Depeche Mode / Competition Winner!

SDE would like to congratulate Jan Cholvadt who has been selected randomly as the winner of the two Depeche Mode 12-inch vinyl box sets!

Jan wins both numbered and limited edition box sets: Speak & Spell : The 12″ Singles and A Broken Frame: The 12″ Singles. We will be in touch with Jan soon about delivering the prize!

Thanks to everyone who entered and stay tuned for another SDE competition soon!

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DJ Boji

Did anyone experiece quality issues with those LPs?
One of The LPs in each of The boxes had minor scratches. Returned to Amazon 2 boxes of A broken frame already and received yesterday The 3rd replacement and to be honest I’m afraid to open it. It’s really a shame to deliver this quality for boxes priced so high. Had The Same issue with The quality of Delta Machine LP in The past. Since DM moved to Sony the quality of the products Cd or LP’s has been really poor. Not to forget The bad quality of the Cd packages of The Last 2 albums. I was forced to exchange them too until I got a package with cds without scratches. By The Last album I was forced to keep The scratched cds as I did not have time and nerves to try to solve The issue. I do hope that Sony will take a note of this problem and Improve the quality control for all future Depeche Mode releases! Or alternatevely reduce The price for the boxes if they can not deliver a proper quality.


Everyone who didn’t win can now – in true Mode style – “enjoy the silence”. :o)


Congratulations Ján, I hate it was you and not me that won, just kidding (or do I). ;-)


I still haven’t opened my box sets, I really should, they weren’t cheap.

Oscare Cosulich

Congrats Jan! Enjoy the Music

Ján Cholvadt

Thanks! I will :-)


When do you have these competitions? I never know.
I don’t even see my posts anymore.


What a great Halloween present. Congrats, Jan.

Ján Cholvadt

Thank You so much, the best unexpected halloween thing so far :-)


Hi Jan! Enjoy the records!

Ján Cholvadt

Hi, thank You so much! I will :-)


Congrats Jan. I’m hoping these might come down a price soon.

Ján Cholvadt

Hi, thank You, I guess eventually after christmas there will be some price drop

Annabel Lecter

What a great prize! Congratulations to Jan.

Ján Cholvadt

Thank You very much :-)

Chris Squires

Hopefully someone in Australia will get to win something soon to make up for the lack of will from any decision makers in the Amazon tax debacle.

Well done Jan, it looks like a lovely set and best of all it’s free!

Roel Glas

Thanks for thinking of us Chris. I did enter but maybe I should put AU on the entry. lol!!
ps. Congrats to Jan.

Ján Cholvadt


Ján Cholvadt

Thank very much :-)

Wayne Klein

Congrats! I’m curious are these competitions open to the world or just the UK? If not the former, I’m sure folks would pony up to pay for postage (if that is an issue).

Ján Cholvadt



Congratulations Jan!!

Ján Cholvadt

Thank You so much! :-)