Out This Week / 30 September 2016

The Rolling Stones in Mono box set

The Rolling Stones / In Mono (15CD and 16LP vinyl box sets)

This new box set contains 14 studio albums and plus Stray Cats, a newly compiled collection of songs from singles and EPs issued in the 1960s. In total, The Rolling Stones in Mono delivers 186 tracks. Read more

Sting / The Studio Collection (vinyl box)

Sting’s includes eight A&M Records albums collected across eleven vinyl LPs in this new vinyl box set. It’s the first time on vinyl for Brand New Day and Sacred LoveRead more

Temple of the Dog / 25th anniversary super deluxe edition

Seattle supergroup Temple of the Dog mark the 25th anniversary of their one and only album with this four disc super deluxe edition box set which includes the album newly mixed in stereo and 5.1 surround sound. Read more

Suede / Coming Up 20th anniversary super deluxe edition

Suede/ Coming Up (5-disc deluxe set / 2LP)

20th anniversary of Suede‘s third album delivers b-sides, a disc of demos/monitor mixes/rehearsals, a CD of the band playing live in ’96 and a DVD of TV appearances. Coloured 2LP vinyl (with bonus tracks) also available. Read more

These Dreams Will Never Sleep: The Best Of Graham Parker 1976-2015

Graham Parker / These Dreams Will Never Sleep: The Best Of  (6CD+DVD)

Seven-disc Graham Parker box set that features 90-tracks (spanning 40 years) across six CDs. DVD jam-packed with TV appearances and filmed live performances also included. Read more

Prince / Around The World In A Day (vinyl reissue)

Can we get to Friday without this vinyl reissue of Prince‘s 1985 album being delayed AGAIN!? It’s already out in the US, so things are looking hopeful.

Van Morrison / Keep Me Singing (new album)

Van Morrision‘s first collection of new songs in four years. Keep Me Singing includes the single Too Late, Every Time I See A River – the fruit of a collaboration with legendary lyricist Don Black. Read more

Deacon Blue / Believers deluxe box set

Deacon Blue / Believers (new album/box set)

Deacon Blue‘s third new album in four years comes as this attractive box set which features a generous bonus CD (“What We Left Out”) plus cassette/download of 1988 gig and more. Read more

Jimi Hendrix / Machine Gun - The Fillmore East First Show 12/31/1969

Jimi Hendrix  / Machine Gun: The Fillmore East First Show

Live album fully documenting the debut performance with Jimi Hendrix‘s short-lived group, the Band of Gypsys. Available on CD, LP and SACD.  Read more

Simply Red / Stars 25th anniversary vinyl reissue

Simply Red / Stars (25th anniversary vinyl)

Simply Red‘s Stars album is 25 years old this year. Since a decent deluxe was issued back in 2008, Warners are left to reissue a vinyl edition, in gatefold packaging with new photos. Read more

Pete Townshend / Who Came First (CD reissue)

Album-only reissue of Pete Townshend‘s 1972 solo debut which sees him doffing his hat to his guru Meher Baba. It includes demos from the aborted concept album Lifehouse. Rough Mix (1977), Empty Glass (1980) and All the Best Cowboys Have Chinese Eyes (1982) are also reissued.

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Andrew Mogford

£126 for Temple of the Dog. Really wanted the BD Audio but when you look at the prices they’re effectively charging you £110 for that one disc. Absolutely ridiculous!

Charles Hodgson

Thanks for the comments about the Stones In Mono Box. It honestly never occurred to me that Amazon may have sold out of it’s initial quantity. I’m not usually in the habit of ordering such “high volume” / popular items!

John Lloyd: re Kraftwerk live tix. Enjoy spending in the region of £100 to watch one original member switch tapes on and off do you? Hope there’s a good lights / film show!

John Lloyd

The only accurate piece of that comment is the ‘one original member’ bit. The incorrect statement about tapes being switched on and off is facile, the film show will be the world-renowned 3D experience, and tickets where I intend to see it are £75 tyvm. Under a column concerning Sting, Suede, Deacon Blue and Van “Foghorn” Morrison, I stand by the idea there’s only one thing to spend your money on this week, and that is the rare experience of seeing an act that actually changed the world’s musical culture.


Prices on the last lot of Kraftwerk gigs were pretty silly with MoMA patrons in New York paying about $30 IIRC while their South Bank gigs in London were £60 and up if I remember rightly. No wonder the UK is dubbed “Treasure Island” by those who have stuff to flog! Strong case to be made that Kraftwerk are their own tribute band these days!!


The unboxing of the Stones mono box on Analogue Planet has put me off straight away. It’s like the Beatles Mono box set but done on the cheap. Nasty washed out covers, mish mash of UK and USA releases. I’m sticking to my 1964-1969 box, the early ones are in mono anyway. The term wasted opportunity is overused but perfectly describes this release.


The latest issue of Mojo features a nice Lou Reed compilation CD stuck to the cover with 15 original tracks taken from the RCA & Arista album collection. I normally bin cover mounted CDs and keep the jewel cases to replace broken ones in my collection, but this one’s a keeper.


The Stones mono box vinyl run allocation to the UK was less than expected which has led to many retailers not getting their expected copies.

John Lloyd

What… in a week when Kraftwerk tickets are on sale, people will be buying this bag of pants??


Looks like Townshend’s Iron Man is also reissued.


And psychoderelict and White City also. Wasn’t going to bother with these, but on playing Truancy again and comparing to some of the SPVs I have, there is a subtle improvement in sound on some tracks which is bared out on the DR data.

On the Rolling Stones mono box, if anyone does read all the Hoffman thread on it as I have, it will likely put you off, dependant on what you already have. Also, it ain’t no Beatles in mono box in terms of presentation.


I’m holding my breath to see what I get charged for Graham Parker – Amazon Germany cancelled my original pre-order (at the too-good-to-be-true price) but when it was (very) briefly listed again at a similar t-g-t-b-t price a couple of weeks ago, I decided to give it a second chance. Once again, the price jumped up and has been yo-yo-ing ever since, but no cancellation this time and my order page appears to be honouring my second-attempt price. We. Shall. See.


Suede’s second album was ‘Dog Man Star’.


Charles, you can check your amazon pre-orders, and mine still says Stones in Mono to be delivered in first few days of October. Perhaps they have just sold out of their pre-order allocation?


Johnny, when Amazon say they are going to deliver something on a certain day/few days don`t always take them for granted. I had Love`s `Forever Changes***` Mofi 2x45rpm on order and Amazon said that they would deliver 05/0916. It didn`t show, my order then said 2-3 weeks Amazon`s default delivery estimate. I found that other people who ordered after me did receive the LP(s). I love (geddit) this album and after reading the reports on the mastering/pressing quality (the best ever!) I had to have it. I cancelled my order and paid £50+ from Scott Namgle (on-line audiophile dealer), delivered immediately. Regarding your order for The Stones `Mono Box`, I reckon you will get your order as promised, I have it on order also, delivery on Friday. I cancelled my order for the vinyl box (a bargain £252) how many issues of Stones albums do I need?

***The greatest rock album ever made. OOAA but they are wrong.

Charles Hodgson

The Rolling Stones In Mono Box Set is today listed as “currently unavailable” on Amazon.co.uk, with this message on the item page:

 “We don’t know when or if this item will be back in stock”

Any idea what is up, and what this means for pre-orders?


Bongo Fury

Price on Amazon.co.uk has been raised to £514.35 ……

Clive Codringher

Where is YELLO????? And their new album “Toy”??? Deluxe edition is also on its way…