SDEtv / The Alan Parsons Project / Eye in the Sky 35th anniversary unboxing

SDE explores the new 35th anniversary super deluxe edition of The Alan Parsons Project‘s 1982 album Eye in the Sky. Watch the unboxing video…

The 35th anniversary super deluxe edition of Eye in the Sky is out now.

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Alan Parsons Project, The

Eye In The Sky (35Th Anniversary Boxset)


CD1 Original Album & Expanded Bonus Tracks (originally released 2007)

  • 1. Sirius
  • 2. Eye In The Sky
  • 3. Children Of The Moon
  • 4. Gemini
  • 5. Silence And I
  • 6. You’re Gonna Get Your Fingers Burned
  • 7. Psychobabble
  • 8. Mammagamma
  • 9. Step By Step
  • 10. Old And Wise

Bonus Tracks

  • 11. Sirius (Demo)
  • 12. Old And Wise (Eric Woolfson Vocal)
  • 13. Any Other Day (Studio Demo)
  • 14. Silence And I (Eric Woolfson Vocal)
  • 15. The Naked Eye
  • 16. Eye Pieces (Classical Naked Eye)

CD2 – Eric Woolfson’s Songwriting Diaries 
(Previously Unreleased)

  • 1. Eye in the Sky (Eric’s Songwriting Diary 1)
  • 2. Eye in the Sky (Eric’s Songwriting Diary 2)
  • 3. Eye in the Sky (Eric’s Songwriting Diary 3)
  • 4. Eye in the Sky (Eric’s Songwriting Diary 4)
  • 5. Children of the Moon (Eric’s Songwriting Diary 1)
  • 6. Children of the Moon (Eric’s Songwriting Diary 2)
  • 7. Gemini (Eric’s Songwriting Diary 1)
  • 8. Gemini (Eric’s Songwriting Diary 2)
  • 9. Gemini (Eric’s Songwriting Diary 3)
  • 10. Gemini & Silence and I (Eric’s Songwriting Diary)
  • 11. Silence and I (Eric’s Songwriting Diary)
  • 12. Cooper’s Theme/ Silence and I chord beginnings (Eric’s Songwriting Diary)
  • 13. Cooper’s Theme/ Silence and I beginnings (Eric’s Songwriting Diary)
  • 14. Silence and I/ Fly Away (Eric’s Songwriting Diary 1)
  • 15. Silence and I/ Fly Away (Eric’s Songwriting Diary 2)
  • 16. Old and Wise (Eric’s Songwriting Diary 1)
  • 17. Old and Wise (Eric’s Songwriting Diary 2)
  • 18. Old and Wise (Eric’s Songwriting Diary 3)


  • 1. Eye In The Sky (Ian 12-string Acoustic Guitar Out Take)
  • 2. Sirius and Eye In The Sky (Early Rough Mix)
  • 3. Eye In The Sky (Eric Demo Verses – No Lyrics)
  • 4. Children Of The Moon (12-string Acoustic Guitar & Marching Band Snare Drum)
  • 5. Children Of The Moon (Early Rough Mix With Eric Demo Vocal)
  • 6. Gemini (Chris Rainbow Vocal Harmonies)
  • 7. Silence And I (Orchestral Take With Eric Demo Vocal)
  • 8. You’re Gonna Get Your Fingers Burned (Rough Mix Section – Different Guitar Solo)
  • 9. You’re Gonna Get Your Fingers Burned (Rough Mix with Alan Demo Vocal – Few Lyrics)
  • 10. Psychobabble (Orchestral Take)
  • 11. Psychobabble (Rough Mix With Eric Demo Vocal)
  • 12. Step By Step (12-string Acoustic Guitars)
  • 13. Step By Step (Rough Mix Backing Track – Extended Intro)
  • 14. Old and Wise (Chris Rainbow Beach Boys Experiment)
  • 15. Old & Wise (Eric Piano Track)
  • 16. Eye in the Sky (Single Edit)
  • 17. Old and Wise (Single Edit)
  • 18. Psychobabble (Single Edit)


5.1 Surround Sound Mix (2017)

Stereo HD version (1982)

  • 1. Sirius
  • 2. Eye In The Sky
  • 3. Children Of The Moon
  • 4. Gemini
  • 5. Silence And I
  • 6. You’re Gonna Get Your Fingers Burned
  • 7. Psychobabble
  • 8. Mammagamma
  • 9. Step By Step
  • 10. Old And Wise

VINYL (at 45 rpm)

Vinyl 1 Side 1

  • Sirius
  • Eye In The Sky
  • Children Of The Moon

Vinyl 1 Side 2

  • Gemini
  • Silence And I

Vinyl 2 Side 1

  • You’re Gonna Get Your Fingers Burned
  • Psychobabble

Vinyl 2 Side 2

  • Mammagamma
  • Step By Step
  • Old & Wise


Excerpts from Eye in the Sky:-

  • Sirius
  • Eye in the Sky
  • Psychobabble
  • Old and Wise



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[…] seems to have been all but forgotten by Universal) will be issued on 3 August 2018. The box set was issued in November last year and is still […]


Just got my copy in the mail. CD3 is outstanding!! CD2 is Woolfson with a piano sort of humming along. It’s nice, not “must have” but good enough to enjoy it. Value is really in CD3. Amazing. I’m happy.

Matthew Collier

It was previously confirmed that a stand-alone BluRay release would be made available after this version was released (which is what I am waiting for, like for “Tales”).

Matt :)

Joey d'Entremont

By it’s very definition, a Super Deluxe Boxset should include as much as possible, including as many formats as possible. I like to collect SDE’s, I’m a big APP fan, and Eye In The Sky is possibly their best album. This box set ticks all of the boxes for me and thanks to a heads up from this site I got my order in early. Thanks Paul! I really enjoyed the unboxing video since I just opened my copy last night. It’s a worthy companion to the Tales 40th Anniversary box from last year which was almost identical to this set in layout and content.


I really WANT this….but I’m waiting for the inevitable overstock sale from Universal (whichis seemingly the way I get most of my box sets these days).


so, why don’t you guys that buy it and have no need for the vinyl,

just sell of the parts you don’t need, i’m sure someone would buy it.



Waiting for mine in the mail. Great album. Not crazy about the vinyl being included but it is what it is. Really wish they would separate the CD’s and vinyl. The package could be $25 cheaper without it. Nothing wrong with vinyl, I just don’t use it.


I received my copy some days ago, and I can say too that this is the way SDE should be.
Perfect book, great content on 3xCD, Bluray with 5.1 surround, 2xLP pressing in a beautiful gatefold sleeve, an awesome clear flexidisc, and a perfectly executed box with embossed metal foil.

The Tales Of Mystery & Imagination SDE was perfect.
This Eye In The Sky SDE is perfect too.
Can’t wait for any other APP SDE!

Ed Sander

Alvin, I don’t think it’s a matter if ‘hating’ vinyl. It’s a matter of being forced to buy something we really have no desire or need for and just drives up the price of these boxsets. I have a record player but only use it for my old vinyl collection. I really do not want to buy any more vinyl.


All of you vinyl-haters are really missing out on a superbly produced 45rpm pressing of this classic. The sound quality is top notch (at least on the copy I have). To these ears the vinyl is without doubt the definitive music experience, surpassing the cd in every way (too analytical and sterile sounding). The Blu-ray of course gives the listener an opportunity to hear the material in 5.1 surround which adds an extra dimension not possible with vinyl. Nevertheless the stereo version on vinyl is the authentic mix as it should be heard in the first place. A lot of the new “audiophile” vinyl pressings really do sound out of this world these days and it’s a shame a lot of music lovers are missing out because of some ill-informed stubbornness. If there was ever a time to buy a record deck and enjoy the richness of an analogue recording while feasting your eyes on the cover artwork, it’s now. While the digital age has certainly provided the music scene with a lot of advantages, it is in the analogue domain the true emotions reside (imho).



I don’t hate vinyl. I simply don’t have any use for it. And I don’t want to buy things that will do absolutely nothing at all but collect dust. That’s not hating anything, except maybe hating the fact that I’d like to get this but almost certainly won’t.

Matthew Collier


Another “non-hater” here, but also, a non-vinyl-buyer too! ;) I got rid of my vinyl collection in the late 80s, and do regret it now, but to be honest, I’m not sure I would have ever bought my own deck at any point since then anyway. The vinyl I now have is only stuff that came in boxsets (SDE has been quite my downfall ;) ), so that I could get my hands on the BluRay (Fleetwood Mac Rumours 35th, Pink Floyd Immersions, Alan Parsons etc.).

I agree with your CD statement, but I would not conclude that vinyl is the best answer, that for me is the hi-res version that comes on BluRay (and in the past, SACD (not yet completely dead) and DVD-A (dead)).

You don’t just get the 5.1 in hi-res with BluRay, you also usually get a hi-res stereo mix, sometimes both the original stereo master with a plain transfer, and sometimes the new mix in stereo, sometimes both.

I would argue the BluRay for these reasons, are the ultimate “best” version of something to get (usually). You can’t beat the size and feel of the physical thing and the artwork, with vinyl though!

I have listened at length to some stupidly expensive vinyl systems, and always prefer the same system, with a digital hi-res source (be it only ever in 2.0 from a digital Linn source! ;) ).

I love listening to well made music in hi-res, in stereo, but even more so a well mixed 5.1 (or 4.0) version of the same thing :)

You still can’t have my unused vinyl though, it’s artwork on my wall (I bought the recent ELO picture disc just for this purpose…) ;)

At least we have the ability to buy and experience a drip-fed amount of some of this fantastic music, in a quality never before available to us! :)



Benjamin Adams

And most vinyl buyers would prefer having the vinyl on its own, too.

Ed Sander

Thanks for the great unboxing video Paul. Alas, after Gabriel’s So and APP’s Tales another box set I won’t be buying because of the vinyl. I wonder how much sales record companies are missing when they don’t release a CD/Blu-Ray version …

Bill Hammell

Is there any mention of a stand-alone Blu-Ray from this, like for the Tales of Mystery?

Gis Bun

I wish the vinyl wasn’t included….


Thank you Paul. I agree that that is the definition of SDE even if I don’t need the vinyl.

Greg Rogers

When is the stand alone bluray going to be released?

alan hansen

paul, i give your presentation of the SDE box-set an “A,”
but i only give the SDE box-set itself an “A-.”
(that’s not meant in any way as my critique of the musical content.)


Beautiful Boxset, so sad that the included vinyl is of poor quality – noisy throughout. It‘s a shame since the rest of the content is excellent!
Also unbelievable to put the records in glossy plain white paper sleeves instead of antistatic sleeves.


No, this is NOT the way a SDE should be! Yes it is priced reasonably, but once again you are forced to buy multiple formats (CD, vinyl, BD, flexi). I have no use for any vinyl, any BD’s or any flexis. Can I buy CDs 1-3 only, for half the price? Of course not.


Paul, I think you summed it up perfectly at the end, the way Super Deluxe Editions should be!!
Absolutely fantastic!

Nice companion to Tales of Mystery and Imagination


Wow. People who made and priced the Roxy Music SDE should learn from this beautiful box set : 3 CD + blu-ray with 5.1 surround sound + Double LP + flexi. The pricing of the box is a little high at £80 but with a 180g double LP (and a flexi) I guess it’s OK.