EXCLUSIVE: The Smiths Complete Box Set The FIRST pictures!

The Smiths Complete Box Set Exclusive FIRST pictures

We are proud to bring you these EXCLUSIVE pictures of the new The Smiths Complete Box which is released on Monday 3rd October.  These are limited to only 4,000 worldwide, with less than half that amount allocated for the UK. You can place your order by clicking here.

The Smiths Complete Box Set Exclusive FIRST pictures

The Smiths Complete Box Set Exclusive FIRST pictures

The Smiths Complete Box Set Exclusive FIRST pictures

The Smiths Complete Box Set Exclusive FIRST pictures

The Smiths Complete Box Set Exclusive FIRST pictures

View more pictures with comments by clicking in this gallery!  [nggallery id=33]


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This item was still available on popmarket as of yesterday….US only.

Brenez Alain

For those who still want to own this box set, it is still available from Pop Market at 340€. I used the 10% discount code on this side from the Pop Market ad, it therefore cost me 306€. Unfortunately I was hit by customs duties as it came from the US to the tune of 94€. I received it in 3 days after I had placed my order. I have always been a huge Smiths fan and although sleeve reproduction might not be 100% identical to the originals, overall the design and contents of this box set are fantastic. The 180g vinyls are superb, much better than the original LP’s I owned. All what’s missing from the US box set is the download card which is only interesting to download some of the non-album tracks on the 7″ singles.

[…] is newly remastered by Frank Arkwright, who worked on The Complete Smiths box set and the Blur 21 box […]

[…] price on the auction of £475. About the same price as it would cost you to pick up The Smiths Complete Super Deluxe […]


Hey all,

I too bought my box and reside in the US, so I couldn’t access the MP3s. I emailed Push Entertainment and they “opened” the download. It should be working for all US customers now.
Yes, some of the downloads are at 192Kb! I emailed Rhino customer support a week ago and no answer!
More discrepancies vs. the Rhino advertised version:
– Poster is of Jurgen Vollmer’s picture, NOT the album artwork as advertised.
-“Hand In Glove/I Don’t Owe you Anything – Shandie Shaw version” single is not in the box. Instead they included the single “Some Girls Are Bigger/Draize Train” in white vinyl with the 12″ cover instead of the 7???
-Louder Than Bombs (LP, CD & MP3) do NOT have the US mix of “You Just Haven’t Earned It”. Instead they included the same version of the song featured on “World Won’t Listen”

Now, a question for you all. My LP covers are in matte finish, not glossy as the originals were. Also, LP inner sleeves are of thin matte card stock, not thick glossy as the originals. I see the picture of the box above shows what seems to appear a glossy cover of Hatful Of Hallow. Is this photo incorrect?


Paul – it gets worse for me! After shelling out so much money for this, It arrived in the post today… Grabbed Download Code Card… Tried to visit the Site to download the song files “This Site is designed to be Blocked in Your Country”. So, as a U.S. fan, I get screwed. Again, no warning from RHINO..



Someone in an amazon uk review just wrote that the download card that came with this box set had many of the songs in 192KBPS and that the 320KBPS was a lie… He said only a few tracks are in 320KBPS and weirdly, most of them are in the low quality bitrate 192kbps.. ANGERS ME… Mine hasnt arrived in the post yet… but really angers me, I hate when they advertise one thing, wait for you to pay, and delivery a lesser version!


Paul, Songs like “I KEEP MINE HIDDEN”, etc. it’s only on the MP3s… Love vinyl, but can’t listen to the record player at the gym! The thing is, $300 US and they false advertise and give 192 kbps mp3s?

Older Brother Sam

Looking at these pictures made me so happy. :) I would so love to own this, but it’s so over the top. I did recently buy the Stone Roses 20th anniversary box, but that was cheap in comparison. :)


Oops! Just read the Rhino page a bit more closely and it would appear that there are 25 singles as follows:

7” Singles (only available in the Deluxe Collectors Boxset)
1. Hand In Glove b/w Handsome Devil (Live)
2. Reel Around The Fountain b/w Jeane
3. This Charming Man b/w Jeane
4. What Difference Does It Make? b/w Back To The Old House
5. Heaven Knows I’m Miserable Now / Suffer Little Children
6. William, It Was Really Nothing b/w Please Please Please Let Me Get What I Want
7. How Soon Is Now b/w Well I Wonder
8. Shakespeare’s Sister b/w What She Said
9. The Headmaster Ritual b/w Oscillate Wildly
10. That Joke Isn’t Funny Anymore b/w Meat Is Murder (Live)
11. The Boy With The Thorn In His Side b/w Asleep
12. Bigmouth Strikes Again b/w Money Changes Everything
13. Panicb/w Vicar In A Tutu
14. Ask b/w Cemetry Gates
15. Shoplifters Of The World Unite b/w Half A Person
16. Sheila Take A Bow b/w Is It Really So Strange?
17. Girlfriend In A Coma b/w Work Is a Four Letter Word
18. I Started Something I Couldn’t Finish b/w Pretty Girls Make Graves
19. Last Night I Dreamt Somebody Loved Me b/w Rusholme Ruffians
20. Sweet And Tender Hooligan b/w I Keep Mine Hidden
21. There Is A Light That Never Goes Out b/w Half A Person
22. Some Girls Are Bigger Than Others b/w The Draize Train
23. Stop Me If You Think You’ve Heard This One Before b/w Girlfriend In A Coma
24. Hand In Glove b/w I Don’t Owe You Anything
25. William, It Was Really Nothing b/w How Soon Is Now

So, other than the various import and posthumou singles 20-25 the only potentially new one is Reel Around the Fountain (#2). Is it the Peel or Troy Tate version, I wonder?


They seem to have included the negative sleeve of Hand in Glove for some reason, which is interesting.

The Rhino website says the singles contain “specially reproduced rarities”. What are these exactly? Are they new or just reissue repackage?


I know that these are NOT the same remasters as 2009… They started over and remastered…. I hear a better sound (not just louder) – but i’ve only listed to LOUDER THAN BOMS so far…

[…] Also, to get  a first glimpse of the box, check out Superdeluxeedition’s photos. […]


Looks fantastic, thanks for posting the pictures!

Can you please confirm if the remasters have the same horrible “brickwalled” sound as the “Sound Of The Smiths” compilation from a couple of years ago, or do they sound much better?

I won’t buy this if the music is as compressed as that release, and this is alot of dough to take a punt on!