SDEtv / Philip Pullman: His Dark Materials 9LP coloured vinyl box set

9LP coloured vinyl set unboxed

SDE takes a look at the new His Dark Materials coloured vinyl box set which features previously broadcast BBC Dramatisations of all three Philip Pullman novels. Watch the unboxing video…

This His Dark Materials 9LP vinyl box is out now. The limited edition (500-only) with the Philip Pullman signed print is still currently available.

Click image to enlarge

LPs 1,2,3

Northern Lights

Click image to enlarge


LPs 4,5,6

The Subtle Knife

Click image to enlarge

LPs 7,8,9

The Amber Spyglass


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Mark R

Not opened mine yet. I paid just under £70 for it but am now worried after reading the comments that it maybe defective. Has anybody had a decent copy of this?

Richard Price

I ordered from Amazon UK when the price was £69.99 and forgot about it. This video prompted me to check and it’s been marked as cancelled!

I’ve contacted them, but the cynic in me thinks they’re going to insist I pay the new price of £119.99. Which I won’t do.


Demon Records near give download codes with their LP box sets.


IMHO every vinyl release should come with a lossless FLAC or WAV of the master used to cut the vinyl, with the same resolution.


The box set looks great, but: Only bad luck? My copy is really noisy, clicks and pops all over, especially Side D&F. I will send it back, it’s not listenable and try another one.
Paul, maybe you can say something about the quality of the pressings in your vids. It would be a nice addition to your perfect presentations. Coz a fair face may hide a foul heart…


I think that is a problem with the ‘spatter’ vinyl, the plastic of the spatter can break through the surface of the vinyl when pressed. I had this problem with Belly’s Dove LP they released through pledgemusic. The spatter was poking out of the surface on the copy I received.


Incredible box set. I’m amazed that the signed edition is still available!

Steven Roberts

As of the time of writing they have 81 in stock (if you type in a high purchase number it tells you how many you can still actually buy).

I suspect if they had stuck to the original (incorrect?) price of £69.99 they would all be long gone…..

Yani P

really annoying from Amazon on this one – paid duty to Canada up front as usual and this showed on my receipt. Got an email from DHL over the weekend saying I needed to pay 33 dollars duty and admin fees.
What Amazon had done was remove the duty payment from the final bill! No idea why and as yet struggling to get Amazon to do anything as they seem unable to admit they have done anything wrong. And that is even after I sent them the original amazon receipt with the duty included.

Richard S

Good to see what it looks like as I haven’t had chance to open mine yet. So pleased I managed to get it for the cheapy price of £70 when it was initially announced. Wish there was a download code though.

Fred Holmes

Yes, I got it for that too and was hoping for a flac down load. Having to rip the vinyl to Flac instead. Listening now and it sounds and looks amazing.