Pink Floyd / Wish You Were Here Immersion Box / First picturesWin a Pink Floyd Wish You Were Here Immersion Box Set

This amazing set contains 2xCDs, 2xDVDs and 1xBlu-ray disc.

Includes 5.1 surround sound version plus outtakes and live tracks!

This competition is now closed.

A winner has been picked at random and that person is Phil Maher from London. Congratulations to Phil, whose box set will be on the way to him shortly.

Thank you to everyone who entered.

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Harry Williams

I’d like to win because


WYWH was the first Floyd album I purchased, and remains a sentimental album for me to this day. With epic and eclectic tracks like “Shine On..”, Pink Floyd were one of those bands that inspired me to dig deeper into the annals of music history and discover all the wonderous music out there that you don’t get to hear on “Oldies” channels or Classic Rock radio. It’d be a privilege to get back to my roots and rediscover this classic and explore what looks like some excellent bonus material.


I would like to win because I like bathig in sound. And WYWH is one of the finest you can take a bath in.

Jesper Hall

..that should be buy

Jesper Hall

I would like to win because come on – it’s Pink Floyd and it’s the soundtrack to my life and it’s to bloody expensive to nuy.


Why I’d like to win? Because I cannot buy it here in my country and this is the great chance to get it. For people in the former Soviet Union PF is one of the favourite bands and everyone remember their amazing Moscow concerts in 1989. But I was too small then at the time… Fortunetely, I am not so small by now :) And two concerts of Roger Waters I attended are in my own memory forever. Thank you Syd, Rick, Dave, Roge and Nick for the music you gave to us.

Ivan Sofic

“We’re just knocked out.
We heard about the sell out.
You gotta get an album out,
You owe it to the people. We’re so happy we can hardly count.”

Robert Olivier

I’d love to win this. This may be Floyd’s best album after “The Wall”.


“And it seems to you the thing to do would be to isolate the winner”

Amos Vega

I would love to win so I can hear the cleaned up quad mix and hear Stephane Grappelli.

Tony DeMatio

I’d love to win cause I lost my marbles years ago. And whenever I look in my empty wallet at where the money to buy the new Pink Floyd Immersion set would be, I think “Wish You Were Here!”

Mark Lavallee

I want to win because there’s no way I could afford this set! In the early 90s I had a Pink Floyd cover band that did strictly pre-DSOTM material, people thought we were terrible! Imagine going to a club on the Sunset Strip and inbetween the metal and bad grunge bands there’s a group of weirdos that open with A Saucerful Of Secrets and get weirder from there on out, good times!

woody voke

shine on reminds me so much of my father ~(passed away 14 years)just sat in his chair strumming away on his air guitar in awe of the music greatest memory of my father .thank you

Adrian Graham

I’d love to win as my daughter has now discovered Pink Floyd and nabbed my old copy!

Emmanuel Quiroz

Because Pink Floyd is more than a Rock Band, the complex combination between the visual, sound, lyrics, concepts, attitude in work way.
Each album desmostrate Quality Minds in all process.
Is the only group of people who leave me in reflection. Obscured by Clouds or More can continue in long silence without need of more music.
Wish You Were Here is special too, in my personal experience is my turner/normalizer of mind and relax me at point to can concentrate in anything.
WYWH as DSOTM when I`m child are my company when I was in fear.

Stuart Barton

If I win pigs will fly!

Ron Durham

I’d love to win this Pink Floyd masterpiece because it is my favorite of all their releases, and if I had possession of this Crazy Diamond I’d Have a Cigar and celebrate my good fortune, and I would definite Wish You Were Here so I could thank you in person for allowing me to experience this collection. Then I would Welcome the disks to the Machine so I could rip it and have it on my iPod as well.

Lar Duffy

Still can’t get here from the mobile site, so count me in.

I wish to win, this nicely done Immersion box set, because it will probably be the last “physical” Ultimate Wish you were here product that will be presented to fans … and that product, deserves a place on my PF shelf :-)


…I Wish “Pink Floyd” Were Here.

peter chrisp

One of the best bands of all “time”. By the way which ones Pink? I have always had a deep respect and i mean that most sincerely.

Sebastian Brogca

I would like to win this because I’m from Chile and love Pink Floyd

Alex Intelligator

I’d like to win because this is one of my favorite albums in term sof music and production values – blue ray sound must be awesome, how can you top that!
It’s a Pink Floyd nirvana.

Amy DeMai

OK, I just made room for it on my shelf. Now there’s a hole there. Every time I walk by my CD rack I’m going? to see a hole on top that’s waiting for the Wish You Were Here Immersion box. That’s all that can go there. It’s a rule. And you know what? Now I have my heart set on winning it. Now I can’t go out and buy it. I’m probably going to get The Wall set for Christmas but I haven’t made room for it yet because maybe Santa’s gonna screw up and bring The Dark Side Of The Moon set. Or maybe he’ll bring both. It could happen. Either way, that hole will still be there. Taunting me. Mocking me. And you’ll be laying in bed thinking about it at night too. Thinking about that hole on top of my CD rack. Thinking of me laying in bed not being able to sleep thinking about the hole on top of my CD rack. You might have an intern working for you. He probably won’t be thinking about the hole on top of my CD rack, so every morning while you’re chugging back coffee to keep your eyes open you’ll be resenting him and his good nights sleep. You’ll resent him so much that one day you’ll probably strangle him with some patch cords. You know the ones you bought after you moved and you thought you lost your good gold plated ones but it turned out that they were in the box marked “Kitchen” so they’ve just been sitting in that box by the side of the desk. And then you’re in jail awaiting arraignment and I can’t sleep. That’s where this story ends if I don’t win. So, it’s really for both of us. You want me to win.


Love to bequeth this masterpiece in another form in my will to my daughters. I inherited Perry Como’s Greatest Hits – NICE

Tom Fox

I’d like to win this because my wife can’t stand Pink Floyd and it would be great to be able to annoy her with 5 discs worth of Wish You Were Here. Result!

Shane Locke

Wold LOVE to have this beautiful set in my collection sitting next to TDSOTM Immersion. This is a must have! :)

Gary Kirk

WYWH is my fave Floyd album and the bonus tracks are something I need to hear – I’m raving and drooling :-)

Anthony Selby

I would like to win because it would make Syd happy………………….


I’d like to win this as it would restore my excitement for the postman.

Jennifer J. Johantgen

Pink Floyd is my all time favorite. I would love the opportunity to win. Pink Floyd helped me through a lot of tough times throughout the years.
Thanks! Hope I win! :)

Saundra Fankell

I don’t condone illegal downloading, and I’m too poor to afford CD’s. I don’t even have an Ipod or an MP3 player! Pink Floyd is my favorite band; I recently got to see Roger Waters in concert doing The Wall, and was one of the most memorable experiences of my 24 years of life. It would be an honor to win this set, as I never win anything anyways. lol thank-you for the opportunity!


oh by the way which ones pink? i need to know!!


My Dad’s favourite album, so naturally I grew up with this as a kid. Like DSOTM, WYWH absolutely blew my mind first time I heard it. I would love a new way to get lost in this album again!

Bradley Hinds

When I was three years old, I was given a Kid’s electric guitar, a microphone with stand, and an amplifier simply to sing and play like David Gilmour. This was back in 1995 shortly after P.U.L.S.E was released. I’m now 19 – 16 years later – and I still listen to Floyd every day of the week.


I’ve been a huge Floyd fan for years and I wanted to give this cd to my Father for christmas. He introduced me to Pink Floyd years ago and would enjoy every bit of it, he welcomed his son to the machine and deserves something for it.

Dawson Chown

I have been hooked on Pink Floyd ever since my dad introduced them to me two years ago. His birthday is coming up soon and I think this would be the perfect present for him, being that wish you were here is his favorite album. Thanks so much for this opportunity!


I love Pink Floyd since my childhood. Now I’m 25 and listening to these masterpieces makes me just happy everytime I immerse into them. After every listening you can discover something new! Now, with 5.1 surround sound version, I would be in 7th heaven! :)
Especially the song ‘Wish you were here’ helped me in hard times… This melancholic piece of beautiful music always reminds me someone who isn’t here already.
Thank you for this opportunity to win such a masterpiece. I love to read your reviews. Keep up the great work!


To win this and be able to listen to it on Blu-ray audio 5.1..would be the crowning jewel in anyone’s music collection. Thank you for the opportunity to with this excellant box set!!

Edd Donnelly

Well, I believe that not only is Wish You Were Here truly an amazing piece of music by an truly inspirational band; the effort that has been put into the Immersion sets of Both DSOTM and WYWY is something special.

This set is a celebration for those who appreciate artwork, something of which to many is just as important as the music itself. Something of which today’s generation do not have as much interest in. This is for those who love and celebrate the importance of music, artwork; the style and symbolism and meaning of a band.

wayne robbins

love floyd


I would love to win this box set and get totally immersed….

Geoff Alderson

I have loved “the Floyd” since I was a kid. Hearing a surround sound version of this album would be like hearing it all over again. Thanks for running this contest and sharing the wealth!

Remon van Aubel

A truly magnificant box of an album I only know (in part) by live performances. It would be fantastic to win this price.

Rick Krueger

Because I bought DSOTM Immersion, am planning to buy The Wall Immersion, and want all the marbles! (And scarves, and art prints, etc., etc.)

Richard Cragg

I remember the first time I heard Pink Floyd (a borrowed cd from my dad) about 10 years ago, and they blew my mind! I would love to win this box set because ever since that first moment I heard a Floyd album I’ve been an avid fan, who would love to dig deeper into this masterpiece of an album.

Jaco de Jong

Thanks for think opportunity.

If i win i would like to win this for my family, we always have music on so our children will learn music and enjoy all types of music. My son especially loves Pink Floyd, he sings along while he even doesn’t know the words. He loves the sounds and the guitarsolos. Wish you were here was (a big) part of my childhood, now i can make it a part of my children’s childhood and hope they have fond memories of these days when they theselves are grown ups.

Jochen Klug

Come in here, dear Paul, Have a Cigar…
Nobody knows where you are…
So, you think you can tell?
You know you’re nobody’s fool…
Come on you miner,
And shine.

Jens Iwarson

Thanks for the opportunity. I have never owned this album, so it would be a late, but hopefully fantastic, introduction to one of the great albums made by Pink Floyd.


Well I’ll be honest, this is one of my favourite albums but way off my budget, that’s why I would like to win :P