The Police / Every Move You Make: The Studio Recordings 6CD unboxing video

SDE’s Best Value For Money box set of 2019 was The Police Every Move You Make: The Studio Recordings six-CD collection, which was released in November last year. Watch the SDE unboxing video, which not only highlights this new set but also compares it to a 2007 30th anniversary collection from Japan…

Every Move You Make: The Studio Recordings is out now.

Outlandos d’Amour

1.  Next to You
2.  So Lonely
3.  Roxanne
4.  Hole in My Life
5.  Peanuts
6.  Can’t Stand Losing You
7.  Truth Hits Everybody
8.  Born in the ’50s
9.  Be My Girl
10. Masoko Tanga

Reggatta de Blanc

1.  Message in a Bottle
2.  Reggatta de Blanc
3.  It’s Alright for You
4.  Bring on the Night
5.  Deathwish
6.  Walking on the Moon
7.  On Any Other Day
8.  The Bed’s Too Big Without You
9.  Contact
10. Does Everyone Stare
11. No Time This Time

Zenyatta Mondatta

1.  Don’t Stand So Close to Me
2.  Driven to Tears
3.  When the World Is Running Down, You Make the Best of What’s Still Around
4.  Canary in a Coalmine
5.  Voices Inside My Head
6.  Bombs Away
7.  De Do Do Do, De Da Da Da
8.  Behind My Camel
9.  Man in a Suitcase
10. Shadows in the Rain
11. The Other Way of Stopping

Ghost in the Machine

1.  Spirits in the Material World
2.  Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic
3.  Invisible Sun
4.  Hungry for You (J’aurais toujours faim de toi)
5.  Demolition Man
6.  Too Much Information
7.  Rehumanize Yourself
8.  One World (Not Three)
9.  Ωmegaman
10. Secret Journey
11. Darkness


1.  Synchronicity I
2.  Walking in Your Footsteps
3.  O My God
4.  Mother
5.  Miss Gradenko
6.  Synchronicity II
7.  Every Breath You Take
8.  King of Pain
9.  Wrapped Around Your Finger
10. Tea in the Sahara

‘Flexible Strategies’

1.  Dead End Job (1978)
2.  Landlord (1979)
3.  Visions Of The Night (1979)
4.  Friends (1980)
5.  A Sermon (1980)
6.  Shambelle (1981)
7.  Flexible Strategies (1981)
8.  Low Life (1981)
9.  Murder By Numbers (1983)
10. Truth Hits Everybody (Remix) (1983)
11. Someone To Talk To (1983)
12. Once Upon A Daydream (1983)


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[…] and the packaging is also much better than you’d expect at this price point, as this SDEtv unboxing video illustrates. What was a no brainer is now, er, a total no […]


Seems odd that Message in a Box and The Police 2 disc comp, the only place to get a copy of Dead End Job, have both been removed from streaming services. There better be some super deluxe editions on the horizon.

Tim South

Must add that it would be interesting to see other artists’ work packaged like this. Abbey road mastering of albums along with an extras CD of b-sides priced at around £15. Dire Straits’ back catalogue would benefit from this type of release. Afterall, they weren’t just “Brothers in arms” and nothing else were they? Could certainly see that fly off the shelves…..

John McCann

Communique was my fave,brothers in arms only sold so well, because everyone was buying cd players,and that was the reference disc to show them off, Also m.t.v picking up money for nothing and having it on constant rotation helps,but to me it was a very average album,once david left they they got bigger in my view not better, amen.


OMG Tim, yes. Dire Straits is a PERFECT candidate for this. I would love to see an Abbey Road remaster of their 6 studio albums and any B-Sides, like Twisting By The Pool.


There’s much discussion here about the tracklisting and packaging, but what about the sound quality? Are these CDs using the same 2018 Half-Speed remasters? How do they sound?


How is the sound compared to the 2003 remastered CDs?

Tim South

I prefer the sound now. Take “Invisible Sun” as an example. The bass sound during the chorus comes through far more clearly than in previous releases. Stewart’s drums have more depth to them throughout. I accept that the listening experience is unique to the individual . For me , the sound here is improved and gives more pleasure because of it

Tim South

Darren , the audio is great and is indeed the Abbey road mastering. Just one example of this is “Don’t stand so close to me” . Previous releases of this song have included an audio “click” at the 20sec mark from the intro . This has now been removed by 2018 mastering tech. As many have already said – “It’s a bargain” at £15 , maybe even cheaper this month…..


Thanks Tim, I really appreciate the information. I wonder if they’ll get individual releases. Those cardboard sleeves tend to damage discs. CDs are ridiculously easy to scratch.


We can debate this one forever but in the cold light of day, this box is a steal.
Thank you Paul for the unboxing clip, very helpful. Like you, I shelled out probably £30+ for Message in a Box 25 years ago or so and have been teetering on the brink of purchasing Every Breath You Take box for months!
As you say, who can quibble for £2.50 a disc? It’s a no brainer
Thanks for all your tireless hard work over the years, love your website and what you do! Keep up the good work my knowledgeable friend

Tim South

“Truth hits everybody” remix is not a remix but a new recording of the 1978 song. Why it was called remix is a mystery. “Fall out” was a song recorded in 1977 with a guitarist called Henry Padovani before Andy had joined the band. I believe it was written by Stewart. The song missing from the “Flexible Strategies” b sides disc is “I burn for you” which was on the “Wrapped around your finger” 12″ vinyl in 1983. It was actually recorded during the “Ghost in the machine” sessions in 1981 but unreleased until the following year’s “Brimstone and treacle” soundtrack album. It’s lack of inclusion on “Flexible Strategies” is baffling though. The 1986 recording of “Don’t stand so close to me” was an attempt by the band to re-record their singles for a greatest hits album to be released that autumn. Shortly before they went into the studio Stewart broke a collar bone and could not perform drums. Instead it was decided to use drum machines. Stewart and Sting fell in to disagreement over the arrangements and the sessions were abandoned with only “Don’t stand so…” seeing the light of day. Why they didn’t just wait until Stewart was well enough to perform usual duties is a mystery. Anyway, this boxset will have to suffice for now……….

Paul Austin

Another missed opportunity. Why bother doing a bonus disc if you are going to leave so much off?
amongst several other things whats keeps getting missed is
De Do Do Do, De Da Da Da, 4:00 Spanish version
De Do Do Do, De Da Da Da, 4:00 Japanese version
De Do Do Do 1986 version
Don’t Stand 86
I mention these off of the top of my head mainly because the Spanish and Japanese versions are so fun.
I just don’t get it.

Paul Gray

I understand the need for completist wanting every available version of tracks but isn’t the original version of De do do…… one version too many?

Chris Squires

Not quite sure why you would expect a release to be something it was never intended to be.
Damned if they do and damned if they don’t.
They would stood accused of double dipping if they put desirable tracks on the CD release different to the vinyl so that you had to buy both to get everything.
They would have stood accused of a cynical “cash grab” if they had invested more money and hence had charged more money in getting the extra tracks prepared and released.

Jim Ellison

Just checked the police website and its list at $74.99 ouch

Eric M.

Conflicting feelings about this box. I have MiaB and love it’s comprehensiveness— even all these years on, it’s a great example of the “all-in” type of ‘90s boxed sets. However, I love the mini-LP styling of the new box set, as the old box did not bother with cover art of any kind outside of the MiaB template/color scheme.

Like others, I think some of the omissions to the new set are egregious. Moreso than rogue single mixes, etc., though, not including either side of their first single “Fall Out” (a cracking tune) is the choice that is just so odd to me. Still, for the money, this looks to be a worthy set overall.

Jason Brown

Hi all. 2 thoughts / challenges…

a) Of the five studio albums, how do you rank them from best to worst? For me, I think it’s…

1) Regatta De Blanc // 2) Outlandos D’Armour // 3) Synchronicity 4) Zenyatta Mondatta //
5) Ghost In The Machine

b) A lot of thoughts here that a best of is better than most these ‘bigger’ compilations. So, what is the best ‘best of’ the Police? For my money, the ’92 Greatest Hits is a pretty damn definitive. Other opinions are available…

David Schiller

For me, I’ll go:
outlandos, zenyatta, regatta, synchronicity, ghosts

I love the energy and fun of their first 3 albums. Enjoy last 2 as well, just not as much.

Great box for a great price. I really enjoyed revisiting their albums.

Thank you, Paul, for your great site. Brings me a lot of enjoyment.

Eric M.

Well, I think we can all agree that the worst choice would be the original ‘Every Breath You Take: The Singles’ from ‘86, for not including the original “Don’t Stand So Close to Me”. (This was rectified with the 1994 reissue renamed ‘Every Breath You Take: The Classics’.)

If I had to buy a Police ‘hits’ album today, I would just go for the 2-disc ‘The Police’ set from 2007, which features modern remastering of all their singles except “Secret Journey” but including “Fall Out”. If the rules of your hypothetical state that it must be a one-disc set only, then the only one I would consider would be 1992’s ‘Greatest Hits’. Despite the older mastering job, it’s the most inclusive single disc hits set of theirs and contains “Secret Journey” (even though it lacks “Fall Out”).

Eric M.

I could definitely stand by the ‘86 disc if they had included both versions of “Don’t Stand…” :-). I’m fine with the remake, just not at the expense of the original.

Jason Brown

Hi Paul. The ’86 comp is, after Now 1, the most influential album in my life. And I agree, the reworking of Don’t Stand… is pretty good. There’s a Sting concert on YouTube (Rock In Rio’ 91) where he plays that exact arrangement. Works well live, it seemed.


Agree with some comments here. I like Police’s singles but the albums are pretty weak. I only listen to the band’s greatest hits and play some of their 12″ singles on my turntable. Their only decent album is Synchronicity.

Sting’s first two albums are better than any Police album IMO. It also has to do with the musicians. Wether It’s Omar Hakim, Darryl Jones, Branford Marsalis, Kenny Kirkland, Andy Newmark or Manu Katche, Sting surrounded himself with excellent jazz/soul/funk studio musicians.

Paul Gray

Whilst 6cds for £15 is good value for money, I’d argue that you still only need a Greatest Hits collection. None of the individual albums are particularly good and contain some absolute rubbish, mostly the none Sting stuff. I reckon there are better things to spend £15 on.

John McCann

Yes mate, sqweeze,the jam,police,wings,a greatest hits is really all that you need,,,spend a Extra £5 get certifiable,live in Argentina Blu-ray,all the hits and more,with a reference quality picture and great sound,I did,people Will buy the boxsets becouse its a nice thing to have,looks good on a shelf and its cheap,will play the odd disc occasionally,i bought a clash boxset of CD singles for the same reason, beautiful thing to have, never played it,even as a casual fan certifiable blu ray is great,but for£15 so is this.

Paul Gray

I had all the albums on vinyl back in the day and they hardly ever got played from start to finish. The crap quotient on each album was irritating back then and I can’t imagine I would ever play the CDs if I owned the box set, even at the bargain price.
Can’t agree on The Clash or Jam though. I love all their albums and they are definitely worth owning. I have The Clash Soundsystem and Singles Box Sets and wouldn’t be without them.
To me, The Police were always a singles band and pretty minor in the pecking order when compared to lots of other bands. Oh and Sting has and will always be an utter twerp.


The guys at Hoffman’s forums literally destroy this release (compressed sound and errors), well they destroy almost anything on CD except their “first west germany editions”.
I bought this boxset and i’m happy with it.


I read that forum sometimes but its very odd some of the stuff that gets discussed,are they all studio/mastering engineers?

Jason Brown

Like most of the above, I have MIAB (having paid £70 back in 2001). I bought this new box to be given to me at Christmas. My reason for this? Sound quality, as the remastering really works well. MIAB is great, especially the book (though I remember the Q review back in 1993 when released commenting that MIAB didn’t contain every single track).

As Paul say, £15 for one of the most robust, solid and just damn good back catalogues in popular music is really unarguable. Though – again, going from the comments from Stewart in the MIAB book – calling the bonus disc after the one B-Side that he called a disgrace is wryly amusing.

Also, whilst rummaging around the internet, found this old BBC Stuart Maconie podcast from 2012 about the making of Synchronicity. Really good too :


Joe Gorelick

Damn shame there are not DELUXE 2 cd reissues after all these many years…really sad.


I’ve bought the box set Message In A Box when it was released in the long form and do not think, this would add to my collection for I still hold the albums released before. I’d rather opt for something like The Jam’s Fire & Skill box featuring various live concerts. I’m not so much into buying the same music several times.


A must have for every fan alongside MIAB at this price. But the Truth hits everybody remix is awful


Nice to see the comparison with the Japanese paper sleeve box set Paul, if you’re able to do more of that type of side-by-side video of comparable products in the future I’m for it!! And the new set does admittedly have a good remaster on the albums themselves, this box at the very least is a good reason for people to replace 1st pressing CD’s if they still have only those in their collection.

Wayne C

Just bought both the £15 and Message in a Box EarBook , used to have it in the long box format and enjoyed it back then and it was misplaced. Glad you are here Paul highlighting things such as this.

Mathew Lauren

I prefer my “Message in a Box” bookset, too. If I didn’t have it, though, I’d pick this up @such a great value.

Thanks for the vid, Paul.

Note: Wish they’d do a (proper) 5.1 SACD “Message in a Box” (using a PROPER surround engineer) or even individual albums (boxed) like the vid (above), but with ALL the corresponding studio-era recordings included on each corresponding disc.

Paul English

Nice video Paul. I have Message In A Box but may pick this up. I wish they’d release some of the 7″ mixes on CD – still no sign of Message In A Bottle or Walking On The Moon 40 years on.


Thanks Paul, great video. The release of this box, however cheap, prompted me to finally buy “Message In A Box”. It has 13 more songs, is numbered and if you buy the European version you get the 12″ mix of Don’t Stand So Close To Me ’86 which clocks in at 6’24”. It’s fairly easy to find on Discogs (where I found mine) and for the European version you shouldn’t pay more than around $20-$30. The sound quality is excellent. In my humble opinion that is a better choice than buying the “Every Move You Make” box.


The 12″ mix of the ’86 version is far more palatable than the single mix, which still grates on my poor ear ‘oles even now.

As for this box set, it is indeed very good value but, like others, I’m perfectly happy with the 2 disc collection from 2007. I did notice this was available in 28 and 30 track versions for some reason, unusually, it was the UK that got the bonus tracks, not Japan…

Steve Bliss

Paul – great video as always. I’d forgotten how cheaply I’d gotten this box for, super happy about. My “biggest” complaint is the discs are too tight in the sleeves! (Well, the biggest complaint is I’d rather have deluxe versions, but let’s stick to what we got, not what we want)

paul – go find a used copy of Message In A Box, the 1993 release that is “complete”.

Larry Davis

I may buy this on Amazon UK (for the remastering)…as well as buy back “Message In A Box”, for the slew of missing tracks that should have been on it…here is a shocker, I was at Rough Trade in Brooklyn and they had it…for $73US and change?!?!?! I just about chucked up my lunch!!


Great value but they blew it when they left off tracks that were on the MIAB box set. Let alone the Don’t Stand So Close To Me ’86 12″ single [and probably others].

John McCann

For £15 they indeed did blew it,should have had certifiable,live in Argentina Blu-ray in it as well,now that is a concert, reference quality picture,can c every little spec off dust coming up from the stage, unfortunately this doesn’t ever go below£20, buy worth every penny,

Inge Kjetil Bratset

My mistanke, but there where three songs from the Police on the soundtrack to Brimstone & Treacle: “How stupid mr. Bates”, “I Burn for you” and “Kind of loving”.

Mark mckay

Yes not all songs recorded for example how stupid mr bates great guitar synth track and dont you believe me babe a band called ELSEWHERE has done a great cover of this


I’d love to see Steve Miller’s vinyl box sets re-released on. Are you listening UME? Please and thanks take my money


Re-released on CD* I meant to say


Me toooo.


Agreed, the Every Move You Make box is very good quality for a European job. One other spec point to underline this Paul, is the half of the gatefold sleeve where the disc slips in is sealed at the other (inner spine) end of it which I think is also a mark of quality. It is very often in these kind of gatefolds that the CD holding side is left unsealed at its inner spine end so the disc slips straight through the sleeve and out again!

Also, on your point about filling up the extras CD, I would imagine that having issued the far more expensive vinyl set first, it was felt that it would harm future vinyl set sales by adding more for the CD set, e.g. buyers might await the CD edition to get the extra tracks rather than buy vinyl, though I suppose they could always add those as downloads on the vinyl set.

Anyway, I have had this set since it came out on my shelf and have yet to get round to playing it! I also hope there will more sets like this, they are very good value.


I’ve found over the years that the glue often fails with this design leaving remnants on the discs.

Ben in Colorado

I have the Japanese SHM set. Very beautiful product, however I wish that they’re done album replica covers rather than the gatefolds. Music sounds great, glad to have it.

Kevin Brown

I also thought the quality of this Police box set was very good, I certainly did not expect this quality for £15. I do hope Universal do more of these CD boxes where they have Just released the product in a vinyl version. A couple of ones I can think of at this very moment is:
Sparks…The Island Years of which there is a BONUS disc and there’s a couple of Tom Petty Vinyl only box sets , they would also be good released as CD boxes and I’m sure they were New remasters.
I know there will be a lot of Vinyl ONLY box sets out there and as you said Paul maybe if this Police box sells well (No reason why is should not at that price) Universal may well do other CD box sets. We can only hope……….
I would love to see a Robert Palmer box set from Universal…………can’t Understand why…….he had quite high record sales for Island Records……….mind you they have’nt even released a Robert Palmer Vinyl set yet, so to hope for a CD box maybe asking for too much.

Tim South

Synchronicity – one of the most debated of track lists. Surely, Andy’s “Someone to talk to” is a stronger song than “Mother” and “Murder by numbers” is clearly a more classy song than “Miss Gradenko” . Had these been tracks 4 & 5 on the album then it would be far greater.


I agree with Tim. “Mother” and “Mrs Gradenko” are just horrid. I skip them every time. Funny you mentioned the two b-sides because I have Synchronicity on my phone with those b-sides replacing those awful songs.


it is fantastic value to be fair, but does it contain everything they ever recorded im just curious

Inge Kjetil Bratset

Great value for the set. Basically it includes nearly everything that The Police released as a band, with the exeption of live material. What’s missing as far as I can tell, are two songs on the Brimstone & Treacle soundtrack, and new recordings of “Don’t stand so close to me” and “De do do do, de da da da”. The last two leaves a lot to be desired according to most The Police fans.