Win a SIGNED Propaganda vinyl LP

Win a SIGNED Propaganda vinyl LP

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Always loved this. One of the best sounding and produced albums ever. Never heard it on vinyl, so a signed copy would be very welcome.

Peter Kavanagh

Going to March gig in London, just love this album!



Ken Ronning

My original CD got lost somewhere along the way to now.
Would be great to have this again.


One of my best cd’s in the good days.

Gian Luca

Great record of my youth.

John Bommarito

Nice item. Thank you for your commitment to keeping us informed Paul. I appreciate it.

Jon Betts

Great album that means a very great deal to my wife and I. Won’t bore you with the detail. Suffice to say ‘made for each other’ and this album proved it.


Yeah! Done!

Ralf Dörper

Without Michael’ s signature it is worth a ****.
And a Horn is worth more than a Lippo.
Not so sure about a Morley …


Another super Prize Competition from SDE. Missed your 12 Days Of Christmas competition last December. Will that be back for 2018? (i have an empty frame ready, just in case i’m the lucky winner!)

Andrew B

Just signed up for this…..in the bag

Eddie Quayle

I wouldn’t say no to this lol

Darren Lewis

What a prize….I can imagine this framed on the wall above my turntable shelf….

D. Martin

Very cool prize.

D. Martin

Very cool prize this one.

Robert Morgenstern

Would looking good framed on the wall. Hoping it will be in my room.

Derek Langsford

And again, no companion (signed) CD. Paul, are you trying to tick off the “no vinyl” contingent? :-)


I take it Michael Mertens signature will be absent on this pathetic release?


COOL! got original vinyl and cd, the 2018 vinyl, the 2018 cd so let’s complete the collection!


It would be awesome if I would win signed album. So I am keeping my fingers crossed.

Steve W

Would really love to win this one!

(Probably the first of your competitions I am invested in. lol )

Joe Mac Pherson

Will someone please tell the members of this illustrious band, PLEASE consider performing in Los Angeles!!
I bought A Secret Wish on UK import vinyl, when it was first released. Absolutely staggered by ALL OF IT- and for me, the premier listening happened on my stereo system. The band were virtually unknown in the States; zero radio play except the rare college station DJ, taking an interest. I discovered Propaganda through my weekly visits to an international news stand in Hollywood. There, I purchased New Musical Express, Melody Maker and Sounds. Within their pages I discovered all the bands and recording artists Rolling Stone and Creem simply forgot, or chose to ignore. I’m forever grateful to the UK Music Press!
ANYHOW, this album: Still brilliant, still shining in my memories. And I play the deluxe edition CD, and 12″ singles CD collection, at home!

Georg Dowe

Beeing from Duesseldorf, hometown of the band, this price would have it‘s coming home.


One of the greatest albums ever, I have two copies on vinyl (UK and Canadian), the original CD, the remastered CD, plus Wishful Thinking on original UK vinyl, plus original CD and Remastered CD, all the original 12″s, plus some compilations. Can’t get enough of them and would love this signed copy, it would be in pride of place.



Jimi Fletcher

Absolutely slamming album – now listening to ‘The Murder of Love’ on youtube because, you know, it’s absolutely fantastic.

Hugo Alvarez durán

Excelente vinilo.

Steven Robertson

Hopefully I’ll win this lol

Iain Tough

Possibly my (joint) favourite album by anyone.

Paul Adams

An absolute classic album, which has been on my turntable, in my Walkman, spun in my CD player and play listed on my iPod over the last 33 years!

Chris Squires

Wonderfully unique in every way. Fingers crossed.

Darren Dilliway

Great prize!Always love Propaganda!