Tangerine Dream / Pilots of Purple Twilight unboxed

SDE examines Pilots of Purple Twilight, the recent Tangerine Dream ‘Virgin Recordings 1980-1983 ten-disc box set. Watch the video

Pilots of Purple Twilight is out now.

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Tangerine Dream

Pilots of Purple Twilight: The Virgin Recordings 1980 – 1983


CD 1 – “Tangram” (Released as Virgin V 2147 in May 1980)

  1. Tangram Set 1
  2. Tangram Set 2

CD 2 –  “Thief” (Released as Virgin V 2198 in March 1981)

  1. Beach Theme
  2. Dr. Drestructo
  3. Diamond Diary
  4. Burning Bar
  5. Beach Scene
  6. Scrap Yard
  7. Trap Feeling
  8. Igneous

CD 3 – “Exit” (Released as Virgin V 2212 in September 1981)

  1. Kiew Mission
  2. Pilots of Purple Twilight
  3. Choronzon
  4. Exit
  5. Network 23
  6. Remote Viewing

Cd 4 – “White Eagle” (Released as Virgin V2226 in March 1982)

  1. Mojave Plan
  2. Midnight in Tula
  3. Convention of the 24
  4. White Eagle
  5. Das Mädchen auf der Treppe*
  6. Flock*
  7. Katja*
  8. Speed*
  9. Daydream^
  10. Moorland^

*Bonus tracks: Taken from the 12-inch EP “Das Mädchen auf der Treppe”, Released in Germany as Virgin 600 651 in May 1982 Previously unreleased on CD

^A & B-sides of single – Released in Germany as Virgin 105 271 in May 1983. Previously unreleased on CD

CD 5 – “The Soldier” soundtrack

  1. Main titles
  2. Cue #1 – variation on Logos #1
  3. Cue #2 – variation on Horizon #1
  4. Cue #3 – The Soldier #1
  5. Cue #4 – variation on Dolphin Dance
  6. Cue #5 – variation on Tangent #1
  7. Cue #6 – The Soldier #2
  8. Cue #7 – The Soldier #3
  9. Cue #8 – The Soldier #4
  10. Cue #9 – The Soldier #5
  11. Cue #10 – variation on Horizon #2
  12. Cue #11 – The Soldier #6
  13. Cue #12 – The Soldier #7
  14. Cue #13 – variation on Logos #2
  15. Cue #14 – The Soldier #8
  16. Cue #15 – variation on Horizon #3
  17. End Titles

CD 6 – The Dominion Theatre Concert 6th November 1982

  1. The Dominion Concert Part One*

*Previously unreleased

CD 7 – The Dominion Theatre Concert 6th November 1982

  1. The Dominion Concert Part Two*
  2. Midnight in Tula*
  3. White Eagle*
  4. Dominion

*Previously unreleased

CD 8 – “Logos Live” (Released as Virgin V 2257 in December 1982)

  1. Logos (Part 1)
  2. Logos (Part 2)
  3. Dominion

CD 9 – “Hyperborea” (Released as Virgin V 2292 in November 1983)

  1. No Man’s Land
  2. Hyperborea
  3. Cinnamon Road
  4. Sphinx Lightning
  5. The Dream is Always the Same*
  6. No Future (Get off the Babysitter)*
  7. Guido the Killer Pimp*
  8. Lana*
  9. Love on a Real Train (Risky Business)*

*Bonus tracks: Taken from the soundtrack album: “Risky Business”. Released as Virgin V 2302 in 1984

CD 10 – “The Keep” (Soundtrack to the 1983 film directed by Michael Mann)

  1. Puer Natus Est Nobis (Gloria) (Thomas Tallis, arr. Edgar Froese)*
  2. Arx Allemand (Edgar Froese)*
  3. Truth and Fiction (Edgar Froese)*
  4. The Silver Seal (Edgar Froese / Johannes Schmoelling)*
  5. Ancient Powerplant (Edgar Froese)*
  6. Supernatural Accomplice (Edgar Froese)*
  7. The Challenger’s Arrival (Edgar Froese)*
  8. Heritage Survival (Edgar Froese / Christoph Franke / Johannes Schmoelling)*
  9. Parallel Words (Edgar Froese / Johannes Schmoelling)*
  10. Canzone (Edgar Froese / Johannes Schmoelling)*
  11. Voices from a Common Land (Edgar Froese / Christoph Franke / Johannes Schmoelling)*
  12. Wardays Sunrise (Edgar Froese)*
  13. The Night in Romania (Edgar Froese)*

* Previously unreleased


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[…] Cheapest price to date in the UK. Watch the SDEtv unboxing video. […]


I ended up getting mine from Amazon Germany since my pre-order from Amazon Canada apparently wasn’t going to ship until Jan 7th! Anyhow, it arrived a few days after I ordered it. Pretty wild.


It seems so strange that CF took the multi track tape. As a garanty (What for) ? A revenge ? Is It true that justice ordered him to send them back to the band but he never did or all of this is just web rumors ?

Mark Reed

There’s no 5.1 mixes because the isolated multi-tracks were lost being transported between two studios, apparently. No point moaning about not having 5.1 mixes, as they can never happen.


Pilots of the Purple Twilight sounds a bit like Victorian derogatory slang for male homosexuals.

John MC cann

Elementary my dear Watson!


Thanks Paul. Good to know this box looks and feels the same as the first one. Glad they did that. The problem with this set is that many already have the excellent value “Virgin Years 1977-1983” box. That means you already have the best material of this box for $20 which was remastered in 2012 so the sound is also excellent. In return you get a book (I personally don’t need) and 3 soundtracks. Thief is excellent so Im happy with that. The other two are rare or unreleased. If I go by what was unreleased in the first box, Oedipus Tyrannus, that was awful and rightfully never released. I hope Soldiers and The Keep are better than that.
We also get an unreleased live concert which doesn’t add much value because we already have Logos, a live concert from the same period with an overlapping song. Also the recent official bootleg series gives us plenty of unreleased live material also from the same period.
A huge miss is a 5.1 mix which was included in the first box and was excellent. That’s a big loss. I read somewhere in the comments that a former TD member has the tapes and doesn’t want to cooperate. What a huge FU to fans.
All in all, for me personally, there isn’t a lot of value. I’ll wait for a deal alert or a 3 for 2 deal I can work out.


I had the value box leapt at this box. The fact Tangram was split over two CDs on the old set was a crime. Plus Oedipus Tyrannus is actually pretty amazing.


This looks lovely, but I have only dabbled in Tangerine Dream so far. I do rank Exit as my favourite of theirs from what I have listened to. But it seems like that album is not much like any of their others, unless I have missed something. I did order the single cd for that remaster, though.


If you like Exit then you’d probably find White Eagle and Hyperborea to your tastes too.


Nice, thanks Paul.
The front pic of the book reminds me of return to ommadawn!

Ross Baker

The version of The Keep on here is different to the 1997/1999 release, although the material is similar. The ’90s one was polished up and remixed to a degree, and features more tracks than on this one. This version was the album that Virgin were planning to release in 1984 before the film flopped at the cinema.

Almost all of the TD soundtracks differ from the straight-forward music cues given to the director: themes were reworked into longer pieces, new parts were added, some were left out. So the version here is The Keep as presented as a TD album, rather than a direct replica of all the music cues.

It’s a nice box, anyway. Good to have most of the loose ends from this era brought together in one set. Not the revelation that the previous set was, but given that Chris has all the tapes from the era and has no interest in TD reissues, there was pretty much no chance of there being anything exciting involved in terms of 5.1 mixes or studio outtakes. I honestly didn’t expect even this to come along.

I’d love similar attention to be given to the Pink and Blue Years. The only boxes of those are small clamshells, lacking even the bonus tracks from the standalone CDs. There’s certainly enough live material and loose ends out there to make them worthwhile expanding into similar sets.


The card folders housing the CDs seem like a wasted design opportunity, and I’d be concerned about them scratching the disc surfaces. First thing I’d do is add some cushioned sleeves. On the other hand, the book looks excellent.

Don Cooper

Socially distanced cd’s, Paul.


Good observation!

It’s interesting that the priority was to protect the tops of the cds rather than the bottom read-side. When the format was first introduced, the common wisdom was that the top side was more vulnerable to gouging because the covering of the silver layer was thinner on that side; but I assume that issue was eventually solved by improving the coating material.

Paul, since you surely receive more SDE sets than just about anyone else, what is your experience with packaging like this where the discs are inserted directly in slots? Do the cds come loose in transit, and if so, does that produce scratching?


All in all, this is an amazing set. If money is tight, you can get FLACs of the music for £33.99 from 7digital. Bargain!

The remasters are perfect. The team involved clearly left their egos at the door and made no attempt to differentiate their versions with inappropriate, showy EQ mods. What you have is the best representation of the original masters we’ve heard to date.

The extras are worth the price of admission alone. We have the full Dominion concert with superb sound quality, tracks from Tatort and the soundtracks to The Keep and The Soldier.

David D

In the US, the 7digital/Deezer/Spotify version doesn’t include all of the albums. It is missing Thief and Exit. Extremely ironic that the digital version doesn’t include the title track.



Wooter, one of the guys involved in the remastering, has discussed The Keep over on the Steven Wilson forums. The music was taken from the masters for the planned 1984 release of the soundtrack. That’s just the way TD planned to present it at the time. Sound quality is night and day compared to the TDI release and has none of the modern overdubs.

The most convincing story I’ve read is that Michael Mann rejected this soundtrack and TD came up with additional material based partly on Logos, together with cover versions of Mea Culpa and Walking in the Air. It doesn’t seem unusual for Edgar to get bull-headed about this sort of thing and he may have wanted to release the “original” soundtrack. Just look at what happened with GTA 5, where TDI released the soundtrack without the collaborative polish that really made it work.

It’s better to treat The Keep as a “lost” album and enjoy it for what it is. I’d love to hear a release of the music actually used in the film, but apparently that material wasn’t held by Virgin. The bootlegs are largely based around leaked studio tapes, together with music taken from the laserdisc. Sound quality is patchy at best, particularly in versions of Walking in the Air, where you can still hear sound effects and Eva crying out.

It would take a sterling effort from a soundtrack specialist, maybe Intrada, to track down the original studio elements and compile them. They may not even exist.

Liam Bastick

I am going to write a real added value comment here. Looking at the video, that hyphen between 1980 and 1983 appears to be off-centre. I can’t get past it. Can I get therapy?

[I have been previously diagnosed with CDO – it’s like OCD, but I have to have the letters in alphabetical order…]


I would have bought this until I saw that The Keep didn’t really feature any of the more prominent tracks from the film. This is the same disc that was issued in 1999 as The Millennium Booster pack and also previously issued in 1997. Practically all best music is missing.

It’s nice to have The Soldier but Keep fans would be better looking for the (4 disc) full edition of The Keep elsewhere on the web.


Hi, can you comment on what specific tracks are missing from The Keep? This soundtrack which I have not heard has gotten the most comments regarding this box set since it’s announcement. I like that it will be presented as the lost album that wasn’t released, but are the more prominent tracks you mention found elsewhere in the box set on other discs while not being included in the lost album tracklist?


There isn’t a great deal of overlap between the soundtrack and what was used in the movie. Listen to the previews on the 7digital site.

Tracks on the soundtrack which were used in the film are: Gloria, Canzone and The Night in Romania. Notable missing tracks:

– The opening of the film, a cover of Mea Culpa by Brian Eno/David Byrne.
– The end of the film, a cover of Walking in the Air by Howard Blake.
– Music heard during Glacken’s first scenes. Moorland from Tatort sounds like an expanded version of the same music and is included in the new set.

The best of the rest are sourced from the Dominion/Logos concert and Mojave Plan from White Eagle. What’s left are some atmospheric cues which are covered on the bootlegs.

It’s the absence of Mea Culpa and Walking in the Air that hurts the most. The alternate TV ending has an epic, seven and a half minute version of WitA.


I wonder why those tracks were not included as bonus tracks to the lost album tracklist of The Keep included in this box? Maybe something to do with the tracks being covers/interpretations of other artists work possibly? Maybe a licensing issue or the team putting this box together only wants to focus on TD originals, and not covers. I hope the included book will have an explanation.

Thanks to Dave for the detailed info on the excluded tracks


The guy who wrote the book is posting over on the Steven Wilson forums. His responses there suggest the scope of the set was always limited to the Virgin vaults only. I’m not sure what the book says as I opted for the digital release.

It’s a little frustrating if efforts weren’t made to source any additional tracks held by Universal. Something akin to the 2CD reissue of Miracle Mile would’ve been amazing.


Correction to my previous replies: Wouter is posting on the Steve Hoffman forums, not Steve Wilson. Mr Wilson was on my mind due to his involvement with the previous set. :-)