David M

Not always, but the pound is about 20-30% weaker than 18 months ago which must factor in. Not sure why ;-)

Geert De Wilde

that was not a bad campaign – that was a clever one. It got our attention to what was otherwise a rather boring re-re-release; the coloured vinyl versions become so hard to get and so expensive at one point, that it seemed like an exceptional bargain to be able to get one, etc etc. I don’t think all this was an accident. They’ve just done more or less the same with the Beatles Christmas box. It’s cynical marketing.


It seems that Band On The Run has already sold out. And because I can’t get a full set I’ll pass… Glad that I have the originals, cd’s, reissued vinyls and boxes… ;-)


Excellent presentation. Thank you Paul, now I don’t have to buy them and be disappointed. The original release of McCartney II, at least in the USA, included a bonus free 1 sided single with the live version of Coming Up on it. Evidently it wasn’t included in the UK version as you made no mention of it. So that alone is a huge disappointment. The labels, other than Band On The Run, are a bit sad. Should have reproduced the Apple logo’s as well as the Capitol. John Lennon used the original Apple labels (mind you I would have preferred his use of the American original apple logo on POB than the UK cut-out white – the US was a white tinted label like Beaucoups of Blues’s Blue / All things Must Pass’s Orange). And George’s box set includes all the original labels, including Apple and Dark Horse. I really appreciate you buying and showing these.

Solid Rick

Are all the colours chosen for the vinyl meant to correspond in some way with the artwork? That seems to work for some of them but not all…

Marc K.

damn……because of this video I ordered two of the coloured vinyls……thanks Paul! ;-)


I bought 3 coloured LPs and I have to say that I am very disappointed. The inner sleves are disappointing. The labels are disappointing. And the colours are totally different than in the advertisment. Ram is not yellow at all, it is green! And the same thing with Venus and Mars. And last but not least not one of the download coads works!
For that price (much higher if you live in Switzerland with the shipping costs and the taxes – around +35£) I was hoping that everything is fine. I am really very disappointed.

Mark Pankratz

Strange that the back cover of Speed Of Sound doesn’t use the same order of the faces pictures as the original. What’s the point of using different pictures?


I noticed that mark and asked myself the same question !


Although these are ‘nice to have’ as I already have those lp’s either on vinyl or CD, I must say that I’m pretty pleased with the coloured editions. I also used the ‘sound of vinyl messenger’ voucher which was equal to 1 free LP and I paid in $ which was a better deal than paying in € or £. I’ve only listened to ‘Tug of War’ and ‘Pipes of Peace’ for now, very good pressings although not as silent as the Beatles lp’s. Very good replica’s as well of the original covers and inserts (they didn’t forget to remove the bar codes which appear on the stickers).


Unbelievable – $68 shipping for the 8 LP bundle, total $316 or a mere $39.50 per album? Bollocks!

US $248.00
Sub-Total US $248.00
Delivery Charge US $68.10
Order total US $316.10
Final Total US $316.10


Does that mean there’s swearing in this video then Paul? LOL – Just like the (UB40) Johnny Too Bad Version on the B Side of the 12″ of Many Rivers To Cross? https://www.discogs.com/UB40-Many-Rivers-To-Cross/master/88786


I signed up for Sound of Vinyl’s messenger which entitled me to 10% off my next order. Meant £20 off the bundle which came to £190. That was a result! I don’t own any of these in any format so this is perfect for me. I’m hoping the next box set is Replicas of red vinyl Japanese mono releases…that would be great!

Brian Kelly

Part 2 of the video “To Be Opened On Christmas Day”? Just kidding! Can’t wait to see the rest of it!

Chris Squires

Ha! You got ’em all. I rarely have principles, but I was sorely vexed by the “balls-up” of this campaign and I cancelled my entire order. Spent the money I “saved” on a bottle of 18 year old Highland Park and the Germany 3 for 2. I know which was the better value and which I enjoyed more.