SDEtv / The Man Who Fell To Earth / four-disc deluxe set unboxed

SDE takes a look at Studio Canal’s recent 4-disc, 40th anniversary collector’s edition box set of Nicholas Roeg’s 1976 film The Man Who Fell To Earth, which of course stars a certain Mr David Bowie

This set is available now, as is the two-CD soundtrack put out by Universal. The vinyl box set and separate 2LP release are released on 18 November. If you’re interested in the big book, then visit this site.


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Friso Pas

I have bought this set from Amazon UK, and it came undamaged.

Also, I concur that a new 4K transfer also can produce a better ‘standard’ HD picture on blu-ray, even if you don’t have a 4K screen and player. I have seen this numerous times over the last few years.
Newer technologies in video post-production allow for improvement in picture quality.
Of course, it is more appreciated on larger screens. I have a 55″ LED and I have made comparisons in the not-so-distant past, with other re-releases on blu-ray and I can see those differences.
Of course, it all depends on the studio and the people involved in the transfer of the picture. But, most of the time, it results in better contrast, better color scheme, better shadow detail, better handling of the filmgrain, a more film-like appearance.
So…look up some reviews, they’re already online, and draw your own conclusions.


Thanks Paul (Deighton) and Tobi for clearing up my confusion – I’m quick to embrace technology, but slow to understand it, LOL. :)

Chris Bernhardt

These aren’t region free correct?


Just some comments on some posts:

– there is no difference between the versions on Blu-Ray and DVD. The different running time results from different speed. While a Blu-Ray runs at 24fps, a DVD does 25. Therefore a Blu-Ray will always be longer than the DVD
– 4K restoration makes absolute sense as you can make resolution up to 8k for 35mm films and this usually shows on Blu-Ray, too, altough an UHD BD would have been the better choice, of course


Save some of your money for the “Who Can I Be Now?” box-set, Paul! Don’t think we got an SDE unboxing or even review of that?

John Hirst

I didn’t have the film on blu-ray, I like the film and so it is certainly worth £20 to me to get it plus some extra gubbins. I agree that damaged product should ALWAYS be sent back otherwise retailers will think they can get away with treating us any way they like.

elliott buckingham

one of the main reasons I hate digi pack cds they always come creased and damaged and unlike a jewell case cant be replaced


Is it the exact same film/edit on each format? I notice on my copy that the listed duration times on the packaging differ between the Blu-ray and the DVD.

paul deighton

Blu Rays run at the correct speed of 24 frames per second. All UK PAL DVDs run at the faster incorrect 25 frames per second


I like how you can see his gonads! :)

Paul Herberts

Thanks Paul, As you said the packaging is great as are the extras (with over 2 hours of interviews alone).

My only gripe is that the soundtrack is in stereo which is odd given that the Criterion DVD was surround sound. I’m not sure if the original cinema release was stereo or not but I’m intrigued as to why this package is?


The box set works for us as a family as I watched the BluRay on our TV and my 17 year old son was able to watch the DVD on his laptop (the way of the world). Everybody’s happy (apart from my wife who found the film deeply confusing).

And if you can, go and see Lazarus. Bonkers and brilliant.


I have to say, I always loved this film. Weird, imaginative, visually fantastic, food for your eyes and your mind. And with possibly Bowie’s best performance as an actor. So, what’s not to like? :-)

That said, nothing, really, can justify the overkill of a 4-disc boxset. It’s pure nonsense. Let alone a damaged boxset.


Thank you, Andrea. Its a great great movie; a favorite. The book is marvelous as well.
And, like you, don’t need this product really.


This particular box set is not one I’d want but that spine damage, were it be on any of the deluxe editions I buy, would wreck the whole thing for me. Shoddily made merchandise.


The squashed spine is a perennial problem with items purchased by mail mostly and if you use amazon (love them) they usually don’t package them well enough. Those items are best purchased in a store. But Paul’s copy in addition was sitting at the top of the box contents when it was shipped to the retailer and they cut it by opening it carelessly.

I also don’t understand the coupling of BluRay with DVDs, however often you have a choice in versions and they sell standalones too. So far it serves me well because the BluRays are sometimes locked in region A/1 so at least I can play the DVD.


Oh dear, but you get to see Halloween Jack’s ten inch stump!

Fat Old Bloke

I watched this on BluRay recently. It’s actually not that great a movie.

Stan Butler

I’d return that copy, Paul. The damage is unacceptable. We need to force them to take better care of the product they sell to the public. Thanks for the video.


Sorry to say that I find this (another) pointless, money-grabbing Bowie affair. Why?

* who needs DVD’s AND blu-ray in the same package? Could and should have been separate 2DVD and 1BD-sets;

* the movie has been reissued on BD in 2008 and that version looks great. If this is supposed to be a 4K ‘upgrade’ then this is merely marketing: you can only upgrade a 1976 movie that much, and it would take a full-high-end 4K home cinema system to POSSIBLY notice any differences;

* no new Bowie content whatsoever. The soundtrack CD is just a nice curioso, and might be interesting for John Phillips fans (and Bowie completists because yeah his pic is all over it) ;-)

* not a landmark or defining moment or achievement in Bowie’s career IMHO. Doesn’t justify this overkill (BD/2DVD, CD, vinyl box, silly-priced book, …) I haven’t seen any movie being presented this way, not even good ones … ;

* the spine damage in Paul’s copy is a typical flaw for these kind of box sets. The cardboard spine is too fragile for the heavy content (4 discs, booklet, …) so I won’t be surprised if other readers will have similar issues.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m a big Bowie fan but I can’t bother to fall for this hype. But of course, as Heinz said, we don’t have to buy it, and I won’t :-) For those who like it: enjoy!


Hah, those idiots who unpack boxes from labels still using scissors and cut the tape keeping them sealed, resulting in many boxes being actually cut like yours Pete. Please send a complaint to the label.


Pretty cool even the hardcover book BUT it is 90 percent full of black and white photos!!! Rrrrr! They should have been in color…


Please, no more David Bowie. Good grief!


YOU don’t have to buy it…