The Monkees / Unwrap You At Christmas

Check out this video to The Monkees new single ‘Unwrap You At Christmas’. This song was penned by XTC‘s Andy Partridge and features on the recent Christmas album The Monkees Christmas Party.

The new album features vocals from all three surviving members of the band and a couple of old recordings by Davy Jones. Unwrap You At Christmas is unashamedly old-school and in an alternate timeline where ‘the charts’ still meant something, it would be great to imagine this getting to number one.

The Monkees Christmas Party is out now.

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The Monkees

The Monkees Christmas Party on CD


1. Unwrap You At Christmas
2. What Would Santa Do
3. Mele Kalikimaka
4. House Of Broken Gingerbread
5. The Christmas Song
6. Christmas Party
7. Jesus Christ
8. I Wish It Could Be Christmas Every Day
9. Silver Bells
10. Wonderful Christmastime
11. Snowfall
12. Angels We Have Heard On High
13. Merry Christmas, Baby


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Would have been great if Mike, Micky and Peter revisted ‘Riu Chiu’ or done a couple of other acapella Xmas songs.

Anyone who ‘misinterprets’ XTC’s ‘Sgt Rock’ is a pillock. Anyone with half a noggin will know it’s about the DC Comics military hard man (‘If I could only be tough like him’)… I remember Sgt Rock teaming up with Batman in the 70s. Neal Adams was a genius, and so is Andy Partridge…

Paul Murphy

Neal Adams still is a genius. And it’s about time he made good on his promise to pencil the last chapter of The Kree/Skrull War!

Marshall Gooch

I hope Andy Partridge issues his demo of this as a proper release next year.

Kevin Wollenweber

How wonderful that an Andy Partridge song by the Monkees is lifted for the new single! I rather enjoy the entire album, and the guys have picked prime songwriters to cover throughout, along with their own stuff, too; makes me kinda wish that XTC were still around making interesting pop music of all types! At least, I hope the reissues of classic XTC remixed continues…and, if they reissue BIG EXPRESS, I hope it comes in a rounded package. I was hoping for that with the recent CD/DVD set around the Small Faces’ OGDEN’S NUT GONE FLAKE and was only disappointed that this wasn’t true. The music is, of course, fantastic!


The US version from Target has 2 bonus cuts.

Tim in Miami

Jesus that sounded like Mike Love when it started up

Nick Love

I used to have a real issue Mike Love and meatheaded ways compared to the mini symphonies his cousins were putting out but as modern music gets worse year by year I find my attitude toward him softening. Comparitively he’s really not that bad.

Gary Hunter

What a fantastic Christmas track, agree, in the hey day of Christmas songs, this could very easily have reached number 1.

Gary Smith

Was it Andy partridge that wrote probably the best Christmas song ever?
“Thanks for Christmas” by the Three wise men.
Now that’s a proper Christmas song!


Yep The Three Wise Men were XTC.

Chris S

A holiday album from the Monkees with the Roy Wood classic holiday tune can’t be bad.

John Spasm

I promise to do my part to help get it to #1.


Andy’s most sexist song since Sgt Rock. The years have not withered him.


You are kidding right?

Nick Love

I was about to correct you and say there was nothing specifying the “you” in question was actually a female (and I don’t think you can be sexist to your own sex) but upon carefully re-listening he does use the pronoun “her” one time so I guess it is a female as the subject of the song.

Dr Volume

Andy Partridge is embarrassed by the easily misinterpreted Sgt Rock lyrics “Of all the tunes that I’ve written, that made it to tape, this makes me cringe the worse….. It was supposed to be ironic, you know, nerdy comic fan imagines two dimensional hero can help him with his unsuccessful chat up technique”

Wayne Klein

I don’t find it sexist at all. It could just as easily have been written with a woman as the singer in mind and a change of pronoun. By the way, Sgt. Rock (although It is far from my favorite XTC song) is hardly exist either because, again, the song could just as easily have been written from a female point of view. It strikes me as an adolescent wish just like the old comic Charles Atlas ads with the guy getting sand kicked in his face and there is a certain element of satire with the way it plays with gender expectations.

Dr Volume

UK viewers of a certain vintage seeing that clip will be expecting a sausage on a fork to fly into shot, a-la Grange Hill…


awwww, I miss proper charts…

Colin Harper

Am I alone in thinking the word ‘unwrap’ is shoe-horned into that melody? It calls for a single-syllable word to me ears. But good luck to all involved. :-)

Donovan Whittemore

Hear! Hear!! Let’s get you out to Swindon straight away to show Mr. Partridge the proper way to write songs. Put the kettle on Andy, the Master is on his way! What was he thinking adding sophistication to the melody? Thank Heaven you caught that Mr. Harper.

Nick Love

Andy Partridge is the greatest pop songwriter alive in my opinion so any new contributions from him are a cause for celebration.