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SDE has told you already about Demon Music’s forthcoming The Creation box set called Creation Theory, but what you might not be aware of is that US label The Numero Group are putting out their own Creation anthology called Action Painting. This two-CD collection is narrower in scope than its UK counterpart, but pleasingly presented as an 84-page hardcover book that slots into a sturdy outer slipcase. We take a closer look with an SDEtv unboxing video…

Action Painting is released on Friday 17 March 2017. Full track listings below. Demon’s Creation Theory is issued on 28 April 2017.

The Numero Group’s Action Painting (2CD)

Disc: 1
The Creation
1. Making Time
2. Try And Stop Me
3. Painter Man
4. Biff, Bang, Pow
5. Sylvette (edit)
6. If I Stay Too Long
7. Nightmares
8. Life Is Just Beginning
9. Through My Eyes
10. How Does It Feel To Feel
11. Tom Tom
12. Can I Join Your Band
13. Midway Down
14. The Girls Are Naked
15. Bonie Maronie
16. Mercy Mercy Mercy
17. For All That I Am
18. Uncle Bert
19. Cool Jerk
20. I Am The Walker
21. Ostrich Man
22. Sweet Helen
23. How Does It Feel To Feel (US version)

Disc: 2
The Mark Four
1. Hurt Me If You Will
2. I’m Leaving
3. Work All Day (Sleep All Night)
4. Going Down Fast
The Creation
5. How Does It Feel To Feel (US version – New Stereo Mix)
6. Biff, Bang, Pow New Stereo Mix)
7. For All That I Am (New Stereo Mix)
8. Can I Join Your Band (New Stereo Mix)
9. Through My Eyes (New Stereo Mix)
10. Tom Tom (New Stereo Mix)
11. Midway Down (New Stereo Mix)
12. Nightmares (New Stereo Mix)
13. Life Is Just Beginning (New Stereo Mix)
14. Painter Man (New Stereo Mix)
15. If I Stay Too Long (New Stereo Mix)
16. How Does It Feel To Feel (UK version – New Stereo Mix)
17. Cool Jerk (New Stereo Mix)
18. Hey Joe (New Stereo Mix)
19. Like A Rolling Stone (New Stereo Mix)
20. Making Time (Instrumental)
21. Sylvette (full length)
22. Instrumental 1
23. How Does It Feel To Feel (Instrumental)

Demon Music’s Creation Theory (4CD+DVD)


THE MARK FOUR [1964 – 1966]

1. Rock Around The Clock
2. Slow Down
3. Try It Baby
4. Crazy Country Hop
5. Hurt Me If You Will
6. I’m Leaving
7. Work All Day (Sleep All Night)
8. Going Down Fast

THE CREATION [1966 – 1968]


9. Making Time
10. Try And Stop Me
11. Painter Man
12. Biff Bang Pow
13. Sylvette
14. If I Stay Too Long
15. Nightmares
16. Cool Jerk
17. Like A Rolling Stone
18. Can I Join Your Band
19. Hey Joe
20. Life Is Just Beginning
21. Through My Eyes
22. How Does It Feel To Feel [UK version]
23. Tom Tom
24. How Does It Feel To Feel [US version]
25. I Am The Walker
26. Ostrich Man
27. Sweet Helen


1. Midway Down
2. The Girls Are Naked
3. Bony Moronie
4. Mercy, Mercy, Mercy
5. For All That I Am
6. Uncle Bert


7. Making Time [instrumental]
8. Painter Man
9. Biff Bang Pow
10. Sylvette [full length]
11. If I Stay Too Long
12. Nightmares
13. Cool Jerk
14. Like A Rolling Stone
15. Can I Join Your Band
16. Hey Joe
17. Life Is Just Beginning
18. Through My Eyes
19. How Does It Feel To Feel [UK version]
20. Tom Tom
21. How Does It Feel To Feel [US version]
22. Midway Down
23. For All That I Am
24. Instrumental # 1
25. How Does It Feel To Feel [instrumental]


THE MARK FOUR [Live 1985]

1. Hurt Me If You Will
2. Got My Mojo Workin’
3. That’s How Strong My Love Is

THE CREATION Psychedelic Rose [1987]

4. Lay The Ghost
5. Psychedelic Rose
6. Radio Beautiful
7. United
8. Doing It My Way
9. Making Time [new version]
10. Far From Paradise
11. White Knight
12. Spirit Called Love


13. The Jimi Hendrix Trilogy


THE CREATION Power Surge [1996]

1. Creation
2. Power Surge
3. Someone’s Gonna Bleed
4. Shock Horror
5. That’s How I Found Love
6. Killing Song
7. Nobody Wants To Know
8. City Life
9. English Language
10. Free Men Live Forever
11. Ghost Division
12. O+N


13. Woodstock Daze
14. Good Times



THE CREATION Live on German TV [1966 – 67]

BEAT BEAT BEAT, September 1966

1. Making Time
2. I’m A Man
3. That’s How Strong My Love Is


4. Try And Stop Me
5. Painter Man

THE CREATION Red With Purple Flashes: Live at The Mean Fiddler [1993 + 1995]

6 JULY 1993, includes interviews with band members

1. Try And Stop Me
2. Life Is Just Beginning
3. I’m A Man
4. Nightmares
5. If I Stay Too Long
22 AUGUST 1995

1. Batman
2. Biff Bang Pow
3. Try And Stop Me
4. Life Is Just Beginning
5. I’m A Man
6. Nightmares
7. If I Stay Too Long
8. Hey Joe
9. Making Time
10. Creation
11. Power Surge
12. Tom Tom
13. That’s How Strong My Love Is
14. How Does It Feel To Feel
15. Painter Man
16. Biff Bang Pow


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Weird as this page has the Amazon US price listed at $19.99 but when you click on the link and go to Amazon’s listing it shows up as $28.99. Bizarre!


Well, as a general rule, I don’t trust Demon/Edsel. Numero Group has clearly stated that *their* remaster is from the analogue tapes. So, is it likely that Demon/Edsel made their own remaster, from the same analogue tapes, in the same period in time as Numero, reels of tapes flying around the world to be remastered…? – I don’t think so.

Numero is more pricey, but I trust them, and I prefer either to spend a bit more and have sound quality, or not buying anything at all. What I’m not going to do, for sure, is buying from Demon/Edsel who have a reputation for remastering from digital, compress files.


Worth mentioning Numero said it’s the first time proper (non pre-eq’d) masters had been used for a compilation. Meaning the Edsel release (in theory) comes from inferior tapes.


Numero are fantastic. Have loads of great stuff but pricey for UK buyers. Looking forward to their long rumoured Husker Du box set.


£30 for a 2 CD set? £40 for a 4 CD & DVD box set, if I was buying one I know which one I’d go for. Instead I went for the Edsel single CD ‘Our Music Is Red With Purple Flashes’, £5 including shipping. This has all the singles, they never released an album in the U.K., (a compilation was released in parts of Europe) and other key tracks. The ’80’s & ’90’s stuff is forgettable.


Regardless of where you buy them, Numero Group CDs always seem to be expensive in the UK. I own quite a few (mostly 60’s & 70’s soul compilations and reissues) but I’d own a lot more if their prices were more competitive.

Charles K.

Love Numero, their releases are impeccably done, I knew this video would confirm the quality. Definitely getting this over the larger box, nice video Paul.


Nicely done, as usual, Paul!! Who would’ve thought TWO competing Creation releases at basically the same time……Numero puts out some great stuff, their “Yellow Pills: Prefill” power pop one was especially well done….nice packaging every time…thanks!!!