Happy New Year!

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Just a brief note to wish everyone a very Happy New Year!

Thanks so much for your company in 2017; I’ve really enjoyed bringing you news, reviews, interviews and videos on all the latest reissues and box sets. I especially value the interaction – via blog comments, or social media – with SDE readers, who I consider to be some of the most passionate and knowledgeable music fans out there and a very friendly bunch! (sadly not the norm online). So thanks again – this blog really wouldn’t be the same without you.

I’m very excited about the next 12 months and hope to bring you lots of improvements to make your SDE experience even better. I’m working on the plan right now, but feel free to suggest ideas or items on you ‘wish list’ in the comments below. I know many of you would like to see the ability to edit comments for example, and have the option to ‘skip down’ to the very latest comments without having to scroll down (especially important on a mobile/cell phone).

The goal for 2018 is to introduce more functionality and interactivity – give SDE readers a way to leave feedback beyond just leaving comments. For example, one simple idea is three buttons below each product news item: “Do you intend to buy this reissue?’  YES. NO. MAYBE.  When you click on the appropriate button, you’d see the percentages and can gauge instantly whether people share your own view or not.

For now, do have a great new year. Go safe and I wish you a prosperous and healthy 2018.


Paul Sinclair / Editor SuperDeluxeEdition.com

SuperDeluxeEdition.com helps fans around the world discover physical music and discuss releases. To keep the site free, SDE participates in various affiliate programs, including Amazon and earns from qualifying purchases.


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Paul, thank you for the proposed improvements to SDE. You may want to consider also building a consumer PHP, AJAX or other rating script on your website (similar to Amazon’s 1-5 star confirmed buyer’s rating), this would be helpful to those wanting to quickly determine the quality of a music product they are considering for purchase. Having worked many years as a marketing director for start-up companies, I must say I am impressed with the model you have created for this website. The information provided here is well organized, easy to navigate, and has real value. Most importantly, the unadulterated opinion, thoughts and feelings from consumers of physical music product should be of strong interest to record executives and recording artists looking for the best financial return (ROI) for their published music. I believe in due time, if it hasn’t occurred already, SDE will be an essential source of information to anyone in the music business, as well as become an ever increasingly popular news service for music lovers around the world.


Happy New Year to you too, Paul!
Can you do the 2018 preview so we could see what new releases and reissues are expecting us during the year?

Andy P

Belated ‘Happy New Year’ to Paul and everyone who contributes their news and thoughts to this informative, entertaining (and often expensive!) blog. Here’s to another year of SDEs and deals!


Thank you, Paul! A very happy 2018 to you!

Colin Muller

Happy new year Paul !
And thank you thank you thank you for this blog and all the efforts you put in it. Your posts & comments are always valuable, even for the artists I don’t especially like or those I don’t even know (yet).
All the best !

Julian H

I’m a bit late, but Happy New Year Paul!


Happy New Year to SDE and all its readers everywhere!

My suggestion is to not go full forum mode, but enhance the comments section to allow threaded conversation. So essentially each blog post would start a new thread. That would allow readers to contribute more and enrich the site.



I’ve really enjoyed reading the news, reviews, interviews and videos on the reissues and box sets in 2017. And I want to thank you for all the work that you have done, to make this blog the most interesting music site.

I wish you and everyone here a Happy New Year !

Richard Cosgrove

Happy New Year, and keep up the great work!

This is one of the few sites that I know will have intelligent content AND intelligent comment.


The Freddie Mercury “Messenger of the Gods” Vinyl Box Set is offered by JPC in Germany for just € 61,99. Probably someone of you Vinyl listendes care…


To all SDE readers, and specially for Paul: Happy New Year!!! So much joy and work on sites like this only make me feel grateful, I really appreciate it. Paul, this is the way a music box set news site should be: just ahead of everything, influencing labels decisions making about their next and past releases, active community and best of all, using internet technologies and social networks to impulse physical releases in this time which is THE challenge! IMHO it’s been acomplished!

Thanks again Paul, for what is done and for what is coming =)


Hi Paul

Happy New Year to you and everyone.

I always read your posts then scroll through the comments. I would rather like a ‘like’ button (though definitely not a ‘don’t like’ button) for the comments. Some comments I read with greater personal interest than others, such as Trash’s above, and often feel I’d like to indicate my agreement with a thumbs up. Other readers who don’t comment, maybe more into this as well.

It would also be quite nice if you could choose to receive an alert if someone responds to a comment that you’ve made.

Anyway, just my thoughts in case you agree with any. Thanks for all the 2017 posts.

Marcelo Gobello

ah…I live in Argentina

Marcelo Gobello

Thanks thanks thanks Paul!
I check your site three times per day minimum!
You are family now!!!
Thanks again!


Happy new year Paul, and a warm dankjewel from the Netherlands for the effort you put in this website that I love!



Happy New Year to you and yours. Great site. Love the “deals” emails and the price widget.

I like your idea of “voting” and also the option of choosing “why” as suggested by Runicen.

If possible, I would also like to see
a) a option to “subscribe” to a page to get alerts when there are new posts – I recently went back to see if there were more posts about the Visage box set that came out over a year ago (and only remembered to do so because I’d bookmarked the page at some point).
b) an option to “add” to your list of “this week’s releases”. I know, and understand, that you like to only mention the artists you are interested in, and that readers often mention in their posts other artists who have new releases, but it would be nice/easier if new releases mentioned by readers could be highlighted/listed-at-the-top for easy reference.
c) perhaps a way to go back and see new releases by month over the past year (with the ability for readers to contribute). I came across some stuff that had been released a few weeks before, but there was not anywhere to mention this to your other readers.

My hope for 2018 – that there are many combined (vinyl/cd/blu-ray[5.1 mix & video]) SDE editions released – so much cheaper and easier than buying all the different formats (I love my OMD and Fleetwood Mac ones). I do agree that box sets need to remain just one format though. Also that many of my favourite 80s albums are released in a SDE format!!


Happy New Year from La La Land! Here’s to a great 2018!


Happy New Year Paul.
I hope to be following this great, informative and friendly site again all this year. Thanks.

Daniel ( from Berlin )

wow i read all the Happy New Year comments now. what a great international community!!
paul you bring music lover from all over the world together. thank you.
Happy New Year to all user here from me – from berlin !!


Happy New Year Paul !!!
Best wishes from Italy !!


Paul, best wishes to you and your family for 2018 – you must have a wonderfully understanding wife! And thanks again for all the work you put into the site. A skip-to-the-latest comment button would be great. Also a suggestion box for new projects – if the record companies could be induced to read it. My #1 candidate is Hounds of Love by Kate Bush. And Happy New Year to all my fellow SDE readers wherever you are!


Accoring to the FB page for Kate, this year being her 40th anniversary, big things are on the way…or perhaps desperately hoped for. Their post was a little broad in its wording.

I’m hoping for a deluxe singles collection and a Hounds Of Love Deluxe.


Happy New Year to you Paul. Thanks so much for all the work you do on the website. You cost me a ton of money in 2017 and I thank you for that! Best of luck in 2018!

Jeff D

Thanks Paul for everything you do for us music junkies out there…keep it going and HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

Nicholas Dawson

Like others I find superdeluxe a great site, but it costs me a hell of a lot, just ordered the Ian Dury set, would have done the Carpenters as well but for the US prime, but then again I know at some time this year will be available on amazon.it/fr/uk at a good price.


Happy NewYear to you Paul and to all the other readers of the wonderful SDE site.
I love the button idea as it is always interesting to read how others rate releases and reissues.

As an aside, my personal wish list (music-wise) for 2018 would include:
– XTC’s English Settlement to get the Andy Partridge/Steve Wilson SDE treatment
– An album from TC&I (Colin Moulding of XTC’s new music project)
– The Seeds of Love SDE to finally get released
– An SDE of TFF Elemental album (though two SDEs from TFF in one year would be definitely too much to ask for)
– And SDE of Blackstar
– Zeke Manyika’s Call and Response album to finally see a release on CD (a bit obscure i know but there are some wonderful bonus tracks available and given some of the other things that get reissued it’s not beyond the realms of possibility… maybe…)
– Remasters of Visage’s first two albums
– Remaster of Eurythmics 1984 ‘soundtrack’ album
– A new album from David Sylvian (particularly if its a return to his more traditional songs)

That’s probably enough to be getting on with…

Bob M

Happy New Year to You, Paul, and all of the other devotees!
Having this site available to us Canadians is particularly useful, as I often feel we are the “last to know” when it comes to new product, and generally speaking how poor our physical retail has become.
I like the button idea too; I know this would probably be a real nest of worms, but one thing I would enjoy is a better/worse button on the audio quality of a reissue. I think a lot of people already have at least the Red Book issue of the new, super deluxe on tap. Everyone has their own sound taste, but obviously if a whack of listeners are disappointed, it would be helpful (see the Heroes/Bowie box issue).


Happy new year Paul. Love this site – first thing I read every morning!

Mark Rutherford

Happy New Year to all!

How about a place on the new site for readers to suggest albums that are overdue for reissue?
24 Years of Hunger and Swoon spring to mind..


I would really love SDEs of every record that Prefab Sprout ever has released AND has not released AND will release AND will not release but as you might already imagine i think that it is sadly highly unlikely that Paddy McAloon will open the vaults for it.


Happy New Year to you Paul and all the SDE community. The info you bring, and the debate it generates, is an important part of my music appreciation these days. And a key element towards the emptying of my bank balance!! :-)


Long Live SDE !!
Happy new musical year !


All the best to you Paul – I read this site all the time and I wish you every success in 2018 x

Phil Davies

Happy New Year to you Paul – your blog in indispensable, keep up the good work (I especially like the un-boxing clips). Philip

Adam Shaw

Hope you and yours have a great New Year .
Thank you for all your hard work this last year , always entertaining and informative.

Paul Wren

Information is the key to understanding the complicated box sets/vinyl reissue and new releases marketplace these days and SDE fulfils this need whilst highlighting best price deals – what more could any music head ask for?

Mike the Fish

Happy new year, Paul. Thanks for this blog: I love it, and I really enjoy your interviews too.

Will W

The only blog I regularly read. Great work Paul, Happy New Year

Jan V

Happy New Year to you and your family too, Paul!


Thanks for the many, and costly deal alerts. I have spent a lot of dosh this year thanks to you. SDE is invaluable for both information on new releases, and the aforementioned alerts. I have recommended SDE to a lot of my music loving friends which is the highest praise I can give you.
However the biggest thrill was selling you something on Amazon this year!!

Thanks for all your hard work, and Happy new year.


Happy New Year and thanks;i look forward to all your posts.As you seem to get answers Paul,can you find out please why no one who brought Bowie’s ‘ANCIANT’ box set,has to date neither received an email from Parlaphone acknowledging that a replacement ‘Heroes’ would be sent ,and,or received the disc.


I remember reading somewhere here that one reader posted he/she received a corrected vinyl copy of “Heroes”. So CDs might be on their way too.
Which reminds me that i still have to claim my copy :-)
Also a Happy New Year to everyone here in the community.


Thank you Paul for the great work.
Visiting SDE several times a day is something i thoroughly enjoyed in the past. I’m looking forward to much more of that in 18.
Happy New Year to you and to everyone reading this


I wish everyone a new year.

Jan Spring in ,t Veld

Happy and healthy 2018 Paul for you and your family with lots of releases ( not to expencive like the McCartney or Roxy Music ) keep up this beautiful site. Greets from the Netherlands


Happy New year Paul!

Ben Williams

Happy new year, thanks for such a great site!


Happy New Year to you Paul!
And thanks for this wonderful page.


Happy New Year to you and your family Paul, and to everyone else here on this excellent site.

My main wish for the site is that somewhere is established as a central reference point where contributors can post the latest deals that they come across, be they general 4 for £18-type offers or specific album deals. At present there’s nowhere specific to go to keep up to date other than through the latest post by Paul, which of course then becomes old news as it’s superceded.

I also perceive that the site is rather biased towards ’80’s pop and “Rrrooooock”! So I’d like to see more about alternative rock/new wave reissues. As a small example, Moonlandingz have announced a new 2CD set of their rather good debut (and possibly only) album which will come out later this year – no mention of that here. I know it’s impossible for Paul to comment on everything, so maybe this is just my problem.


The only NEW physical music I bought in 2017 was the Brilliant Waiting on a Song by Dan Auerbach. I’ve never been that bothered about his band the Black Keys but this cd is a throwback to when every track was killer and no filler. Great George Harrison/Dave Edmunds feel to some tunes. Not the most original lp; it could have been made in the 70s. but just great pop music.


Happy New Year to you and yours, Paul. Lang may yer lum reek!


Happy New Year to you too Paul. I’ve loved watching/reading this site go from strength to strength over the years. I, like most others I suspect, check in tens of times per day and can’t see any reason for that to change during 2018.

Christopher Old

Happy New Year to you and your family Paul.
Thanks so much for all of your hard work and expertise on this site.
You give us so much to look forward to, read and invest as collectors.
I appreciate all of your efforts.