Out This Week / on 30 October 2015

The Jam / Fire and Skill (6CD box)

Fantastic box set for fans of The Jam. Six CDs and six unreleased live performances from virtually every year of the band’s life, including early 100 club performance in 1977 to Wembley Arena in 1982. Read more

The Who / Track Records Singles box set

The Who/ Track Records singles box 

This third volume of Who singles boxes is much bigger than the previous two, containing 15 seven-inch singles from the band’s Tracks Records era – featuring 45s like Pinball Wizard, I Can See For Miles and Won’t Get Fooled AgainRead more


XTC / Oranges & Lemons (CD+Blu-ray)

The standard-setting XTC reissues continue with 1989’s Oranges & Lemons. As before this is a two-disc combo, but don’t let that fool you, there’s an unbelievable amount of content on the blu-ray including rehearsals, demos, promo videos, singles mixes, instrumentals, hi-res 5.1 and more! Read more

The Velvet Underground / Loaded - Reloaded - 45th anniversary super deluxe edition

The Velvet Underground / Loaded: Reloaded super deluxe

Another six-disc Velvet Underground deluxe set which contains a remastered version of their 1970 Loaded album and five more discs packed with content. Read more

Van Morrison / Astral Weeks expanded

Expanded versions of Van Morrison‘s 1968 classic Astral Weeks and 1970’s His Band and the Street Choir are issued this week, both with unreleased bonus tracks.  Read more

Alanis Morissette / Jagged Little Pill four-disc 20th anniversary set

Alanis Morissette / Jagged Little Pill (4CD set)

Four disc reissue of Alanis Morissette‘s massive selling Jagged Little Pill includes a disc of demos and an unreleased concert from 1995. Read more

Erasure/ Always: The Very Best Of

This new Erasure hits collection is available as a triple-disc set which adds hardcover book packaging and adds two CDs of new and ‘classic’ remixes. Read more

Rod Stewart / Another Country (deluxe)

Rod Stewart‘s 29th studio album Another Country is his second in a row to feature self-penned material. The deluxe CD adds five bonus tracks including (bizarrely) In a Broken Dream, the 1969 Python Lee Jackson track that features Rod’s vocals. It is now cheekily credited as Rod Stewart ‘featuring’ Python Lee Jackson!

Elvis with the Royal Philharmonic / If I Can Dream

Rather dubious project that puts classic Elvis vocal performances with brand-new orchestral accompaniment. If that wasn’t bad enough, Michael Bublé features on Fever.

Guy Garvey  / Courting The Squall (signed vinyl edition)

The Elbow frontman releases his first solo album. This signed vinyl edition is exclusive to Amazon UK.

The Rolling Stones / Live at the Tokyo Dome 1990

Another Rolling Stones ‘From the Vault’ release. This is Tokyo 1990 and the Steel Wheels tour. Available in a myriad of formats, explained here > Read more

Gentle Giant / Octopus (CD+blu-ray)

Those UK prog rockers Gentle Giant get their fourth album reissued and remixed by Steven Wilson. This CD+Blu-ray combo features loads of bonus material including instrumentals, flat-transfers etc. Read more

Wet Wet Wet / Picture This super deluxe edition

Wet Wet Wet / Picture This super deluxe

While we wait for Popped In Souled Out to be reissued Universal Music are putting out a super deluxe of Wet Wet Wet‘s 1995 album Picture This. Also available as a 2CD set. Read more

Garbage / 20th anniversary reissue 2LP Vinyl

Garbage / 20th anniversary reissue

Part 2 of the rather spread out Garbage reissue is the two-LP vinyl set. The 3LP version isn’t out until December! Read more

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Wayne Klein

Evidently there’s an issue with Sony and some other Blu-Ray players that need updated firmware to address a problem with the XTC release for the BD.

While I haven’t experience the problem (and I have a Sony Bd but I haven’t upgraded the firmware in a while), the label is aware of the problem as is Sony who are working on a fix so be patient and don’t hit the label with millions of emails–it’s not their fault and the authoring was up to spec.


‘Those UK prog rockers Octopus…’
Surely you jest?


Pumfrey, thanks. Well if there is no remaster of Clouds I’ve got the (excellent) Providing Needles EP so really will only be buying for the other extra tracks then. Kind of makes it less exciting.


Pumfrey, the vinyl Flaming Lips Heady Nuggs is on Amazon.co.uk but no CD version as yet. I would like to know if Clouds is remastered..


Yeah I’ve noticed the vinyl but no CD version anywhere to be seen. I don’t think its a remaster just a deluxe version with EP and live tracks.


Any news on whether UK retailers will be stocking The Flaming Lips Heady Nuggs Clouds Taste Metallic and Placebo Unplugged outside of both band’s websites?


The Jam boxset has dropped in price on Amazon from £64 to £56.


There are three remixes of “King For a Day” on the Blu-ray. The Czar Mix, The Versailles Mix and the 12″ mix.


Still no track listings for Oranges & Lemons yet. I wonder if the mixes of King For A Day will be on it.


It seems bizarre that nobody has mentionned the THRAK box set by King Crimson

This is the annual mega box set including 16 Discs.


It’s continuing to be a wallet busting few months heading into Xmas for me!!