Watch the video teaser for Kate Bush’s Before The Dawn live album


“You MUST wake up!” Watch the short-but-sweet teaser/trailer to whet your appetite for Kate Bush‘s soon-to-be-released live album Before The Dawn.

The album will be released as a three-CD edition and a 4LP vinyl set. Both have gone up in price in the UK in recent days, so hopefully you got your pre-orders in when SDE first told you about it!

Before The Dawn will be released on 25 November 2016.



Before The Dawn 

CD 1 – Act One:
01 – Lily  (04:48)
02 – Hounds Of Love  (03:33)
03 – Joanni  (06:07)
04 – Top Of The City  (05:24)
05 – Never Be Mine  (05:55)
06 – Running Up That Hill (A Deal With God)  (05:40)
07 – King Of The Mountain  (08:05)

CD 2 – Act Two:
01 – Astronomer’s Call  (02:44)
02 – And Dream Of Sheep  (03:37)
03 – Under Ice (03:04)
04 – Waking The Witch  (06:38)
05 – Watching Them Without Her (01:57)
06 – Watching You Without Me  (04:23)
07 – Little Light  (02:08)
08 – Jig Of Life  (04:11)
09 – Hello Earth  (07:55)
10 – The Morning Fog  (05:23)

CD 3 – Act Three:
01 – Prelude  (01:55)
02 – Prologue  (10:10)
03 – An Architect’s Dream  (05:22)
04 – The Painter’s Link  (01:39)
05 – Sunset  (08:00)
06 – Aerial Tal  (01:30)
07 – Somewhere In Between (06:59)
08 – Tawny Moon  (06:08)
09 – Nocturn  (08:51)
10 – Aerial  (09:43)
11 – Among Angels  (05:48)
12 – Cloudbusting  (07:16)


Before The Dawn 4LP vinyl

Side 1
1. Act One – Lily (Live)
2. Act One – Hounds Of Love (Live)
3. Act One – Joanni (Live)
4. Act One – Top Of The City (Live)

Side 2
1. Act One – Never Be Mine (Live)
2. Act One – Running Up That Hill (Live)
3. Act One – King Of The Mountain (Live)

Side 3
1. Act Two – Astronomer’s Call (Live)
2. Act Two – And Dream Of Sheep (Live)
3. Act Two – Under Ice (Live)
4. Act Two – Waking The Witch (Live)
5. Act Two – Watching Them Without Her (Live)
6. Act Two – Watching You Without Me (Live)

Side 4
1. Act Two – Little Light (Live)
2. Act Two – Jig Of Life (Live)
3. Act Two – Hello Earth (Live)
4. Act Two – The Morning Fog (Live)

Side 5
1. Act Three – Prelude (Live)
2. Act Three – Prologue (Live)
3. Act Three – An Architect’s Dream (Live)
4. Act Three – The Painter’s Link (Live)

Side 6
1. Act Three – Sunset (Live)
2. Act Three – Aerial Tal (Live)
3. Act Three – Somewhere In Between (Live)
4. Act Three – Tawny Moon (Live)

Side 7
1. Act Three – Nocturn (Live)
2. Act Three – Aerial (Live)

Side 8
1. Act Three – Among Angels (Live)
2. Act Three – Cloudbusting (Live)


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Greg Kilminster

Was the show even filmed? I remember an email circulating at the time of the shows which suggested that one of the shows was being filmed and that certain seats were being reallocated to allow for the cameras. Never saw any follow up to this or indeed have I read of anyone who attended the show and saw it being filmed. Perhaps one of the dress rehearsals was shot though?

Tom Elliot

An MP3 of KOTM can now be purchased from various Amazon’s; USA, France, Germany, Italy etc but currently not Amazon UK it seems

Tom Elliot

Sorry to spam but i’m home today and i’m having a Kate-day! (so not much different to any other day if i’m being honest)

I came across this lovely little video with Haydn Bendall who was Chief Engineer at Abbey Road Studios and worked on Kate’s albums from The Dreaming to The Red Shoes (as well as the boxset), reminiscing about his time with her;

“I’ve never really worked with any artist quite as focused as Kate”

“One of the most important people i’ve ever worked with”


Tom Elliot

They made the track available to purchase without having to pre-order the album (but for now it’s still exclusive to iTunes unfortunately)

Tom Elliot

King of the Mountain is available to download on iTunes if you pre-order the album from there;


(I think if you’ve already pre-ordered you may need to cancel and then pre-order again to get the track)

Tom Elliot

King of the Mountain from the live album, played on Shaun Keaveny’s Radio 6 show this morning (47:40 and 1:47:00)


Omar Hakim’s drumming breathes new life into the song and Kate’s vocal improvisations take me to that Kate-place that she’s been taking me for the last 38 years. One day maybe I can just stay there and never have to leave again :D


Amazon have increased the price to this new higher level as this is what HMV are charging for it in the UK. These days Amazon are a price follower and see what HMV are charging for a pre-order and then follow it up or down.

Normally HMV originally list cheaper (although not in this case), so Amazon prices which normally start high move down to match.

However on some recent CDs Amazon started as the cheap one e.g. Beatles Hollywood Bowl and as with Kate Bush they increased the price to match HMV.

Tom Elliot

Love the teaser but I think i’m teased to my limit… I need less teasing and more pleasing!. Another 5 weeks… why does everything have to take so long?!. At least by the end of this month I’ll have the new Kristin Hersh double album and the DOA boxset to help distract me for a while.

As I was watching the video I laughed as I remembered one of my favourite Kate-quotes, uttered after she’d spent hours floating in a tank of of water for the shoot, freezing cold and miserable;

“You can’t fucking have bigger fucking waves!”

I love sweary Kate!

By the way, I was just having another browse through ‘The Kate Inside’, the new oversized book of Kate photo’s, and I have to say how bloody brilliant it is!. And even though i’m so glad that Kate stopped smoking and wish she never had, I can’t help chuckle at the photos of her with a fag hanging out of her gob :D


I read all the KB forums and have found that so many people are sad or ‘up in arms’ there is no DVD but I think Kate has done the right thing by releasing the audio first. If we had a DVD release I think we would all concentrate on the visuals (which were amazing) and not be as attentive to the huge amount of work gone into the live interpretations of the songs.

For that reason I am happy to get the audio first, so I can soak it up and listen to every detail with no distractions. There are so many things I am looking forward to hearing again such as the start of Lily (the power in Kate’s voice), the very different and beautiful Top Of The City, the powerful King Of The Mountain, the joyful Morning Fog, the list goes on and on… I can’t wait to hear again the aural wonder of And Dream Of Sheep, the intake of cold breaths and the sonic beeps transform the song into to a claustrophobic (in wide open space?) horror!
If you have heard ‘Prologue/Prelude’ from Kate’s site (a teaser for the album) then you know that Kate has worked so hard to not only replicate the songs perfectly but also elevate the songs with richer arrangements and added lyrics (new lyrical threads are scattered throughout the show)… who would ever have thought the lyric ‘ ding, dong, ding, dong’ would have ever sounded so right!

I am going to hope for a DVD to re-live the visuals again and again but I think this audio document will prove to be a fabulous album in it’s own right. Even possibly one of the best Live albums ever!

“Bring It On, Let it in!”


I desperately want a DVD and hope one is coming in future. But as a Kate fan for nearly four decades, I don’t care WHAT it is … if it’s something from Kate, I’m buying it! The lesson should have been learned long ago to be grateful for whatever we get, because new releases don’t come around often.


I think Kate’s first live album was Live At Hammersmith Odeon released in 1994 when there was a VHS + CD combination and we are still waiting for a DVD / Blu-ray release 22 years later !

Will we have to wait 20+ years for video of this concert ?

Catherine Soule

Wish it was a DVD instead of just audio….i now live in the US and there was no way i could afford to fly over and see her live. Even if i had got the funds together the tickets were sold out.

Not going to bother to buy it, i can make do with my cds i had to re_buy as bringing my album collection to the states was inpractical.


Goodness, if I only bought releases that were *exactly* what I wanted in every respect then I’d be saving a hell of a lot of cash.

Mind you, having said that, this live album is pretty much perfect for me; I wouldn’t mind seeing the show but the audio will be getting many more plays than a DVD/Blu-ray would. I too am very excited by it!

Steve F

I’ll buy this because, you know, it’s Kate.

What I’d really like, though, is a remastered This Woman’s Work box.

Mic Smith

Remastered and expanded. There are about 2 discs worth of non album material and remixes that post date TWW. Throw in a Blu Ray of her promos and Hammersmith 79 and her TV special from the same year – what a set that would be.

Richard Harris

Hopefully one day this will finally be released as a visual package as well so that I can savour on repeat viewings the sight of the great David Rhodes playing guitar while wearing, er, a bird’s head.

Tony Sandell

Being a fan of Kate Bush must be so frustrating given the way she shows so little interest in releasing new material and when she does release something its not exactly a well thought out process given the fact that this is a concert release with no visuals whatsoever.


Guarantees people buy the audio and then the video (when it’s released) than if the DVD/blu-ray was out before or simultaneously with so from a marketing POV it makes good business sense.

Chris Squires

Sorry about the second post, but Amazon have also increased the price of the vinyl to £60 from the original £47… Surely they will still honour the original £47 price point?

Derek Langsford

I pre-ordered with a couple of other items, one that was not out yet, the other already out, and rather than splitting the order and sending things as they come out, they’re saying they’ll wait until Before the Dawn comes out to send the whole order. That is different to how Amazon UK have worked in the past. And I can’t cancel part of the order and reorder without paying separate postage and increased prices for the other 2 items (all 3 have actually increased). I presume they realized they lost money splitting such orders.

I’ve noticed prices in my shopping basket or saved for later are far more stable then they used to be. Been waiting a long item for some to drop to a price at which I am prepared to order.


While I realize that it doesn’t get Paul any click-through commissions, Burning Shed is often in line with Amazon’s low-end pricing (or at least better than their high-end). The LP set is currently £53.99 there.

N.B. I do often help Paul out by purchasing through his links, but only when they’re the best price (I recently grabbed the Queen LP box, as well as the Bowie at the Beeb set arriving from Amazon Italy today!).

Chris Squires

The video section to “And Dream of Sheep” is possibly the stand out moment of the show for me and certainly one that works out of context. It would be nice if this whole section got a wider release at some point closer to release date.

Whether a DVD / BD release follows at some point only Kate knows for sure.

Tom of FIN

Is this context really so, that there has been no sign of of any video release about the concert series? Only audio products to be seen? May be for vanity reasons by ageing star herself.


A video trailer for a concert that is only being released on audio formats. Talk about frustration!


Exactly what I thought when I saw this.