Watch new Supergrass video for the demo version of Sitting Up Straight

Supergrass have created a video for the demo of ‘Sitting Up Straight’, ahead of the release next month of their The Strange Ones 1994-2008 box set.

‘Sitting Up Straight’ is an album track from their debut I Should Coco and in fact this same demo was actually on disc 2 of the three-CD reissue of that album that was issued back in 2015. The video syncs the audio to grainy, early live footage of the band.

The Strange Ones 1994-2008 box set features all six albums on vinyl picture disc and on CD, along with four further CDs of live material, a two-CD set of remixes, B-sides and rarities and a final CD of unreleased demos, outtakes and ‘oddities’. That last disc is where you will find this demo. It’s called Roots & Vines and has been compiled by Mick Quinn & Gaz Coombes. There is still no further details on the track listings of the non-album CDs in this box set.

The Strange Ones 1994-2008 will be released on 24 January 2020.

In the box set:

2-part, rigid, 12″ x 12” x 3″ box, matte laminate outer finish with hot foil cover text, containing:

6 LPs
– 6 x original albums as picture discs: I SHOULD COCO (UK #1, 1995) / IN IT FOR THE MONEY (UK #2, 1997) / SUPERGRASS (UK #3, 1999) / LIFE ON OTHER PLANETS (UK #9, 2002) / ROAD TO ROUEN (UK #9, 2005) / DIAMOND HOO HA (UK #19, 2008)

13 CDs
– 1 x 6CD set – All 6 original studio albums in new digipack
– 1 x 4CD set – Live (5 hours of previously unreleased, career-spanning performances: radio sessions, full live shows and acoustic sets)
– 1 x 2CD set – Remixes, B-sides, acoustic versions and other rarities
– 1 x 1CD set – Demos, out-takes and oddities (all previously unreleased)

7” single
– Caught By The Fuzz / Richard III 2020 Remixes

– 12″ x 12″  52-page book. Story of each album, written by separate journalists: Everett True, Charles Shaar Murray, Sylvia Patterson, Andrew Male, Adam Sweeting and Paul Moody. Quotes from new band interviews with Matt Everitt. Unseen photos and memorabilia.

Colour posters x 4

Supergrass is 10 – button badges x 8

The Strange Ones 1994-2008 – 2LP vinyl edition

Side 1
1 Diamond Hoo Ha Man
2 Bad Blood
3 Outside
4 Rebel In You
5 Tales Of Endurance (Parts 4, 5 & 6)
6 St. Petersburg

Side 2
1 Fin
2 Kiss Of Life
3 Brecon Beacons
4 Rush Hour Soul
5 Seen The Light
6 Grace
7 Moving

Side 3
1 Mary
2 Beautiful People
3 Pumping On Your Stereo
4 In It For The Money
5 Richard III
6 Late In The Day

Side 4
1 Sun Hits The Sky
2 She’s So Loose
3 Mansize Rooster
4 Strange Ones
5 Lenny
6 Alright
7 Caught By The Fuzz

1 Diamond Hoo Ha Man
2 Outside
3 Rebel In You
4 Tales Of Endurance (Parts 4, 5 & 6)
5 St. Petersburg
6 Fin
7 Kiss Of Life
8 Brecon Beacons
9 Seen The Light
10 Grace
11 Moving
12 Mary
13 Beautiful People
14 Pumping On Your Stereo
15 In It For The Money
16 Richard III
17 Late In The Day
18 Sun Hits The Sky
19 Mansize Rooster
20 Lenny
21 Alright
22 Caught By The Fuzz




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Gareth Jones

Demos can often be an interesting listen, but this is so lo-fi and poorly recorded that it was almost too painful to hear all the way through. It sounds worse than Radio Luxembourg on Long Wave! If much of the rare material sounds like this, I’d want them to pay me £150!


No multi CD set yet (equivalent to the vinyl box) on Amazon. The link seems to be for a 1 CD version.


Has there been a full track listing published yet for the multi disk set? Would like to know exactly what the unheard material is. Can’t seem to find it anywhere.


There is duplication from the deluxe of the debut? Booooooo!

Joseph Bartram

Seeing them on the reunion tour next year have ordered the single cd of the best of despite already owning supergrass is 10.


I am waiting for Amazon UK to reduce its price to something sensible, why is it so high compared to the other offers (other than Japan)? It will no doubt drop to a lower price than the others a day before or after its release as happened with the Origins of Muse set (I got mine for £103). I will enjoy looking at the LPs rather than listening to them but will enjoy the mass of music on the CDs. They were a fun band and it’s a fun looking box set.

Timm Davison

Hi Rareglam,

I ordered the box set from Amazon Germany a couple months back and paid 123 Euros at the time. The price now is 150 Euros, but I often find I receive additional price discounts after adding to my cart, maybe that would be the case for you as well.

Alan B

Never happened to me on Amazon and I’ve been ordering from them for nearly 20 years.