Stock Aitken Waterman / Say I’m Your Number One: 30CD box set

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Say I’m Your Number One: Stock Aitken Waterman – The Singles Box Set is a new 30CD collection that celebrates the work of late ’80s songwriting and production team Mike Stock, Matt Aitken and Pete Waterman.

The set (released by Edsel in conjunction with PWL) will bring together 30 classic releases from 30 different artists including Divine, Hazell Dean, Dead Or Alive, Princess, Mel & Kim, Mandy Smith, Samantha Fox, Sinitta, Laura Branigan and many, many more.

Each CD is effectively a ‘maxi’ CD single; remastered and expanded to include 12-inch mixes, rare B-sides and bonus cuts. 14 of the discs ‘double up’ by containing two classic singles. Examples of this are Rick Astley‘s Never Gonna Give You Up (seven mixes!) sharing space with Together Forever (three mixes), or Brother Beyond‘s The Harder I Try (five mixes) going ‘top to tail’ with He Ain’t No Competition (five mixes).

In total there is over 250 tracks, many previously unreleased or new-to-CD. The discs all come in individual card sleeves, replicating original vinyl artwork. Also included is a 48-page booklet which features lyrics, a discography, a commentary from Pete “Behave!” Waterman and brand new sleeve notes. As if that weren’t enough you get an exclusive sticker sheet and postcard set too!

This set will be available via the official Demon Music Store, or other channels, including Amazon UK. You do get a considerable incentive if you buy at the Demon store – and that comes in the shape of an exclusive 31st bonus disc, featuring Agents Aren’t AeroplanesThe Upstroke. This won’t be available via any other channel. Before you get too excited the bad news is it’s only available in the UK and Eire, due to licensing restrictions. The 30-disc version will ship worldwide from Amazon UK of course.

Say I’m Your Number One: Stock Aitken Waterman The Singles Box Set will be released on 6 November 2015.



1                DIVINE – YOU THINK YOU’RE A MAN (#16, 1984)

Plus I’M SO BEAUTIFUL (#52, 1984)

  1. You Think You’re A Man
  2. I’m So Beautiful
  3. Give It Up
  4. Show Me Around
  5. You Think You’re A Man [12″ Mix]
  6. You Think You’re A Man [Remix]
  7. You Think You’re A Man [Original Mix]
  8. I’m So Beautiful [Mix]
  9. I’m So Beautiful [Divine Mix]
  10. I’m So Beautiful [Divine Mix Edit]
  11. I’m So Beautiful [‘Shake It’ Dub]

2                HAZELL DEAN – WHATEVER I DO (WHEREVER I GO) (#4, 1984)

Plus WHO’S LEAVING WHO (#4, 1988)

  1. Whatever I Do (Wherever I Go)
  2. Who’s Leaving Who
  3. Whatever I Do (Wherever I Go) [Dance Mix]
  4. Whatever I Do (Wherever I Go) [Dub Mix]
  5. Who’s Leaving Who [Bob’s Tambourine Mix]
  6. Who’s Leaving Who [The Boys Are Back In Town Mix]
  7. Who’s Leaving Who [Alternative 12″ Mix]
  8. Whatever I Do (Wherever I Go) [Remix]
  9. Whatever I Do (Wherever I Go) [Extended Remix]
  10. Whatever I Do (Wherever I Go) [Remix Edit]
  11. Whatever I Do (Wherever I Go) [Instrumental]
  12. Who’s Leaving Who [Bob’s Tambourine Instrumental]

3                DEAD OR ALIVE – YOU SPIN ME ROUND (LIKE A RECORD) (#1, 1985)

Plus IN TOO DEEP (#14, 1985)

  1. You Spin Me Round (Like A Record)
  2. In Too Deep [7″ Remix]
  3. You Spin Me Round (Like A Record) [Murder Mix]
  4. You Spin Me Round (Like A Record) [Performance Mix]
  5. You Spin Me Round (Like A Record) [Buzzing Bees Mix]
  6. In Too Deep [Off Yer Mong Mix]
  7. In Too Deep [Instrumental]

4                SPELT LIKE THIS – CONTRACT OF THE HEART (1985)


  1. Contract Of The Heart
  2. Stop This Rumour
  3. St Valentine’s Day Mascara (Say It With Cadavers)
  4. Contract Of The Heart [S Mix]
  5. Stop This Rumour [The Lust Mix]
  6. 12 Inch Extensive Massacre

5                PRINCESS – SAY I’M YOUR NUMBER ONE (#7, 1985)

  1. Say I’m Your Number One
  2. Say I’m Your Number One [Full-Length Version]
  3. Say I’m Your Number One [Short Version]
  4. Say I’m Your Number One [REMIX Number 2]
  5. Say I’m Your Number One [Alternative Version]
  6. Say I’m Your Number One [HRH Mix No. 3]
  7. Say I’m Your Number One [REMIX Number 1]
  8. Say I’m Your Number One [US 7″ Remix]
  9. Say I’m Your Number One [Demo Version]
  10. Say I’m Your Number One [Senza Voce]
  11. Say I’m Your Number One [Senza Voce Edit]

6                THE THREE DEGREES – THE HEAVEN I NEED (#42, 1985)


  1. The Heaven I Need
  2. This Is The House
  3. The Heaven I Need [Extended Version]
  4. The Heaven I Need [Mega Dance Mix]
  5. The Heaven I Need [Original 12″ Mix]
  6. This Is The House [Extended Version]
  7. This Is The House [Mega Dance Version]
  8. This Is The House [7″ Remix]
  9. This Is The House [12″ Remix]
  10. This Is The House [Real Bass 7″ Mix]
  11. This Is The House [Real Bass 12″ Mix]
  12. This Is The House [Funky Sisters Say ‘This Is The Dub’ Mix]
  13. The Heaven I Need [Senza Voce]
  14. This Is The House [Senza Voce]

7                HAYWOODE – GETTING CLOSER (#67, 1985)


  1. Getting Closer
  2. You’d Better Not Fool Around
  3. Getting Closer [Extended Version]
  4. You’d Better Not Fool Around [Extended Version]
  5. You’d Better Not Fool Around [Original Mix]
  6. Getting Closer [Instrumental]

8                O’CHI BROWN – WHENEVER YOU NEED SOMEBODY (#97 / U.S. Dance #1, 1985)

Plus 100% PURE PAIN (#97, 1986)

  1. Whenever You Need Somebody
  2. 100% Pure Pain
  3. Whenever You Need Somebody [Extended Version]
  4. Whenever You Need Somebody [Pull It Off Mix]
  5. Whenever You Need Somebody [Cool & Deadly Mix]
  6. Whenever You Need Somebody [The Umbungo Mix]
  7. 100% Pure Pain [Extended Version]
  8. 100% Pure Pain [US Extended Remix]
  9. 100% Pure Pain [US Extended Dub Mix]
  10. 100% Pure Pain [7″ Remix]
  11. 100% Pure Pain [Instrumental]

9                BRILLIANT – LOVE IS WAR (#64, 1986)

Plus SOMEBODY (#67, 1986)

  1. Love Is War
  2. Somebody [7″ Mix]
  3. Love Is War [Extended Version]
  4. Love Is War [Alternative 12″ Mix]
  5. Somebody [Extended Version]
  6. Somebody [Vocal/New Extended Mix]
  7. Somebody [New Dub Mix]
  8. Love Is War [Instrumental]
  9. Somebody [Instrumental]

10             BANANARAMA – VENUS (#8 / U.S. #1, 1986)

  1. Venus
  2. Venus [Extended Version]
  3. Venus [Dub]
  4. Venus [Hellfire Mix]
  5. Venus [Hellfire Dub]
  6. Venus [Fire & Brimstone Mix]
  7. Venus [Original Mix]
  8. Venus [Original 12″ Mix]
  9. Venus [The Greatest Remix Edit]
  10. Venus [The Greatest Remix]
  11. Venus [Desire Dub]

11             MONDO KANE – NEW YORK AFTERNOON (#70, 1986)


  1. New York Afternoon
  2. An Everlasting Love In An Ever-Changing World
  3. Manhattan Morning
  4. New York Afternoon [Extended Version]
  5. New York Afternoon [Little Samba Mix]
  6. New York Afternoon [Nip On Mix]
  7. An Everlasting Love… [A Foggy Day In London Town Mix]
  8. An Everlasting Love… [Instrumental]

12             JEB MILLION – SECOND TIME AROUND (1986)


  1. Second Time Around
  2. Speed Up My Heartbeat
  3. Second Time Around [Extended Version]
  4. Second Time Around [The Broken Nose Mix]
  5. Speed Up My Heartbeat [Extended Version]
  6. Second Time Around [Instrumental]
  7. Speed Up My Heartbeat [Instrumental]

13             MANDY SMITH – I JUST CAN’T WAIT (#91, 1987)

  1. I Just Can’t Wait
  2. You’re Never Alone
  3. I Just Can’t Wait [Extended Version]
  4. I Just Can’t Wait [The Cool And Breezy Jazz Version]
  5. I Just Can’t Wait [Alternative 7″ Mix]
  6. I Just Can’t Wait [Alternative 12″ Mix]
  7. I Just Can’t Wait [You Can Jam If You Want To]
  8. I Just Can’t Wait [The Cool And Breezy Jazz 7″ Version]
  9. I Just Can’t Wait [Instrumental]
  10. I Just Can’t Wait [Alternative Instrumental]
  11. I Just Can’t Wait [The Cool And Breezy Jazz Instrumental]

14             MEL & KIM – RESPECTABLE (#1, 1987)

  1. Respectable
  2. Respectable [Extended Version]
  3. Respectable [Extra Beats Vocal]
  4. Respectable [The Tabloid Mix]
  5. Respectable [Shop Mix]
  6. Respectable [Album Version]
  7. Respectable [Full Album Version]
  8. Respectable [Extra Beats Version]
  9. Respectable [Instrumental]

15             CAROL HITCHCOCK – GET READY (#56, 1987)

  1. Get Ready
  2. More Than Words Can Say
  3. Get Ready [Extended Remix]
  4. Get Ready [Extraterrestrial Bass Mix]
  5. Get Ready [Original 12″ Mix]
  6. Get Ready [Instrumental]

16             SAMANTHA FOX – NOTHING’S GONNA STOP ME NOW (#8, 1987)

Plus I ONLY WANNA BE WITH YOU (#16, 1989)

  1. Nothing’s Gonna Stop Me Now
  2. I Only Wanna Be With You
  3. Nothing’s Gonna Stop Me Now [Extended Version]
  4. Nothing’s Gonna Stop Me Now [Cub Mix]
  5. Nothing’s Gonna Stop Me Now [Jump & Jive Mix]
  6. I Only Wanna Be With You [Extended Version]
  7. I Only Wanna Be With You [12″ Mix]
  8. I Only Wanna Be With You [Special Single Edit]
  9. I Only Wanna Burn With You
  10. I Only Wanna House With You
  11. I Only Wanna Be With You [Acappella Mix]
  12. Nothing’s Gonna Stop Me Now [Instrumental]
  13. I Only Wanna Be With You [Instrumental]

17             SINITTA – TOY BOY (#4, 1987)

  1. Toy Boy
  2. Toy Boy [Extended Rap Version]
  3. Toy Boy [The Original Mix]
  4. Toy Boy [The Extended Bicep Mix]
  5. Toy Boy [Extended Bicep Mix]
  6. Toy Boy [The Extended Bicep Mix Edit]
  7. Toy Boy [Pumped Up Megamix]
  8. Toy Boy [Over Extended Bicep Mix]
  9. Toy Boy [Extended Hip Joint Mix]
  10. Toy Boy [Remix]
  11. Toy Boy [Brand New Megamix]
  12. Toy Boy [Instrumental]

18             STOCK AITKEN WATERMAN – ROADBLOCK (#13, 1987)

  1. Roadblock [Edit]
  2. Roadblock [Extended Version]
  3. Roadblock [Horn Jammin’ Dub]
  4. Roadblock [Rare Dub Edit]
  5. Roadblock [Rare Dub]
  6. Roadblock [Rare Groove Mix Edit]
  7. Roadblock [Rare Groove Mix]
  8. Roadblock [No Block ‘Til Deutschland Mix]
  9. Roadblock [No Block ‘Til Deutschland Edit]
  10. Roadblock [Alternative Rare Groove Mix]

19             LAURA BRANIGAN – SHATTERED GLASS (#78 / U.S. #48, 1987)

  1. Shattered Glass
  2. Whatever I Do
  3. Shattered Glass [12″ Vocal Mix]
  4. Shattered Glass [Instrumental]

20             RICK ASTLEY – NEVER GONNA GIVE YOU UP (#1 / U.S. #1, 1987)

Plus TOGETHER FOREVER (#2 / U.S. #1, 1988)

  1. Never Gonna Give You Up
  2. Together Forever [Lovers Leap Remix]
  3. Never Gonna Give You Up [Cake Mix]
  4. Never Gonna Give You Up [Escape From Newton Mix]
  5. Never Gonna Give You Up [Escape To New York Mix]
  6. Never Gonna Give You Up [Phil Harding 12″ Mix]
  7. Together Forever [Lovers Leap Extended Remix]
  8. Together Forever [House Of Love Mix]
  9. Never Gonna Give You Up [Instrumental]
  10. Never Gonna Give You Up [12″ Instrumental]

21             EDWIN STARR – WHATEVER MAKES OUR LOVE GROW (#98, 1987)

  1. Whatever Makes Our Love Grow
  2. Whatever Makes Our Love Grow [7″ Remix]
  3. Whatever Makes Our Love Grow [Video Version]
  4. Whatever Makes Our Love Grow [Extended Version]
  5. Whatever Makes Our Love Grow [Grown-Up Mix]
  6. Whatever Makes Our Love Grow [Instrumental]
  7. Whatever Makes Our Love Grow [12″ Instrumental]

22             MICHAEL DAVIDSON – TURN IT UP (1987)

  1. Turn It Up [LP Version]
  2. Turn It Up [7″ Remix]
  3. Turn It Up [Extended Dance Mix]
  4. Turn It Up [In Full Cry Mix]
  5. Turn It Up [Miami Dub Mix]
  6. Turn It Up [7″ Instrumental]
  7. Turn It Up [Long Instrumental]

23             BROTHER BEYOND – THE HARDER I TRY (#2, 1988)


  1. The Harder I Try
  2. He Ain’t No Competition
  3. The Harder I Try [Extended Version]
  4. The Harder I Try [The Hardest Mix]
  5. The Harder I Try [The Hardest 7″]
  6. He Ain’t No Competition [Extended Version]
  7. He Ain’t No Competition [Space Hopper Remix 1]
  8. He Ain’t No Competition [Space Hopper Remix 2]
  9. The Harder I Try [Instrumental]
  10. He Ain’t No Competition [Instrumental]

24             SABRINA – ALL OF ME (BOY OH BOY) (#25, 1988)

  1. All Of Me (Boy Oh Boy)
  2. All Of Me (Boy Oh Boy) [The Boy O Boy Mix]
  3. All Of Me (Boy Oh Boy) [Gen-Oh-A Mix]
  4. All Of Me (Boy Oh Boy) [Instrumental]
  5. All Of Me (Boy Oh Boy) [12″ Instrumental]
  6. All Of Me (Boy Oh Boy) [Gen-Oh-A Instrumental]

25             SIGUE SIGUE SPUTNIK – SUCCESS (#31, 1988)

  1. Success
  2. Success [Extended Version]
  3. Success [Acid Mix #1 – Vox]
  4. Success [Acid Mix #2 – Instrumental]
  5. Success [Balearacidic 12 Inch]
  6. Success [Funky Mix]
  7. Success [Micro-Dot Dub]
  8. Success [Metal Hammer Mix]
  9. Success [Balearacidic Mix]
  10. Success [Drug-Free 7″]

26             KYLIE & JASON – ESPECIALLY FOR YOU (#1, 1988)

  1. Especially For You
  2. All I Wanna Do Is Make You Mine
  3. Especially For You [Extended Version]
  4. Especially For You [Original 7″ Mix]
  5. Especially For You [Original 12″ Mix]
  6. All I Wanna Do Is Make You Mine [Extended Version]
  7. Especially For You [Instrumental]

27             DONNA SUMMER – THIS TIME I KNOW IT’S FOR REAL (#3, 1989)

  1. This Time I Know It’s For Real
  2. Whatever Your Heart Desires [Original Mix]
  3. This Time I Know It’s For Real [Extended Version]
  4. This Time I Know It’s For Real [Instrumental]
  5. 1989 Interview

28             SONIA – YOU’LL NEVER STOP ME LOVING YOU (#1, 1989)

Plus LISTEN TO YOUR HEART (#10, 1989)

  1. You’ll Never Stop Me Loving You
  2. Listen To Your Heart
  3. Better Than Ever
  4. You’ll Never Stop Me Loving You [Extended Version]
  5. You’ll Never Stop Me Loving You [Sonia’s Kiss Mix]
  6. Listen To Your Heart [Extended Version]
  7. Better Than Ever [Original Mix]
  8. You’ll Never Stop Me Loving You [Instrumental]
  9. Listen To Your Heart [Instrumental]

29             LONNIE GORDON – HAPPENIN’ ALL OVER AGAIN (#4, 1990)

  1. Happenin’ All Over Again [Hip House Radio Mix]
  2. Happenin’ All Over Again [Hip House Mix]
  3. Happenin’ All Over Again [Hip House Rap Mix]
  4. Happenin’ All Over Again [Italiano House Mix]
  5. Happenin’ All Over Again [The Remix]
  6. Happenin’ All Over Again [Original 12″ Mix]
  7. Happenin’ All Over Again [Dave Ford 1990 Mix]
  8. Happenin’ All Over Again [Tony King 1990 Mix]
  9. Happenin’ All Over Again [Extended Remix]
  10. Happenin’ All Over Again [Jewels & Stone Club Mix]
  11. Happenin’ All Over Again [Jewels & Stone Dub]
  12. Happenin’ All Over Again [Jewels & Stone NY Dub]
  13. Happenin’ All Over Again [12″ Senza Voce]
  14. Happenin’ All Over Again [Tony King Instrumental]

30             BOY KRAZY – THAT’S WHAT LOVE CAN DO (#86, 1991, U.S. #18, 1993)

  1. That’s What Love Can Do
  2. One Thing Leads To Another
  3. That’s What Love Can Do [Extended Version]
  4. That’s What Love Can Do [Original Mix]
  5. That’s What Love Can Do [Radio Mix]
  6. That’s What Love Can Do [Club Mix]
  7. That’s What Love Can Do [Dub]
  8. That’s What Love Can Do [Gigolo Bonus Mix]
  9. That’s What Love Can Do [Gigolo Club]
  10. That’s What Love Can Do [Man Mad Mix]
  11. That’s What Love Can Do [Safe In The Hands Of Dub Mix]
  12. That’s What Love Can Do [Safe Hands Italia Dub]
  13. That’s What Love Can Do [Zebra Mix]
  14. That’s What Love Can Do [Tony’s Wax It Mix]
  15. That’s What Love Can Do [Instrumental]

Plus… EXCLUSIVE to MyPlayDirect

Bonus 31st Disc… to mark the 31st anniversary of the very first SAW single!

31             AGENTS AREN’T AEROPLANES – THE UPSTROKE (#93, 1984)

  1. The Upstroke
  2. Shadow Man
  3. The Upstroke [Extended Version]
  4. The Upstroke [Naughty Mix]


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Does anyone know if this has now been deleted as I am struggling to buy one

William C

I hope there is a Volume II! I NEED Pat And Mick’s Use It Up And Wear It Out on CD!!!!


I hope the instrumental of Mel & Kim’s Respectable is the backing track, it’s a shame more of their stuff is not included as there is lots more still unheard by the public with the exception of certain people. Same goes for PWL tracks,there is a hell of a lot more that people would literally die to get their hands on.


amazon uk link is now updated for preordering!

certainly hope edsel/demon make note of how many non-uk/ireland folks order these sets from amazon and other sites to try and work out the licensing issue that keeps us from ordering the special editions…..

after buying the donna summer albums box set the only reason to buy the donna summer singles set is to get the bonus disc…. :-(


Thanks do you know if the version on Amazon.co.uk is the version with the bonus disc as it does say Deluxe Edition?


Oups Lonnie, sorry :-s It wasn’t intended lol


Max, ‘Loonie Gordon’ lol :-)


The contents of the Kylie & Jason CD are interesting. Not counting backing tracks, there should be 8 tracks on this CD — the 7 that are listed above, plus the the Instrumental of “All I Wanna Do Is Make You Mine” (which is available on iTunes, so it definitely exists).

The missing instrumental has not yet appeared on a remastered Kylie or Jason CD, so perhaps PWL is keeping all tracks that fall into that category for a Kylie PWL CD singles box set (basically everything from the iTunes bundles that didn’t appear on the recent Kylie reissues, minus the backing tracks, but perhaps including a few other previously unreleased mixes).


Why “minus backing tracks” Jim ? If they have them, most of the time there is enough room on a CD for it. I love hearing the “hidden” harmonies.
This box is really amazing and I, too, hope it sells well so we can dream about a volume 2. Definitly buying this one. So Thrilled about DOA, Hazell Dean, Loonie Gordon, Michael Davidson, Divine.


Hoping for stand-alone Dead or Alive box…

Robert M

This box set is amazing. LOVE SAW. It’s sad though, that my favorite artist in this whole box set (Laura Branigan) has the skimpiest CD single. No fault to anyone, it’s just how things were back then with her as an artist. She never really got the recognition she truly deserved. I am very grateful that she is included in this boxset, however. I was a bit surprised too since the song only got as high as #78. Thanks Demon :)

I wish Demon or Cherry Pop would get a hold of her catalog. That would be awesome.


Gold Legion have remastered and expanded a couple of her albums,


they are absolute BASTARDS to deal with. Avoid that company at all costs!

Robert M

Hi Gordon

TELL ME ABOUT IT!! I am still waiting for Branigan 2 to be released. It was supposed to be released LAST September. There are always issues with them. Uggh. It seems like it’s always a year and a half delay from the original release date. I’m still waiting for the Cheryl Ladd issue they have listed. That was supposed to be released over 2+ years ago. They keep delaying it.

I wish Cherry Pop or Demon would get a hold of her catalog. That would be sweet. I wouldn’t expect a singles box set, but at least 2 CD deluxe editions for each album.


Yup. Bought 10 CDs from them, only received 6 (compared to other customer complaints, that’s actually quite lucky!). The other 4 were pre-orders so I didn’t make a fuss at the time.

But it’s now TWO YEARS and nothing. They still sent out generic mailing-list updates about new titles/preorders in the pipeline, but when I sent e-mails about my order I got no response. I paid by credit card but I suppose 2 years is too late to complain to my bank.

Worringly, when I checked their website a few minutes ago – there was nothing there except a blank page with this message:

“Coming Soon.
Future home of something quite cool.
If you’re the site owner, log in to launch this site
If you are a visitor, check back soon.”

It’s been a while since I’ve been to their site so I don’t know how long that message has been there.

A real shame because their titles looked really interesting.


I also had problems with Gold Legion several years back. I pre-ordered the Branigan reissue that kept getting delayed. When it finally got released (well over a year after my pre-order) I never received it and all attempts to contact Gold Legion were ignored. I had also ordered one of their 30 CD value packs and was shorted about 5 CDs. I got a couple emails saying they’d look into it but eventually I was just ignored. It’s a shame because they actually do good work with their reissues (though I thought the Hold Me bonus tracks weren’t very good quality.) I think it was basically a one man operation and he just couldn’t keep up.

Paul B

My understanding and from past experience, when Demon offer limited quantities of stuff like the Paul Young signed Tomb of Memories, is when all have been bought the “add to cart” button disappears from their listing.

So if you’ve successfully bought through their webpage you will have got the 31st Disc as it does say it’s limited to 500 units


Plus… EXCLUSIVE to Demon Music Group Store and limited to 500 units!
Bonus 31st Disc… to mark the 31st anniversary of the very first SAW single!



Have ordered via Demon for the bonus disk. First time bought with them so wondered am I guaranteed the bonus disk. The website product listing isn’t clear and the email acknowledgement doesn’t say it’s for the exclusive version either.
Will be great to go with my Bananarama singles box which I am gradually listening to as one CD every few days.
Agree with comments if PWL do a Kylie singles box like these that’s another day 1 buy. It’s suspicious none of her standalone singles included in this set.


Thanks for confirming Paul


AMAZING. Is there anyway of finding out if the instrumental for Respectable is the “dub” mix? Or a true instrumental. It would also be nice to know if all the instrumentals are proper ones or have backing vocals like many do on the Bananarama boxset which slightly disappointed me.


As far as I know is the “Instrumental Version” from the 7″ single
– that i own. It is not really an instrumental version, more instrumental
with some vocal parts and chorus. A bit strange for an “Instrumental Version”.

Steven proom

A little bird just told me,if these do well we can elook foward to more volumes.

Any Dusty Springfield fans?A cd singles box set is in the early stages,Ive been asked if I had any pristine picture sleeves of Dusty in my collection.

Paul B

A Dusty singles box would be great… Any idea when that’s likely to surface? That’s the kind of news I’ve got for you indeed hehe!


So some people in the UK will buy many boxes to sell them to the other collectors in the world. It’s not very funny because those buyers will get much money over ebay only because they live in the UK. I emailed to Demon Music to get the box shipped to Germany. Perhaps I have good luck…


But I think its a “rights” issue so I can’t see how it can be their fault?

Whipper Snapper

It’s now listed as “currently unavailable” on Amazon and the link to the Demon store is down. Not a good sign. Unanticipated licensing issues?

Whipper Snapper

Thank you, Paul. I mistakenly thought the Amazon link was live.


Does the version on Amazon.co.uk which says deluxe edition include the rare bonus disc?


Does anyone have any idea how I can order the 31 disc version as I live in the USA? I even changed my ip address to the UK but as soon as you change the shipping address to the USA, you can’t continue with your order. Does anyone know an english based retailer or webshop that would have the 31 disc version?


I hear you man! On Amazon.co.uk it says they ship to the United States. The version advertised says Deluxe Edition which I could only assume means the version with the 31st disc? Best of luck to you in getting it! I’m going to pre order it from there too and see what happens?


Where are (1) Big Fun (2) Sybil (3) Delage (4) Errol Brown (5) Suzette Charles (6) Cool Notes (7) Pat & Mick (8) Nany Davis (9) Erik (10) Fresh (11) Gloria Gaynor (12) Pepsi & Shirlie (13) Kakko (14) Georgie Fame (15) WWF (16) Malcolm McLaren (17) Mint Juleps (18) Reynolds Girls (19) Cliff Richard (20) Romi & Jazz (21) Slamm (22) Paul Varney, etc?? Hopefully there’s a volume 2!!


I agree we need a volume 2!

Dusty the Musical Fan

Quite a variety of tunes, I got a bootleg copy of Michael Davidson remixes which was poor quality, so hopefully the remasters are flawless…..tried to preorder on Amazon, not open for pre order as yet – I am guessing if this is a success more SAW boxes will follow!! PSB, Madonna, Kylie boxsets would be excellent to have!! Heard rumours of Pat Benatar and Cher singles box sets in the pipeline!!


Cher and Pat Benatar? I would buy those in a second! Where did you hear about this?

Carlton Fisher

I absolutely LOVE Pat Benatar (and Cher as well), but are there enough tracks for each of her singles to make a singles box worthwhile? I only know of a few extended versions (which she is on the record as hating), and I think most of the b-sides were on Synchronistic Wanderings, weren’t they?

Carlton Fisher

I should probably qualify that–I’m not trying to argue they shouldn’t do one; I’m actually wondering if there’s a huge gap in my Benatar collection I don’t know about.


Notice that Kakko is left of the set list? What Kind Of Fool CD single would have been a great bonus as the track has yet to surface on CD including the 7 and 12 mixes!

Jimmy Agates

If the Judas Priest collaboration was in here I’d be all over it!!


I had hoped there was some hidden remixes of Donna’s This time… My favorite track yet no dubs, alternative mixes hidden in the SAW universe?


In reference to the Rick Astley tracks, are they using the same remasters from the double CD sets put out a few years back? I found the sound way too loud, compressed and flat. Anyone out there hear it the same way?


Whilst the idea is great and the price is expensive for a lot of people who just want the odd 1 or 2, at least now the tracks have been found dusted off and will be getting released – so maybe in the future these tracks will begin to appear on future compilations.

I would love to buy these but can`t justify £100 for a couple of track`s i am after but if they appear in a lossless format somewhere to buy i would buy.

But like i said…. at least the tracks are now seeing the light of day.


I guess I am not a fan of endless remixes. This one won’t be going in my music collection.


Too bad that Packjammed (With The Party Posse) didn’t make it into the set. I actually preferred that track to Roadblock.

Simon F

Mondo Kane!-New York Afternoon. At long last. Yes, yes, yes a thousand times yes!!!!!!! The rest of it ain’t bad either.


Let’s hope for a volume 2 Box set Of Stock Aitken Waterman singles with even rarer 12 mixes and singles: Delage Running Back For More CD single would be sweet!


Heehee, my friend Jeb’s 2 singles are in there. He was rather disappointed (to say the least) that both the first (Second Time Around) as well as the follow-up (Speed Up My Heartbeat) didn’t even make the top 100 in 1986, a rare misfire from SAW. I think that the fact that SAW didn’t write either song (Jeb wrote them) was all to do with why they weren’t successful.


I am certainly going to get this, as soon as the preorder link works from amazon. I missed the Michael Davidson listing, must have scrolled to fast.
But to have a cd single of Mandy Smith and Sinitta, WOW!


Why is the “Original Mix” of Donna Summer’s “Whatever Your Heart Desires” not the on her forthcoming Singles Box Set ? It was only on a Japanese 3″ CDsingle. Money milking!!
For me are only 5-6 mixes really interesting.
So I think this is the first step for Singles Box Sets
from different PWL artists:
Kylie Minogue, Mel & Kim, Brother Beyond and Dead Or Alive.
So I will wait and save my money…


Wow, another boxset. I’ll tell my boss to put my salary on the Edsel bank account directly :P I pre-ordered Bananarama, still waiting for it from jpc.de! Received my Belinda (for €99,99)! It has the I Get Weak Instrumental on it according to the tracklisting :P I still have to listen to all my newly bought CD’s! There are about 20~23 CD’s I like from the 30/31 CD-set! Rick Astley, Kylie & Jason, Princess, Mel & Kim, Hazell Dean, Dead Or Alive, Brother Beyond, Mandy Smith, Sam Fox, Sinitta, Bananarama, Sonia, O’chi Brown, Donna Summer, Lonnie Gordon, Haywoode, Sabrina, S/A/W, Sigue Sigue Sputnik, Brilliant, etc. Never heard of the Agents Aren’t Aeroplanes – The Upstroke. Was it any good? I have no idea.

I also like to see Brilliant in a Super Deluxe Edition. I was hoping to see this box including Brilliant – The End Of The World remixes. ;(

What’s next Edsel? How about 30 CD’s full 80 mins each of SAW/PWL unreleased or vinyl only remixes now on CD from various artists :P


Grifin: “Never heard of the Agents Aren’t Aeroplanes – The Upstroke. Was it any good? I have no idea.”

It’s pretty awful, really, but owes its reputation to being the first Mike Stock/Matt Aitken single to chart (albeit outside the Top 75) and for its tongue-in-cheek Frankie Goes To Hollywood “homage” with the sleeve.


@Eric, thanks! I thought it was something great that everybody wanted it ;) I wasn’t going to pre-order from Edsel or Amazon! I’ll wait for my 2 fav online shops at the moment to pre-order from them!


I’ve just forked out for the Bananarama box so this one will have to wait. Where’s Sybil – The Love I Lost or When I’m Good And Ready. Also, bit strange they’ve opted for just Especially For You to represent Kylie & Jason… hopefully a sign there’s a Kylie box in the pipeline as good as the Bananarama one – I’d have to fork out for that too!!


wow just wow, sure there will be Vol 2, 3, 4…

Paul B

My hopes exactly Mike

Carlton Fisher

I’m actually surprised at how excited I am for this. I’d probably be willing to pay half the list price for just the Michael Davidson single, which is one of my favorite songs from the Who’s That Girl soundtrack, and the mixes have never been available on CD that I’ve been able to find. That I know of, he only ever released two singles–too bad the other one isn’t on here (though I’m not sure it was PWL). This is moving to the very top of my wishlist.


Excellent box set after the Bananarama and Donna summer boxes sets they are really spoiling us. Roll on Erasure , Pet Shop Boys and Kylie box sets.



Really torn…

Dead Or Alive’s ‘In Too Deep’ (mixes) on CD for the first time is obviously very amazing and the biggest draw here, closely followed by Carol Hitchcock and Princess. Those with Bananarama (again) and Divine have my piggy bank twitching.

The rest, I’ve little to no interest in. Shame they aren’t being sold as separates … a sort of ‘build your own Hit Factory box’ would have been ace.

One step nearer to Dead Or Alive reissues – so close now I can almost smell them!


I won’t be getting this. It’s too expensive and yet another cash in. A lot of the remixes are on the reissued albums. There are only 3 or 4 discs I would like but not paying nearly £100 quid for them.

Steven proom

These box sets are my personal brand of heroin,whats extra great is I have the old dusty 7inchs of most of these,I can recall where I got them,the weather everything…bizzare.

Some great choices here,would have preffered Precious Wilson “Only the strong survive” instead of S.S sputnkik.Also strange there is no Big Fun?


I have waited years for the Short Version of Say I’m Your Number One to appear on cd – brilliant muted trumpet line.


Shame though the set doesn’t include Georgie Fame’s wonderful Samba.


Not possible today : Pre-order from Official Store for SIGNED bonus disc (31 CD) ???

Rob Wilcick

£100 for 31 CDs is very good value. Love the Divine and Hazel Dean songs. Brilliant’s “Somebody” is good one too.


Typically, they bung one of the rarest singles (Agents Aren’t Aeroplanes) on a bonus disc. They KNOW that track is impossible to find, even on YouTube!

Other than that, I am delighted that a set like this is being released. It’s long overdue. Pity about some of the choices (my relationship with SAW’s music was always a bit hit-or-miss), but hopefully more releases like this will follow.


I’ve got the 12″ of Agents Aren’t Aeroplanes complete with rip-off ZTT/Frankie cover but would love the CD. Question is, can I justify £100 when I’m only really interested in a third of the contents of this box?

Went to The Hit Factory back in the day to pitch for some work (on the back of chatting to Pete in the Polydor lobby waiting to see a product manager). Didn’t get the gig but as a fan it was interesting to visit the place in person.


available on “Phil Harding club mixes of the 80’s” in extented version!


available on “Phil Harding club mixes of the 80’s” in extented version!


Just a correction to my Laura Branigan comment: I should have really said the PWL team, rather than S/A/W specifically – ‘Mixmaster’ Pete Hammond always came up with some f’ing awesome mixes/remixes!


One more thing…..

Such a shame there are so few mixes of Laura Branigan’s “Shattered Glass” – I f’ing love that song! I can only DREAM of the multitude of amazing mixes and remixes S/A/W could have done with it.


I completely agree! Laura Branigan’s “Shattered Glass” is far and away the one single that would make me spring for this set, yet it’s the disc with the fewest tracks of any here. SO disappointing. I could never believe they only ever did two songs, remixed only one, and only one remix at that, considering how many variations we’d regularly get of all the other S/A/W productions. In fact, I’m still not completely convinced there wasn’t another…c’mon guys, dig deeper and prove me right!


Aw, man this is AWESOME! I get more and more excited with every new singles box that comes out! I hope Kylie gets a proper one – the K25 box sounded good IN THEORY, but when I realised it was only 2 single tracks per disc I didn’t bother – a real wasted opportunity. And an outrageous asking price to boot!

And it’s great to see some real rarities here (Carol Hitchcock!!!!!) – including some I’ve never even heard of – not just the usual suspects. (although I do wish Reynolds Girls “I’d Rather Jack” had been included!)

I just hope and pray they have the correct speed for Hazell Dean’s “Whatever I Do (Wherever I Go)” – there is a 12″ (or extended) version that has appeared on various compilation albums and vinyl/CD singles THAT SOUNDS TOO FAST! And on top of that, it sounds like it’s been given a very early fade-out.


Just had to say that the Reynolds Girls single, which whilst being monumentally awful, has a very unfortunate title these days, as the context of which has, thankfully, been lost with all the other dreadful stuff in the ‘jacking’ universe…..

Of course, that is merely an opinion and an observation, and not a declaration of war to any fan of that song. I use as my defense a complete love of Nick Kamen…..


LOL. Unfortunate title indeed – but it could be worse…..”(I’m A) Scatman” anyone?
:) :) :) :) :)


The Carol Hitchcock CD single is one of the more interesting ones in there. I wish that Sandra’s “Everlasting Love” was in there as well…


I’m glad we get Dead Or Alive’s In Too Deep (O.ff Yer Mong Mix) finally on cd

Andrew Robinson

Odd that the Demon website doesn’t say anything about the 31st CD being signed?


I must admit, this does look good… There are some I really want (especially “Turn It Up” by Michael Davidson). This goes to my Amazon wishlist, hopefully some kind soul will buy this for me for Christmas. After buying the Bananarama singles box and pre-ordering the Donna Summer box, I may have reached my limit right now…

I wonder if there will be a full on PWL Kylie CD singles box set, since all the material has already been remastered and this box only has the Kylie and Jason duets… Fingers crossed!


This is a pretty groovy release, and obviously greenlit by the success of the Bananarama box (which narrowly missed the top 100 on week of release). Some great stuff in here (love the Bananas, 3 Degrees, Princess, Divine, Haywoode, Hazell Dean offerings) – and some stuff which I would totally pass on. But what is mouth-watering is the first toe-dip into the Dead or Alive back catalogue, which include a mix of Spin Me Round I have not previously come across.

Don’t think I’ll be shelling out a ton for many things I don’t want which will take up precious shelf space, but this new trend of CD single collections is a really good thing, and support for these releases is vital if we are ever going to get the dream boxsets by the likes of DOR, Sade, Moyet and co.


A must purchase for me. I’m a huge SAW / PWL fan, but live in the US. Has anybody used Borderlinx or similar 3rd party shippers that receive the order (in this case in the UK from Demon) for shipment to the US or Canada? I’m very interested in using such a service, if reputable, for this set since I really want that 31st signed CD. Thanks for any info you have.

gary C

Wouldn’t mind the Brilliant and Sigue Sigue Sputnik singles