Ultravox’s 40th anniversary of Vienna unboxing video

See the deluxe edition unboxed

Chrysalis reissued Ultravox‘s Vienna album recently for a 40th anniversary celebration. SDEtv takes a look at both the 5CD+DVD deluxe box set and the 2LP vinyl reissue…

The Vienna reissue is out now.

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Vienna - 5CD+DVD box set


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Vienna - 2LP half-speed mastered vinyl


Vienna 40th anniversary 5CD+DVD super deluxe

CD One: Vienna [Original 1980 Analog Master]

01. Astradyne
02. New Europeans
03. Private Lives
04. Passing Strangers
05. Sleepwalk
06. Mr. X
07. Western Promise
08. Vienna
09. All Stood Still

CD Two: Vienna [Steven Wilson Stereo Mix] *

01. Astradyne
02. New Europeans
03. Private Lives
04. Passing Strangers
05. Sleepwalk
06. Mr. X
07. Western Promise
08. Vienna
09. All Stood Still
10. Waiting
11. Passionate Reply
12. Alles Klar
13. Herr X

CD Three: Rarities: Singles/B-Sides/Live

01. Sleepwalk [Early Version]
02. Waiting
03. Face To Face [Live in St Albans 16/8/1980]
04. King’s Lead Hat [Live at The Lyceum 17/8/1980]
05. Vienna [Single Version]
06. Passionate Reply
07. Herr X
08. All Stood Still [Single Version]
09. Alles Klar
10. Keep Talking [Cassette Recording During Rehearsals]
11. All Stood Still [12” Mix]
12. Sleepwalk [Soundcheck, The Lyceum 17/8/1980]
13. All Stood Still [Soundcheck, The Lyceum 17/8/1980]
14. Vienna [Live Video Version, St Albans City Hall 16/8/80] *
15. Sleepwalk [Live Video Version, St Albans City Hall 16/8/80] *

CD Four: Cassette Recordings During Rehearsals 1979/80 *

01. Astradyne
02. New Europeans (Instrumental)
03. Private Lives (Instrumental)
04. Passing Strangers (Instrumental 1)
05. Sleepwalk (Version 1)
06. Mr. X
07. Western Promise
08. Vienna
09. All Stood Still (Instrumental 1)
10. Sound On Sound
11. Animal
12. Sleepwalk (Version 2)
13. Sound On Sound (Instrumental)
14. Passing Strangers (Instrumental 2)
15. All Stood Still (Instrumental 2)

CD Five: Live in St. Albans 1980 (2020 Mix) *

01. Astradyne
02. New Europeans
03. Passing Strangers
04. Quiet Men
05. Face To Face
06. Mr. X
07. Western Promise
08. Vienna
09. Slow Motion
10. Hiroshima Mon Amour
11. All Stood Still
12. Sleepwalk
13. Private Lives
14. King’s Lead Hat

DVD: Vienna
Vienna album – Steven Wilson Mix *
– 96/24 5.1 Surround Sound Mix
– DTS 96/24 5.1 Surround Mix
– DOLBY AC3 5.1 Surround Mix
– 96/24 LPCM Stereo Mix

B-sides – Steven Wilson Mix *
– 96/24 5.1 Surround Sound Mix
– DTS 96/24 5.1 Surround Mix
– DOLBY AC3 5.1 Surround Mix
– 96/24 LPCM Stereo Mix

Vienna album – 1980 Original Analog Master
– 96/24 LPCM Stereo Mix

B-sides – 1980 Original Analog Master
– 96/24 LPCM Stereo Mix

*Previously Unreleased.

Vienna 40th anniversary 2LP vinyl (half-speed mastered)

LP 1

Side A

1. Astradyne
2. New Europeans
3. Private Lives
4. Passing Strangers
5. Sleepwalk

Side B

1. Mr X
2. Western Promise
3. Vienna
4. All Stood Still

LP  2

Side A

1. Waiting
2. Face To Face  (Live in St Albans 16/8/80)
3. King’s Lead Hat  (Live at The Lyceum 17/8/80)
4. Vienna (US Promotional Edit)
5. Passionate Reply

LP 2

Side B

1. Herr X
2. All Stood Still (Single Version)
3. Alles Klar
4. Keep Talking (Cassette Recording During Rehearsals)

Vienna 40th anniversary 4LP clear vinyl box (official store exclusive)

Side A

01. Astradyne
02. New Europeans
03. Private Lives
04. Passing Strangers
05. Sleepwalk

Side B

01. Mr. X
02. Western Promise
03. Vienna
04. All Stood Still

Side C

01. Waiting
02. Face To Face [Live in St Albans 16/8/1980]
03. King’s Lead Hat [Live at The Lyceum 17/8/1980]
04. Vienna [US Promotional Edit] *
05. Passionate Reply

Side D

01. Herr X
02. All Stood Still [Single Version]
03. Alles Klar
04. Keep Talking [Cassette Recording During Rehearsals]

LP 2: Live in St. Albans 1980 

Side A

01. Astradyne
02. New Europeans
03. Passing Strangers
04. Quiet Men

Side B

01. Face To Face
02. Mr. X
03. Western Promise
04. Vienna

Side C

01. Slow Motion
02. Hiroshima Mon Amour

Side D

01. All Stood Still
02. Sleepwalk
03. Private Lives
04. King’s Lead Hat


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I saw the 2LP set in HMV today and could not resist buying it, I love that there is a second LP of rarities, all vinyl reissues should include this.

Derek Langsford

In case anyone looks back at this thread, I finally got my Deluxe set from JPC after they restocked it and I reordered. Was incredibly impressed by the packaging – vastly superior to Amazon – virtually no chance of damage. Excellent packaging, combined with competitive pricing, I expect to order from JPC in the future. In fact a Tangerine Dream box along with Simple Minds SFY box (that I previously said I’d pass on but it was deeply discounted) and the new Future Islands album are already on their way.

Glad to have found an alternative to Amazon.


I too am curious about having an (essentially) empty gatefold in the set, and wondered if they initially planned on including the vinyl in the box set as well (which would have been my preference). I did post a comment about that on another thread (prior to this unboxing video) but, like half of my posts, that post never eventuated.

I have worked my way through the 5 CDs (as I’ve started a new job and time has become precious) during the evenings over the past week, but have left the 5.1 mix to enjoy when I can sit and focus on it. Hopefully tomorrow!


If you buy the 2LP vinyl, would it fit in there instead of the empty gatefold? If so that might placate those who don’t want the vinyl as well as the CD in their SDEs!

E Wilson

Paid £45 for the deluxe set from Amazon and they delivered a single CD version which I had to return for a refund. Didn’t want to ask for a substitute in case they made the same mistake again, now it’s up to £53!

Mike the Fish

It was this unboxing video that convinced me to get the set. As a vinyl lover I really like that album sized presentation, but without the high cost (and potential quality issues) of having the CD content on vinyl. It’s ideal for me.

Ian Harris

Just a quick note on the second album in the 2LP set.

It’s not a selected highlights, it’s all material that was issued on vinyl at the time on singles; the live tracks were the b-sides to Passing Strangers and the cassette rehearsal of Keep Talking was on the 12″ of All Stood Still, but titled Keep Torqe-ing.

The Vienna and All Stood Still edits were obviously single a-sides in various territories.


Seems to be a promotional offer on amazon.de at the moment,
just got Vienna box set for £39 delivered. Not too shabby!


Strange, 12″ sized boxes containing 5″ optical discs make me feel betrayed somehow, even if I know what I bought. Can’t explain.

Gary Tilford.

Great video Paul, thank you. I bought both sets and the cd dvd set came on the Friday. Great set but I thought the gatefolds were unnecessary. My 4lp set came the following Wednesday and I thought these records needed gatefolds rather than the 2 thick sleeves. Oh well. I also heard “bring back Foxx” on the live album. I really enjoy watching your unboxing videos, even ones I don’t intend buying. Some are just way too expensive re Elvis Costello.


Listen closely to the live album at the beginning of Hiroshima, someone shouts, ‘bring back Foxx…’ Very funny!


Thx for the unboxing !
Just curious if this box has the same typesetting errors and spelling mistake as the 4LP clear ?
“Western Proimise” is on my box.
Can’t tell from the video.
Cheers !

Mark S

The two 24/96 LPCM (lossless) stereo mixes are the star of the show here for me.

Can’t decide whether I prefer the SW or Original mix but the SW mix seems more dynamic and more open.

Clive in St Albans

So, it looks like CD-Text doesn’t handle brackets in song titles too well.


It’s such a good record, I love the trilogy Vienna/Rage in Eden/Quartet. I still remember when I bought Quartet and got immediately hooked, at the time I could afford only one purchase per week, and so I used the following two weeks pocket money to buy Vienna and Rage In Eden. I hope they will follow in this Deluxe form (possibly with same layout…).
I like the artwork for the box, it’s a bit different, but well conceived and graphically strong. I would have liked more liner notes, but nothing is perfect, and this artifact gets very close…
Price-wise it was a bargain at the time of the order, but in the end I paid only 44 EURO via Amazon.it (same for TFF TSOL) so great value for money.
Content-wise I only wished they added some video footage, I’m sure there are reasons for this flaw, but if I look at the New Order definitive editions the “treat” is definitively the video part (which for PC&L is actually spread over 2 discs).
I know, the quality isn’t great, but they remain historical documents, very interesting and unique opportunity to “go back in time”…
And NO Definitive Ed book are stunning, the high price (in the end just short of 100 EURO via Amazon.it), is fully justified only by that (+ Vinyl excellent reproduction). No thrills (posters, postcards, tour programs,) but solid audio content, great footage, stunning book and vinyl (if you like). One flaw here (there’s always a flaw!) no 5.1….


Great unboxing as always.
I think I am one of the few that is disappointed by the packaging, the two gatefolds use seems odd (although I do take you point about having the original artwork at its original size).
I also found the liner notes a bit disappointing in a way – what is there is interesting but there are no comments from Chris Cross and only one comment (on the track Vienna) from Midge Ure. Seems a bit strange.
The booklet itself feels a little flimsy too.

I ordered the 4 LP vinyl set which I do really like no obi strip on that one though (at least not on my copy).
Having said all of that, I have no complaints at all about the content of the SDE – all interesting stuff. I dont have a 5.1 system (must sort that out one day) but the Wilson stereo mix sounds interesting (and he has tweaked/added a few sounds that were perhaps buried in the original mix which is quite interesting – playing spot the difference).

Richard S

This has been one of my best purchases this year. Great value and a great set, and of course great music! I really like the way the CD wallets merge in with the gatefold image, I spent ages lining them up! Very happy that I managed to pick up a copy from my local record shop for £42 on pre-order!
Definitely hope the other albums get similar treatment.

Dave H

There’s been a bit of confusion regarding the DVD, it is a DVD Video and not a DVD Audio. The liner notes make it looks as though there’s four audio versions included but there’s only three.

They are:
DTS 96/24 5.1 Surround Mix
DOLBY AC3 5.1 Surround Mix @ 448 kbps
96/24 LPCM Stereo Mix

The is no lossless MLP or LPCM 5.1 file.

Steven Wilson’s 5.1 mix is great, there’s lots going on in the surrounds. I’m not sure if the band were using stereo synths but there’s lots of left-right panning which helps the surround experience. If you haven’t got a home cinema set up at home but have been thinking about getting one, if you’re a fan of this album, you won’t be disappointed listening to this in 5.1.


This looks to be fabulous value, take note Mr Costello. If the Stones Goats Head Soup could have been called Souper Deluxe, could this one have been the UltraBox edition?


I have the clear vinyl set which I ordered directly from the label. It’s a nice set with a nice high quality audio pressing. I hope further Ultravox albums follow in this format of special vinyl and CD releases.


Great video, very informative. This box is incredible value. £41 for 6 discs including a 5.1 mix. Indeed similar to Sowing The Seeds Of Love, minus 1 disc. My copy is in the mail!


Much appreciated video, Paul. I was looking forward to this after finding two disappointing videos on YouTube. (“In this envelope are some photos. I’m not going to show you those.” What the hell!)

Still waiting patiently for my copy from Bezos-mart. They did send me an updated estimated delivery date: November 8-December 1. Sigh.

One more thing: 40th Anniversary? Boy I feel old.


Still waiting for mine also. Hasnt even shipped!

Yea! 40th Anniversary…Must be a typo!


Great package all round , the Wilson stereo mix is the same but very different , i think it`s because i am so familiar with the original.


“Slow Motion” on the live LP is kicking. Love it!

Mike the Fish

I’m quite excited about the CD set. I like the simpler packaging with a little luxury with the contact sheets, but no overloading of trinkets, large hardback books and vinyl. Accessible price too.


It seems to me that with some consideration, one could easily convert the booklet and photos gatefold into a double lp sleeve, and then use the single one to store the booklet and contact sheets…………..Best of both worlds, maybe?

Steve Bliss

Great album, great super deluxe edition, great price! And great unboxing video :)
I really like the packaging of this set. The heavy cardstock, the great printing, very nice job. I wonder if they were originally considering a CD/LP combination release, and that drove the two-gatefold design.
One slight issue, the low-profile disc slots in the gatefold sleeve don’t keep the discs in place, they can work loose fairly easily. When my copy arrived, the CD sleeves had all slipped out of their slots.
The artwork does feel a bit repetitive. Original artwork on the slipcase, original artwork on the first gatefold sleeve, slightly alternate artwork on the second gatefold sleeve.
Still, the music is the important part, and this SDE delivers on that front. I’m really liking the surround mix, it plays well with the feel of the music.


I take it the 4 LP set has a sleeve design closer to the CD version?

Bit annoying for some that there is an exclusive track on the vinyl but I’m not a big fan of single edits anyway, so I’m not going to get my panties twisted about that!

Tom M

If the 96/24 SW 5.1 mix isn’t hi-res then does anyone know what it is, exactly? Don’t see a need for three lossy surround mixes.

Mark S


The stereo mixes are 24/96 LPCM (lossless) but agree the 5.1 mix isn’t LPCM.

I think this is all about data packing, DVD-A uses Meridian MLP which means you can get more lossless audio information on a DVD thereby expanding capacity. If you use DVD-V format there isn’t enough capacity for 24/96 lossless stereo and 5.1.

I think you inferred this anyway but the stereo mixes are lossless (24/96 LPCM) but agree that the 5.1 is lossy.

Mark S

Thank you.

This is all about data compression, data elimination, audio codecs and disc capacity.

An LPCM (stereo or 5.1) digital stream can be stored in raw data form (uncompressed) on a DVD disc (A or V)/Blu-ray or as a WAV file (although DVD-V has a real capacity constraint with regards to 5.1 ) or it can be compressed (data packing) and the codec used can be lossless or lossy (data elimination). FLAC, ALAC and MLP (DVD-A) compress data but are truly lossless as they simply pack all data. While others AC3, AAC, MP3, ATMOS are lossy as they actually discard data.

Note DVD-A is just DVD using the MLP codec.

Note sure what audio codec Blu-Ray uses though.

Of course the LPCM stream can have various bit depths and resolutions typically 16/44.1 (CD), 16/48 and then 24/48 up to 24/192.

Of course none of this has anything to do with audio compression!


Thanks Paul!

Giles Roditi

A certain Mr Declan Patrick Aloysius Macmanus should take note of box-sets such as this and Prince SOTT that show you can have lovely large artwork and legible type for a silver disc SDE and also produce something worthwhile for those who must have vinyl. I would be all over a large artwork silver disc SDE for Armed Forces but vinyl alone – not so much.

p.s. having grown up there then despite the spelling it is pronounced Snorbens !!

Craig Hedges

Thanks for posting the video Paul. I’m a bit put off by the packaging of the deluxe edition, I find it a bit odd having the two gatefold sleeves, why didn’t the just have the one and upgrade the booklet into a proper book. All feels a bit faffy with the slipcase as well, the TFF design is better with the smaller box and smaller booklet. That’s a lot of text to be faced with at one time in the Ultravox box, I always prefer the text to be broken up over several page than having it in one slab.

Steven Roberts

Agreed. I own this, and the double gatefold sleeve design feel a bot clumsy. And dare I say it, cheap.

Marc K.

Vienna is one of my alltime favourite albums. In 1980/81 I was 14/15 and this record was on my walkman while I did my rounds delivering a Dutch morning newspaper (together with Supertramp’s Paris on side B ;-) ) I know the album note by note.
So I was very anxious to listen to the new mixes and they are wonderful, I really enjoy them.

Thanks Paul, for the unboxing: I dove in at the deep end….the 5.1 mixes. I’m sure you’ll like them.

Furthermore I am one of 500 lucky fans who bought the 4LP clear vinyl edition which was exclusively available through the Ultravox website. The St. Albans gig is on records 3 and 4.

For me this is a super deluxe trip down memory lane…… love every second of it


Mine is still not available where I pre-ordered it. I hope it doesn’t end up canceled. Apart from the music which I already know, and love, the box set is indeed mouth watering.. Very good value at 44. 99€!!

Andrew Clarke

Thanks Paul.
Nice to see what i have in my unopened set thats been stashed away!!

Kim Larsen

Thanks for another fine unboxing video, Paul. I can nothing but agree to your viewpoints!


One of the few times that on opening the mailing package and taking out the CD box, it took me straight back to buying the album 40 years ago (being almost the same as the original LP), a real trip back, so i’m quite pleased that this is LP-sized rather than CD-sized. I’d already bought Sleepwalk on clear vinyl 7″ p/c, and Passing Strangers on 12″ (always preferred Waiting to the a-side – yes, I know it wouldn’t have made a good a-side but these were the days where b-sides were as, if not more interesting, than the a-sides – something that Ultravox continued with the next two releases from this album).
I’m very much looking forward to listening to Mr. Ure’s take on the John Foxx-era songs on the St.Alban’s disc (where the Passing Strangers b-side cover version of King’s Lead Hat was taken from).
Ahh, those really WERE the days…


I got mine last week. What a great package. Love the liner notes.

Here’s hoping we get SDEs (with Steven Wilson input) of all the other Midge Ure Ultravox albums.

Glen Greenman

Agreed. Hopefully someone of influence is reading these comments…

Yani P

Looks like a very nicely put together set..looking forward to getting mine at some stage..