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Queen Studio Collection Exploded Product Shot WHITE

In this exclusive video, watch SDE Editor Paul Sinclair unwrap the new 18LP Queen Studio Collection vinyl box set, which is released today.

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Queen Studio Collection [VINYL]



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[…] The Studio Collection also comes with an impressive hardcover book, an ultra-sturdy outer box and is re-available now. Check out the SDEtv unboxing here. […]

steve rickard

I was too late as I already bought mine, but xtra-vision are doing this for £202:99 with voucher code hmv5, hope this helps some people, that’s about £13 an album, plus it’s free postage..


Great video Paul with careful attention on the quality of this box set.
I just picked mine up today and I must say it is everything I hoped for in terms of quality; from the sound/pressing, true to form original covers, the magnificent book, the really sturdy outer flip top box in gold and of course the awesome coloured vinyl which really befits the Queen concept.
This is a great purchase and a beautiful collectible.


do we know how many box sets were produced.


Mark in Plymouth U.K.

Archie Dalrymple

I got this set direct from Queen so you can iamagine my dissapointment when I discoveed the corner of the boz was badly crumpled and the opening edge was torn and broken loose.

Apparently the supplier don’t have any replacement boxes and only offered a measly £20 compensation.


I have been listening to my boxset for the last few days and indeed these sound really good. The only minor point is that “Jazz” has some weird stain on side 1 and it affects playing, so Amazon is kindly soon sending me replacement boxset so I can exchange the error item on my set. Luckily they will fully refund the return-postages (which will more likely be high due to weight and size of the package).


Not sure if anyone will be reading this post at this point, but does anyone have advice on who to contact if I didn’t get a download code? I pulled out all the records, book, etc. and there doesn’t even seem to be a crumpled one hidden (unless it’s sealed inside one of the records). I purchased from Soundstage Direct, but don’t think they’d have any idea it wasn’t included.


Really cool unboxing video!
Thanks a lot Paul!



Earlier drove 5 miles (a long way here) to pick up the set at the airport.

I have nearly recreated your video when opening the box.

Man, it is magnificent!

Decided to do it chronologically, and the first immediate thing is just think – “Liar” is the long-lost never-released single that could’ve really made them big…

Oh yes, the real reason for this is a massive thank you for the original alert that enabled me to pre-order from Amazon Italy that ultimately saved me £100!

5 more individuals from this little Isle now following!


There’s lots more great technical information on this FIVE years project at http://studiocollection.queenonline.com/ ….if you’re into that! :-)


^^ One could hope. Thanks!


Silly question (maybe), but does that download voucher get You hi-res/24-bit downloads, or just MP3’s?




@Jeremy: thanks, I already found it. The coupon was somewhat crushed at the bottom of the box. It would be better if they had put in the book, like they do with the Paul McCartney reissues.


Thank you for that, Jeremy. I’ve just had my (ginornmous) box delivered so I am looking forward to getting some quality listening!


Frank – Yes, you should have a download code for all the albums. This is confirmed at the very end of the Queen Part 1 official unboxing video http://www.queenonline.com/en/news-archive/studio-collection-rare-share-unboxing-part-1/

Frank from The Netherlands

I just received this beautiful box, but didn’t took out all records immediately. I just wanna enjoy the fact it’s in my house now :) A question: should there be a download code for all albums in the box? If so, I can’t find it.

Steve C

Really useful, detailed overview. Particularly useful to see that there are poly lined inner sleeves rather than the usual scratchy card ones.
Those sort of attention to detail points help to decide if it’s a quality product put together with care, as opposed to just a series of repressing so slotted into a thick card outer (Creedence, The Band etc)
It would be helpful if there was feedback on sound quality, although clearly listeners have differing expectations and a variety of equipment.
Hope they are pressed on 180g. Very disappointed that my Genesis 1983-1998 pressings feel slightly flimsy and on weighing (sad I know), they seem to have been pressed at 140g, whereas the promotional material stated they would be 180g.

Ravi Joshi

Just received my box from Amazon Italy via a “man that’s one heavy box” UPS man…

Got dinged for customs, which I believe is a first for me when ordering from Amazon overseas, but still saved about $50 over buying from Amazon Canada.

This is one serious box and extremely well packed, no dings dents etc.. On opening the quality is absolutely top notch. I’m so glad I bought this – thanks Paul for the deal alert and thanks for the excellent unboxing video (more please) and thanks this blog and thanks for… simply being you… ;-)

Well off for a listen!


I think the videos are great and very welcome, thanks for you efforts, and the record companies must be counting their lucky stars for all the free publicity. The only comment I have is if/when you hold something up to the camera, that you hold it there a bit longer as I can’t read what you’re trying to show (or else the camera hasn’t had time to auto-focus).


Unquestionably the best unboxing video I’ve ever seen. Perfectly edited, pace-wise…while still including all the necessary info & visuals. Kudos Paul!

Being in the U.S., my only Queen vinyl have been the U.S. Elektra versions, so seeing the EMI labels tends to kill the “recreations of the originals” aspect for me.

As I’ve said previously, this is way above my budget, and I’m beyond crushed that the individuals won’t be on coloured vinyl (as I’d have otherwise gotten a few). Gotta say, this video is certainly tempting though…

Oh – and I own the U.S. Elektra “Flash Gordon” LP. FYI, the cover is, indeed, embossed (the lightning bolt and all lettering).


Almost can’t watch this, all that fingering on the grooves..! It’s really not that hard to place your thumb on the centre and other fingers on the side.


Great job on the video Paul! Also nice to put a face to the posts. Thumbs up on SDEtv!


Great Video Paul
thanks for that
and yes if you can doing more ‘unboxing’ videos like this, it would be appreciate SDE in my opinion, but i can imagine its a lot of work before its ready to be posted.


Paul, if you can you should do a similar video for the Bowie box, that would be much appreciated

Hub Hamers

And playable on the special Queen by Rega turntable: http://www.rega.co.uk/news/rega-introduce-queen-special-edition-turntable.html


ok so who s actually going to play these and if anyone has how do they sound ? and what kit did you play it on ? lets not for get they will eventually wear out and sound shite. .


Hi, I’m listening right now (Day at the Races after Night at the Opera) on a Gyrodec/SME 309/Goldring 1042 via Quad amp and Harbeth speakers. They sound very good so far. I have no point of comparison, other than a 30+ year old copy of Greatest Hits, but my records seem to be fine. Quiet background, no crackles to speak of, etc. All good. Suspect I will wear out before these do.


Thank you so much for this video, Paul.
Now I want that box set :)

Barry Whiting

The product’s not for me (was never a fan) but a great video, Paul. Good to have something in contrast to the press release photos…

Friso Pas

Hey Paul, I hope you used your own boxset for this video. I’d never handle my vinyl this way, like you do ;-)


Great job Paul! Liked it a lot!


I reckon someone at Queen has taken a leaf out of QRP as to how to do SDE box sets properly.


My two cents:

Sheer Heart Attack:
It looks like the original poster with the b/w pictures of the band and the lyrics is replaced in this edition by a inner bag with just lyrics.

Funny that in this edition they cut a hole in A day at the Races bag (my original copy have the crest placed there) and put the robot face in the News of The World one instad of the hole that showed such crest!.. a little revisionism? anyway looks cool either way

Flash Gordon:
Is the square “poster” with Ming and the credits ommited? or Paul just skipped it?

Nice box, I know it’s the studio albums but without Live Killers it looks to me like an incomplete collection (I don’t care too much for Live Magic)

Great video, Thank you Paul!!!

Andrew Mogford

Excellent video, Paul but I’m afraid you’ve triggered my Queen OCD. Apologies for that and hope you’ll forgive me…..

We entered the eighties with Flash. That, The Game and Hot Space were all released in the eighties BEFORE The Works.

The early sleeves are not exact replicas. For example “News of the World” was originally cutout at the centre, the robot head has been added for this release.

The outer sleeves have also been tampered with – compare, for example Queen and Queen II to the original releases and the Elektra re-releases.

On Jazz, I believe (and I haven’t opened mine yet) that the lyrics are on the back of the poster which is a great shame.

I say this not to belittle this video but because I have Queen OCD as previously stated,

Keep up the great work! :)


want this so bad now!!
thanks Paul. love these vids


I want a t-shirt like your!

Adam shaw

Great video Paul , makes me want it more !
Shame they didnt put A Day At The Races on brown instead if black , but thats my only niggle .
Well done Paul .


I’m not a Queen fan but that looks great. Now a little detail: hows the SQ of these?

Guido Hoffmann

Nicely done, thank you. Mine will arrive tomorrow and I’m really looking forward to it!


Popmarket has it for $389.

Mark Story

Thanks for the video Paul! Really wanted this set , since I became interested in Queen later on and only had an original News of the World.
Unfortunately , waiting for my Bowie box , maybe sometime later for this.
Mark S. Rochester,NY USA


what records selling it for £249.99 (max p+p is always £8): http://www.whatrecords.co.uk/items/67331.htm

Chris Hopkins

Great looking set but it upsets my OCD that you’re not wearing plastic gloves when handling the vinyl ;-)


Wow that takes the joy out of it.


Paul –

The link you show for the USA Amazon has a price of over $800! That’s Amazon’s page for an imported version. This page:


is for the USA pressing. A much more affordable (LOL) $466.

But as the comment above mentions, why no poster with Jazz? That’s a major oversight. Really want this, but it’s out of my reach financially since I’ve already ordered the King Crimson Thrak box.


Made In Heaven was released on vinyl at the time. My copy is the limited edition colour vinyl which is white. The posters came with it along with the lyrics and the tracks were edited to fit the format, same as Innuendo.


13.21 min might be a new record on an unboxing video on youtube? ;-) Hey, this box is worth every second. Unfortunately we live in times of oversupply of SDE boxes. So your 13 min. is all I will get from this one … so thanks a lot!


Nice to see you in a video for once Paul! You do a great job here. Please do this more often, very much appreciated.
I’m really impressed by this box set. That book, wow! The edged Queen II, wow! The whole thing is simply beautiful.
But the way you take out the LP’s, creating fingerprints, ouch! I won’t let you touch my vinyl, never ever :)


The proper term is “etched” not “edged”.


Yeah, well when you’re filming a video like this with so many albums, the goal is more to get it done quickly than it is to handle every platter like it’s your grandmother’s china collection.


Hey Paul!

What happened to the poster that came with Jazz ;)


Thanks a lot for the vid, would be nice to see this more often :)


If money were no object…

Sadly this is beyond my reach. And I have the audacity to call myself a Queen fan. Tch! :D


Great unboxing video!
Thanks a lot Paul.
I’m especially impressed by Queen II with the edged vinyl.