SDEtv / Saxon: Splatter vinyl reissues

SDE takes a look at the recent (and forthcoming) Saxon vinyl which is all pressed on spectacular looking ‘splatter’ coloured vinyl…

Saxon, Wheels of Steel and Strong Arm Of The Law are all out now. Denim and Leather, Power and the Glory and Crusader are all released on Friday.




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wayne klein

I have never heard them but, man, their album covers have got to be among the worst and most amateurish I’ve ever seen.


Hi Paul, Do you know if these would be released in a “box set” in the near future? Thanks!


Am I the only one who keeps thinking “VOTE SAXON” from Doctor Who when I see this headline?


Not a vinyl fan, but I like the concept and uniqueness of these.

I now have ‘Wheels of Steel’ on repeat in my head. For that, Paul gets a thumbs up.
*Does the Maloik with left hand whilst sticking tongue out*

Richard Ing

Great video Paul,

I’m not a vinyl buyer, but I am a big Saxon fan, and I’m tempted to buy one or two of these. I remember buying the original Strong Arm, complete with free stick on jacket patch.

Also loved the splatter video, I hadn’t realised how much human interaction there was in vinyl pressing. A nice bit of education for a Tuesday morning.


Not unlike the Black Sabbath ones, very cool though. Looks like I’m buying Denim and Leather again for the umpteenth time!

Friso Pas

I have the Strong Arm of the Law splattered vinyl. I did notice the same digital distorted sound at the beginning of track 1, side 1 (Heavy Metal Thunder), as I heard it on the remastered CD from 2009. I deduce from that that they used that remaster. I have older cd versions and a original vinyl pressing from 1980 where that is absent. Just FYI. Too bad actually, as it is probably my favorite Saxon album….ok, together with Wheels of Steel, that is.

John Bobo Bollenberg

Paul, in your video you ask yourself how it’s done to create these splattered discs. Here’s a nice video which shows how it’s done : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OvtyEyx-l9I

and to illustrate that every single disc has a unique design, here’s a video which shows the making of a Flaming Lips album in an array of different colours: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ioq70dsUmqI

Tony Orwell

The recent Ian dury “Splatter vinyl” double LP re-issue of New Boots was nothing like the promo picture they used. looks like these saxon issues have managed it on some but not others, do you think every record is unique? That might cause a headache for the OCD completest.


Blimey, that Wheels of Steel one looks a mess. Shame, that’d be the one to get for me. And no Eagle Has Landed either :-/

Martin Power

Hi Paul
These have been out for awhile and look good quality represses. The link to ‘Strong Arm’ goes to the CD version as the Vinyl is £19.99