Win an Ultravox ‘Extended’ bundle

The new remix compilation is out today and in another great competition, SDE is giving away a special Ultravox ‘Extended’ bundle.

Courtesy of our friends at Chrysalis, one lucky winner will receive the 4LP vinyl box set of Extended, the 2CD edition an a T-shirt featuring the cover art (size L). Enter below and best of luck!

Win an Ultravox ‘Extended’ bundle

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Dave Kaple

Thanks you so much Paul, big hello fr Canada!

Florentino Stabile

Thank you for this contest. Would make a sweet Christmas bundle of joy. Thank you Paul and all of the wonderful people at SuperDeluxeEdition. Good luck to all.

Piotr Filipow

Thank you! :)


Great recopilation. I Need it for my collection of Ultravox. Good luck to all in the competition!


I only have 2 Ultravox albums, so I could probably learn a bit from this set.

Trevor Smith

Great prize Paul. Having problems entering by Twitter though. I’m clicking but it’s not doing anything unfortunately.?

Tom M

@Trevor Smith You have to click the Tweet button first, after the message appears, then click continue.


I would love to win this one. I hope that I am lucky this time !

carsten hansen

IF i Win This One i would Be very happy

i have been in a bit of a bad mode ever since they only released BRILLIANT -Blank and jones remixes in Germany and Benelux

so now I’m over the moon,that they get released worldwide


Just got my Metamatic 3CD special edition today (and finally ordered the 4CD box The Island Years from Amazon). OK, not the same Ultravox, or at least not the same incarnation of the band, but it’s still Ultravox. Maybe this is a sign that I’ll be the lucky winner LOL

Joe Mac Pherson

I was 22 years old when the debut album by Ultravox was released, in 1977. I bought Vienna, as soon as it was released in 1980. I should note, I never hear a single track from this album on any Southern California progressive radio station at the time. KROQ, broadcasting from Pasadena, ignored the album. So, I heard it first on my stereo system, in my apartment. After that, I was buying the UK 12″ singles, and buying all of the ensuing albums by Ultravox.
I met Midge Ure; he’s an absolute gentleman. He was kind enough to sign my hardcover version of his autobiography, and some of his solo albums on CD and vinyl, also Ultravox on CD- including Brilliant. I asked him, “Is there any chance of Ultravox doing another album?” He made it very clear, he was in favor of the idea. I can only hope!
Meanwhile, Thank You, Paul, for ALL of your postings!

Gary Grier

I see hope in the morning light


Was expecting this in a thin cardboard sleeve but when it turned up I was very heartened to see it wasn’t and the artwork is great [something you can’t see just from the cover but can in Paul’s picture].

Robert Morgenstern

Great Bundle. Perfect t-shirt size. Let’s hope for it.


The winner gets all the stuff? Would make more sense to split it into 3 prizes.


My wife used to meet Midge in a local record shop many years ago. So long ago, he was in Slik. On balance I prefer Ultravox! Would love to win this.


I feel lucky!


I’ll give it a shot.
But i’ll buy it anyways.


John Voller

I am so happy with this release i’am dancing with tears in my eyes !


Visited a concert of Midge Ure this week.
Beautiful. Excellent performaces of excellent songs. “Vienna” gave a special shiver…


What a great prize.
I don’t think my comments get posted anymore.

John Murdoch

This means nothing to me…not

Karl Probst

Woohoo!!! thank you for another winning opportunity Paul.

Mark Lavallee

This looks like a wonderful bundle! I’ll lose again, I always lose!


Looks excellent fingers and toes crossed! Thank you.



Kevin Galliford

Got to be in it to win it! Good luck me!

Dave N

Big Ultravox since 1981. I would love this . Thanks

Darren Dilliway

Good luck everyone!

Regan Judson

Those are some great prizes Paul!!!

Barry Giles

Superb Box Set

Chris Squires

Ha, the T-shirt will be nicked by my daughters…..

Thanks for the opportunity…..


Looks good


Fingers crossed!

Mike the Fish

Nice prize!


U vox

Jim Vandegrift


Jon Betts

That would be awesome!

Joseph Norton

Thank you!