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Congratulations on 10 years Paul S!

I can’t remember how, why or when I stumbled across SDE, but I vaguely remember you mentioning a forthcoming 5th Anniversary so I must have been visiting for some time now. I heard about the Bananarama “In A Bunch” box through your site – that came out in 2015 so I must have been here before then.

Thank you for providing such an essential resource for music lovers. Your knowledge, contacts and connections to the industry and artists makes SDE so much more than just a regular fan site.

Here’s cheers for many more years!


Can of Worms………………….Right Here! (Brilliant site SDE)
All these re-issues, all these re-pressings, all these (so called) delays, hold ups with getting the items (product) out.
My biggest issue would be with hold ups of Vinyl pressings, mainly due to high demand for the pressing plant(s) or mastering etc.
Why do we have so much re-hash of “stuff”.
Lets think about the artists releasing new music……they have to queue up for the pressing plants etc and are often pushed aside for some new “super” artists re-issue (often a re-hash and rubbish).
I have been collecting physical music formats for over forty years now and still enjoy discovering new artists.
Surely, especially in these COVID times, let the up and coming artists have a go and earn some ($’s) as reward for their efforts in keeping the music alive.

Woodsey Niles

Anybody have more info on the upcoming Patto and Arthur Brown’s Kingdom Come box sets? I would be interested in buying both of these if they are high quality products.


does anyone know why the sugarmegs tape site is now gone? it was up on thursday but today (saturday) its gone.

Len Read

After the Goldrush 50th box set currently available for just over £71 including postage with MusicMagpie on eBay. A saving of around £30. Includes an eBay 20 percent discount offer which runs until Sunday.

Phil Cohen

After more than a year of wrangling over permission issues, The Beach Boys’ “Feel Flows” boxed set will finally appear on July 22,2021 (according to former Beach Boys recording engineer Steve Desper)


Bowie #6 announced this morning and – you guessed it! – pre-order sold out already!

What a joke – I’ll just have to convince myself that Brilliant Live Adventures was only a series of 3.

Phil Cohen

Some guy on YouTube (Andrew Dixon) has gotten an advance copy of the “John Lennon-Plastic Ono Band” 8-disc set and has done an unboxing video. The set looks fantastic. One interesting bit of info emerges: Only the originally released Lennon songs and takes get the surround sound treatment. All the other Lennon selections (and the Ono selections) appear as remixed 192 Khz/24-bit high resolution stereo.
Undoubtedly, you’ll create your own unboxing video in the near future.


Really really pissed off with this Bowie Boxset farce. I knew the last one sold out in under a day. I knew the last one was being released today so I got up early to check so I didnt miss it again. Not out, checked on & off all day long until about 5-5.30 pm they were released. Already done on the Bowie site, wasted an hour + of my life I won’t get back on the Dig site but slower than slow. & then when it looked like my order was going through, payment declined, because i clicked refresh too many times because it was so slow.

Warners, sort your shit out!!! You have vastly under estimated demand!! 2 hours of my life f**king wasted!!! Gonna try again now on a different computer.

Alan Roberts

Hi Paul, thanks for your message last night – although it did cause a certain amount of alarm mid footy! IS IT REALLY TEN YEARS ? Bloomin’ Ada !!!!!!
As I’m sure many others of the SDE community will echo, your incredible hard work and dedication to the cause of physical music promotion over the last decade ensures that your site is one of the few that I visit regularly and indeed the only one I look at EVERY day (often checking in a few times daily).
The site is obviously extremely informative and extremely useful for sourcing upcoming releases old and new, as an avid music buyer -(all formats)- for 50 years I find SDE truly indispensible for filling in the gaps within my collection.
I am most pleased to be a serving member of the SDE Massive as a reader, customer, and sometime posting contributer. Long may you and the SDE community continue Paul as the next decade will take me – and several others I assume-into the retirement era – when i propose binning the TV and giving every Single, LP, Cassette & CD I own at least one more spin! Keep on Keeping On.

Roel Glas Perth Aust.

Hi Paul,
Just a short note to congratulate you for SDE’s 10th Anniversary. I stumbled upon your site about 7 years and it has now become a daily ritual to visit SDE. A wonderful site and the content is superb. Congratulations again and here’s looking forward to the next 10 years

Michel D.

Bowie’s Brilliant Live Adventures empty box has arrived in Canada.
It’s much more sturdier that I was expected and was not sent folded which is a good thing!
Tour dates are printed all over the box, a nice touch!
I’m very pleased with it even though it wasn’t cheap, to say the least!!


New James album just released, with the usual multi-format packages. Any chance of an interview with someone from the band? Their first two albums were recently reissued as a double cd, and we got a great box set version of Laid a few years back. I’d love to see upgraded versions of their other albums too, so I wonder if the band are interested in doing it.

Ken Evans

Just a random observation that very large chunks of Ray Charles’ catalog are not only out of print, or never been on CD, but also not available on any of the streamers or even youtube, where a few albums are represented by a couple of tracks but not the whole album.

Albums like Crying Time, Ray’s Moods, I’m All Yours Baby, most of the later Columbia stuff – I know the late 60s and 70s and 80s aren’t considered his best work, but what pieces of it I’ve been able to hear (I’ve got everything of his that’s been on cd) I’ve really loved a lot, he was unlike anyone else.

Just feeling sad that unless I buy a turntable (where would I put it?) and scour ebay for the vinyl there is music here that I may never get to hear.


These ‘Bowie Live Adventures’ are getting beyond a joke.

Volume 5 (‘Something In The Air’) became available to pre-order this morning – I checked the (Australian) store at 8am (Oz time) but it wasn’t up yet. I checked again at 11am (had to go grocery shopping) and it was ALREADY SOLD OUT. Ridiculous!

I had previously missed #4 (‘Look At The Moon’) so I thought I’d get in early this time. I know these are limited edition, but to be all gone within a couple hours really drives a lad insane.

I’m only after the CD, but the vinyl and bundle are all gone too.

tom m hans

Pink Floyd Instagram communicated the standalone release of Live @ Knebworth 1990 from the Later Year Box Set as single CD and Double Vinyl, streaming on 4/30/2021.

Phil Cohen

More music passings: Jazz-Fusion keyboardist Chick Corea and record producer Elliott Mazer. Mazer worked with Neil Young,Linda Ronstadt, Janis Joplin and Gordon Lightfoot.
Mazer & Corea were both 79.

Phil Cohen

Bruce Springsteen’s mail order boxed set of all his professionally recorded 1978 “Darkness on The Edge of Town” shows sold out before the release date. Unlike other Springsteen mail order CD’s, these discs were pressed “Sliver” CD’s not CD-R’s. No word if any more will be manufactured.


Mary Wilson 1944 – 2021.
Just supreme.

Phil Cohen

As a fan of classic rock, and an older person of that era, i am pleased to hear of upcoming archival projects by John Lennon, The Who, Bruce Springsteen, George Harrison, The Beach Boys, Crosby Stills Nash & Young, Blondie, Joe Walsh, Jethro Tull & Marillion. But, I will believe that these releases are real when I see the major dealers accepting preorders.
In the case of those groups where some of the performers are still alive, these projects may yet fall victim to disagreements between past and present group members.
As for one project that ultimately didn’t happen, “Yes-The Early Years”, some have suggested that when it could not be completed and issued by the end of 2019, that the box was abandoned because it could no longer serve as a copyright extension collection.
Music can cheer people up during bad times (and these are very bad times). Let these boxed sets come out and play.


First new release from the revamped Dark Horse records…

Joe Strummer – Assembly…comp of Joes best solo work, plus a couple of previous unreleased live/Demo tracks…the red vinyl looks magnificent!

Coma Girl
Johnny Appleseed
I Fought The Law (Live at Brixton Academy, London, 24 November 2001) *
Tony Adams
Love Kills
Get Down Moses
X-Ray Style
Mondo Bongo
Rudie Can’t Fail (Live at Brixton Academy, London, 24 November 2001) *
At The Border, Guy
Long Shadow
Forbidden City
Yalla Yalla
Redemption Song
Junco Partner (Acoustic) *


Phil Cohen

Cherry Red’s website is still not functioning normally. If you are thinking about ordering from them, you will not be able to get far enough into their website to do so.


Bunny Wailer has died. Really was a big part of Bob Marley’s career. It’s said the reason the Wailers split up originally was because Bunny didn’t really want to tour, he was always happy in Jamaica.


some very sad news, george kooymans from golden earring has als. on friday it was annouced that the band has broken up. the current lineup had been together for 50 years.

David McCallum

The KLF have re-emerged for 2021:

I hope we see some physical releases among the five planned chapers.


Nice to see Lewis Taylor’s debut gem get a vinly remaster over 2 albums. Looks like demand has well exceeded expectations and release date pushed back to produce more copies. Nice write up on the album as well . .


Hi Paul
The Belgian synthpop trio ‘Telex’ are due to have their back catalogue reissue soon on the Mute label


”Mute is embarking on a series of reissues of classic works by Telex.

The series gets underway in April with the release of This Is Telex, a 14-track retrospective compilation highlighting a number of the Belgian trio’s singles, from 1978 debut ‘Twist À Saint Tropez’ through to their final album, 2006’s How Do You Dance? Tracks on the compilation have been newly mixed and remastered from the original tapes by band members Dan Lacksman and Michel Moers.

Also featured are two recently discovered and unreleased tracks by the trio – their take on The Beatles’ ‘Dear Prudence’ and Sonny & Cher’s ‘The Beat Goes On’ – as well as their writing collaboration with Sparks and cover of the Sparks hit ‘The Number One Song In Heaven’. You can watch a new video for one of their biggest hits, 1979’s ‘Moskow Diskow’, which is also included on This Is Telex, above.

This is Telex will be released on vinyl, cassette, CD and digital formats. The physical release will come with sleeve notes by occasional tQ contributor David Stubbs.


Does anyone know if there’s likely to be a re-print of the John Lennon Gimme Some Truth CD/Blu-ray box? I waited too long for that and now can’t see it anywhere. Seems unusual considering you can still pick up the Imagine one.

Phil Cohen

Over at the Steve Hoffman forums, a packshot and description of the forthcoming “The Who Sell Out” boxed set has been posted. It has 112 tracks spread across 5 CD’s & two 7″ vinyl singles. The set also comes with 9 posters, various memorabilia reproductions and an 80-page hardback book in a slipcase. Disc 5 contains Pete Townshen’s home demos of the songs. Another disc is titled “The Road to Tommy” and features Post-Sell Out/Pre-Tommy 1968 studio recordings.


Hi Paul!

About Thin Lizzy’s albums… Do you know if Thunder And Lightning 2CD Deluxe Edition will have its re-release? And will there be a Deluxe Edition on Life Live 2CD?

If you have any info please let us know. Thanks!

Yani P

I see Sylvain Sylvain of the New York Dolls has passed away…RIP

A massive influence on many bands that followed..

Simon George

Thought I would just let people know about the re-release of Pure Reason Revolution’s the Dark Third. It was originally released in 2006 and was “a breath of fresh air” and “richly atmospheric and powerful music has managed the rare trick of bridging the gap between the hardcore prog underground and the more fashion-conscious indie-rock market”.

I have just received the 2LP (really 1.5LP) and 2CD both with additional tracks (on 180 g vinyl no less). It cost me £22.56 which seems excellent value as the expanded 2CD alone is over £12 which I would normally have gone with.

I would recommend anybody not aware of the group or liked the original release (1CD) to get this as the sound is remastered as well.


Hi Paul. Don’t know if this is worth a deal alert, but jpc and amazon.de selling the Elton John “jewel” box for 79€.. watched the price since release, and it was always around 92€.



bruce kelso

no word yet on the beach boys feel flows box and the same for cream wheels of fire deluxe. WHY the WAIT ?

Tom M

Speaking of Cherry Red two noteworthy releases coming soon:
Tommy James & the Shondells “Celebration” (including Tommy James solo albums) box set, due the first week of February on their Grapefruit label.
Jon Anderson’s Olias of Sunhillow, remastered in hi-res and upmixed to pseudo 5.1 surround.
Due March 26, 2021 on Esoteric.

tom m hans

There are three (3) different digital compilations now available @ amazon to celebrate the 50th anniversary of What’s Going On by Marvin Gaye – See official link below: https://www.udiscovermusic.com/news/marvin-gaye-whats-going-on-digital-collections/
Since the 2011 SDE is widely unavailable the material from the 2nd disc can now be found on the 50th deluxe Edition DL version. The 2nd File is the 1971 Detroit mix (on its own) and the 3rd file is called FUNKY NATION / The DETROIT INSTRUMENTALS.
Worth checking out, however, I would cherish a physical release, of course.

Philip John Birtwistle

Sorry to hear of the passing of the great Tom Stevens from The Long Ryders.

p britten

Omnivore Records will release a new Matthew Sweet album (Catspaw) on 15 January.

Dibyaroop Ghosh

Just wanted an opinion…..Out of the three massive anniversary beatles box sets, Sgt Peppers, White Album and Abbey Road….which one is the best among the three?

Roel Glas

Just stumbled on this via the JPC.de website – “In Memory deceased musicians 2020”
A very long list which unfortunately will continue to increase as we all get older:

Phil Cohen

The Band’s 3rd album “Stage Fright” will get the Super Deluxe treatment from Capitol/Ume in February. This will be a 2-CD + Blu-Ray audio + 1-L.P. + 7″ single release. Included will be new Bob Clearmountain stereo and 5.1 surround remixes, plus a 1971 London concert, alternate mixes and hotel room demos recorded in Canada.
There has been some grumbling from vinyl collectors, that unlike the two previous expanded boxed sets by the Band (“Music From Big Pink” & “The Band”), that this set’s vinyl album will be 1 x 33.3 RPM rather than the audiophile 2 x 45 RPM format of the previous sets.

Richard S

For anyone hankering after the Style Council “Long Hot Summers” on coloured vinyl, looks like recordstore have re-pressed it and it is available again.


Phil Cohen

Kraftwerk has a new 19-track, 2 hour plus download-only release of remixes which is ,not surprisingly titled “Remixes”, They are all early 21st century efforts, and features no less than 9 versions of “Expo 2000”. While a few early classics such as “The Robots” & “Radioactivity” are included, these remixes are based on 21st century re-makes. The remixes in this collection were previously exclusive to deleted CD singles and 12″ singles.

Pete Stanton

I didn’t know which thread to put this on, but thanks for all you do on this excellent site Paul and I hope that you and your family are having an excellent day and I wish you and all SDE followers all the very best for 2021.

Philip John Birtwistle

Sad to see the great Leslie Wets, than Man Moungain out of Mountain, has passed away. An underrated guitarist ad fine vocalist the original Mountain albums were an awesome listen.

Phil Cohen

The boxed set for The Kinks’ “Lola Versus Powerman and The Moneygoround” has been postponed into 2021.


I have previously suggested an area to highlight faults and how to get replacement discs. I think this would make a lot of sense to ensure that faulty box sets get spotted and all SDE readers can apply for replacements within any time limit. I have just received replacement discs for the M people Renaissance box set where there was an error on the DVDs causing the picture to freeze. Demon have pressed some new ones up. What a shame all SDE readers who bought this box set will not have been aware to check their DVDs and may not have noticed this. I must say Demon are very good in general at correcting errors.

Phil Cohen

Also upcoming from Cherry Red: the farewell studio albums from recently deceased ex-Uriah Heep members Ken Hensley (“My Book of Answers”) & Lee Kerslake (“Eleventeen”). For Kerslake, his first solo album is also his last.

Pete Stanton

Phil Spector has died . Some amazing music, Crystals, Ronettes, Righteous Brothers , Ike and Tina to name a few, plus Beatles and Ramones later.
Not the nicest of men though.