WIN a Manic Street Preachers Generation Terrorists Collector’s Box

WIN a Manic Street Preachers Generation Terrorists Collector's Box Set
Generation Terrorists Collector’s box is now unavailable

****This competition is now CLOSED. Thank you to everyone who entered. Dan Newton was selected as the winner on 26 November 2012.****

This Generation Terrorists Collector’s box was only available direct from the Manic Street Preachers web site and was SOLD OUT before the official release date. No more are available for purchase, leaving some tardy fans very disappointed.

Exclusive to this set is a bonus CD of additional demos and B-sides (22 tracks in total) as well as a 10-inch vinyl record with four BBC Radio One session tracks. A further two CDs and a DVD are carried over from the 3-disc legacy edition.


To be in with a chance of winning this superb prize simply:

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GOOD LUCK! A winner will be selected at random on Monday 26 November 2012 and informed via email. The winner will also be announced on this blog.

****This competition is now CLOSED. Thank you to everyone who entered. Dan Newton was selected as the winner on 26 November 2012.****

We’ve made a video to show you what’s in this superb box set.

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Pick me!!


This band and this album, 20 years ago, saved my LIFE. 4 REAL.

To have this boxset would be a treasure I would keep for the rest of my LIFE. 4 REAL.


This album really is the dog’s bollocks!


I wanna win…because winning is fun!

Tyronne Mayadunne

I’d like to win the GT boxset because there are so few opportunities to indulge in Manic glory living in Canada.


I found out about this special release too late to order it.


I would like to win this-uh because the manics are top of my list of the look back bores-uh. Hit the north-uh!


Another bought product, no reality


I am a huge Manics fan but I couldn’t buy this box cos it was too expensive! I hoped to find it later but now it’s sold out…


I would LOVE to win this because I’d been looking forward for months to buy the box set. Having the bills out the way, I’d realised I could buy it on the day of release. I returned home to order it and was CRUSHED to find it had sold out.

I remember buying the cd on my fourteenth birthday at Cob Records (a legendary Welsh record shop which sadly closed earlier this year); taking it home and, for the first time discovering Motorcycle Emptiness, You Love Us, Little Baby Nothing etc. at high volume (11, naturally).

At first glance, fun rock n roll. Then i discovered the lyrics, what the band’s message and manifesto was. Then it clicked. I connected with it, especially having being brought up in Wales to very similar surroundings as Blackwood.

Fast forward seven years later. It’s a sunny Sunday afternoon at Valley Police Station on Anglesey. Quiet. Dead. Being the only one in (the old house now converted into a small local station), I played Generation Terrorists out the office window. Repeat. Stay Beautiful. Ten minutes in, there’s a knock at the door.

Me: Hi there, how can i help you?
Male aged around 16: Is that music coming from the office? I could hear it walking over the footbridge passed the window.
Me: Yes, its the first album by Manic Street Preachers. Have I caused offense by playing it? I’m sorry if I have.
Male: No, I heard it and thought it sounded really good, I’d heard a few of their songs but didn’t know they did stuff like that.
Me: It’s called Generation Terrorists. Here, take it, give it a listen and drop it back through the door when your finished with it.

Two weeks later, at the end of a brutal shift, there it is lying on the floor, with a post-it note on the front. “I’ve discovered something amazing. I’ve bought The Holy Bible too. Thanks so much”

That to me is what good music is about. It stays with you. You remember the moment you bought/first heard it. Then the important times of your life where you connect with it, just like all those years ago when i first bought it, through good times and bad, right up to when the band played Glasgow last year.


I’d like to win because I deserve this price ;)


…because it’s a great prize


because i’ve got all their album except generation terrorist!

Marcos Pereira

I WANT TO WIN…. I am a big fan. I couldn’t order one because my financial life is completely down!!! Fingers crossed!!!


I’d like to win cause it is fun to win something :D Oh and anything new by Manic Street Preachers is always good!

Stephen Gwynne

I have a gap in my record racks exactly the same size as this box set, therefore I should win


I’d love to win, just to listen to motorcycle emptiness in glorious remastered form:)

stefan nyström

please send me the box as soon as possible so I can sell it on ebay and buy xmas presents to the kids…

Bill Janowski

I’d like to win this!!


Gutted i missed out on buying this, it looks EPIC!
thanks for the chance to try and win one!!!

Matt Fitch

I would like to win the set because it will help others have a better Christmas, as the money I would have spent on the set I can use for their presents! :)


because it looks amazing and i never win anything!

Edgar Piña

Se que es muy dificil que los Manics vengan a Mexico ya que aqui son poco conocidos, asi que pienso que este seria una buena forma de compensar su ausencia en tierras mexicanas.

No saben como anhelo algun dia poderlos ver en directo.


Gillian Coaché

I’d love to win this for my husband for Christmas- if I could give him this box set he will wet himself with excitement…


“Ode to Manics Collectors Box”
I need to win this gift from the manics, it will prevent me getting a dose of the panics.
I am a music fan from this generation and MSP were always my inspiration.
This prize will complete my life and my dreams and it will make my music collection way cooler than it seems! :)

Brian McNeill

I’d like to win because I missed out on getting the box because im between jobs just now and skint!

Mark Stubbs

Me.. please… as it’s a manic Monday tommorow and I pray that its a good day:)


I live in urban hell. I enjoy rock’n’roll.

Michael Connor

Under Neon Loneliness, Motorcycle Emptiness…need I say more! The best song ever from the best band ever and I need this box set :)

simon adlington

This just maybe the greatest debut album ever. Would be great to hear all of the discs on this set to hear how it was shaped.


Followed these guys from the word go so it would be great to have this set


I think this album is one of the most ambitious debute LPs any band has ever made! And the whole box looks so cool!

Dave Trippa

I’d like to win because I’m a culture slut.


I love Richie and wonder where he is now. You Love Us oh You Love us!

Andrew Hindley

I would like to win because I love good music

Annamarie Riddiford

I love their music and would love this prize. Thank you


Was -4 when Generation Terrorists was released, so unfortunately missed out first time round… hopefully better luck this time!

Katie Skeoch

Have loved them for years!! Would be a great crimbo present for me if I won :)

Darren Parr

Need this!! Seen them over 10 times live and missed this!!! Damn……..

Paul Maloney

I’d like to win the box set as I missed out on ordering when it came available first. Generation Terrorists is my favourite Manics album and the one I play the most from their earlier albums. I’d love to have all the extras. There’s a hole in my collection without this amazing item.

Mark Thomas

Been a big manics fan ever since the early days seeing one of their first gigs at Cardiff University.

Thomas Williams

I got made unemployed just as it came on sale- by the time I’d decided I could afford it anyway it had sold out….


I would love to win this because I am a huge fan with all the merchandise and this is the only thing I am missing that I would love to own. I have also travelled from England to Belgium just to see them perform and also, because I just really like them xx

Olga Luiken

Because my five year old son really loves to listen the music of the Manics! (of course after hearing it from us, his parents). He singing and drumming with two pencils in his hands on the music. And he loves to see the video clips, especially the one where Nicky is wearing a pink dress! So the whole family (his 3 year old sister also loves to rock and dance one the Manics) will be so delighted to win this!


I love the manics. Generation Terrorists has to be one of the best albums of all time. Every single song is different and excellent. I would love to win this.

Maarja A

I would love to win this box set because Manic Street Preachers really are my favourite band. I’ve been a huge fan of them for the past five years now and will continue to be one! They’re incredible.


It is a thing of beauty.I must have it.


Its an awesome prize from an awesome group.


For my best friend as a christmas gift. I can’t afford to buy this for her, but if I won it, it would make the both of us happy! We’ve both been MSP fans since I introduced them to her years ago, but she doesn’t have the money to buy any of their CD’s or merch. So this would be really really cool to win!


It was sold out, which means I am bummed out. A signed copy of the 3 disc edition just don’t cut that mustard.