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Brendan Mooney

You Are The One.

Why? It just is….


I love “Stay on these roads” it’s one of my favorite love songs never forgot it!!


I have a lot favorite songs but Take On Me is probably my favorite.
The song and the video are iconic

Stephen E Cohen

I love the title track, “Hunting High And Low” the best… The keyboards are just a little softer just so you can hear the brilliant orchestration behind Morten Harket’s voice. The song just starts so easily and smoothly and builds up into a full power ballad. “Take On Me” and “The Sun Always Shines on T.V.” may have been Top 20 hits in the U.S., but the title track is definitely the best.


‘Take On Me’: the melody and the ‘riff’ are classic and I love the vocal range on the chorus – starting low on “Taaaaake” then building up and up until the incredibly high “twooooo!” always sends a (good) chill up my spine…..amazing.

Plus the video was brilliantly parodied/referenced by Family Guy…..’nuff said. :)


Take on me. Both song and video are so iconic. Even being born in the 1990s.


I have a love for most of their songs as they’re imprinted on my id for all time, but the one song for me it will always be ‘Living A Boys Adventure Tale’. It was one of the first songs I ever learned how to play for my first ever gig in my first band. The song represented eveything that I had experienced as well as a declaration of starting on the first step to doing the thing I love, being a artist and musician. I was walking in their footsteps while performing it, but it’s a song that is as magical now as it was back then for me taking my first steps into being a musician.

Andrew Aston

Obvious choice I now but it still remains “take on me”


It’s very tough to pick a favorite a-ha song – there are some off every album. However, since we’re talking this particular album, my favorites were Blue Sky and Sun Always Shines On TV. Every song on HH&L was solid though.


My Coice is “Crying in the Rain” . This Song start with The Sound of Rain and make me feel blue.


For me I think it has to be ‘There’s never a Forever Thing’ from Stay on These Roads. Mainly because it reminds me of a very brief but intense ‘liaison’ in Summer 1992!


Too many good ones to be able to pick just the one, but I’ll go for I Call Your Name. Love the intro, piano chords, then the sax comes in and a-ha rock out. Also love the Aooowww! that’s audible in the fade out, too!


Manhattan Skyline, the change in soft almost ballad like song to loud almost angry song with avant garde notes in the background and back again, it makes you just want to explode

my wife would say The Sun Always Shines On TV, one of her all time favourites, had to endure it being played on repeat at ear splitting volume for a 45 minute car journey, enjoyed it but it doesn’t compare to the majesty of Manhattan Skyline

martin farnworth

Sun always shines on tv. obvious choice but little matches it as a grandiose epic


My favourite would have to be “The sun always shines on tv”. Such an amazing song and a great video.

Takes me back to being a teenager and being back at school! I wanted to be Morten! Sad, but true!


he sun always shines on TV – ALWAYS thought it was a better more rocking song than Take on Me…and I also love Cry Wolf – I remember watching the video premiere and thinking that they still had it as a band.


The Sun Always Shines On TV (12″ Version) because of course.

Todd R.

I know “Take On Me” was the breakthrough hit (it only took 3 tries) but I’ll always be a fan of “The Sun Always Shines On T.V.” – The previous 2-cd collection of HHAL revealed a few remixes to me that only reaffirmed my affection for the song :)

Aidan Woods

My favourite a-ha song is Manhattan Skylines as it has its both soft, tender part and raw, hard part. It’s fantastic!


Take on me. Who can forget the iconic video & the soaring and beautiful lyrics? It also brings back all the memories of being a teenager !

Scott Gillies

Take On Me


“Velvet” – a very sweet ballad and stunning video clip.
I can watch and listen to 24 hrs a day ;)


Hunting high & low


My favorite a-ha track is “The Sun Always Shines On T.V.” It’s just so dramatic, and the pre-teen me just dug that immensely!


My favorite a-ha song changes, depending on my mood. “Take On Me” is the song I have loved the longest, since it was the first track I had ever heard by the band, and I have only grown fonder of it through the years. Close contenders would be “Lifelines,” “The Swing Of Things,” and “Foot Of The Mountain.”


How could one chose just one song? A-ha has incredible sound and emotionally moving music.Music that continues to impress an inspire all of their fans and even spans mutiple generations. Their contributions and talent have inspired all of us. If i had to pick one song i would have to say that it was “Crying in the Rain”. The music of a-ha has definitely evolved into a beautiful sophisticated sound. Looking forward to hearing more.


my favourite’s “hunting high and low” because i remember when i look for
the extended version of this song

David B.

“Here I Stand and Face the Rain” is my favourite a-ha song. It’s such a cool hidden gem. I just discovered the “demo” version recently as well and it’s awesome!


Cliches abound here, but despite the singles being by far the best thing about their overrated and wet-behind-the-ears and even slightly dated international first album (the album tracks almost border on filler or demos), I’d never pick any from it. They were stupid not to release the killer 2 openers from their best 80s album “Scoundrel Days” instead of the almost meaningless ‘Cry Wolf’ (the kind of song a much later triumph like ‘Cannot Hide’ walks all over and then some).

I’d pick anything from “Lifelines”-not just cos no one has bothered with the album at all-a typical approach as it happens to be one of their best album, but especially killer single DID ANYONE APPROACH YOU and TURN THE LIGHTS DOWN and SOLACE and title track. I’d also add THE BANDSTAND, RIDING THE CREST, WHAT THERE IS and MOTHER NATURE GOES TO HEAVEN from another top album, and THE WAKE, FOREST FIRE, MYTHOMANIA and SHE’S HUMMING A TUNE. Also I WISH I CARED and I’LL NEVER GET OVER YOU from another top latter day album. From an earlier album, I’d pick ROLLING THUNDER and I CALL YOUR NAME, SLENDER FRAME and WAITING FOR HER. Then there’s the cool non-album single SHAPES THAT GO TOGETHER and best b-side CASE CLOSED ON SILVER SHORE. All these tracks I’ve highlighted in caps showcase many of A-ha’s main unique calling cards-darkness, beauty, ambiguity, atmosphere, threat, a dash of romance and fulfilment, with a sizeable amount of canvas for you to project a bit of what you want the song to mean to you.

Great stuff, but I have to pick just a few, I’ll go with DID ANYONE APPROACH YOU, I CALL YOUR NAME, THE BANDSTAND, THE WAKE, RIDING THE CREST, SOLACE and I WISH I CARED. After all, ballads don’t get more beautiful in the world than the likes of SOLACE and I WISH I CARED. A-ha, like Duran continue to do, easily walk all over most of their too often touted early works with much better later stuff.

Rodrigo Gomes

My favorite song is “The Swing Of Things”. Why? I’m a drummer…and I decided to be a drummer since I heard that epic beat in the final chorus. That’s why!


Just one…? I think it will be “Hunting high and low”. Already got the first edition and the 25th anniversay edition, so this one can complete the collection :-)


Living a boys adventure tale, classic song and brilliant vocals

Per Z

I think This Alone Is Love.
Takes me back to 1988 when I bought the album, and everything that happened in my life. (turning 13, falling in love for the first time, etc)


I’m going with ‘October’ – one of a-ha’s weird and unusual meanderings that I wish they would do more often… Morten’s hushed, whispering vocal of the haunting lyrics stuck in my mind at a young age and has never left:

‘Dawn awaits a sleepless, English town / Of colored gray / Here I roam the streets without you / As summer fades away / Down in the city at nights…’

Dammit, Paul Waaktaar-Savoy is a genius.


Best single for me has to be Summer Moved On. Great melody, great vocals.


“Take on me”… An epic 80’s synth-pop classic.

Paul C

My favourite a-ha song is Summer Moved On. It heralded their welcome return with the Minor Earth Major Sky CD. Morton’s voice soared, but other gems on the CD – Thought That It Was You and To Let You Win – also encapsulated the magic of a-ha.

Darren H

Living a boys adventure tale.

Djordje Lennart

Hard to pick just one, but surprisingly to myself even probably Summer Moved On, released in 2000. as the first single from their album Minor Earth Major Sky. Real end of summer, or end of summer holidays sadeness sublimed in that song’s lyrics and melody, and Morten’s voice and high notes are perfect as always. It was the great pick as their comeback song in 2000. after 6 years break. Take On Me for new millenium, 15 years later.


My favorite a-ha track is the 1985 Extended Version of “Take On Me”. I love the introduction, with some of the instruments and the backing vocals beginning, increasing further to the regular song arrangement.


Absolutely “Hunting High And Low”
Because if I close my eyes and listen.
I still get the same feeling and see the same inner film as when I first heard it:
I sit really comfy in a chair and is tugged in a warm
furry rug on top of a snowy mountain and feel as close as I can
to be happy.
Thank you for that feeling a-ha.

Roelant van Zevenbergen

a-ha contributed hugely to the musical landscape, not only of the 80s but far beyond. Still, I treasure their sophomore effort Scoundrel Days. And from that album I’ve always liked the moody, jazzy painting that is “October”. Different (without any falsetto) but still quality a-ha imo. Autumn par excellence. Perfectly sequenced after the tearyerking lyrics of I’ve been losing you. And I’m feeling that way ’cause I just got divorced after 23 years.

Dean Gerstel

Hunting high and low. . .watch me tearing myself to pieces.

Simon P

For me… Scoundrel Days. It’s a fantastic, soaring, dramatic start to a wonderful album that transports me back to my teenage years!

Paul Barr

Here I Stand And Face The Rain – scandi-noir pop at it’s finest


The sun always shines on TV – I’ve always loved the start of this song.


Hunting High and Low!


Would have to be Manhattan Skyline. Can’t explain why but could listen to it on repeat all week. Though Minor Earth Major Sky runs it close purely because it brought me back to A-ha

Mike the Fish

Possibly Lifeline, although I don’t fully understand the metaphor – I certainly wouldn’t want to endorse any kind of occult link if it was there. I really like the melody, the melancholy lyrics, and the conversational, questioning, chorus. Otherwise Take On Me is musically pretty fabulous, and I’ve long had a soft spot for The Blue Sky.

Alberto Reina

The living daylights, I love classic JAMES BOND themes, and it was the last time JOHN BARRY worked with BOND MUSIC