Watch Paul McCartney perform ‘Don’t Get Around Much Anymore’ live in 1987

In November 1987, Paul McCartney was promoting his new UK single Once Upon A Long Ago and a fresh greatest hits All The Best! This resulted in a very interesting, and quite unusual appearance on UK television. Macca turned up on Jonathan Ross’s The Last Resort chat show and didn’t perform the new single, but rather entertained the British TV audience with a few rock ‘n’ roll numbers and an old Beatles track.

Why did Paul do this? Well, the Once Upon A Long Ago single (it was not issued in the USA and would be Paul’s last UK top ten single) featured new recordings of four rock ‘n’ roll standards across two 12-inch singles. These were:

  • ‘Midnight Special’
  • ‘Don’t Get Around Much Anymore’
  • ‘Lawdy Miss Clawdy’
  • ‘Kansas City’

These songs were the public’s first chance to hear tracks from what would become CHOBA B CCCP or ‘The Russian Album’ which was released the following year, in 1988. That was initially an 11-track record, so the two 12-inch singles (Don’t Get Around Much Anymore and Kansas City also appeared on the CD single) featured more than a third of the album. Paul recorded these songs live-in-the-studio over two days in July 1987.

Presumably, because ‘Once Upon A Long Ago’ is not really a ‘live’ song (indeed, Paul has never performed it live) Macca thought it would be fun to play of the oldies he’d recorded just four months earlier. On the show, he performs ‘I Don’t Get Around Much Anymore’, ‘I Saw Her Standing There’ and ‘Lawdy Miss Clawdy’. Note that Paul plays guitar throughout and not bass. This might possibly be the only time he’s never played bass live while performing I Saw Her Standing There.

The B-side to ‘Once Upon A Long Ago’ was the excellent ‘Back On My Feet,’ the first song co-written with Elvis Costello to be released (and infamously not included on CD as part of the Flowers in the Dirt reissue package). I mention this because the live band on The Last Resort includes half of The Attractions, with Steve Nieve on keyboards and Pete Thomas on drums.

Bear in mind that this was two years before Paul got back on the road for his Flowers in the Dirt world tour. Apart from ad-hoc events (Live Aid, Prince’s Trust) Paul didn’t really ‘do’ live in the 1980s and so this is a rare and very enjoyable TV appearance.

CHOBA B CCCP is one of four live albums being reissued on 12 July 2019. Details below.

Amoeba Gig 2LP vinyl (same tracks on the CD, except for Coming Up which is vinyl only)

A1. Drive My Car
A2. Only Mama Knows
A3. Dance Tonight
A4. C Moon
A5. The Long And Winding Road
A6. I’ll Follow The Sun

B1. Calico Skies
B2. That Was Me
B3. Blackbird
B4. Here Today
B5. Back In The USSR
B6. Nod Your Head

C1. House Of Wax
C2. I’ve Got A Feeling
C3. Matchbox
C4. Get Back

D1. Baby Face
D2. Hey Jude
D3. Let It Be
D4. Lady Madonna
D5. I Saw Her Standing There
D6. Coming Up [Soundcheck]

Choba B CCCP vinyl (same tracks on the CD)

A1. Kansas City
A2. Twenty Flight Rock
A3. Lawdy, Miss Clawdy
A4. Bring It On Home To Me
A5. Lucille
A6. Don’t Get Around Much Anymore

B1. That’s All Right (Mama)
B2. Ain’t That A Shame
B3. Crackin’ Up
B4. Just Because
B5. Midnight Special

Paul Is Live 2LP vinyl (same tracks on the CD)

A1. Drive My Car
A2. Let Me Roll It
A3. Looking For Changes
A4. Peace In The Neighbourhood
A5. All My Loving
A6. Robbie’s Bit (Thanks Chet)

B1. Good Rockin’ Tonight
B2. We Can Work It Out
B3. Hope Of Deliverance
B4. Michelle
B5. Biker Like An Icon
B6. Here, There And Everywhere
B7. My Love

C1. Magical Mystery Tour
C2. C’mon People
C3. Lady Madonna
C4. Paperback Writer
C5. Penny Lane
C6. Live And Let Die

D1. Kansas City
D2. Welcome To Soundcheck (link)
D3. Hotel In Benidorm (soundcheck)
D4. I Wanna Be Your Man (soundcheck)
D5. A Fine Day (soundcheck)

Wings Over America 3LP vinyl

A1. Venus And Mars / Rock Show / Jet
A2. Let Me Roll It
A3. Spirits Of Ancient Egypt
A4. Medicine Jar

B1. Maybe I’m Amazed
B2. Call Me Back Again
B3. Lady Madonna
B4. The Long And Winding Road
B5. Live And Let Die

C1. Picasso’s Last Words
C2. Richard Cory
C3. Bluebird
C4. I’ve Just Seen A Face
C5. Blackbird
C6. Yesterday

D1. You Gave Me The Answer
D2. Magneto And Titanium Man
D3. Go Now
D4. My Love
D5. Listen To What The Man Said

E1. Let ‘Em In
E2. Time To Hide
E3. Silly Love Songs
E4. Beware My Love

F1. Letting Go
F2. Band On The Run
F3. Hi, Hi, Hi
F4. Soily



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Arthur Pedant

Don’t mean to be pedantic (as if…) but Pete Thomas and Steve Nieve are not half of the Attractions, they’re two-thirds of The Attractions as there were only three Attractions – the fourth member of the band being EC himself. Sorry.

Matt Sparkes

He’s never played Pipes of Peace live either, has he? Shame, two of his best post 70s singles.

Simon Westbrook

Kevin Armstrong on guitar there Paul…

Martin Kilroy

Just playing the (latest!) deluxe version of Egypt Station while in McCartney mode and the one song that gets a “I really like this song” is…Get Enough. Maybe they did know what they were doing!


The band backing Paul in the video was known as The Playboys which was the Last Resort’s house band, I imagine Pete Thomas dragged Steve in on piano to help out.


For me Once Upon A Long Ago is the sort of song that McCartney does best. Love it. Love the cheesy video that goes with it too, still got it on VHS

Le Baron

I fell in love with Macca’s music the day I heard Once upon a long ago, back in 1987. I was 12.
I know this is not a fan favourite, but I still love this tune. The choir-like bridge in the middle of the song is still one of Macca’s finest solo moments for me.
Btw, your website rules, Paul! :)

Ramon Duccini

Paul played Guitar on I Saw Her Standing There on The Steven Van Zandt new blu ray too.


I’m not a huge McCartney fan, but I enjoyed that. It helps seeing how much fun both he and the audience are having. I liked the wee solo he played at the end of Lawdy Miss Clawdy too.


Re the Choba and Wings Over America CD reissues, is there any reason to get these rather than earlier versions?

What differences, if any?


Managed to pick up a mint copy of the Once Upon a Long Ago CD single from Amazon market place innthe last couple of years. Paid about £21 for it. Forgot how nice the packaging was, a lot like the Japanese style with fold over edges. Still can’t believe Back on My Feet was physically left off the FITD box. The song is fantastic.


Thanks for this. I’m definitely glad that I’ve got ‘Back on My Feet’ as part of the Paul McCartney Collection reissue of Flowers in the Dirt. It’s one of my favorite tracks from that era.


Not my favourite McCartney era. Paul reverting to his R&R roots, trying to be Elvis (the other one). George and Ringo had done the same a year earlier (remember that Carl Perkins special?). They all seemed determined to shake off their Beatle wigs for good. A few years later they were ready to revive the Beatle myth.


Wondeful. Paul played guitar on I Saw Her Standing There in 2012 at Hyde Park with Bruce Springsteen (It was Bruce show).
It is a pity that all the times Paul played Once Upon on tv it was a playback of the song.

Ben Williams

All The Best was my gateway to McCartney and The Beatles. I found a copy of it on CD for £1.99 in a charity shop when I was about 14; by far the most expensive CD I have ever bought!! It led me to hundreds and hundreds of further albums, tours, vinyl records, singles, books, posters, you name it.

I’m lucky enough to own a CD copy of Once Upon A Long Ago in a card sleeve and it includes 2 tracks from the CHOBA sessions. And Back On My Feet (his best solo b-side perhaps?)

As best-of’s go, All The Best is pretty great, especially the double vinyl edition with 3 extra tracks (in the UK)


Sorry, posted the last comment before I read the text!!! Memo to self: Don’t do that!

Chris Squires

Steve Nieve and the Playboys if I remember correctly.

Their first performance as Johnathan Ross’ house band was as backing to….. Paul Young and the Q-Tips earlier that series fact fans…..

Marc Hocker

Was this the Jonathan Ross Last Resort edition where he got Macca to autograph copies of his Beatles LP’s?

adam shaw

Remember this episode well . JR sat on the stage with him after he performed and as he interviewed Macca he kept passing him Beatle albums for Macca to sign until Macca got fed up !
I was also lucky to get hold of at the time of release the All The Best album in a promo box with all the tracks on 7” double sided singles .


MusicVaultz has the CD editions as well.


Lovely way of drawing attention to what might otherwise be seen as a fairly humdrum vinyl re-release. Definitely got a lot of McCartney casualists more interested in the era now!

And Steve Nieve! What a name! Is it real…? My sister is called Niamh (pronounced Nieve) and has been name-checked in Divine Comedy’s new single, Norman and Norma (the line in question, “Norman and Norma had three lovely daughters, Nadia, Nora and Niamh”) #digression


Eamonn – via Wikipedia: “Steve Nieve (/naɪˈiːv/ “naive”; born Stephen John Nason, 21 February 1958) is an English musician and composer.


Steve Nieve – also known as Maurice Worm :)


Ah OK, I was naive to that.
Cheers Davy


Eamonn, Steve’s been a key member of Elvis Costello’s backing band the Attractions for over forty years.

Mike the Fish

Isn’t it pronounced naive rather than neave, too?


Yes, David quoted from Wiki with the phonetic spelling.