SDEtv / The Cars: Elektra Years vinyl box


Unboxing video of the coloured vinyl box

The vinyl version of The Cars Elektra Years 1978-1987 box came out a few weeks back and here SDE opens it up and takes a look inside…

Note: UK Amazon marketplace sellers are massively cheaper than the official amazon price.

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The Cars

The Elektra Years 1978 - 1987 [VINYL]



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Ordered the CD box set from amazon uk, received today & it’s missing “Panorama” :-/
Refunding me & I get to keep it (I’m in the states)… but obvs I want me “Panorama”.

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CJ Feeney

I considered getting this, but opted for the cd set. Glad I did. I like vinyl, but space is at a premium, so requires a premium product, and I don’t think this is up to standard.


A case of the left hand not knowing what the right hand is doing? What a poor show for a not-cheap boxset. If I was intending to buy it, then I wouldn’t now.


I personally think the colors are fine for these vinyl. I liked all the colors used. I guess for the the sound quality is what really matters, and I will say I have the CD box and the Remastering is truly excellent on these. I’ve been listening to them for the [past few months, sounds better in terms of sound quality than anything reissued before it. They did a great job. The fact that no booklet was included in the vinyl box is kinda strange though. Other than that I think the colors used for the vinyl and the sound quality are pretty great!

Marshall Gooch

Isn’t it amazing how simple some of these aesthetic choices are (like “duh, let’s make the vinyl in the same six colors as on the box front”) and yet how often they botch it up?!


Epic fail on Elektra! I might send mine back! What a bunch of bullshit! No wonder this is being sold dirt cheap in certain places because they know and knew that they cocked up! Bad! I’m so sick and tired of these box sets not having some grandiose hardcover book with photos, artwork, liner notes, and an essay. The latest Bowie and QUEEN vinyl box sets have them. One could and should complain that they are way too thin anyway as they are. But to not have one at all is truly lame-o. It is obviously done with “planned obsolesce” in mind which is actually fine and cool it’s just frustrating and disappointing some more quality control was not implemented for this Cars vinyl box set. With all of this said…might these colors vary from box set to box set? If that were the case I’d still be pissed if I got a shit version. I know I hated what Bowie’s camp did with random clear versions of “ChangesOneBowie”. I’d have been willing to pay more for the clear one and or ones if they had given the option. Humph…


The vinyl does reflect the colours on the front of the box except they seem to have failed to get the Shake it Up one right.


Maybe it’s the video but the final one looks orange to me.


Matching the colors on the front of the box seemed like a no-brainer to me.

Chris Brown

See, I would at least have used the blue vinyl for the album with the blue cover, if I were to do this.