Thin Lizzy / Rock Legends unboxed

Watch the unboxing video of the new the new 6CD+DVD rarities set

SDEtv lifts the lid on the new Thin Lizzy box set. Rock Legends features almost 100 tracks, with an impressive 74 of them previously unreleased. Watch the video…

Rock Legends is out now.

CD ONE The Singles

Whiskey in The Jar – 7″ Edit
Randolph’s Tango – Radio Edit*
The Rocker – 7″ Edit
Little Darling – 7″ Single
Philomena – 7″ Single
Rosalie – 7″ Mix*
Wild One – 7″ Single
The Boys Are Back in Town – 7” Edit*
Jailbreak – 7” Edit*
Don’t Believe A Word – 7″ Single
Dancing in The Moonlight – 7″ Single
Rosalie / Cowgirl’s Song – 7″ Single
Waiting for An Alibi – Extra Verse
Do Anything You Want To – 7″ Single
Sarah – 7″ Single
Chinatown – 7” DJ/Radio Edit*
Killer on the Loose – 7″ Single
Trouble Boys – 7″ Single
Hollywood (Down on Your Luck) – 7” Edit*
Cold Sweat – 7″ Single
Thunder and Lightning – 7” Edit*
The Sun Goes Down – 7” Remix*

CD TWO Decca Rarities

The Farmer – Debut 7″ single
I Need You – Debut 7″ single B-side*
Whiskey in The Jar – Extended Version Rough Mix*
Black Boys on The Corner – Rough Mix*
Little Girl in Bloom – US Single Promo Edit*
Gonna Creep Up on You – Acetate*
Baby’s Been Messin’ – Acetate*
1969 Rock + Intro – RTE Radio Eireann Session 16 January 1973*
Buffalo Gal + Intro – RTE Radio Eireann Session 16 January 1973*
Suicide + Intro – RTE Radio Eireann Session 16 January 1973*
Broken Dreams + Intro – RTE Radio Eireann Session 16 January 1973*
Eddie’s Blues/Blue Shadows + Intro – RTE Radio Eireann Session 16 January 1973*
Dublin + Intro – RTE Radio Eireann Session 16 January 1973*
Ghetto Woman – RTE Radio Eireann Session 04 January 1974*
Things Ain’t Working Out Down at The Farm – RTE Radio Eireann Session 04 January 1974*
Going Down – RTE Radio Eireann Session 04 January 1974*
Slow Blues – RTE Radio Eireann Session 04 January 1974*

CD THREE Mercury Rarities

Rock and Roll with You – Instrumental Demo*
Banshee – Demo*
Dear Heart – Demo*
Nightlife – Demo*
Philomena – Demo*
Cadillac – Instrumental Demo*
For Those Who Love to Live – Demo*
Freedom Song – Demo*
Suicide – Demo*
Silver Dollar – Demo*
Jesse’s Song – Instrumental Demo
Kings Vengeance – Demo*
Jailbreak – Demo*
Cowboy Song – Demo*

CD FOUR Mercury Rarities

The Boys Are Back in Town – Demo*
Angel from The Coast – Demo*
Running Back – Demo*
Romeo and The Lonely Girl – Demo*
Warriors – Demo*
Emerald – Demo*
Fool’s Gold – Demo*
Weasel Rhapsody – Demo*
Borderline – Demo*
Johnny – Demo*
Sweet Marie – Demo*
Requiem for A Puffer (aka Rocky) – Alternate Vocal, “Rocky He’s A Roller”*
Killer Without A Cause – Demo*
Are You Ready – Demo*
Blackmail – Demo*
Hate – Demo*

CD FIVE Mercury Rarities

S & M – Demo*
Waiting for An Alibi – Demo*
Got to Give It Up – Demo*
Get Out of Here – Demo*
Roisin Dubh (Black Rose) A Rock Legend – Demo*
Part One: Shenandoah*
Part Two: Will You Go Lassie Go*
Part Three: Danny Boy*
Part Four: The Mason’s Apron*
We Will Be Strong – Demo*
Sweetheart – Demo*
Sugar Blues – Demo*
Having A Good Time – Demo*
It’s Going Wrong – Demo*
I’m Gonna Leave This Town – Demo*
Kill – Demo*
In the Delta – Demo*
Don’t Let Him Slip Away – Demo*

CD SIX Chinatown Tour 1980

Are You Ready? – Hammersmith Day 2 (29/05/1980) *
Hey You – Hammersmith Day 2 (29/05/1980)*
Waiting for An Alibi – Hammersmith Day 2 (29/05/1980) *
Jailbreak – Hammersmith Day 2 (29/05/1980)*
Do Anything You Want to Do – Hammersmith Day 2 (29/05/1980)*
Don’t Believe A Word – Tralee (12/04/1980) *
Dear Miss Lonely Hearts – Hammersmith Day 2 (29/05/1980)*
Got to Give It Up – Hammersmith Day 3 (30/05/1980)*
Still in Love with You – Hammersmith Day 3 (30/05/1980)*
Chinatown – Hammersmith Day 3 (30/05/1980)*
The Boys Are Back in Town – Hammersmith Day 3 (30/05/1980)*
Suicide -Hammersmith Day 3 (30/05/1980)*
Sha La La – Hammersmith Day 2 (29/05/1980)*
Rosalie – Hammersmith Day 2 (29/05/1980)*
Whiskey in The Jar – Hammersmith Day 3 (30/05/1980)*



Four songs never before commercially released recorded for a Rod Stewart TV special in 1976.

The Boys Are Back in Town
Rosalie / Cowgirl’s Song


Never before commercially released 60-minute documentary made by Linda Brusasco and first broadcast on BBC4 in September 2015.


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[…] Watch the SDEtv unboxing video […]

Jonathan Riley

it looks like amazon.co.uk shipped it DHL, It was supposed to come today but nothing showed up. Talking to amazon.co.uk about it right now

mark larkin

just got mine from amazon france today, looksgreat, however theres no dvd in my box, got the cardboard sleeve alright,just no disc in it.


can‘t wait to receive it, finally got the shipping confirmation from amazon.nl (for a total of 21.48€!). on the bottom line i‘ve paid about 70€ for 3 boxsets (richard&linda thompson, tears for fears, thin lizzy). early christmas, i presume :)))


£86 at Amazon currently (08.00).

Jonathan Riley

mine just shipped from amazon.co.uk tonight, and should be getting next week. Today I got the gong set which looks amazing, (haven’t played it yet) and waiting on the clash boombox set.

Paul Wren

It’s for sale at the Thin Lizzy official website: https://thinlizzyshop.com/products/rock-legends-super-deluxe-edition

adam shaw

And we still don’t get the 7” mix of Waiting For An Alibi ?

James A Gates

Just to clear up the inner gatefold question they are not just plain black they have the Thin Lizzy logo on them black on slightly more black!!

Paul Mac

I’ve delayed enough, ordered….


Box set of the Year.

paul cutts

As a follow up to my recent comment the box appeared again on Amazon UK earlier this evening for about £88.00 but did not last long. Snapped one up in spite of my comments, ‘couldn’t resist mate’ .

Paul Wren

Why didn’t they put something on the inside of the CD gatefolds? Notwithstanding this, this unboxing video has persuaded me to buy at £95 from Townsend Music it which I have just done – cheers for the video nudge!

Larry Davis

I do want this, as it looks like a good way to get a proper overview rather than just 1 album or a basic hits collection…I do agree that the black inner gatefolds look wasteful, like the plain white sides & backs in the Talking Heads Brick, but that’s minor…the books look like good reading & the fact it has all the 7″ single versions serves the hits collection need, and alternate versions and demos give a nice window into the band…this box is nice & big, thanks for showing how big with the TFF Seeds box, and I do want it, so I’ll get it via Amazon Italy (best price there) or wait for a price drop…no rush, I’ll get it…

Kim Larsen

Thanks Paul for another nice unboxing.

Being a Lizzy fan, I’m over the moon with this box, playing the cd’s almost constantly for the last three days.

Christmas came early this year!

Tony Sandell

Great video as always.
Been looking at this for a while and have not been quite tempted but your video convinced me otherwise.
Many thanks

Dennis Mosen

Great set really enjoyed the unboxing of it paul top notch


Keep the videos coming Paul, really enjoy them.
I think a lot of people have been burned by expensive boxsets in the past and to see the contents via SDE is great, really helps you decide if push that ” Buy” button or not !


Great unboxing. I dropped a clanger on this. I initially ordered from Amazon UK, then decided stupidly to cancel as there was other stuff on the horizon. When I changed my mind and decided to reorder it was unavailable and has been right until release (apparently there are 7000 being manufactured).
I took a chance last Friday and went to Leeds HMV and to my relief they had a copy and at the moment they are doing a tenner off if you spend £75 or more so it came in at £90. Would suggest that anyone who missed out checks their local HMV.

Kevin Brown

The box set looks great with the book and the amount of unreleased tracks, But I’m not sure why they decided to use Gatefold Sleeves because as far as I can see on the unboxing video is that All of the inside of the gatefold covers are just Black. To me I thought they could have least put photos or information inside. To me that seems such a waste.

J Douglas

Though to be fair Kevin, it is “none more black”.

David Robinson

Great review. Love the box set – just what was needed I think. If I’m being really picky then a ribbon in the box to pull out the books. I can seee the sides splitting after a while taking out the hardback book especially – and then the track list and credits – would have been nice to have had them I larger font and sole new content cometary on those tracks etc. Obviously a lot of love went into it – just those couple of things niggle.

Woodsey Niles

I wonder why “Sitamoia” wasn’t included. It is a really good song with a tribal drum beat. I think it was recorded about the same time as the song “Little Darling” between “Vagabonds of the Western World”, “Nightlife” and Gary Moore’s “Grinding Stone” album.

Don Cooper

Sitamoia was on the ‘Kings’ disc of the Vagabonds Kings Warriors Angels box/book of 2001.
Would not be repeated on Legends unless a demo exists.
Can’t imagine Downey wanted to repeat his sterling efforts on that one too many times.
Great track.

Johnny The Box

Cheers Paul.

This is one box that’s better than expected.

When I read “demo”, it conjures up thoughts of poorly recorded and mixed throw away tracks of limited interest. However, this box is more like 80 odd alternative versions and mixes, that sound superb, plus over a dozen previously released tracks.

The non audio stuff is superb too. And turning out to be a bargain at the original £82? Tho mine came to £50 in the end

Thanks for your site/page for the heads up on stuff like this… tho my wallet is taking a severe beating!


James Lee

Thanks Paul for another great video. I nagged you many months ago for more videos and now they are coming a wallet busting thick and fast! Hopefully a sign you are getting more and more to review which can only be good for the record companies and us. As a mild Thin Lizzy fan I decided to buy the 3 cd best of at £4.99. However assuming the demos are of good quality hard core fans must be delighted with this impressive set. The range of prices is very surprising. Excellent work thanks Paul. Jim

Stephen Thorpe

I fully agree James with you on this and on your recommendation and also purchased the 3 CD Best Of for £4.99. I am looking forward to the new Elton John box set due soon which is about the same price as this Thin Lizzy box set!


After reading this post I remembered that I had bought that three disc effort and thought I’d rip the CDs for the car. Whoever had submitted the track names had done a crap job of it and all the track names were in capital letters with some errors included and a space at the end. I had to type them all out again!


Goodness me, well over the top. Just imagine if there was a vinyl version of this. Perhaps a highlights edition with just the single tracks would be enough.

Don Cooper

I believe there may be a two-disc version pending…