SDEtv: The Beatles / Abbey Road anniversary edition – unboxed

The 50th anniversary edition of The Beatles‘ 1969 album Abbey Road is released today and SDE is delighted to bring you this unboxing video of the 3CD+blu-ray super deluxe….

All six formats of the Abbey Road anniversary edition are out now. What are you thoughts on the new package? Leave a comment.

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The Beatles

Abbey Road - 3CD+blu-ray super deluxe edition


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The Beatles

Abbey Road - 3LP vinyl box set


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The Beatles

Abbey Road - vinyl picture disc


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The Beatles

Abbey Road - 2CD deluxe edition


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The Beatles

Abbey Road stereo remix - single vinyl LP


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The Beatles

Abbey Road stereo remix - single CD


Abbey Road 50th anniversary edition 3CD+Blu-ray super deluxe edition

Disc 1 (CD) : 2019 Stereo Mix

1. Come Together
2. Something
3. Maxwell’s Silver Hammer
4. Oh! Darling
5. Octopus’s Garden
6. I Want You (She’s So Heavy)
7. Here Comes The Sun
8. Because
9. You Never Give Me Your Money
10. Sun King
11. Mean Mr Mustard
12. Polythene Pam
13. She Came In Through The Bathroom Window
14. Golden Slumbers
15. Carry That Weight
16. The End
17. Her Majesty

Disc 2 (CD): Sessions

1.     I Want You (She’s So Heavy) (Trident Recording Session & Reduction Mix)
2.     Goodbye (Home Demo)
3.     Something (Studio Demo)
4.     The Ballad Of John And Yoko (Take 7)
5.     Old Brown Shoe (Take 2)
6.     Oh! Darling (Take 4)
7.     Octopus’s Garden (Take 9)
8.     You Never Give Me Your Money (Take 36)
9.     Her Majesty (Takes 1-3)
10.  Golden Slumbers/Carry That Weight (Takes 1-3 / Medley)
11.  Here Comes The Sun (Take 9)
12.  Maxwell’s Silver Hammer (Take 12)

Disc 3 (CD): Sessions
1.     Come Together (Take 5)
2.     The End (Take 3)
3.     Come And Get It (Studio Demo)
4.     Sun King (Take 20)
5.     Mean Mr Mustard (Take 20)
6.     Polythene Pam (Take 27)
7.     She Came In Through The Bathroom Window (Take 27)
8.     Because (Take 1 – Instrumental)
9.     The Long One (Trial Edit & Mix – 30 July 1969) (Medley: You Never Give Me Your Money, Sun King, Mean Mr Mustard, Her Majesty, Polythene Pam, She Came In Through The Bathroom Window, Golden Slumbers, Carry That Weight, The End)
11.  Something (Take 39 – Instrumental – Strings Only)
12.  Golden Slumbers/Carry That Weight (Take 17 – Instrumental – Strings & Brass Only)


Audio Features:

– Dolby Atmos
– 96kHz/24 bit DTS-HD Master Audio 5.1
– 96kHz/24 bit High Res Stereo (2019 Stereo Mix)

The Beatles / Abbey Road 50th anniversary edition 3LP vinyl box

Abbey Road 50th anniversary edition 3LP vinyl box

LP ONE: Side 1 (2019 Stereo Mix)
1.     Come Together
2.     Something
3.     Maxwell’s Silver Hammer
4.     Oh! Darling
5.     Octopus’s Garden
6.     I Want You (She’s So Heavy)

LP ONE: Side 2 (2019 Stereo Mix)
1.     Here Comes The Sun
2.     Because
3.     You Never Give Me Your Money
4.     Sun King
5.     Mean Mr Mustard
6.     Polythene Pam
7.     She Came In Through The Bathroom Window
8.     Golden Slumbers
9.     Carry That Weight
10.  The End
11.  Her Majesty

LP TWO: Side 1 (Sessions)
1.     I Want You (She’s So Heavy) (Trident Recording Session and Reduction Mix)
2.     Goodbye (Home Demo)
3.     Something (Studio Demo)
4.     The Ballad of John and Yoko (Take 7)
5.     Old Brown Shoe (Take 2)

LP TWO: Side 2 (Sessions)
1.     Oh! Darling (Take 4)
2.     Octopus’s Garden (Take 9)
3.     You Never Give Me Your Money (Take 36)
4.     Her Majesty (Takes 1-3)
5.     Golden Slumbers/Carry That Weight (Takes 1-3) / Medley)
6.     Here Comes The Sun (Take 9)
7.     Maxwell’s Silver Hammer (Take 12)

LP THREE: Side 1 (Sessions)
1.     Come Together (Take 5)
2.     The End (Take 3)
3.     Come and Get It (Studio Demo)
4.     Sun King (Take 20)
5.     Mean Mr Mustard (Take 20)
6.     Polythene Pam (Take 27)
7.     She Came In Through The Bathroom Window (Take 27)
8.     Because (Take 1 Instrumental)

LP THREE: Side 2 (Sessions)
1.     The Long One (Trial Edit & Mix – 30 July 1969)
2.     Something (Take 39 – Instrumental – Strings Only)
3.     Golden Slumbers/Carry That Weight (Take 17 – Instrumental – Strings & Brass Only)

The Beatles / Abbey Road 50th anniversary edition 2CD deluxe

Abbey Road 50th anniversary edition 2CD deluxe edition

CD 1: 2019 Stereo Mix
1.     Come Together
2.     Something
3.     Maxwell’s Silver Hammer
4.     Oh! Darling
5.     Octopus’s Garden
6.     I Want You (She’s So Heavy)
7.     Here Comes The Sun
8.     Because
9.     You Never Give Me Your Money
10.  Sun King
11.  Mean Mr Mustard
12.  Polythene Pam
13.  She Came In Through The Bathroom Window
14.  Golden Slumbers
15.  Carry That Weight
16.  The End
17.  Her Majesty

CD 2: Sessions
1.     Come Together (Take 5)
2.     Something (Studio Demo)
3.     Maxwell’s Silver Hammer (Take 12)
4.     Oh! Darling (Take 4)
5.     Octopus’s Garden (Take 9)
6.     I Want You (She’s So Heavy) (Trident Recording Session & Reduction Mix)
7.     Here Comes The Sun (Take 9)
8.     Because (Take 1 Instrumental)
9.     You Never Give Me Your Money (Take 36)
10.  Sun King (Take 20)
11.  Mean Mr Mustard (Take 20)
12.  Polythene Pam (Take 27)
13.  She Came In Through The Bathroom Window (Take 27)
14.  Golden Slumbers/Carry That Weight (Takes 1-3 / Medley)
15.  The End (Take 3)
16.  Her Majesty (Takes 1-3)

The Beatles / Abbey Road 50th anniversary single CD

Abbey Road 50th anniversary edition single CD edition

2019 Stereo Mix
1.     Come Together
2.     Something
3.     Maxwell’s Silver Hammer
4.     Oh! Darling
5.     Octopus’s Garden
6.     I Want You (She’s So Heavy)
7.     Here Comes The Sun
8.     Because
9.     You Never Give Me Your Money
10.  Sun King
11.  Mean Mr Mustard
12.  Polythene Pam
13.  She Came In Through The Bathroom Window
14.  Golden Slumbers
15.  Carry That Weight
16.  The End
17.  Her Majesty





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Thank you very much for letting us know and we are very sorry to hear that you have playability issues with your Abbey Road Blu-Ray. There seems to be only an extremely small percentage of folk reporting problems…..

ok well i’m not planning being one of them so not sell from my side. First the Pink Floyd box and now this…. I guess that’s the reason why this Abbey Road box is on sale on amazon….


I was planning to buy this today but so many complaints about faulty discs…guess i’ll pass. yes, optimal media strikes again.

For anyone wanting this for a bargain go onto music magpies ebay shop it’s £80.32 when you get to checkout enter POPULAR20 in the voucher code section and you’ll get £16.06 discounted so you get it for £64.26!!! (Inc delivery) …the code runs out tonight (May be UK only??)


Here’s an information for everyone whose Blu-Ray disc of the Abbey Road Deluxe Box is defective:

You just need to contact Universal Music (send an email to OperationsSupport@umusic.com) and ask for a replacement disc. They are very friendly and will send you a new BR disc.

This is their answer to my inquiry:

Thank you very much for letting us know and we are very sorry to hear that you have playability issues with your Abbey Road Blu-Ray. There seems to be only an extremely small percentage of folk reporting problems, thankfully, and of course we will replace your Blu-Ray immediately (so you can complete your fabulous box set!).
Just let us have your address and we’ll courier a replacement to you by return and send you the tracking details. Each replacement will be tested beforehand (a job I love as I’m a massive Beatles’ fan).
Again, please accept our apologies but do let us know if you have any further issues.


Thanks for your information. They really are very friendly and have dispatched the new BluRay the same day I asked for replacement.


I’ve just bought the set from Amazon UK, but the Tracking Details show that it’s coming from France!!
Do you know if the Blu Ray problem is just with pressings from a specific plant/location?
I guess that as Universal Music know about this, they will replace it wherever it’s from!


On Optimal Media only bunglers work

Wait for the new Pink Floyd…


Flaw in the vinyl on side 3 of mine which makes a thrum sound on each revolution. So it’s going back. Unfortunately it’ll have to go back to Amazon Germany, so that should wipe out my saving on the postage. :-(

Pieter van der Velde wzn

I’ve just enjoyed in the Amsterdam Ziggo Dome the Analogues doing Abbey Road. To paraphrase Yes, I was Close to the Beatles.


Just gotten ‘round to playing the blu disc & I have the same problem as Ralf – two parallel lines that look like either a pressing fault or glue residue. Have contacted Amazon to see if they’re aware of the problem(s) & to see if they can just replace the blu disc.
Paul, I take it that you’ll let us know if there’s any ‘official’ acknowledgement of the problem(s)?
Brilliant site by the way. Keep up the excellent work.

Dennis Yardley

I think the Giles Martin ‘remix’ of the actual Abbey Road album is a bit heavy handed. In places The tracks sound and feel different to the original and I find that disappointing as his work on Sgt Pepper and The White Album was so good and respectful.
Just my thoughts


Why can’t they do a super deluxe box set of their BEST album, revolver?
Sorry, i had to ask (again!)

Alan Mitchell

I was listening to that one yesterday. It’s not my favourite (i have Sgt Pepper, Revolver, White Album, Abbey Road and Help).

With Prince there’s a general consensus of his greatest album regardless of whether it may be a person’s favourite. Is this the same with the Beatles?


Not really. It’s probably evenly split between Revolver, Sgt. Pepper, The Beatles (aka White Album) and Abbey Road…


Great packaging but the ble ray is a disaster. Could not get it to play on my LG found a workaround and played fine up to golden slumbers then stopped could not select any of the tracks past that.

The menus are possibly the worst I have seen.

Have returned to amazon to get a replacement.

It appears that optimal in europe just don’t have any quality control.


Hi Keith, my bluray does not work, too.
I have a pioneer player, the disc starts only sometimes, the apple logo appears only in a little part (top left edge), then after a few seconds the disc sometimes plays the stereo mix, but it does not allow to use a surround mix or to skip tracks. I got my copy from JPC Germany, they want me to send just the bluray back to them. If you look on the backside of the disc it seems to be an pressing error on the top, can you see that too?


Mines the same problem. Blu-ray back to jpc.de for replacement disc.
Greetings ralf

Alan Mitchell

This is the first time I’ve heard the album. Bought the 2cd set. It’s only recently I’ve started to buy any Beatles although i do have a third pressing of Sgt Pepper (with two lots of inserts somehow).

Well with no history to compare it to i must say it sounds wonderful. The drums are, excuse my French, fucking amazing. The whole album leaps out at me (new Naim cd player helps) in fact. And the songs are as beautiful as any other Beatles’ songs I’ve heard.

(I did play the cd in the car this weekend. Glad i don’t have a hifi that sounds like that is all i can say.)

Of course now I’m wondering how the original sounds. Any pointers as to which pressing i should look for with regards a vinyl?

PS: the drums really are fucking amazing by the way ;)

Sean Davey

Alan – it was only a few months before these sessions that Ringo left the band. Lennon was asked whether Ringo was the best drummer in the World and he replied – “he’s not even the best drummer in the band”. They made up of course and Ringo came back.

Wayne Klein

That’s a myth. Lennon never said that.

Jarmo Keranen

Here in Finland Maxwell’s Silver Hammer was recorded by Vesa-Matti Loiri in 1973 and name of the song was Paulin taikakaulin. In English it could be read Paul’s Magic Rolling Pin.


The vinyl cover in the 3LP set replicates the original sleeve without Her Majesty labelled. No mis-aligned Apple though!


On the the very first pressing the Apple was out of line with the song titles and Her Majesty was not credited (either on the sleeve or vinyl itself). Supposedly the misaligned Apple was corrected fairly early on, but after initial release.

comment image


The Japanese mini LP CD released a couple of years ago had the mis-aligned Apple as it replicated the first UK vinyl album release.


Remixing albums has been done before. In 1997 The Beach Boys released the stereo mix of Pet Sounds (the first band who did that?) The album only existed in mono till then. They did that again with other albums in 2012. I bought them all because I’m a fan. Mike Oldfield released other mixes of his first albums. Is it better? I don’t care. It’s another listening experience and you should know that before buying it because you know the album so well in it’s original version. I only have the Sergeant Peppers box set. I’m happy with it but will not buy the other ones. I have the 2009 remasters and for me that’s enough. When they release Rubber Soul and Revolver in a box set … well … I will think it over again.

bruce kelso

hi, what would of been really a amazing experience would of been having all 137 plus of us in one room listening to this for the first time. the expressions would be priceless. not a dry eye there would be as the final notes faded away.


I tried to listen to the surround mixes, but my pioneer player only plays the stereo mix, I’ m unable to get to the menues, the player automatically starts with “Come Together”. Is there anybody out there with a similar problem?


Hey Thilo, i have also difficulties to play tracks beyond track 13. My Blu-Ray shows some kind of glue on the reading side, maybe residue from the cardboard Cover. There are two parallel lines left and right on the disc.
I have contacted my customer service at “jpg.de” and waiting for an answer from there.
Greetings ralf

Paul E.

@ Thilo – not sure what your Amp situation is but see if you can set that to “Auto” to decode the audio. Then, press the “Audio” button on your Pioneer Blu-Ray remote control to toggle through the available audio formats. Hope this helps you out.


Played the three CDs from the SDE last night and actually really enjoyed them. The remix has only slight tweaks on the whole and I think the only fail is the vocal on Oh! Darling, where Macca goes for it and you can hear more distortion. The drumming though it has to be said is stunning, especially on The End, no wonder Ringo signed off on this. On the outakes, something struck me for the first time, how Come and Get it could’ve been an early seventies Wings single. Its not often I hear Wings in Beatles stuff. Anyhow, more than satisfied with this, especially with it being my first SDE of the year.

Jarmo Keranen

It is great possibility to hear Wings in Beatles stuff or vice versa, because Paul McCartney was member and composer of both bands!



Jarmo Keranen

To my ears all the Beatles tracks that was composed mainly by Paul McCartney could be Wings tracks and all the Wings tracks that was composed by Paul McCartney could be Beatles tracks!


How did the comments section get so toxic? Full of whinging and moaning.

Tom D.

Trying to figure out why it says “The Abbey Road” on the title page of the book (first page after the blank blue page; you show it for a fraction of a second). A later section is called “The Route to Abbey Road,” so it wouldn’t make sense for “The Abbey Road” to be there, too, unless it means “The One and Only Abbey Road,” which just really seems unnecessary. :)


I am very surprised at the negative tone of so many of these comments. This is the best album by the best band ever to make popular music. If you think it is too expensive then there is a simple solution: don’t buy it. You could always save up for the overblown, ludicrously-priced Pink Floyd’s The Later (And Indescribably Dull) Years which is 7 times more expensive and guaranteed to have you snoozing in 25 minutes.

Jorma S.

Your and my mileage may vary, of course I love The Beatles and they’re truly one of the best ever. But..I still can’t think of them as the best ever, it doesn’t seem right towards other great artists, bands and composers. Besides, Abbey Road is one my favorites but it’s not actually even the best album from the Fab Four.
There is no one that is best for sure..or wait it might be something but I won’t mention it yet as I don’t want to start any arguments.


Having listened to the new 2019 remix, my appreciation for the superior quality of the original mix has only increased. ‘Improving’ the clarity of certain instruments has in this case been at the cost of the balance and integrity of the overall performance. I’m sticking to the 2009 master. Better I think to have focused on the outtakes, an analogue transfer of the master to vinyl and perhaps a high res digital stereo & fresh 5.1 mix. Shame also that they didn’t do a mix of HCTS with extra solo. Genuinely something of interest missed out.

Wayne Klein

Well this set has everything that you mentioned except for the vinyl (separate) and the original album in high Rez. The blu Ray does have a fresh new multi channel mix and the stereo remix. This was designed to supplement not replace the original album. I personally have enjoyed the remix as it’s not like it was designed to replace the original mix since that’s still out there. I personally think this was the most sensible way to do this set.

You can also preview it as the whole of the CD set was streaming at Amazon that way you can make an informed decision to buy this or not.


The problem with these mixes is not the mixing but the mastering. It’s simply unnecessary and removes part of what made the original performances great and lively. At least there’s a more dynamic version on the blu-ray but still…

Wayne Klein

So…it looks like a lot of people are having problems rippping the CDs from the 3 cd box set to their computer drives. Lots of errors. Wonder if there is a bad batch.

Wayne Klein

Lol. And in the end…


My rips of the remix versions of Sun King and Mustard are distorted as heck. Will try again.

Wayne klein

I had the same problem with The White Album but it only impacted certain discs. Got replacements we will see…QC has gotten shoddy.

Graham Piazza

Hi everyone, I played the 3 vinyl box yesterday afternoon and I think it is great. The packaging is superb. The box is sturdy, great photo on the cover (a little grainy), the inner sleeves are black and poly lined. The actual vinyl looks great and plays perfectly. I did clean the sides with my Project cleaning machine before playing. There is no surface noise and all the discs are ruler flat.

The music is wonderful. The sound is great – hard to believe it was recorded 50 years ago. My favourite tracks from the sessions are “Something”, “Come Together “ and the Trial version of the “Long One” ie “You Never Give Me Your Money” etc.

The sessions show what a great band they were and how much attention they paid to small details. The sessions could have done as the finished product but they wanted to push for that little bit extra.

It is a splendid time for Beatles fans.

Paul kennefy

Total rip off !! I love the Beatles but !!
Over 80 quid for a book and 3 CDs !! Come on !!!!
Village green was 11 disc for £110
Joke !!!


I guess it was clear that you get one book and 3 CDs (plus a blu-ray). So don’t buy it if it is a rip off for you.
I think every CD 10$ and a book for 30$ makes 70$ is not a “rip off”. By the way I payed 67$ (amazone.fr). Think about how much work goes into this product – production, mixing, writing the book, design, advertising, distribution etc.

Chris Squires

Its quite ridiculous to break every release down to what a CD or a book is worth. It happens on every thread. Streaming and downloading has robbed the industry of value and we as consumers are the poorer for it. But to say a Beatles CD, or a CD by anybody else for that matter, is only worth £x, $x or €x is exactly what is completely killing the physical music industry. As if the quality, desirability, historic importance or plain enjoy-ability of the music matters not one jot. How can it be that it’s the only the raw cost of the CD and how much one thinks that is worth that matters? Might as well stick .pdfs of Hansard on there then. It’s all the same.

There are some (here un-named) artists that you could offer me a workaday 25CD set for £25 and I still wouldn’t bite. The number of CDs is irrelevant to those that love the music and how it is presented.


“As if the quality, desirability, historic importance or plain enjoy-ability of the music matters not one jot”

Yes, it’s a bit like those people who constantly question just how limited Limited Edition releases are, as if the quality, desirability, historic importance or plain enjoy-ability of the music matters not one jot”

Chris Squires

ah, you can set your watch to dear old RJS, never one to miss an opportunity.

What that opportunity is, I couldn’t possibly say.

Wayne Klein

It’s also got a blu Ray with a lossless presentation of the remix. The book is quite handsome and is a coffee table high quality binding. I think it’s reasonable.


All these comments really make me want to press the buy button but I won’t get fooled again by buying a beatles set on release. I will wait for the price to drop. It really sounds as if they have learnt from the previous releases to deliver a quality product without too much missing or too many sessions / takes of each song. May be they will release Let it be like the Dylan box set with every minute of music in the freezing film studio !


I have to admit I was quite underwhelmed . Sgt Pepper and The Beatles were quite wonderful . There are delightful moments , but those are expensive moments .

Louis Crandell

As you ask Paul, I express my critical opinion about the 3 deluxe editions of The Beatles.
It is affectionate criticism, based on the basis that I buy everything that is published in The Beatles, including these 3 deluxe, because it is my eternal group.
Sorry for my bad English :)

Criticisms of deluxe editions:
1st. Magical Mistery Tour and Yellow Submarine have been skipped in their 50 anniversaries. I understand that the market today is not able to process so quickly in releases that were in the 60s, and have sacrificed them for now.

2nd. Completist collectors consider that these editions are not complete for several reasons:
-The singles of the time are missing, and they have not had the same criteria when making the 3 deluxes.
Sgt. Peppers includes the single of the time: Penny Lane / Strawberry Fields Forever, perhaps it would have also included All you need is Love, since they have not edited the deluxe edition of Magical Mistery Tour. In any case, in the rest of the editions the singles of the time are missing. In White Album the remixes of the single Hey Jude / Revolution are missing. And in Abbey Road the single The ballad of John & Yoko / Old brown Shoe is missing.
– There are missing songs that appeared in the Anthology and are already part of the Beatles canon. For example, the long Mary Jane version is missing, replaced by a short shot on the White album. The Because version a capella and the long guitar solo of The End on Abbey Road are missing. I understand that in case of multiple takes of a song, to choose different from those published in the Anthology to provide an incentive with an unpublished take. In general, in the case of repeated shots, I think they have now been chosen superior to those of the Anthology.

– “Sgt. Peppers” are missing songs that were originally published on other albums, but that should now appear in their original place, for example it should be Only a Nothern Song and possibly All Together Now. And more, since there is no deluxe edition of Yellow Submarine OST. And of course, the only unpublished song that remains of The Beatles: Carnival of Light should appear.

– The 1968 songs that came out in single or in Yellow Submarine OST, which share sound with that album, are missing in White Album. It was necessary an additional CD in that edition entitled “The Beatles 1968”, with Hey Bulldog, Lady Madonna, The Inner Light, Across The Universe, and the single Hey Jude / Revolution. I would also include the Mary Jane version of Anthology, because it is now part of the group’s record canon.

I suppose that the reason that these deluxe editions are not complete is due to economic reasons, to make profitable future remastered editions of the Anthology and Past Masters

-More audiovisual content is missing to be completists: there are a couple of documentaries of “Sgt. Peppers” that could have been included. As well as the corresponding part included in the Anthology videos corresponding to each disc.

3rd. It is not necessary to include CDs with the original mixes, but they should be included in the Blu ray. The Blu ray has enough space to store almost all the demo or session material that is generated in a recording, for the completists who want all the versions. Although only heard once in a lifetime, at least we have them in Blu Ray format for documentary purposes.

4th. Lack of criteria in packaging, which have been cheaper with each new release. Sgt Peppers’s was very expensive, so they cut in the rest of the editions. The collectors would have liked them all more or less the same: a box that reproduces a tape box, the lenticular cover, and the memorabilia that appeared in the first one, in addition an independent book. Unfortunately that the White Album did not have the size 12×12, at least the poster would bent as in the original disc.

5th. They have no criteria when deciding the editions parallel to the main one on CD. Different criteria for vinyl versions, double CD in each edition.

6th. Regarding the sound of the new mixes, nothing to object to, I love them, but McCartney is seen to be behind, because they have inflated the sound of the bass, not that I don’t care at all.

These are small complaints, in general I am moderately satisfied with these issues, put to note:
Sgt. Peppers: 4,5 / 5
White album: 4/5
Abbey Road: 4/5

As a final retreat, the Sessions could possibly go on BluRay / DVD, because they are recordings that are heard two or three times in life, initially out of curiosity rather than enjoyment. In those supports, you could put practically everything recorded. Then we all come back to listen to the original albums, remixed or not. How many times do we listen to the Anthology, if not for the unpublished songs?


John Kaelin

I would love to hear everything too. However, going back to the Anthology series, the Beatles are creating an album experience with their outtakes, etc. It’s always been done in chronological order. They have created, at times, “new” from old to make even a simple take something new & fresh. Take the Anthology 2 Strawberry Fields sequencing for instance. Or how about the strings only Eleanor Rigby for Anthology and the orchestral session only for Something on Abbey Road. They simply don’t want to throw a hodgepodge of songs out there. I would think a streaming subscription service you be good for “everything” if they are never officially releasing certain items.


Magical Mystery Tour was re-released in 2012 in the EP format with the bluray film restored. Remenber that MMT was not designed as an LP in the first place. Just later Apple addoped the US version of it as the “official Album”.


There is a hidden video on the Blu-Ray Track 2 – Something (Video) in all Audio Format available!
On this Track Control Pad in the right direction! Then “Something (Video)” appears.
Greetings Ralf

Keith Ainsworth

I just found the video for Something on the blu-ray. Just move down the menu to Something and press right. The word ‘video’ appears in black next to it. Press enter and you are taken to another menu for the video.


Just finished listening to the picture disc. Very loud low frequency background whirring hum throughout. Anyone else notice this?

Steven Campbell

Haven’t heard the picture disc of it yet but one thing I will say is that’s normal for a picture disc as it’s 2 bits of plastic with a paper printed picture in the middle and so you rarely get great sound out of picture disc, the only notable exception to that rule is the picture disc I have of Supertramp’s breakfast in America which is very well mastered and cut and as quite as a standard black vinyl version which I was astounded by.


Thanks Steven, I’ve pulled the Sgt Pepper picture disc and indeed it’s just the same. Oh well – looks nice anyway!

John Kaelin

Received the Super Deluxe set yesterday. Simply beautiful. I love the simple packaging. I think the packaging for each anniversary edition is reflective of the album. Abbey Road was the culmination of their entire career; marvelously executed and produced. Just really great and timeless music. I purchased mine from Amazon. I really had no choice. My independent music store closed a couple months ago. Barnes & Noble wasn’t accepting pre-orders & they were only expecting one copy. I couldn’t take a chance. So I’m hearing for the first time that there are slight differences in the Sgt Pepper Deluxe CD set as compared to the 2-CD set; the latter I never purchased. Is this true & did they do that for The White Album & Abbey Road. In addition, I do want all 99 takes of Maxwell as well. Lol.

Ben Williams

The new 2019 remix is a thing of beauty; a perfect album has somehow become more perfect. It’s like standing in Studio 2 and the Beatles are playing it right there and then for you, stunning.

Fagnani Mauro

Paul, why not a book in the vinyl box?! Why not a film protecion on cd?!


I have seen run times of circa 44 mins for CD 2 and circa 23 mins for CD 3. Anyone know if that is correct? If so, they would comfortably go one disc.

Enjoyed the video and thanks for posting.


“I have seen run times of circa 44 mins for CD 2 and circa 23 mins for CD 3. Anyone know if that is correct?”

Disc 2 is 43m 47sec / Disc 3 is 42m 14sec


Thanks Mike. I thought it had to be an error. I’ve ordered the 2 CD set.


I’ve only just got around to having a good listen to the White Album reissue, I saw the Abbey Road box in Banquet Records Kingston yesterday, ( great store, check it out if you’re near Kingston ), it looks great, I would like the option of a smaller box, the Police CD box & Aha 4 cd sets looks great, I’ve already ordered them.
With a teenager today who spent his part time job wages on a £150 pair of trainers, and a tab for me of £30 for the Five Guys meal, I asked him if he would buy any of the music or box sets in Banquet and he couldn’t get around the concept of paying for music, I think we’re lucky these box sets are still being made. I’ll wait for the good old SDE alert for Abbey Road box. Happy Saturday folks.


Just bought my copy at the local Saturn store for EUR 79,99. They had 30 copies and I was allowed to open the carton to inspect the item for dents. No Amazon this time since they always send my damaged items.

Wayne Klein

Amazon in the U.S. at least sent this in the cardboard protector and didn’t take the item out. Mine arrived just fine.


When this was released I was like 8 years old. It did not mean a lot to me at the time, I have never owned a Beatles disc until 2009 or so when they released the remastered CDs. This was the first one I ever listened to and I found it odd that I knew almost every song by heart. Amazing,

I was at Target yesterday and the teenager in front of me had a Let It Be T-shirt on. When I gassed up the truck a gentleman @ least 80ish next to me has a Beatles bumper sticker.

I know you get some Donnie & Debbie downers on your site but don’t pay them any mind. Your video for the unboxing is very good. I think 300 years from now this music will be just as relevant as it was upon release.

andrew r

Iam afraid i have to echo the great Glyn Johns who said
“these remixes do not honour the originals ,the suggestion being there was something wrong with the original work” Also who exactly decided that Giles Martin had some genetic link to his fathers work that made him the obvious choice to work on the Beatles catalogue ?
Sorry to be a party pooper but it just seems like an excuse to move product.
Don’t even start me on the bbc’s fawning celebration this weekend “live from abbey rd that noted Beatles expert Zoe Ball …

andrew r

Thanks you are correct Paul i failed to mention that in my
reply . In fact am i correct in thinking that as these remasters come out they effectively
replace all of george martins original mixes, which become unavailable to the general public?

Matthew McKinnon

Those mixes are still widely available.


The question remains which mixes will be the ones widely available for future generations.

Robert (not a doctor)

to be honest I never get it when people argue about the remix, original mix etc. For me that all sounds soooo similar, i really don’t care much. I buy this box sets because of the additional material – the box itself, the book, the infos, the demos, the sessions…
I have my blue box from 1979 and the vinyl mono box from 2012 (?). I am happy with that – don’t need “original” LPs or new “mixes” of the original LP.

Wayne Klein

I disagree with Glyn. The original work is STILL there. I for one am happy to hear these. Heck, even George Martin wanted to fiddle with Rubber Soul and Help (even if his remixes were inferior to the originals). This gives fans the opportunity to hear an alternative mix that remains largely faithful to the original intent just cleaning up the generational loss of mixing to analog and using the ability to bring out subtle variations. If it was disrespectful, the original mix would have completely disappeared and be unavailable. It’s not. While “Abbey Road” is The Beatles album that probably needed a remix the least of any others, it does make something that may have fallen out of favor due to over exposure fresh again. It’s also about the money of course and the ones that have been remixed have been around their anniversary and their most popular albums. As to Giles, I think that it’s because he can both respect his father’s Original intentions and also find a balance for the current market, The Beatles own wishes, the estates of John and George. I think these sets have, largely, been a successful reinvention of the original album.

At the end of the day, the original work is still there and no one is forcing anyone to buy these plus the band have made sure it is available in multiple configurations.


I have and like the new mix. My question was more about whether the originals will be commonly available for future generations, or whether the idea is that new listeners will always get to hear the remixes, and will have to get used LPs/CDs to hear the original band mixes.


Side 2.
Achingly beautiful. Tears already and I haven’t even got through Here Comes The Sun


Yeah… I’m stunned. This was well worth the wait!

Kevin Aston

just to say I have Amazon prime but HMV were in excess of £90 whilst Amazon were over a tenner cheaper so ordered it from there. I nearly cancelled though because Amazon initially said that delivery would be 1st October, however yesterday morning I got an email saying it had been despatched yesterday and I would receive it same day, which I did. Packaged in two cardboard boxes and no damage at all. Just a thought , how many readers would prefer the hype sticker on the cellophane and not on the record box itself. Everytime I take the cellophane off I always take the sticker off and put it on the box itself and through the cellophane away. However some stickers tear when trying to remove them, so annoying. Thanks for the excellent site Paul.


I wouldn’t mind some hype stickers actually printed on the sleeves of some releases. They do deteriorate over time andvcould potentially ruin a cover. Ideally, you’d have a sticker with a peel off back so you could make your own choice but I suppose then it wouldn’t serve its purpose as a hype sticker!

George glazener

I find that an x-acto knife works well for surgically cutting the hype sticker from the cellophane. I rcvd my copy on Friday from importcds.com, in a very strong cardboard box. No damage whatsoever and earlier than expected, so I’m happy with them. I’m hearing many bits of music I never noticed before, such as Paul’s bass work on “Bathroom window”, and some extended guitar noodling at the end of “You never give me your money”, just for starters. There’s a lot of neat stuff to discover here.

Mark H.

My only complaint is that they apparently used an MP3 version of Goodbye rather than a higher res version.

Other than that, it sounds pretty good.

Mark H.

Steve Hoffman forum has (or had) spectrals of “Goodbye” that showed that it had passed through MP3 processing. I have heard (but cannot verify) that those posts have been scrubbed by the gorts there.


“My only complaint is that they apparently used an MP3 version of Goodbye rather than a higher res version”

Maybe because it is a home demo, and didn’t have higher resolution to work with?

I really enjoyed the Atmos version though – the surround is used as it should be, sparingly.

My major complaint is that the Sessions contents wasn’t included as a Hi-Res download with the Deluxe box, or for that matter why it wasn’t included on the Blu-ray, there is slightly more than 5GB of space available on the (single-layer) Blu-ray. Rather seems like nickel and diming for all they’re worth.

Another Steve B

Paul, some of these comments are priceless — some in a good way, some in a not as good way. Would really love to be able to stamp comments with reaction emojis!


Anybody else have an issue on the 2nd CD?

Here Comes The Sun (Take 9) and Maxwell’s Silver Hammer (Take 12) won’t play on my iTunes or load at all. Wondering if it’s just my disc that needs to be switched out or if there’s a production issue.


Matthew McKinnon

Works fine on my iTunes.
Good luck.


Yeah, I can do without 99 versions on a physical product, but I loved what they did on the Imagine CDs where they took you through the evolution of a song. I would definitely be keen for that to be done for all the Beatles albums.
99 versions would be great for a straming service where you can create your own playlists of the interesting ones, but you also have to respect an artists choice when it comes to what they want people to hear

jay k

Received mine today, though I was listening on Qobuz before it arrived. I purchased the last 3 sde’s from both The Beatles and R.E.M. (my favorites) and find it interesting that in the physical sets the bonus audio tracks are only on cd but in digital stores and streaming services some (in the case of R.E.M. OOT & AFTP) or all (in the case of The Beatles) of the bonus tracks are available in hi-res versions. As awesome and generous as these sets have been, it sure would have been nice to make those bonus tracks available in hi-res on the blu-ray discs too instead of having to listen to them elsewhere. Oh well. At least there’s still the art, surround sound/Atmos…


I keep leaving comments and you keep not publishing them. Did I say the wrong thing?!


I just gave some comments on my first listen – which is what you asked for. Did you not agree with them or is this over something else? There are a few ‘Gareth’s posting here.


Ah gotcha. Noted. I really really wanted to hear the alternative Long Medley, but just can’t justify the extra dosh for that one song. Blinking annoying!

Marc K.

Gareth, anyone who wants to know, the free edition of webbased Spotify (so not on the phone, only on laptop/desktop) still offers a good listen to the complete 3cd version (deluxe) of Abbey Road, including ‘The Long One’. So no need to go illegal just for a good listen.


totally agree with you, Paul. The only thing is, you do endorse illegal uploads as you frequently link unofficially published videos from youtube. What’s that about?


You may have a pointin some (not all) cases, but that doesn’t make it right. Particularly when an official video of the same song is just a few thumbnails down the list and you choose the unofficial (and, might I add, lower quality) one. This is something that has happened on SDE a few times, which is surprising as you don’t strike me as one to falter into lazy journalism


I feel that is is decisively strange that more music fans don’t boycott these uploads and show a united loyalty to the owners of the work. I am personally concerned about this as I believe in credit where credit is due and I don’t like to see non-artists earning a single penny from Youtube’s flawed advertising scheme when they didn’t contribute one drop to the making of works of art. It’s a question of morality. Just because you can get away with it, doesn’t mean it should be done. Look at Trump, for example…


I would like to say a big thanks for filtering out comments that promote illegal downloading on your site, Paul. Before I forget to do so. You are doing your part there and I take my hat off to you. Hopefully others take note that ripping off the artists is essentially what’s killing the industry.


Anyway, back on track… This is a stellar release (as were the two prior) and I look forward to many years to come of SDEs from the greatest band of all time. To anyone questioning if the earlier albums will follow Let It Be, of course they will. They just started this off with the most famous one (Pepper) to see how it went. It’s gone great for three years, so maybe expect a short break after Let It Be (or maybe not) and an expanded Anthology (more outtakes, more demos, more live cuts) before the remaining albums get the SDE treatment. I’m also certain that Yellow Submarine & Magical Mystery Tour will have a place in this somewhere. What Paul said about MMT already having a deluxe release is only half true… That was the film, not the album/EP proper. Remember that Sign ‘O’ The Times was just released as a film SDE, but not an album SDE. This will also be coming down the line. ‘Shirley’s Wild Accordion’, anyone?

Ian Ellis

If it’s just the long medley you want to hear Gareth, then sign up to Spotify for a free account and listen to it there. But there’s plenty more ace material than that on the SDE and it’s well worth the one-off outlay. For my money, I absolutely adore the version of Ballad of John and Yoko. Some nice studio chat too where John and Paul (who are of course on their own) refer to each other as Ringo and George. I remember George Martin at the end of the Anthology releases saying that it was all out there now, and that any further excavation of the archive would be scraping the barrel. Well, what wonderful scrapings we have had. I dearly hope that they loop back and SDE the earlier albums. Having heard the bootlegs of multiple versions of tracks from the hallowed Beatles recording session of 11th Feb 1963 (the Please Please Me recordings), I would dearly love all ten hours of those sessions. A slipcase containing 8 CDs of raw sessions, a couple more CDs to demonstrate how the overdubs were layered, a remix, the original stereo and mono for completeness, a good sturdy book. I’ve got £300 that I would willingly hand over without blinking.


I’ve noticed that artists only seem to get the official stuff taken down on youtube, and leave the rarer unreleased stuff online, which is great for music fans like myself. I could spend a full saturday afternoon just browsing youtube, which to me is a modern day past time, comparable to the old days of browsing record shops to find interesting stuff i never knew existed! I think that if artists started pulling down the unreleased stuff, it would upset a lot of genuine fans, if the only option was to pay 20 quid A pop to line the pockets of a bootleg scalper. Fair play and respect to the artists for NOT having the stuff taken down, it certainly makes me want to buy their official stuff in return, And even serves as a taster for what COULD be released officially.
I’m sure it gets more and more people interested in them, especially in this day and age!


On another note , did anyone notice Paul’s recent interview on the Stephen Colbert show had ‘Getting closer’ as the intro music when he came on stage. A nod to ‘Back to the Egg’ or a clue to the next Superdeluxe edition ?

George glazener

@musicmacca;Yes, I sure did catch that. I bet you’re right, we’ll see those SDEs out by Christmas. Love it…!! Bring it on


Thanks for the video Paul.

Despite being an Amazon Prime member and ordering this on 8/8 mine isn’t now arriving until Monday. Has anyone else noticed that new releases pre-ordered from Amazon used to arrive on the day of release (Friday) but are now only expected to arrive on the following Tuesday? Or is it just me? I bought a discounted annual Prime membership in the Prime sale and now seem to be getting a second class postal service.

I know it’s only a few days but when you’re out at work all week there’s a world of difference between receiving a new release, that you’ve been looking forward to, on the Friday/Saturday or having to wait ’til Monday/Tuesday when you’re back at work all day and can’t really spend time with it until the following weekend.


i’m with you on this, Amazon in recent months have become atrocious with new releases…and price wise they seem to be getting a lot higher and not as competitive or attractive a proposition as they used to, i would advise you get in touch with their customer support state your unhappiness at the service etc, how being prime is meant to give you benefits like release day delivery, that’s what you paid for and now you have to wait till monay!, it will probably take you between 30mins to an hour if you do it via the chat option but if you speak directly via a call it should be quicker, you might get a little credit as an apology or a month free sub to prime, but i hear you loud and clear on amazon, it’s happening all the time now

Teddy G

Arrived as promised on the release day, no atrocities observed. Opening!

Mark Scholes

Definitely with you on this! Also, packaging has gone to pot as well…twice in one week I recieved Mark Ronson’s Late Night Feelings (not Abbey Road, I know, but I like it haha), loose in a box big enough to put a small tv in! Mind you, got £20 out of it from them!


Why don’t you go to an actual shop and buy it on the day it comes out, like I did, supporting independent retailers rather than some multi national out to kill every shop?…


The last time I ordered from a shop there were supplier issues and I got my releases weeks after release day.


Ok sorry, I wasn’t thinking about logistics (it was a Friday night…) I’m just very lucky to have a good record shop about a mile away from my home. I just worry about the reliance on buying online in general. Sometimes people don’t have a choice though I see that, I apologise


@Rowly75 some people have to work, getting to a shop might not be convenient, there are not many record stores around anymore, i have to travel between 5 and 15 miles just to get to a record store, if i am working that day that’s just not feasible


Very fair point and that is what the industry is about -we do not need to support corporates and we should be free to say so! Everybody probably does an independent – support them as much as we can!

Richard Miller

I am also an Amazon Prime customer and my pre-order won’t be delivered till Tuesday, however, it stated on their website that orders placed today (release day Friday) would be delivered next day Saturday! I contacted Amazon and received a long rambling email from them. I too was looking forward to listening to this over the weekend.


Pete, I am in the USA. Mine was charged to my debit card two days ago and I received it today Friday 27th. Call Amazon and make a complain. They always give you some $$$ credit that you can use later. Good luck!


That is interesting, maybe is it due to the third parties which deliver the parcels in the UK? Amazon France delivered the parcel yesterday to the collect point I had chosen. I have stopped getting deliveries at home or at work, as they are always late and I usually get a 1€ rebate if I choose the parcel not to arrive D+1.. I paid this SDE 68€ (that is around 64 pounds) so no complaint on my side..

Paul Taylor

I agree. My Head Music exclusive is down for Nov 12 instead of the 8th.


Same here. But they have now amended the date of delivery to tomorrow. I couldn’t wait so ordered a new set yesterday and it’s just arrived. I’ve cancelled the previous order. Worked out a couple of quid more and I can’t say I’m impressed with Amazon on this occasion. A bit sad maybe but it’s the Beatles and that’s justification enough. And no, we couldn’t go to a bricks and mortar outlet because the nearest one is 17 miles away and I have a wife and daughter to consider. Sorry if that offends anyone holier than myself.


Great review as always from Paul.
To my mind it’s at least £2o overpriced so I will wait a while as it’s sure to come down in price.
Plenty of other releases in the pipeline too, The Rolling Stones, Jeff Lynne to name but two.

peter chrisp

Tony agree on prices but not much can be done. It is a little overpriced, out here in Australia the price is a little steep. But the good thing i have if i can use a term “Birthday” in October, & usually receive a gift voucher $50 which isn’t too bad. Thanks Paul too for your feedback & unboxing, brilliant stuff.