Watch Simple Minds’ new video: Magic

Simple Minds have released a video to Magic a song from their forthcoming album Walk Between Walks. Watch the video below:

What do you think of the song and the video? Leave a comment!

Walk Between Worlds will be released on 2 February 2018 and the official Simple Minds store also has some exclusive editions and bundles such as a coloured double vinyl and a single vinyl LP picture disc. A seven-inch of Magic is included in some of the bundles.

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Simple Minds

Walk Between Worlds - deluxe CD


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Simple Minds

Walk Between Worlds - black vinyl LP


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Simple Minds

Walk Between Worlds - standard CD


Walk Between Worlds CD edition

1. Magic
2. Summer
3. Utopia
4. The Signal and the Noise
5. In Dreams
6. Barrowland Star
7. Walk Between Worlds
8. Sense of Discovery

Bonus tracks on Deluxe CD

9. Silent Kiss
10. Angel Underneath My Skin
11. Dirty Old Town (Live)

Walk Between Worlds vinyl LP

Side 1
1. Magic
2. Summer
3. Utopia
4. The Signal and the Noise

Side 2
1. In Dreams
2. Barrowland Star
3. Walk Between Worlds
4. Sense of Discovery

Walk Between Worlds deluxe 2LP coloured vinyl (exclusive to the Simple Minds store).

Side A:

1. Magic
2. Summer
3. Utopia
4. The Signal And The Noise

Side B:

1. In Dreams
2. Barrowland Star
3. Walk Between Worlds
4. Sense Of Discovery

Side C:

1. Silent Kiss
2. Angel Underneath My Skin
3. Dirty Old Town (Live)

Side D – Etching


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william mckinley

It’s okay. Like the beat more than the lyrics. They do sound more like U2 though.


I don’t think this is a bad track – it does sound slightly over produced and was probably selected as the first single because it is so radio friendly. However, for all those who love their early material,please check out the album track The Signal and the Noise – it’s a bit of a belter !


Been a massive simple minds for years buts what’s gone wrong with this flat song. Just hope the album is not so poor.

Thomas Johnson

Big Music was magic and a statement that SM ’still got it’. This is not by the same high quality but definitly a song that will work better live than on a record… It has some catchy feeling but in the same time feeels very ’simple’ (but not necessarily ’minds’)! Can’t wait to hear the whole album!

Chris Squires

I quite liked it…BUT… rather like the TFF “single” I don’t know why bands are so desperate to stay relevant and use “The Current Sound”. Not one 1980s band has a chance of being truly “relevant” to use a Cowellism, so why alienate your core fans in the process of trying something pointless?
They won’t have many fans under…what? 40? Some but not many.

At least they didn’t put on a Ginger wig and start strumming acoustic love songs with rap interludes.

Super Deluxe ordered as it isn’t a bad bundle, PD to sit neatly on the wall in the space next to Out of the Blue. All else to be played until I either “get it” or get bored and “move on” (or most likely “move back” 35 years rather than on and realize that my musical progress hit peak with Gentlemen Take Polaroids)


“Magic” sounds very much like the songs from their “Real Life” album (not the lyrics though). But since I can always listen to the latter again, I don’t feel an urge to listen to “Magic” again and again.

Harry Williams

So many things about this track are strongly reminiscent of Kerr’s solo stuff AKA Lost Boy… musically and visually… even down to the masked guy in the video… I’ve always been able to find something redeeming in most of the stuff SM put out over the decades but I think I need to check out the other material before I can form a qualified opinion…


Oh dear. They’ve caught ‘U2’ and now believe they can release anything, with no regard for quality. Awful shame.


I,m not impressed at ALL … is this Simple Minds … ?? I never compare a band with the memories of the 80’s. but this is not my cup of thee sorry



Fine pop song. Im glad Simple Minds keep on going! Not my kind of video, would prefered a urban ambiented one with the band… The other song premiered yesterday through bbc radio sounds much stronger to me but all this is just personal opinion right?


Not very impressed to be honest. The video is absolute pants (no pun intended), and the song is at best mediocre. Based on this I won’t be rushing out to buy the new album. Hard to believe this is the same band that produced New Gold Dream or Sparkle in the Rain. At least with other long termers like Duran or U2, you can still hear that essential spark of their core identity and drive. Methinks Simple Minds should rediscover that in their music.


It isn’t the same band and that’s the problem.


It’s not a horrible song but it felt a bit uninspired. Why oh why would they dump the momentum regained with Big Music? Think of that long journey from the late 90’s to 2014. I saw them at Konocti Harbor where you were given a steak dinner before. There were pear shaped men in Titleist hats sitting there munching the last of their desert when the band came on, that was the Floating World tour and began a very difficult climb back to relevance. 5×5 Live was an inspired and daring move and Big Music seized that momentum, they had made it back and then dumped it with the very much head scratching acoustic thingy and now this, where they said they’re like Sly and the Family Stone, dumping Mel and Andy for something very much like something from Cry. I don’t get it. SFY started the slide and they almost vanished. They recovered in a way that few bands could have, only to do this. We’ll see but I think this was a step sideways.


The Signal and the Noise is much better than this track. Listen this track on this link http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b09kg5t5 (around 43:04 on Steve Lamacq show)


yeah….totally nailed it with that one. Have to go way back to find something as good. Quite the stunner, I stood in the shower for a bit trying to contemplate what I had just heard….it really shook my world for a minute.


Got to love the visuals around both the ltd vinyl and the video…I’ve pre ordered thanks

Jeffrey Michael


Bad song, bad arrangement, bad video.

I agree with others. Bring on Sons / Sister. A 5.1 Mix would be spectacular!


The aural equivalent of watching fat, old men in lycra trying to chat up young girls at a cafe. Laughable, if it wasn’t so sad.


Sons and Fascination/Sister Feelings Call with decent 5.1 mixes please.

Dom VA

Formulaic – could almost be The Killers. Has that same compressed, slightly distorted drum sound that every second song has these days, and there’s the vocals are auto-corrected to buggery. Auto-correction has its place, but here it is not used wisely and sucks all character from Jim Kerr’s voice.


Not bad, but i was possibly expecting the worst after reading the reviews here prior to first listen. last 3 albums have been a return to form. I’m holding out hope, but sadly not for ‘New Gold Dream Pt.II’!


Sadly the new song is just dull. After the brilliance of Big Music I am very disappointed. Bring on the SDE of Street Fighting Years…


A mess of noise. However, anything’s better than their free South Africa bombast of the late eighties. I used to own a couple of their albums but they went to the charity shop years ago.

Mark R

Not bad but a bit bland. However it’s good that they are still going and making new material. Same with Duran, although their last album was way too EDM for me.

Christopher Old

I too felt nothing enlightening or positive from listening to this new song. Perhaps I had high hopes after Big Music. I felt as if Big Music was a rejuvenated return to form for Simple Minds. This song sounded drab and seemed really uninspired. I will definitely put this on the back burner, disappointed to say the least. I have always remained open to Simple Minds ever-changing output, since their inception in 1979. However this song very much reminded me of their catalogue post Neapolis.

elliott buckingham

I hate the distorted sound bands seem to employ nowadays

The Progster

What an awful song yuk…oh come on guys surely you could have come up with something better than this? Back In the 80’s this would be a B-side on a 12” hidden away and quickly forgotten about as something just to fill up side two.

Henrik K

Ok song
Not sure i like the more pop sound
Big music was great
Lets have streets…..as a Box
Live from verona is great


i wouldn’t listen to it for a second time.

Del Murray

Utter crap. Kerr’n’Burchill. Not Simple Minds. The Chris Evans morning devotees will lap it up. And before you all start trolling me…yeah, the heart of the band left when Derek Forbes left. That’s a fact.

Bruce Watson

That was 33 years ago and if that is a fact as you state then why are you still listening?


Not a bad song. Instantly recognizable as Simple Minds once the guitar kicked in. What’s up with bands (at least those from the ’80s) not appearing in their own videos anymore?


Perhaps the reason band members from the ’80s prefer not to appear in newly released videos is because they are now 30 years older, and prefer their fans remember them as youthful and vibrant. Unfortunately, the new song “Magic’ is not nearly as impressive as the artwork done for the album cover. Hopefully, the other songs on this new SM release will win me over.

Mark R

Duran appeared in their video for “Pressure Off” with Nile Rodgers.

martin farnworth

as well as the age thing i’m sure bands from the 80s don’t want or need to spend the time competing for space on music channels with Taylor Swift or whoever. Most fans of bands still around from the 80s have also moved on in that respect. It would be nice if a band like PSB, Depeche, etc produced a great promo vid- but they don’t really need to promote their image anymore besides the expense of something only likely viewed online and not how it used to be when they were having hit singles.


It sounds like one of those awful singles U2 used to release in the last 30 years.


I’m glad bands like Simple Minds and Duran Duran are still around and releasing music on a regular basis. Just like Duran did with “All You Need Is Now”, Simple Minds reconnected with their past and returned to top-form with “Big Music”. Greatly enjoyed that album. The new single sounds pretty good, good enough to want to hear the album. Hopefully just as good as “Big Music”. I’m cautiously optimistic.

BTW Paul, are there any plans that you know off to release an SDE of “Street Fighting Years”? Their last album as a super group. It more or less initiated their demise but in my book it’s a good album, certainly good enough for an SDE. There are plenty of mixes, live stuff etc. And it’s their last 80’s album not have been “SDE’ed”.


As much as I’d like SFY to come out as an SDE, I’d rather one of their earlier albums got the treatment first, such as Sons and Fascination/Sister Feelings Call (also from the 80s btw).


They sort of did a deluxe version of Sons and Fascination as well as Sister Feelings Call in the 5×5 box (now out of print). Sons… had 3 bonus tracks and Sister… had 2. Not an SDE of course.

Joe Mac Pherson

I’d pre-order a deluxe box set of Sons And Fascination Sister Feelings Call, literally, on the day the news got posted. When it was first released, there was a special sleeve holding each vinyl record, as separate LP’s. Like so much music from the UK in the 1980’s, I had to buy it as an import recording, in one of the better Los Angeles record stores specializing in imports.
There are 12″ singles from those 2 LP’s, and even now, the music sounds modern.
TRIVIA: In October, 1981, the Whiskey A Go Go on the famous Sunset Strip of Sunset Boulevard, in L.A., had a marquee announcement for a concert, I remember to this day:
New Order were the opening act! Can you image being there, that night? Amazing!