Win a SIGNED “so80s presents Alphaville” 2CD remix set


Our friends Blank & Jones’ have kindly given SDE three copies of their fantastic new so80s presents Alphaville collection to give away. Even better, these are all SIGNED by founder members of the band, Marian Gold and Bernhard Lloyd!

Released just this week, this new two-CD set is packed full of original Alphaville twelve-inch remixes and B-sides all remastered from the original analogue tapes. Of course, the classic Big In Japan and Forever Young are amongst many fine tracks.

How to Enter:
This competition is open to all until Friday 14 November 2014. To be in with a chance of winning please be kind enough to:

  • 1. Subscribe to the FREE weekly SuperDeluxeEdition newsletter – click here.
  • 2. Leave a comment on this post – tell us why you love music from the 1980s!

If you already subscribe to our lovely newsletter, then just leave a comment. The winners will be picked at random on Saturday 15 November 2014 and revealed via the newsletter on Sunday 16 November. Good luck!

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Rommel Agnol

Great music from bands with bad clothes and horrible hair.


Alphaville= Soul+ Heart+ Mind


i need it i want it i love it ;-))))

Frank Orlik

Love The Communards version of Don’t Leave Me This Way!


Tell me whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy ?

[…] 2. Leave a comment on this post – tell us your favourite Jimmy track! […]


In the 80s you had all this new technology in music recording, and nobody really knew how to use it. This resulted in a lot of weird and wonderful ways of music production. The artists were very good and you could often find 10 good songs on 1 album. Analog recordings, bigger dynamic range and real artists.


For the bass-synths sounds!


I like the sound of analogue synthesizers and Linn drums. This is – as many said before – the sound of my youth. I will never understand artists that try to “free” their back catalogue of the 80s production.


I love 80’s music, inspite I’m to young to remember it. I love it for fantastic music on vinyls – I collect them and admire that amazing, huge, wonderful covers which are in many cases masterpices. And that fantastic look of black vinyl on turntable…


You’ll never leave the music you loved at the age of 16, they say. Well, i was one of the lemmings who grew up that age in the revolutionary 80s. I’m still proud of it.

Fun T

Grew up in the 80s….musically, the 80s was a hodgepodge of all kinds of experimental music and styles blending together to form unique sounds. Synthpop developed and flourished to new heights in this decade. And it didn’t just end with the original artist — DJs entered the scene and remixed the original songs for club and radio and creating another scene in the process while helping to keep the tracks alive. Musically, tt was truly a fun time to be in!

Nigel Hall

Best. Decade. EVAH!


I was born in 1970, so I truly grew up in the ’80s. Coming of age, college, etc., were all for me tied to the music I listened to then (As now). Still prefer the ’80s to any other decade. :-)

Ian P

Oh yes please. Love this band

carsten hansen

80`s music remind me of my childhood

in the national radio was a dj who played music for the youth of the 80`s
he went to u.s.a 3 or 4 times a year and had alot of the records
on his show 3 or 4 months before it was released in my country (denmark)
his show was between 3 and 4 on Monday afternoon
but sadly on one the timesit was not only records was not all he came
with,he also go Aids and died in 1991 40 years old

he is sadly missed today

people today trade MC of his radio shows,mainly because of his “funny speak” between the songs

he was also the first dj who played MEGAMIXES and DJ mixes on the radio

Justin Isbell

Favourites include Big in Japan and Forever Young. Great 80’s emotional synth pop.


Synthetic faux pas or not: it was the songs that will survive forever:
from It’s a Sin to Enola Gay, from Forever young to Heartbeat City, from Digging Your Scene to Such a Shame: No shame at all!


Perfect Pop created in Australia and New Zealand remains my connection to the Eighties: It’s a wide open road (The Triffids, 1986) under the milkyway (The Church, 1988) and Right Here (The Go-Betweens, 1987).


Alphaville were one of my favourites in the 80s, so…..


EVERYTHING was better in the eighties! the synth sounds, the drum sounds, the overall way the songs sounded. everything now is so generic.

frank thorstensson

I have loved Alphaville since the 80s. I love the music from the 80s, music from my youth. I still buy music from the 80s artists like Alphaville, Sandra, Culture Club, Bananarama etc.

Michael Schneider

I love the music of the 80s because it’s the music of my youth. (Not that I’m not still quite young, mind you.)

Mike Williams

80s was my youth and still my favourite era of music, diverse and perfect pop


The most inspired decade ever, the best music, the best videos and the best remixes were made in the 80’s. This is why I love it!!!!


I love the 80s because music was the best back then and 12″ remixes were great


The 80’s sounds were the best. There was thousands of new song each month from al style of music? There was great stars in all countries. Millions of records were edited. The 80’s were the years from the synthé sound. The 80’s have seen the best 12 inch mixes and remix.

R. V. T.

The 80’s were just a golden decade with plenty of great talented groups that made unforgettable songs that still at present I can endlessly enjoy…

F. Nieuwenhuis

Teenager, first dancing lessons, first date, first kiss, first LP (Duran Duran’s Seven and the ragged tiger), etc.


Ah! Memories of my teenage years and dancing to “Big In Japan”.
Would love a signed copy.

Neil C

80s music is the bastard love child of everything that had gone before – never to be repeated. genius!

Simon S

It was a changing sound


This looks as cool as the 80s!
Thanks for the competition.


I would love to win that beautiful extended 80’s package so perfectly done. thanks !! :)

Frank P

Would love to win too. I have heard this is a great collection and signed too— WOW!

Deny M

Because I was there.

Jon Masciana

Who doesn’t love to dance? 80s synth pop rules supreme as the best dance music of all time and that’s why I love music from the 80s – Alphaville are fantastic!

Dennis Alexis

It’s all about the synth, baby!

Maik-Felix Gomm

Behause it was the time of my life! :-)


So eighties, so good !

Vylette Rose

The music from the 80″ was just so alive and dynamic! You could be listening to Motley Crue one minute and then Alphaville the next, it was such a wonderful time to be alive.

Jenna Appleseed

The whole sense of fun and experimentation – from people making music that’s unashamedly pop at one end to tiny bands making genuinely independent (post-punk) DIY recordings at the other plus bands/artists being unafraid to be openly social/political in their lyrics and still getting a chance to be heard.


the best group of the world … alphaville !!!!


I love Alphaville since 1984 and 80’s are my youth ;)
Have the french single of “Forever Young” with the boths mixes called “version lente” and “version rapide”…


Forever Young was my first 45 RPM!


The music with which I grew up!!!


Because the 80ies are still a total work of art, in all directions …. music, film, clothes, politics, … simply all!


Alphaville is the one of the best bands of the 80’s – the best decade of the music. And I very likelly of Alphaville and the 80’s. The good music never dies, is actually heard by generations who did not get to live the 80’s like me.
So I like and a lot to win this CD, it would be a Christmas present for me.


…so8os series are the best!!!

Anton Rodionov

I think 80’s was a golden age of pop music! Too many great artists & records!!! Michael Jackson, Madonna, George Michael, A-ha, Depeche Mode etc. – absolute amazing!!!